Saturday, October 27, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

…And it can also create enemies from amongst the Arabs and other Muslims, to let them use the WMDs on for target practice.

American leaders cannot say that their actions cannot be studied and real and hidden intentions not exposed.

The truth is: America needs enemies, and a constant supply of them. America is nothing without enemies. It is enemies which push America to greater its heights and folly.

So why should American scientists, technologists and medical experts perfect inventions and cures to save the poor from the diseases, when they are the ones who are threatening America’s very existence.

So Africa and South America are left out to their own device, being pushed back into the Stone Age, with the Arabs who could develop because of the vast natural resources they have, must also follow them.

So when they think they are ahead of any nation in the world in weapons creation and invention, they need to use them so they can create and invent more sophisticated and precise ones that encompass all the scientific and technological knowledge their experts and specialists may possess.

If this is so, then they would need to get a constant supply of enemies to use as targets for them to use these weapons on.

They are not happy using them on non-human targets and on countries which are not real, but on real humans and on real countries.

They cannot do it on countries which are permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN).

They also cannot do it on their allies in Europe, whose numbers are small.

They can only do it on countries which are weak, whose economy is backward and whose leadership is led by despot, so they can start to create scenarios even seasoned Hollywood screenwriters cannot imagine, to launch their tirade against them, before they retaliate and stiffen.

Soon, there is verbal war and on to actual sanctions using the UN as their support base, which in the end leads to actual physical confrontation and the final usage of those weapons of mass destruction America had created and invented for which had been left in godowns for too long.

America definitely cannot get a constant supply of enemies from any country in Africa. They did not even dare to touch Apartheid South Africa then, since they were led by White Supremists like them.

The African-Americans and especially their incumbent president Barack Hussein Obama would not have it.

They also could not find faults with China; they know China is a member of the United Nations Security Council and a strong ally of Russia, also another member of the Council.

Who else can America find faults with? The Arabs and other Muslims.

They are able to look at the Arabs and Muslims because they know they are mince-meat.

And doing that also serve the interests of the Zionists themselves, which is good since they can be seen to be doing two things at the same time – or for the price of one!

Worse, they know the Arab and other Muslim leader are stupid; all that they needed to do is to bomb a Syiah masjid and they would react by bombing a Sunni masjid and create a vicious circle, with the Zionist infiltrators who look Arabs anyway, returning to their country and watching from afar on how else they can do to make the situation worse than it is in Pakistan and Iraq or Afghanistan.

And not enough with that they created trouble in Tunisia, Libya, Syria and now Lebanon.

When will Saudi Arabia become the next victim? It has to wait its turn after Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the other Arab states, since Saudi Arabia is not going to be easy as it houses the Holy Kaabah and Majidil Haram.

Africa is already a gone case with in-fighting and their fight against AIDS, etc, with the whole continent being left in the dark with its sons and daughters who had been kidnapped to America and England and to some other countries in Europe not looking back at their ancestral lands, they who do not speak their mother tongue but English.

But alas, the color of their skin and type of hair fail to make them less conspicuous, although some have tried to dye their hair blonde and pretend to be WHITE. They are still as Black as when their ancestors first landed in America and Europe.

America than had the Soviet Union communists to be their targets, but these were not the good targets for them, simply because America could not use much of what they have in their arsenal because the Soviets then could react appropriately, since they too have them.

The Arabs and other Muslims have arms, but they were mostly supplied by the Americans and Soviets themselves, so they are poor match for them.

So that is way Arabs and Muslims became convenient targets of America to use their WMDs on, since they are not able to retaliate.

This can be seen in Iraq, Afghanistan and other Arab countries.

However, the buck stops at Iran, which America and its cohorts, the Zionists fear may not be another Iraq or Afghanistan.

Iran is a mysterious country headed by its president, a mathematic professor of Tehran University who knows how to count.

So the only threat that America and the Zionists can issue to Iran is to tell the world how the ‘international community’ does not like it having a nuclear program.

What America and the Zionists are saying is that, Iran cannot be allowed to defend itself, from America and Zionist aggression.

Iran must be like Iraq and Afghanistan and the other Arab and Muslim countries including Libya which they could destroy.

Iran must submit to their will, and they should not have any means to protect itself, and to become victors in any aggression that is done on them.

That Iran cannot become the new nuclear power, with its representative sitting comfortably in as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, like the other five countries do now.

The membership of this exclusive club cannot be increased from five to six members which include Iran, who can use its veto power to protect Arabs and other Muslims.

America and its allies, especially England and France can always use their power to punish Arabs and Muslims so their actions are legitimatized because they use the UN facilities to do the bidding for them.

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