Tuesday, October 30, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

…The Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI plot to prove its uselessness for America and for itself finally exposed.

It’s a sting, but who in the end got stung? The Bangladeshi student or the FBI itself? The answer is: The later.

Unfortunately, it is the FBI which had got stung by their own sting, in an act which the courts in America could determine to be illegal as it is an entrapment targeting the vulnerable.

The FBI agents could even program a dog or monkey to carry bombs and getting it to go to a certain place at a certain time, and it will do as ordered.

It is therefore not the dog or monkey which should be punished by the persons who ordered it to do as told or programmed.

This is how silly the FBI agents are. They did not know what they were doing could actually backfire and expose the tricks of their trade and insidious ways to entrap the innocents into misbehaving themselves without them realizing it fully, until they were trapped into doing it.

The student from Bangladeshi, who was arrested for attempting to blow up a federal building in New York City, after he was trapped into doing it by some FBI agents, is by all accounts, innocent.

If his case goes to the court in America, his lawyers or attorney can so easily get his conviction squashed with the FBI getting mud splattered all over their faces, and ploy exposed for what it is.  

All that his attorneys have to do is to say he was trapped into doing it, in a mind-bending act committed by the agents, so his actions can be said to be done out of duress while he was in a spell.

It is therefore, mind-boggling how the FBI could do such a sting, without it ever being questioned, and without them realizing their own folly, and the uselessness of it all.

It’s time that they do a self-study and ask themselves if the sting they had been doing on hapless persons, must be stopped. It is a sting that has lost its stung, except that the sting has stung them more than whoever that they try to indict.

It is also not only unethical but also illegal and against the law in America, too, to coerce innocent individuals to become victims by them simply following the orders they were given by the FBI agents?

Perhaps the only crime that the Bangladeshi student had done was that he was naïve into thinking that he could ‘serve’ the agents, as his masters.

So if there were people who have to be punished, it is them, the agents, who are adults who may be twice the age of the student, and who are trained in espionage and other things including to carry on stings of such nature, that young students from Bangladeshi can never realize their folly until it is too late.

The Bangladeshi student drove the truck or vehicle laden with the fake bomb – but he was doing it at the behest of the FBI agents.

Worse, he did it under the spell of the agents, who knew how to bend his mind and make him obey their orders.

Can he therefore be found guilty for the crime? No.

Nobody knows what the student was promised by the agents, which will only be known if the case is heard in court.

Worse, he could also institute civil action to sue the FBI agents for trapping him into doing it by exploiting his vulnerability, which can be a test case so that future stings of such nature are not repeated.

Therefore, if there is anyone who should be punished, he is not the Bangladeshi student, but the FBI officers.

At the very least the student’s or attorney in America can get the court to order the student to be investigated or probed by psychologists to see if he had indeed been put under a spell, so that he did not know exactly what he was doing; and only his masters or the FBI agents who know what it was.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

…And it can also create enemies from amongst the Arabs and other Muslims, to let them use the WMDs on for target practice.

American leaders cannot say that their actions cannot be studied and real and hidden intentions not exposed.

The truth is: America needs enemies, and a constant supply of them. America is nothing without enemies. It is enemies which push America to greater its heights and folly.

So why should American scientists, technologists and medical experts perfect inventions and cures to save the poor from the diseases, when they are the ones who are threatening America’s very existence.

So Africa and South America are left out to their own device, being pushed back into the Stone Age, with the Arabs who could develop because of the vast natural resources they have, must also follow them.

So when they think they are ahead of any nation in the world in weapons creation and invention, they need to use them so they can create and invent more sophisticated and precise ones that encompass all the scientific and technological knowledge their experts and specialists may possess.

If this is so, then they would need to get a constant supply of enemies to use as targets for them to use these weapons on.

They are not happy using them on non-human targets and on countries which are not real, but on real humans and on real countries.

They cannot do it on countries which are permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN).

They also cannot do it on their allies in Europe, whose numbers are small.

They can only do it on countries which are weak, whose economy is backward and whose leadership is led by despot, so they can start to create scenarios even seasoned Hollywood screenwriters cannot imagine, to launch their tirade against them, before they retaliate and stiffen.

Soon, there is verbal war and on to actual sanctions using the UN as their support base, which in the end leads to actual physical confrontation and the final usage of those weapons of mass destruction America had created and invented for which had been left in godowns for too long.

America definitely cannot get a constant supply of enemies from any country in Africa. They did not even dare to touch Apartheid South Africa then, since they were led by White Supremists like them.

The African-Americans and especially their incumbent president Barack Hussein Obama would not have it.

They also could not find faults with China; they know China is a member of the United Nations Security Council and a strong ally of Russia, also another member of the Council.

Who else can America find faults with? The Arabs and other Muslims.

They are able to look at the Arabs and Muslims because they know they are mince-meat.

And doing that also serve the interests of the Zionists themselves, which is good since they can be seen to be doing two things at the same time – or for the price of one!

