Friday, July 29, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

It is quite obvious that Pakatan Rakyat has failed miserably.

They won many seats in parliament and the state assemblies, but none of them has managed to show to their own constituency that they are good for them.

The problem is that they seem to think they serve themselves more than their own party, and much less their constituency.

None of them had bothered to seek the views from those who had voted them. Isn’t it not a Malaysian opposition tradition to do this anyway?

I can say this with certainty for my constituencies where the elected representatives have never bothered to come and meet with the people after they had won the election in 2008.

Worse, many of those in the opposition have become so crass that they are impossible to reach; they are on their own, with the Chinese representatives behaving as though there were no Melayu and Indians who had also voted for them.

So no wonder, no major issue has been debated intelligently in parliament by the opposition.

In fact, many of them do not even know the ‘standing orders’ and had to be chastised by the speaker many times who had to explain to them these.

They end up spending a lot of time shouting at each other, with some having been asked to leave the houses.

There is a lot of confusion on the role they can play; and in the process they also caused some of their more vocal officials to desert the cause.

The main reason being most of the elected representatives from the opposition never thought they would win a seat in parliament or the state assembly; so they are not familiar with the rules and what to discuss or debate about.

Most of them end up not saying anything at all, not because they can’t speak Melayu well, but because they are not intelligent enough to do so.

The mandate that the voters had given them in 2008 was not for them to march to Putrajaya; it is for them to see if Pakatan could be trusted.

They had lost a lot of goodwill and support strangers had given them because they did not show or exhibit proper leadership even when they were given to them officially.

Their elected officials have tended to be too self-centered and have not shown any inclination to lead by example. So they are no better than those whom they claim to want to replace.

They tried to show Barisan Nasional how vulnerable they were by voting for the opposition.

They have no plans to replace the existing systems. So why must they be counted on?

Seizing the mantle of political leadership is one; but being able to make sense of it all is another.

What are their plans for the development of the arts in the country so that they can be further expanded and developed so all those who are keen to go into it?

Now Barisan knows where they stand – on weak soil. They do not represent any real threat to them.

But has Barisan leaders learnt anything from the results of the last election?

They have not.

This can be seen in the way how some of those whom the voters had rejected had been given new life.

They rejected Sharizad Jalil, Samy Vellu and some others; yet, they are still there.

If these and the others from Barisan are put out as candidates in the next general election, chances are they can cause the coalition to lose those seats.

They can still win in their own party elections by their own party members and voters, but can they win in the general election?

Which is more important for them: To win in party elections or the general elections?

They don’t care.

They can convince their party members to support them. But they cannot depend too much on the voters who are not interested in their loyalty shown by their party members on their leaders whom they see has being old goats who should have been shooed away from the party leadership hierarchy long ago.

The same applies with those old goats in Pakatan who are now being seen as burdens for the party.

It’s time for the voters too to get rid of all of them. They have been hogging politics in the country with their same attitudes on the same issues. So it’s time for the same faces be got rid off.

Malaysia has many others who can step in their shoes, which have already long ago been soiled by a lot of trampling on the ground and on many sensitive and controversial issues.

It’s time we find new shoes that fit better – and they are local-made and brand-new.

The voters should also consider this attitude; that they should not vote anyone whose parent is also running in the same election, and those who have cousins and other relatives running too.

Just choose one of them in their nuclear or extended family. And do not vote anyone who has been in the political business for more than two terms.

So for that matter, do not vote for anyone in the MCA, MIC and Gerakan, as well as Umno and those in Pakatan – PKR, DAP and the others if they have been in parliament for more than two terms.

And those who have been making more noises and a nuisance of themselves in and out of parliament must be trounced.

Get rid also those who do not show any respect for Bahasa Melayu. And those who can’t speak and write in the language and has to read prepared speeches in and out of parliament must not be voted in.

Ask them to learn Melayu first before they can be voted.

Many Malaysian voters simply do not know how to vote. They use sentiments and not brains. They vote blindly.

