Thursday, October 18, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

American leaders have always thought they knew best how to shape the world.

It seems that they did not know what America was created for, out of nothing – using land owned by others – the Native Indians who had nations for themselves, for which the world could benefit a lot from.

Yet, America, did not know what to do with the vast land and the natural resources that it had, with the many immigrants who had flocked to the new country from Europe where they were persecuted by the Nazi Germans led by Adolf Hitler who himself was a Jew.

The Hitler who may have secret plans to help save the Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims from persecution by the Zionists and Americans.

Unfortunately, this aspect of his goal has never been discussed or debated because the west’s focus was blinkered by Zionist propaganda so much so that Adolf is seen through their blinkered views only.

But what Adolf had tried to do to save the Arabs, Muslims and also Islam was thwarted by the Zionists and now Americans who are influenced by their propaganda.

And no one knows what America aims to get from having such a policy and for putting themselves at the mercy of such a small and marginalized group of people who on their own cannot do much.

In fact, their religion or Zionist belief is also fast facing extinction, with the world community of Jews with Zionist leaning shrinking in size.

And in many countries, they do not exist anymore.

The worse affected are the Jews who still cling to their Torah and Talmud, but who do not believe in Zionism, and who disregard it with vehemence and who also consider the Zionist state of Israel to be non-existent.

They long to return to Palestine and live under Palestine rule, the rule which had seen Jews prospering in the past prior to the invasion of the state by the Zionist forces aided by the British and other allies, now America alone who is supporting it’s goal which could never be achieved.

It can only cause America to be so chastised, which in the end can cause its own collapse, as we can see it now happening from outside of the country and also from inside of it.

But they didn’t realize that the world is not listening to them more and more the more they insist they are more right than the others.

Having veto power in the United Nations Security Council and nuclear power can make them think they can force themselves onto others.

They can. But only up to a certain point, before the world retaliates.

One act to prove that the world does not listen to them anymore happened on 11 September, 2001.

Yet, America did not care to listen. It did not care to ask why it had to happen. It became more vicious and evil, simply because it still has the veto and nuclear power, and the media which they can use at their whims and fancies, to allow them to be aloof to the real problems it faces.

In the process, they created countries and also individuals who look elsewhere for inspiration with the Arabs and Muslims looking within themselves and the direction their Holy Book, The Koran directs them to do.

This is where the present generation of American leaders fail to realize that the grand plans their predecessors had for the world do not seem to be received well these days.

They have no choice but to think that their predecessors were right, that they simply have to carry on with their plans for the world, even though they realize what their predecessors had envisaged was folly at best.

The world was indeed seeking for direction to develop their worldly pursuits. But lately, the pursuits of many of the countries have changed.

The narrow-mindedness of the American political, military and intellectual and other leaders have led the country to become unrecognizable.

They were a force to be reckoned with – but it was in the past, when the other countries were underdeveloped and misdeveloped or cannot be developed.

But over the decades, many of those countries had seen tremendous changes; that they now have created new scenarios for themselves, having gotten rid of their corrupt leaders and other despots, so they can now embark on new plans to renew their determination to be themselves more and not to be swayed by things American.

But America has not changed that much, or at all. It thinks the world has been recreated in its form and it can take things for granted.

Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street; these are signs which are clear for America to see how they had failed.

Their foreign policies favoring the Zionists are what have caused America to become sluggard in the eyes of many.

Their insistence on holding onto their foreign policies which they had devised at an earlier time will cause America to fall. And slowly it is falling… In fact, it came crashing on 11 September, 2001.

Yet, America never learnt. They insist they were right. The others were wrong and they had to be punished.

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