Worse, they know the Arab and other Muslim leader are stupid; all that they needed to do is to bomb a Syiah masjid and they would react by bombing a Sunni masjid and create a vicious circle, with the Zionist infiltrators who look Arabs anyway, returning to their country and watching from afar on how else they can do to make the situation worse than it is in Pakistan and Iraq or Afghanistan.

And not enough with that they created trouble in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and now Lebanon.

When will Saudi Arabia become the next victim? It has to wait its turn after Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the other Arab states, since Saudi Arabia is not going to be easy as it houses the Holy Kaabah and Majidil Haram.

Africa is already a gone case with in-fighting and their fight against AIDS, etc, with the whole continent being left in the dark with its sons and daughters who had been kidnapped to America and England and to some other countries in Europe not looking back at their ancestral lands, they who do not speak their mother tongue but English.

But alas, the color of their skin and type of hair fail to make them less conspicuous, although some have tried to dye their hair blonde and pretend to be WHITE. They are still as Black as when their ancestors first landed in America and Europe.

America than had the Soviet Union communists to be their targets, but these were not the good targets for them, simply because America could not use much of what they have in their arsenal because the Soviets then could react appropriately, since they too have them.

The Arabs and other Muslims have arms, but they were mostly supplied by the Americans and Soviets themselves, so they are poor match for them.

So that is way Arabs and Muslims became convenient targets of America to use their WMDs on, since they are not able to retaliate.

This can be seen in Iraq, Afghanistan and other Arab countries.

However, the buck stops at Iran, which America and its cohorts, the Zionists fear may not be another Iraq or Afghanistan.

Iran is a mysterious country headed by its president, a mathematic professor of Tehran University who knows how to count.

So the only threat that America and the Zionists can issue to Iran is to tell the world how the ‘international community’ does not like it having a nuclear program.

What America and the Zionists are saying is that, Iran cannot be allowed to defend itself, from America and Zionist aggression.

Iran must be like Iraq and Afghanistan and the other Arab and Muslim countries including Libya which they could destroy.

Iran must submit to their will, and they should not have any means to protect itself, and to become victors in any aggression that is done on them.

That Iran cannot become the new nuclear power, with its representative sitting comfortably in as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, like the other five countries do now.

The membership of this exclusive club cannot be increased from five to six members which include Iran, who can use its veto power to protect Arabs and other Muslims.

America and its allies, especially England and France can always use their power to punish Arabs and Muslims so their actions are legitimatized because they use the UN facilities to do the bidding for them.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


By Mansor Puteh


First, America are their own worst enemies. And for that matter, the Arabs and Muslims are also their own worst enemies.

But not forgetting, the Zionists too are also their own worst enemies.

But the real and true worst enemies of America are the CIA or Central Intelligence Agency, Hollywood and the intellectualism in America, who were most comprised of those who had not truly benefited from the exquisite education system of the country, followed by the Zionist Lobby.

It is the CIA which has been taking America on a long and unending (rough) ride…and in the process causing the collapse of American influence around the world.

If there is any national agency in America, which is not doing the country any good, it must be the CIA – or the Central Intelligence Agency.

So in more ways than one, it is the CIA which should be America’s worst enemies. They are followed by Hollywood, the second worst enemies.

One may find this to be preposterous, but this is the undeniable truth.

Their actions are the ones which influence the thinking of the others in America especially amongst their politicians who may not think of themselves and what they do as being just an extension of what the CIA and Hollywood are doing.

This is also another preposterous but an undeniable truth which Americans can never ever condign to accept.

If this has escaped all the political scientists and political commentators and the intellectual circles in America, then one can say they have all been lulled into thinking that they are living in a utopia, which was created by the CIA and Hollywood.

When it was first initiated and formed, the Americans thought this agency would be their savior, one which can ensure America and Americans to continue to live in peace and their economy expand.

Unfortunately, most of what this agency had done is on the contrary.

The development of American influence in the world is purely not the work of the CIA, but of Hollywood.

Unfortunately, even Hollywood or the American entertainment industry is suffering from the negative effects of CIA operations and other covert actions.

So in the end, American cultural influences in the world will diminish as what we are seeing and can observe now.

And sooner or later, it can also cause its economy to shrink, the more those who have been so persecuted because of their religious creed and color of their skin, become braver and smarter.

The CIA and Hollywood wanted to chastise a whole group of Arabs and other Muslim by rebranding them as ‘jihadists’ or militants and terrorists, and they are getting some of them.

Unfortunately, they have not smartened up to realize their own folly; what CIA wants CIA gets. And what Hollywood wants, Hollywood also gets.

If the CIA had wanted Arabs and Muslims to be friends of America, they can get that too.

If Hollywood also wants the same, they too can get that too. If the American intellectualism wants it, they too can get it. And if the Zionist Lobby also wants it, they too can get it.

