Wednesday, October 24, 2012


By Mansor Puteh


First, America are their own worst enemies. And for that matter, the Arabs and Muslims are also their own worst enemies.

But not forgetting, the Zionists too are also their own worst enemies.

But the real and true worst enemies of America are the CIA or Central Intelligence Agency, Hollywood and the intellectualism in America, who were most comprised of those who had not truly benefited from the exquisite education system of the country, followed by the Zionist Lobby.

It is the CIA which has been taking America on a long and unending (rough) ride…and in the process causing the collapse of American influence around the world.

If there is any national agency in America, which is not doing the country any good, it must be the CIA – or the Central Intelligence Agency.

So in more ways than one, it is the CIA which should be America’s worst enemies. They are followed by Hollywood, the second worst enemies.

One may find this to be preposterous, but this is the undeniable truth.

Their actions are the ones which influence the thinking of the others in America especially amongst their politicians who may not think of themselves and what they do as being just an extension of what the CIA and Hollywood are doing.

This is also another preposterous but an undeniable truth which Americans can never ever condign to accept.

If this has escaped all the political scientists and political commentators and the intellectual circles in America, then one can say they have all been lulled into thinking that they are living in a utopia, which was created by the CIA and Hollywood.

When it was first initiated and formed, the Americans thought this agency would be their savior, one which can ensure America and Americans to continue to live in peace and their economy expand.

Unfortunately, most of what this agency had done is on the contrary.

The development of American influence in the world is purely not the work of the CIA, but of Hollywood.

Unfortunately, even Hollywood or the American entertainment industry is suffering from the negative effects of CIA operations and other covert actions.

So in the end, American cultural influences in the world will diminish as what we are seeing and can observe now.

And sooner or later, it can also cause its economy to shrink, the more those who have been so persecuted because of their religious creed and color of their skin, become braver and smarter.

The CIA and Hollywood wanted to chastise a whole group of Arabs and other Muslim by rebranding them as ‘jihadists’ or militants and terrorists, and they are getting some of them.

Unfortunately, they have not smartened up to realize their own folly; what CIA wants CIA gets. And what Hollywood wants, Hollywood also gets.

If the CIA had wanted Arabs and Muslims to be friends of America, they can get that too.

If Hollywood also wants the same, they too can get that too. If the American intellectualism wants it, they too can get it. And if the Zionist Lobby also wants it, they too can get it.

The only persons who cannot get what they want, are the American people, who have all been misled by those groups and agencies, and especially their education system which had not taught them that the world is vast and comprised of peoples of different colors, race and creed and religion, who all value what they were given and who do not share American sentiments on many things, including American-style democracy, which to them is only a front for the CIA to impose their will on other people who have their own ways and styles.

Unfortunately, they have not spent a single cent to promote greater understanding between them and the Arabs and Muslims.

If they had any attempt to do this, then surely, they could have reaped the fruits of their labor now.

America is willing to spend trillions of dollars to create the situation where wars can break out, only if they can create enemies.

And they found out that they could get a constant supply of enemies, by rebranding the Arabs and Muslims to fit into their stereotype of what they should be.

If those in the CIA do not realize how America’s image in the world and especially in the Arab and Muslim countries has become bad, then surely, they are living a world of fantasy, and who are still providing the political leaders of America wrong facts and information on the world and especially those in the countries they are now confronting with all sorts of unbelievable issues which were not there before.

These issues and matters were all created by the CIA by expedience.

The logic of those in the CIA sits on the premise that America needs enemies so it can exert itself so that the intelligence agency can become relevant all the time especially after the cold war with the former Soviet Union.

With their poor quality intelligence gathering operations and operatives, who are biased against the fairly elected governments and their leaders.

The CIA or America did away with the former Soviet Union, a confrontation which they could not handle themselves despite the possession of weapons of mass destructions, because the Soviets too had them.

Earlier, they were done with states in South America, whose leaders they could bully as they were mostly banana republics led by some of their own kind pseudo-Catholics much like the Americans.

And there was no one in Africa they could find faults with, since they were leading some of the poorest countries in the world.

The only people or world they could find faults with was the Arabs and other Muslims.

However, it is ironic how the CIA and America had enlisted Arabs and Muslims to help them get rid of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan by prolonging the war against them, which is to ensure that the Soviet Union suffered economically, as a way to discourage them from being able to pursue their expansionist programs or agendas.

And this leads me to say, if America wants to safe itself from itself, then surely they have to stop living in a world of fantasy, and start to touch base with the rest of the world, before the rest of the world sidelines it.

And it should have the NEW CIA, NEW HOLLYWOOD and NEW AMERICAN INTELLECTUALISM among others for without which America will be stuck in the rut, but those who will continue to suffer are the Arabs and other Muslims who through no fault of their own have been rebranded as America’s wrong and fake worst enemies, simply because their agencies and institutions do not know what or who they are dealing with.

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