Tuesday, October 30, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

…The Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI plot to prove its uselessness for America and for itself finally exposed.

It’s a sting, but who in the end got stung? The Bangladeshi student or the FBI itself? The answer is: The later.

Unfortunately, it is the FBI which had got stung by their own sting, in an act which the courts in America could determine to be illegal as it is an entrapment targeting the vulnerable.

The FBI agents could even program a dog or monkey to carry bombs and getting it to go to a certain place at a certain time, and it will do as ordered.

It is therefore not the dog or monkey which should be punished by the persons who ordered it to do as told or programmed.

This is how silly the FBI agents are. They did not know what they were doing could actually backfire and expose the tricks of their trade and insidious ways to entrap the innocents into misbehaving themselves without them realizing it fully, until they were trapped into doing it.

The student from Bangladeshi, who was arrested for attempting to blow up a federal building in New York City, after he was trapped into doing it by some FBI agents, is by all accounts, innocent.

If his case goes to the court in America, his lawyers or attorney can so easily get his conviction squashed with the FBI getting mud splattered all over their faces, and ploy exposed for what it is.  

All that his attorneys have to do is to say he was trapped into doing it, in a mind-bending act committed by the agents, so his actions can be said to be done out of duress while he was in a spell.

It is therefore, mind-boggling how the FBI could do such a sting, without it ever being questioned, and without them realizing their own folly, and the uselessness of it all.

It’s time that they do a self-study and ask themselves if the sting they had been doing on hapless persons, must be stopped. It is a sting that has lost its stung, except that the sting has stung them more than whoever that they try to indict.

It is also not only unethical but also illegal and against the law in America, too, to coerce innocent individuals to become victims by them simply following the orders they were given by the FBI agents?

Perhaps the only crime that the Bangladeshi student had done was that he was naïve into thinking that he could ‘serve’ the agents, as his masters.

So if there were people who have to be punished, it is them, the agents, who are adults who may be twice the age of the student, and who are trained in espionage and other things including to carry on stings of such nature, that young students from Bangladeshi can never realize their folly until it is too late.

The Bangladeshi student drove the truck or vehicle laden with the fake bomb – but he was doing it at the behest of the FBI agents.

Worse, he did it under the spell of the agents, who knew how to bend his mind and make him obey their orders.

Can he therefore be found guilty for the crime? No.

Nobody knows what the student was promised by the agents, which will only be known if the case is heard in court.

Worse, he could also institute civil action to sue the FBI agents for trapping him into doing it by exploiting his vulnerability, which can be a test case so that future stings of such nature are not repeated.

Therefore, if there is anyone who should be punished, he is not the Bangladeshi student, but the FBI officers.

At the very least the student’s or attorney in America can get the court to order the student to be investigated or probed by psychologists to see if he had indeed been put under a spell, so that he did not know exactly what he was doing; and only his masters or the FBI agents who know what it was.

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