The only persons who cannot get what they want, are the American people, who have all been misled by those groups and agencies, and especially their education system which had not taught them that the world is vast and comprised of peoples of different colors, race and creed and religion, who all value what they were given and who do not share American sentiments on many things, including American-style democracy, which to them is only a front for the CIA to impose their will on other people who have their own ways and styles.

Unfortunately, they have not spent a single cent to promote greater understanding between them and the Arabs and Muslims.

If they had any attempt to do this, then surely, they could have reaped the fruits of their labor now.

America is willing to spend trillions of dollars to create the situation where wars can break out, only if they can create enemies.

And they found out that they could get a constant supply of enemies, by rebranding the Arabs and Muslims to fit into their stereotype of what they should be.

If those in the CIA do not realize how America’s image in the world and especially in the Arab and Muslim countries has become bad, then surely, they are living a world of fantasy, and who are still providing the political leaders of America wrong facts and information on the world and especially those in the countries they are now confronting with all sorts of unbelievable issues which were not there before.

These issues and matters were all created by the CIA by expedience.

The logic of those in the CIA sits on the premise that America needs enemies so it can exert itself so that the intelligence agency can become relevant all the time especially after the cold war with the former Soviet Union.

With their poor quality intelligence gathering operations and operatives, who are biased against the fairly elected governments and their leaders.

The CIA or America did away with the former Soviet Union, a confrontation which they could not handle themselves despite the possession of weapons of mass destructions, because the Soviets too had them.

Earlier, they were done with states in South America, whose leaders they could bully as they were mostly banana republics led by some of their own kind pseudo-Catholics much like the Americans.

And there was no one in Africa they could find faults with, since they were leading some of the poorest countries in the world.

The only people or world they could find faults with was the Arabs and other Muslims.

However, it is ironic how the CIA and America had enlisted Arabs and Muslims to help them get rid of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan by prolonging the war against them, which is to ensure that the Soviet Union suffered economically, as a way to discourage them from being able to pursue their expansionist programs or agendas.

And this leads me to say, if America wants to safe itself from itself, then surely they have to stop living in a world of fantasy, and start to touch base with the rest of the world, before the rest of the world sidelines it.

And it should have the NEW CIA, NEW HOLLYWOOD and NEW AMERICAN INTELLECTUALISM among others for without which America will be stuck in the rut, but those who will continue to suffer are the Arabs and other Muslims who through no fault of their own have been rebranded as America’s wrong and fake worst enemies, simply because their agencies and institutions do not know what or who they are dealing with.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Since Tanah Melayu did not have such evil spirits and devils, then surely, they were brought by the Chinese immigrants when they first came to this country and land more than one hundred years ago, for which they still have problems warding off despite the many decades they had tried to do so.

The Chinese become unconvicted criminals on their Chinese New Year, for nothing, by firing crackers, which are banned items in Malaysia.

They don’t seem to realize how they are being cursed by many on this occasion, by their incessant firing of crackers and fireworks.

They say, they have to do that, to ward off evil spirits in order that they may have a prosperous year ahead.

They said that and did it last year, yet, they did not seem to be prosperous, the last year that they simply had to fire more crackers and fireworks again this year. And the process is repeated in the next and following year and on and on.

The Chinese still not convinced that they had been blessed after firing crackers and fireworks the last year that they had to do it again, causing a ruckus and becoming unconvicted criminals.

Despite most fireworks and firecrackers are banned items and those who are caught in possession of them and for firing them, yet, so few Chinese and also non-Chinese are caught and punished.

This is despite the blatant display of criminal activities that the Chinese especially exhibit during the Chinese New Year.

Singapore does not brook such transgression of law. This is despite it being a Chinese republic, yet, it banned the firing of crackers and fireworks, so much so that the Chinese in the republic had to go to Johor Baru to fire some.

Yet, Singapore is more economically developed than in Malaysia despite it not allowing its Chinese citizens to fire crackers and fireworks.

So what does this mean?

That the future or luck of the Chinese does not depend on how much firecrackers and fireworks that they can fire during the Chinese Lunar New Year. It depends on what they can do to better themselves.

Those Chinese, especially did not realize how ‘swai’ or unlucky they can be if they fire crackers and fireworks, that create a loud din in the neighborhood, and for being cursed, on their Chinese New Year.

That this is certainly not the right way to start such an auspicious day, being cursed and for becoming unconvicted criminals.

And for the Melayu who also firecrackers and fireworks, they do not seem to realize that they are serving the cause of the Chinese infidels by helping them to ‘ward off evil spirits’, and in the process show to the rest how unIslamic they are for practicing something which is against Islam.

It is a pity only those Chinese who do not have luck or much of a glorious future who are dependent on the firing of crackers and fireworks, while the more wealthy ones who do not depend on such a practice.

There is no scientific logic behind such a practice which was introduced in Ancient China and taken to become a practice feverously until it assumed to have a religious significance that it had to be taken out of China by the Chinese.

Yet, despite all that, Singapore which is an unconfessed Chinese Republic does not encourage or even allow its Chinese citizens from practicing such a tradition.

The reason for them not to allow the firing of crackers and fireworks is simply for safety reasons.