But the last general election shows that there are many who have tried to vote using their brains. But alas, their brains did not function well, so they ended up voting in many to parliament and the state assemblies who can’t perform.

So the thirteenth general election is another chance for the voters to use their brains better, by doing what is suggested here.

And especially those voters in Pulau Pinang, Selangor and Kedah who have tried to show their displeasure at Barisan, who now know what it’s like to be in the control of Pakatan.

Have they learnt a lesson from the last general election?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Street protests are all about the hidden numbers, silent majority, public safety and the abuse of personal ‘power’ not only about individuals’ concern for the nation.

The majority has spoken through the ballot box; so let the government of the day do whatever it pleases during the time they were given, or else, the same voters can inflict damage on them in the next general election.

Pre- and post-general election concerns that are voiced through street protests cannot be allow to hijack the mandate given by the electorate; they are only good for the creation of dictatorship and anarchy.

So even though the futile Bersih 2.0 protest had ended, but the dust has not settled on the sub-issues which are of greater concern.

First the Bersih coalition has to clean itself of this fallacy that just because they can raise the funds, and gather some people to march in the streets; it does not mean that they have any justification to do destroy the livelihood of the majority in the city.

But the media and police, too, must be blamed for ‘inciting’ the protestors to continue to march. They should have just ignored them and let them do whatever they please, and report on what happened next and not what they were doing on the way to the streets.

The media and police had given the organizers a lot of publicity and promotions to their cause.

And it was also good that none of the senior members of the ‘organizing committee’ of the protest had been arrested under the Internal Security Act or ISA, as it would be a triumph to them if this had happened.

Here's one of the contradictions: I find how the organizers of the protest blatantly contradict themselves by insisting that the others act on their protests, yet, when there were protests on their planned protest, they balked and didn't bat an eyelid and proceeded with it.

This sort of contradiction is totally shocking, yet it is a necessary issue that has to be raised to make them realize the folly of their action, as protests cannot be conducted by them alone on the authorities of their choice, and they can also be organized by others against them, which had happened.

And they mostly included the submitting of police reports and counter protests by other counter groups, who have unfortunately been charged by them as being undemocratic and who do not uphold democratic principles.

They just want others to listen to their cries, but they are deaf to the cries of the others who are more in numbers, against them.

Their self-centeredness should be a cause of worry for they are the sort who do not care for the feelings of the others, but only for themselves.

Yet, they want to be admired and respected, for being totally uncompromising and unrealistic.

Where on earth did they get the idea from, that they are the self-righteous, while the others in the authority and country including the police force who are despicable, who should all kowtow before them and meet with their every demand?

Who appointed to be the police of the police anyway? They are mere members of some NGOs and a coalition of NGOs which has been deemed to be illegal and unlawful.

So anyone with any modicum of self-respect will balk at such a serious charge and make amends to firstly ensure that their coalition is legitimate, so the voices that they want to shout can be deemed to be reasonable.

If this is not done, with their legitimacy being challenged they can only pursue the cause of action which is equally vehement and repulsive to the majority in the country.

In fact, they can also be charged for acting not only against the interests of the authorities they want to counter, but also of democracy itself, which they claim to uphold.

It is therefore ironic that they had put themselves in such a despicable state of ludicrousness, who cannot be taken seriously by anyone. 

It does not seem right for some minor pseudo-political characters in the city who can charge such on others like they have been given the authority to do so, while they themselves remain aloof to similar charges that had been leveled against them, by other groups which can also claim to uphold democratic principles.

It just proves how they only care for their own thoughts and action but not those that emanated from them, which they should also seriously consider, as they cannot go on pretending to have the right of way and push aside the others which aim to stop them from marching.

Generally, protests of such nature are held as an act of desperation, at the mistrust of the voters, who are far greater in numbers who should be counted upon to choose what they prefer.

The general elections that had been held in the country even before it gained indepedence had caused many issues to be debated and scrutinized.

Therefore, having such a small and incongruous group of insignificant pseudo-political sidekicks to embark on another campaign cannot be allowed.

