Wednesday, March 23, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The Arab and Muslim Worlds need pacifists, thinkers and highly educated persons who have real and original visions and not political leaders who only have copycat ideas; they see a tall building in one of their jaunts somewhere and they want to have something like that in their own country.

They also need brilliant filmmakers, authors and intellectuals in all fields, not noise-makers or war-mongers and despots and other dictators.

Don’t we have enough universities to create a new generation of them?

Yes, we have many of the universities, but alas, they only teach young Arabs and Muslim students stale knowledge which is not relevant or useful for them to take the lead and be masters of their own disciplines.

The universities in all the Muslim countries only teach young Muslims to be slaves who do not have brilliant and original ideas.

So they end up being lackeys of the others, much like their political and economic leaders who prefer to look elsewhere then within the Muslim World so their economic models are copycat ones.

They are so many universities and other higher learning institutes and colleges or academies, but they have all failed to provide the necessary education and experience to their people.

The education that they have managed to get is mostly those knowledge which is stale.

There are many Muslims who have got doctorates from the prestigious universities in America and England including Harvard, Oxford and the London School of Economics (LSE) and the others, but they had only managed to acquire stale knowledge from them.

It is a pity how they are educated, but they do not have original ideas, which is to find ways to promote Muslim Unity and to create greater understanding amongst Muslims, so in the end the Muslim World can become a strong and solid bloc.

Worst, they had failed to ensure that the customer power is kept within the Muslim World so that we can use it to expand our economy.

So that we will find the urgent need to produce all the things we need to use on a daily basis, which includes the manufacturing of all items including commercial planes and so on without depending on the charity and pressures that come with the dependence on purchasing the Boeings and Airbuses.

Are Muslims so stupid that they still do not know how to manufacture these?

They are not stupid; their leaders are who did not realize that these are amongst the things that we can and must produce ourselves without depending on the others, which indirectly help those countries that manufacture them to develop even more.

The Muslim World is vast; but it is being used for the economic development of the west.

The Muslim leaders are awed when they watched the Formula One (F-1) racing, and so they also want to do the same, so that they think they are not left behind or feel backward.

As a result, there are some Muslim countries that have the F-1 racing yet their peoples are backward.

Surely this cannot be real. But this is what many of the Arab and Muslim leaders have done. They look impressive but collectively, they are a failure.

They have all failed to create openings to the others in the other industries so in the end there is fusion of people in the Muslim World resulting in it having interconnectedness and appreciation of each other’s existence.

All of them are supposed to be following the sacred texts in the Holy Koran, but their thinking, philosophy and behavior as well as actions do not show that they are united.

This proves that the One Book they are supposed to have read has not been followed; the reason being they have other influences that had caused them not to find within the Muslim World energies but elsewhere.

They do not crave to seek cooperation amongst Muslim leaders, but from the west, particularly those from Europe and the British Commonwealth and especially, America.

They can do without the brash revolutionaries and reactionaries who can speak at length but their speeches are most of the time hollow and without any substance or intellectual worth.

The Arab and Muslim Worlds definitely do not need such leaders who mislead their countries and people and religion.

The Arab and Muslim Worlds have not been blessed with smart leaders in all fields. Most of them are stupid; they do not have high leadership quality.

They all lost their way after finding themselves living in the ostentatious presidential palaces surrounded by slums and shacks with their people not having water and electric supply and live in the dole while they transverse the world and using the country’s coffers like they are their own.

They like to misbehave themselves by flaunting their power that they got from the people without bothering to seek intelligent views from those fellow Muslims who are specialized in their own fields.

They trust only their children, relatives and cronies but not those who are smarter than themselves or all of the others whom they like to be surround themselves with.

They play to the gallery and most of the time, they created new ones just to get cheers from the crowd.

Now they are getting jeers from them, after the crowd and people realize their folly for being made fools of for so long.

Didn’t the Libyans disdained Muamar Gadaffi for paying US$1 million for a European singer to perform for only forty-five minutes, as the people of his country starve?

Now the Libyans are performing for Gadaffi and his sons and other relatives and cronies for free.

They are performing the creation of the New Libya.

The Muslim and Arab leaders are so stupid that they do not know the everyday needs of its people.

They are given things that are not important and these are the things that they personally like.

They did not know that the cinema is important and it can be a useful tool to promote the Unity of the Muslim Ummah.

For without which the Ummah will be restless. And they are showing it now in some of the countries in the Arab World.

The New Islamic Cinema must be created and developed.

It can light up the Muslim World and give meaning to the lives of the ordinary Muslims like no other industry can – like no silly and lengthy speech by any of the Muslim or Arab leader can. They can only lull all of them to sleep.

Now they have woken.

Having the F-1 racing and international golf and tennis tournaments and fashion shows have not brought the right dividends; they have only made the despots and other dictators in the Muslim countries that are proud to have them to feel they had arrived.

They had not arrived at the right destination.

They had caused their countries and societies to regress.


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