One cannot imagine if the Chinese in Singapore are allowed to fire crackers and fireworks as they please, then surely, one can see many apartment blocks and other buildings razed to the ground in a country which is compact, where the high-rise apartment buildings stand close to each other.

And the practice also allows for the littering of pieces of red paper that the crackers and fireworks create.

In fact, Singapore does also not allow or designate a special place for the firing of crackers and fireworks by the Chinese in the Chinese Republic. Yet, the economy of the country has expanded and prospered, irregardless of whether they fire crackers or fireworks during the Chinese Lunar New Year or not.

The authorities have such a disdain for them that despite being a Chinese Republic, they still insisted that such an ancient practice should not be brought to the country, as much as they also disdain the chewing of gums.

In Malaysia, the authorities started to have similar attitudes towards the crackers and fireworks, but the laws that they had established in parliament banning the possession of most crackers and fireworks do not seem to be effective.

And the Chinese in Malaysia are still able to fire them during the Chinese New Year, and more so during Chap Goh Meh, which is the fifteenth day of the Chinese New Year, by the Hokkiens.

It is still more ironic how the fate and future of the Chinese in Malaysia is not so dependent on them firing the crackers and fireworks, as their economy is fast shrinking with its shrinking population and economic clout, with the community being displaced in the cities and towns all over the country.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

American leaders have always thought they knew best how to shape the world.

It seems that they did not know what America was created for, out of nothing – using land owned by others – the Native Indians who had nations for themselves, for which the world could benefit a lot from.

Yet, America, did not know what to do with the vast land and the natural resources that it had, with the many immigrants who had flocked to the new country from Europe where they were persecuted by the Nazi Germans led by Adolf Hitler who himself was a Jew.

The Hitler who may have secret plans to help save the Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims from persecution by the Zionists and Americans.

Unfortunately, this aspect of his goal has never been discussed or debated because the west’s focus was blinkered by Zionist propaganda so much so that Adolf is seen through their blinkered views only.

But what Adolf had tried to do to save the Arabs, Muslims and also Islam was thwarted by the Zionists and now Americans who are influenced by their propaganda.

And no one knows what America aims to get from having such a policy and for putting themselves at the mercy of such a small and marginalized group of people who on their own cannot do much.

In fact, their religion or Zionist belief is also fast facing extinction, with the world community of Jews with Zionist leaning shrinking in size.

And in many countries, they do not exist anymore.

The worse affected are the Jews who still cling to their Torah and Talmud, but who do not believe in Zionism, and who disregard it with vehemence and who also consider the Zionist state of Israel to be non-existent.

They long to return to Palestine and live under Palestine rule, the rule which had seen Jews prospering in the past prior to the invasion of the state by the Zionist forces aided by the British and other allies, now America alone who is supporting it’s goal which could never be achieved.

It can only cause America to be so chastised, which in the end can cause its own collapse, as we can see it now happening from outside of the country and also from inside of it.

But they didn’t realize that the world is not listening to them more and more the more they insist they are more right than the others.

Having veto power in the United Nations Security Council and nuclear power can make them think they can force themselves onto others.

They can. But only up to a certain point, before the world retaliates.

One act to prove that the world does not listen to them anymore happened on 11 September, 2001.

Yet, America did not care to listen. It did not care to ask why it had to happen. It became more vicious and evil, simply because it still has the veto and nuclear power, and the media which they can use at their whims and fancies, to allow them to be aloof to the real problems it faces.

In the process, they created countries and also individuals who look elsewhere for inspiration with the Arabs and Muslims looking within themselves and the direction their Holy Book, The Koran directs them to do.

This is where the present generation of American leaders fail to realize that the grand plans their predecessors had for the world do not seem to be received well these days.

They have no choice but to think that their predecessors were right, that they simply have to carry on with their plans for the world, even though they realize what their predecessors had envisaged was folly at best.

The world was indeed seeking for direction to develop their worldly pursuits. But lately, the pursuits of many of the countries have changed.

The narrow-mindedness of the American political, military and intellectual and other leaders have led the country to become unrecognizable.

They were a force to be reckoned with – but it was in the past, when the other countries were underdeveloped and misdeveloped or cannot be developed.

But over the decades, many of those countries had seen tremendous changes; that they now have created new scenarios for themselves, having gotten rid of their corrupt leaders and other despots, so they can now embark on new plans to renew their determination to be themselves more and not to be swayed by things American.

But America has not changed that much, or at all. It thinks the world has been recreated in its form and it can take things for granted.

Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street; these are signs which are clear for America to see how they had failed.

Their foreign policies favoring the Zionists are what have caused America to become sluggard in the eyes of many.

Their insistence on holding onto their foreign policies which they had devised at an earlier time will cause America to fall. And slowly it is falling… In fact, it came crashing on 11 September, 2001.

Yet, America never learnt. They insist they were right. The others were wrong and they had to be punished.

Monday, October 15, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

One is a so-called NGO with holy intentions; the other is an internet news portal with an affix which is a Melayu word, and the other which is a protest group.

Of course, the leaders or founders of Dong Zong could never ever consider using a Melayu word or term for their organization as it would run counter to their aspiration, whatever it is.

Dong Zong could never use the name of ‘Suara Cina’ as it would sound odd and strange.

The NGO which aims to do wonderful things one of which is to promote awareness of human right matters amongst Malaysians, while The internet portal which has a slogan ‘Views and news that matter’ also aim to do something marvelous which is to further expand the scope of the freedom of the press in the country.

While the protest group, aimed to do more wonderful things which is to provide the physical attributes of an open society which prefers to take matters to the street, by organizing demonstrations at strategic locations – but only in the heart of the City of Kuala Lumpur where they could ensure of getting the right attention from the relevant authorities and other NGOs.

These organizations which prefer to use Melayu or Melayu-sounding terms or words, are in actual fact controlled or organized or dominated by the non-Melayu, with the NGO which is dominated by the Indians, and The protest group being headed by a Hindu woman, while The internet portal is controlled by the Chinese and Indians, as what the search with the Securities Department exposed.

This is what’s wrong with those people. They would use Melayu words or names for their organizations, agencies and also actions; because they know they cannot trust English or their vernacular languages.

Hindu Action Front or Hindraf was seen by many to be a chauvinist group which has since been banned with many of their supporters reformed after some of their leaders having spent some time in Kamunting and also England.

While The NGO and the protest group and also The internet news portal are seen to be ‘Malaysian’ which means that they encompass the two major minority races and also the Melayu themselves, so in other words, they are seen to be Malaysian, and therefore, they speak on behalf of the majority.

Yes, there are some Melayu who had fallen into the trap laid by their leaders, so there are Melayu elements in these organizations and their activities, especially if PAS are also involved in some of them.

But the truth is that Melayu words have been misused by them for the purpose of misleading the Melayu into believing that they are indeed supporting a just cause to better themselves, when in fact, the cause it no more than to cause the Melayu to be fractured even more.

As it is the Melayu have been fractured on economic grounds for a very long time, thanks to the kind-hearted early Melayu leaders who aimed to support the economic progress of the Chinese especially, while letting the Indians to be holed in the rubber estates, so much so that the national economic problem-solvers did not know the wood for the trees anymore, as more and more rubber estates closed down and the Indians were forced to leave them to go to the cities where they are not welcome and the Chinese who are still made to feel lost in the ‘new country’, after having been holed for so long in the so-called ‘Chinese new villages’.

It is ironic how the joke about how Melayu could leave the ‘kampung’, but the ‘kampung’ could not leave them, could also be described of the Chinese, when one could say how the Chinese could leave the Chinese new villages, but the Chinese new villages could not leave them, and how the Indians could leave the rubber estates, but the rubber estates could not leave the Indians.. 

Not only that, this had created other Melayu to be further fractured on social, cultural, academic and professional grounds.

But this has not brought about the desired effects of further eroding Melayu Might in the country, so they still have to be further fractured, and this time it is on political grounds.

Nah! They are fractured on PSEUDO-POLITICAL grounds by the pseudo-politicians who had all this while tried to hide behind the façade of their ‘holy’ movement to promote human rights awareness and the awareness of the freedom of the press and of assembly and of speech, etc.

Friday, October 12, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The November American Presidential election is really the November American Presidential Re-election – of Barack Hussein Obama for his second and last term.

Basically it is a formality. There is no fight. The majority of the American voters knew who Barack Obama is and who Mitt Romney is.

Sometimes a name matters, especially in any American presidential election. Sometimes it did not matter, but as long as it was Barack Hussein Obama.

But not MITT ROMNEY. President Romney? You must be joking.

The reason, Mitt Romney is a joker, who seems to be a person who is out of place and also out of this time. He could be better if he had existed in the past, say, thirty years ago, but definitely not now.

Newt Gringrich tried to do the impossible by saying how much he supported the Zionist cause when he was competing in the primaries. He lost Florida few days later.

Mitt won, and stayed the course beating Gringrich and the others.

But Mitt is not Match for Obama. Come November, during the American president re-election, Mitt will lose; for he is championing a cause which has no cause to exist anymore, supporting the Zionist cause and calling for the establishment of Jerusalem as the undeniable right as the capital of the state of Israel.

It is a fantasy which used to have some flavor with many Americans, but not these days.

Barack Hussein Obama won in the American presidential election of 2008 because of his middle name.

John McCain lost because he did not have a special Arabic middle name. He did not have family experience living in other countries. American voters did not want someone who did not have a wide worldview; they chose Barack because he it.

The November presidential election is essentially a November Presidential Re-election – of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

There are many who are often confused when they say 80,000 Melayu are enrolled in SJKCs. Earlier it was said to be 60,000 Bumiputera students.

But the truth is that the so-called Bumiputeras are mostly those who are the so-called 'Sino-Bumiputeras' of Sabah and Sarawak.

There is no such a thing called the Sino-Bumiputeras. They are Chinese, since their fathers are Chinese and mothers, Natives of the two states. They just want to claim Bumiputera rights which they are not entitled to get.

Of the real Melayu, there are at the most 12,000 in SJKCs.

Unfortunately analyses by many on this matter do not take into account the failures of those Melayu (Malays were British subjects), how all of those who had studied in the SJKCs finally enrolled into the Sekolah Kebangsaan including the Chinese who did not dare to go to universities in Taiwan or Hong Kong and even China where the medium of instruction is Mandarin.

They cry and complain if they are not given places in the universities in Malaysia where the medium of instruction is Melayu.

And of the many Melayu who had studied in the SJKCs, how many finally get to go to university, or even excel in the secondary school? How many get a string of As for SPM and STPM? Virtually none that Dong Zong could be proud of to show.

And of the many Melayu how many who are experts in Mandarin and who had gone to study history to decipher the ancient Ming Dynasty manuscripts to reveal more historical facts surrounding the history of the Melaka Sultanate? None.

And this one fact will startle you: The many students who dropped out of the SJKCs especially the Chinese students, and also those who drop out of the SJKT, end up going into crimes.

They cannot be absorbed into the workforce in the private as well as the public sectors. Therefore, they have to sell counterfeit DVDs in the pasar malam, or paste stickers on public properties, creating the third sector - ‘Crimes Sector’.

Get the facts from Bukit Aman and ask for the profile of the petty crimes and those who are involved in the vice trade and illegal entertainment outlets in the country, and the bottom line is that they are all dropouts of SJKCs and SJKTs.

Those who have higher morals amongst the dropouts take up petty trading in the pasar malam or sell telephones and doing other things.

Can the single ethnic group be described as a chauvinist group? How many times do their leaders encourage assimilation? Do they ever attend Merdeka and Malaysia Day parades or watch them?

Do they speak in Melayu? Do they allow their children to mix with the other non-Melayu children?

And no Chinese companies actively asked for Melayu with proficiency in Mandarin as an advantage, to work for them.

I hope the NST can organize a public forum with them and ask them to speak in Melayu. They won't accept it. In fact, they even send their press releases to TV3 in Mandarin as were shown on television themselves.

Vernacular education in Malaysia (Mandarin and Tamil) is based purely on the large number of Chinese and Tamils (not Indians) that are still in the country.

The position won't be tenable in the future if the size of the communities shrinks and with the empowerment of the Melayu in the economy and politics of the country.

It is estimated that by 2050 the population of the Melayu will be 80%. If this happens, there is no way for anyone not to be able to speak in Melayu.

In fact, if the government was insistent, there will not be that many non-Melayu who are eligible to get driving licenses since the written tests are conducted in Melayu, when most of the Chinese and Indians are not even capable of reading what is written in the tests.

How many of the Chinese and Indian taxi-drivers could truly pass these tests?

It is a shame that and English language daily is offering a Chinese woman a special column to express her support for vernacular education, when all that she does is to use it as a propaganda platform, spouting predictable and one-sided views on the matter.

The vernacular Mandarin or Tamil newspapers won’t have any column that extols the virtues of the Sekolah Kebangsaan over the vernacular ones.

It is also pertinent to note that of the Chinese and Indian groups, on Mandarin and Tamil are favored or championed by them.

But how come the other Chinese and Indian groups such as Hokkiens, Cantonese, Malayalees, Punjabis, Telugus and so on do not demand the establishment of their own schools in Malaysia?

The problem is that their numbers are too small for them to make such demands.

So the main factor here is 'numbers'. This means if the numbers of the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia shrink in time, vernacular schools will also become irrelevant even to the Chinese and Indian communities.

In Singapore, the government said the Indian community there said they did not want the establishment of Tamil schools.

Lastly there are at least 30% Melayu who have Chinese ancestry including all of mine. Therefore, one can say most of the Chinese in Malaysia of an earlier time had rejected China and being Chinese.

The Chinese today are those who aim to create a colony in Malaysia and not wish to assimilate.

In fact, according to a book written by a Chinese in Indonesia, any Chinese who left China was considered to be a traitor. And if he returned to China, he would be arrested and sentenced to hang.

If he chose to leave China, he should adopt local ways.

That is why the Chinese who went to Indonesia at the same time as those who came to Tanah Melayu assimilated with the Jawa (not Javanese), it is said 80% of the Jawa is said to have Chinese ancestry. No wonder, many Jawa today have Chinese features, including many from the Jawa royal families.

Therefore, what I am saying here is that the issue concerning vernacular education in Malaysia and the others surround it, have not been fully discussed or debated.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

(Latest: This is perhaps the greatest irony of it all: British footballer, John Terry has been banned for four matches and fined 220,000 British pounds sterling for ‘racially abusing’ a Queens Park Rangers (QPR) footballer, Anton Ferdinand.)

‘Racially abusing’? Yes, ‘racially abusing!’ And Anton is not even anywhere near the status of a prophet, but a mere footballer – a colored one.

Yet, in Britain, outwardly and unabashedly criticizing a Holy Prophet of Islam and Islam is not a crime.

So can one say their system seems to ‘encourage’ anyone in England to defame Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad, s.a.w., as does the systems in America and all the other countries in the west?

This is how backward their social and legal systems are. 

It seems they are all uncivilized in more ways than one, in that they can demean their own religions or the religions of their ancestors, and also those of the others, too.

The problem is that most of them in the west are not religious; if they are they won’t dare utter any negative word against the religions of the others, including their own.

However, the real problem with the majority in Britain is that they are pseudo-Christians or pseudo-Catholics, so they can disdain their prophets because they do not have much admiration for them and what they had tried in vain to preach.

On the other hand, no Muslim in Britain or anywhere in the world had ever uttered a bad word against the early prophets of the Jews and Christians.

And this is what is making those pseudo-Christians and pseudo-Catholics in Britain, Europe and especially, America to be annoyed that they simply had to spew their hatred of a Holy Prophet of Islam, in order that the Muslims would retaliate and do the same to the early Prophets of the Jews and Christians, who Muslims also admire and respect.

In other words, in Britain, Europe or America, with the pseudo-Christians and pseudo-Catholics, individuals like them are more respected than their early Prophets, who they cannot belittle, criticize or condemn anymore as it has become their trait to do so, an act which is less provocative for them to do anymore that they had to find the Holy Prophet of Islam in order to prove how evil they are.

Of course, they won’t dare touch the Buddhist or Hindu leaders.)

Political correctness seemed to be the new way of dealing with individuals and society in America and the west, a trait they are proud to show to the others who they thought are less cultured.

Those in America and the west often pride themselves for being politically correct most of the time.

And they pride themselves for not taking any interest in the behaviors of their immediate neighbors and frown upon bitchiness and snooping around the neighborhood or poking fun of the antics and behaviors of the others, so no wonder they can claim to lead a balanced live and away from any social as well as political control.

And it seems that in America and the west, to slur is a crime, but to condemn and demonize Islam is a right which is enshrined under the constitution of their respective countries.

One cannot comprehend what must be going through the minds of those in America and the west when they are confronted with some of them who seem to enjoy caricaturing Prophet Muhammad and belittling Islam, citing how their brand of the freedom of speech and of expression supersede any legal action against those who exhibit such acts, as it is against their constitution and laws of the land.

How so?

The latest diatribe by their political, social, cultural and religious leaders only aim to further confuse the issue.

The main thing is how we realize America and the countries in the west were supposed to abhor any forms of religious and racial slurring.

Yes, ‘slurring’ is banned and those who cite anything that sounds like the slurring of anybody from another religion or race, can be punished.

Racial and religious discrimination is also not only frowned upon, but illegal. Anyone who commits such a crime can be charged in court. Sexual discrimination, too, is frowned upon.

In fact, any employer who is charged for such an offense and if found guilty by the courts will have to pay dearly.

Even Michael Jackson was chastised when his lyrics in one of his earlier songs mentioned ‘Jew me!’ which the Jews in America found to be offensive. He tried to protest but had to relent by changing the phrase to ‘Do me!’

And the Zionists and Zionism are not for public discussion in America.

Anyone who even mentions this word or the state of Israel and their policies against the Palestinians will be condemned as Anti-Semitic – whatever that means.

Yes, there are also things in these countries which they still consider to be ‘offensive’, or anathema to their very civilization and existence.

The irony of it all is how there are many in England now who are demanding a member of the David Cameron cabinet to apologize for having commented something negative against the Downing Street police force.

So they too can be offended with some things which they find to be offensive to them, and they also know how to demand those who had offended them to apologize.

This may sound to be ironic, in light of what their stand is on the Anti-Islam remarks and acts committed by some others in their countries, who seem to enjoy getting the wrong attention, for they have nothing to lose.

And the killing of two female police officers in Manchester, England early this week, has also brought out another irony.

A twenty-two-year-old man has been taken into custody for having created a social network account where he used to laud the alleged killer.

To the British such an act is ‘offensive’. Yes, this is the very word the authorities and public in England used to describe the act of one blogger who now cannot be allowed to practice ‘freedom of expression’, and has to be charged for committing a crime.

To make it even more comical how Sky New International television station which is available on Astro live, had Sir Salman Rushdie to comment on the matter, which by all accounts was aimed to further belittling Islam.

Salman had the audacity to say on live television in England, from New York City, where he was at, on how he found Muslims to be outrageous to insist on their way all the time.

America and Americans cannot express a religious and racial slur. But they can do worse and not be punished, because they are said to be practicing ‘freedom of expression’.

Those who slur cannot claim to be practicing a similar freedom. Those who have been slurred can lodge a police report and those who slurred against them can be charged in court.

And racial and religious discrimination in these countries are also banned, yet, demeaning Islam and criticizing and making fun of a Holy Prophet of another religion is not.

Whatever it is, no one can expect to see any Muslim person actually doing what the haters of Islam and Muslims have done; they will only protest, as it is their right. But they won’t go any further by actually producing videos depicting the leaders of the religions of the others or by coming up with billboards to disparage them and their religion, or to ask Muslims to burn the texts of the other religions.

These can only be done by the haters of Islam and Muslims themselves.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Nicol David, spoke a few sentences in Melayu, in a thick accent, which sounded like she deliberately did it, before breaking into English should not be invited to appear in any Melayu program on television.
She has not shown any respect for the national language. She is Chindian, with Indian-Chinese parentage.
What ‘hero’ is she?
          She is a bad hero, or no hero at all, especially for the Muslims who disdain watching women who habitually like to bare her body.
          No wonder there are some Melayu who describe her at ‘Jaguh Kangkang Negara’ and ‘Tokoh Tunjuk Seluar Dalam Negara’.
This is what she does to get her fame and fortune, playing squash which is a game that is unIslamic, which no sane Muslim women would want to take part in.
Why must there by admiration of her if she had won numerous awards playing the sport? There should be none coming from any sane Muslim.
          The other non-Muslim women, a Bidayuh from Sarawak called Pandelela Rinong (Another Jaguh Kangkang Negara’ and ‘Tokoh Tunjuk Seluar Dalam Negara’), is even worse. She bares her body more than Nicol, yet there are many Muslims who admire her.
          How on earth could any sane Muslim admire and adore such a woman and wanted to watch her perform during the London Olympics when she was almost naked, during Ramadan?
          But at least she speaks mostly in Melayu, unlike Nicol who does not speak Melayu well or at all, who even forced the host of a Melayu television program to give her answers in English when the questions posed to her were in Melayu.
She should have been invited to appear in the show. And if she still wanted to, her answers should have been blanked so that they appear in the translation in Melayu.
          In fact, there are many other non-Melayu men or women who would answer questions in English when they are asked in Melayu and in Melayu programs on television.
They do not know how crude they can be. And worse, how stupid they are for not being able to speak in Melayu, which is the national language.
In fact, the situation is worse, in many government agencies where one can see one non-Melayu sitting in a crowd of Melayu who forced all the Melayu staff to speak in English.
          So how can anyone think the non-Melayu deserve to be absorbed into the workforce in the government agencies or ministries if they are not conversant in Melayu?
There are some non-Melayu who are exceptional cases; they who can speak and write well in Melayu.
          But the great majority do not. And they are the problem. They cannot be offered jobs in the public sector because they seem to ‘hate’ the national language’ and if they are offered posts or jobs in them, they would force everybody especially the Melayu to speak with them in English.
They are not qualified to join the workforce in the public or government sector.
          In fact, those non-Melayu who are qualified to join the public sector, must promise to take classes in Melayu so that in a year’s time they must be conversant in the language.
          If they fail to do so, they would be sacked, or their appointments not confirmed.
It is strange how they would speak in English well, despite living in the country, when there are many foreigners who can speak in Melayu better despite them having lived in the country barely a few years.
This boils down to attitude. They think and want everybody to think that by them speaking in English, they are more superior to the Melayu who do or who choose not to speak in English.
          They who do not speak in Melayu are also telling more things about their personal attitude and that of their community.
          It is bad when they do not make it an effort to learn how to speak and write in Melayu better when it is a well-known fact that the Melayu language is on of the easiest languages anyone can learn.
The reason being it uses the Roman text, where those who want to learn the language can immediately read what they are seeing.
Now they only need to know what the words they see mean.
          It is not like learning Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Tamil or even Greek which use alien text.
          So what excuse do Nicol and the other non-Melayu working in the public sector have for not being able to learn Melayu and speak in the language with their Melayu colleagues who are around them, and in public as well as on television anyway? None.
          So how could the non-Melayu claim to be discriminated for promotions when they do not write or speak well in Melayu?
          They have themselves to blame.
          Besides, why must a non-Melayu head a university or any government agency, for instance, when the majority of the staff are Melayu?
          Can one have faith in non-Melayu by offering them senior posts in strategic agencies, such as the police and army and others, where they can use their authority to undo a lot of things that benefit their own communities.
          No wonder the Chinese government of Singapore does not even allow Melayu to become pilots in their air force.
          One also does not know just how many Melayu who are employed as pilots in their national airline, the Singapore Airlines (SIA).
          There are some Melayu who are staff of the airline, but one does not know how many Melayu pilots are there flying their planes or control towers at Changi International Airport.
          There are many Melayu who are pilots of Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia and other local airlines. 
          But there are some Melayu who would not allow the non-Melayu to force them to speak in English, so they force the non-Melayu to speak in Melayu instead. And it works.
          The non-Melayu in Malaysia must not be allowed to have their way all the time, they have to blend or assimilate, or they are seen as the New Immigrants to add to the ‘pendatang’ image they keep.