It is another contradiction as it means that they do not believe in the democratic and electoral process, and wanted the small and minor voices be heard over the din of the bigger majority whose views on many issues have been offered through the ballot boxes.

So how could so small a group of disgruntled individuals who can surely muster enough courage to pursue such a course of action be allowed to distract and disrupt the life of the majority, should be a cause of their concern, failing which they can be charged for committing yet another contradiction.

If they are so insistent in their demands be met at whatever costs, then the contradictions mentioned above become insignificant, as it is now ironic, that they have become dictatorial and want anarchy to prevail.

So the more we try to digress the transgression of their actions, the more we feel that they are such a pathetic lot of people who are so insignificant to the electoral and democratic process, yet, who can still command the attention of the media.

In the end it is the media and the people including the police who have all been made fools of, knowing how the organizers and their financial backers who are said to be from foreign countries are being made to march around and around without any of them getting what they had originally planned to achieve as their credibility had been challenged and put to question.

This is therefore, the irony of ironies of such ‘peaceful protests’ which are not so peaceful at all.  

Sunday, July 24, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

America must be reeling from the collapse of the Communist Soviet Union, the ‘Evil Empire’ they described it, because they did not want the Soviet Union to have the title which they wanted to use it for themselves.

‘Tear down the wall!’ cried the then Ronald Reagan when he visited the then West Berlin. It went down with the collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union and East Europe.

But in its place rose the Zionist Wall. ‘Bring it up!’ cries who?

But what they did not realize until they are told now is how this act had also caused something shocking to them, which is the freeing of the many Muslim Republics in the USSR.

It was something that the Arabs and Muslims themselves could not do.

So America had to be ‘enlisted’ by them to do the bidding.

Now America has to be ‘enlisted’ again to do the bidding of the Arabs and Muslims which is to bring Islam to America and the west.

And the way they wanted America and its allies in Europe to do it to cause more mischief.

It is self-flanaggeration on the part of the Arabs and Muslims to be so cruelly punished, in order that Islam could triumph.

It is a long-term effort and what is there if some scores of thousands of Arabs and Muslims had to perish in the process, as they believe they would die as martyrs in order that the sufferings and pain they had to ensure could cause future Muslims to triumph in the end.

Zionism is for the now; whereas Islam is for the forever and ever.

The Zionist leaders who are not smart can only grab more land from the Palestinians as their intellect is so shallow.

They cannot comprehend the things that are happening to the Palestinians, Arabs and other Muslims and to Islam, which they are embarking on a campaign to propagate.

They are laying the final take over of such countries that had rejected the religions of their ancestors by laying down the roots of Islamic Revivalism everywhere.

This is happening as the Arab and Muslim leaders pretend to be distracted by the attacks on their countries by western forces and NATO.

So the advice is for them to do what they have been doing, as it serves the cause of Islam.

So there are now many more Muslim countries which are members of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC).

And thanks to America and its western allies, these countries are independent republics with predominantly Muslim populations of all types, shapes and sizes.

They also unveil the many splendors of early Islam, when the evangelists and propagators of the religion went there early in the development of the religion, leaving their traces even today.

Many of these things were not known to Muslims elsewhere. Now they do. But not so much still.

The reason because the leaders of the Muslim countries are at a total loss as to what they could do with all these new elements that were presented before them.

There has not effect in the growth of the economy, cultural and social lives of the Muslims and everything is still focused on what America and the west do.

But if truth is told, one can appreciate the fact that it is America which had done wonders to the spread of Islam not only to the country, but also to the west and beyond.

Even though this has come with some expense, at the death of many innocent Muslims with some groups being branded as ‘Muslim militants’ and ‘terrorists’, when they are the ones who were all created as CIA operatives, to fight the Communists when the American forces were too scared to confront them.

So instead of being showered by graffiti in the streets of Manhattan, New York City, they were showered with bombs dropped from drones and by missiles fired from thousands of kilometers away.

Yet, despite that, Islam triumphs. It is now in America.

And the more some confused Americans react to its presence and the growth in the number of its believers, the more it becomes entrenched into the American psyche.

Islam can do no wrong. America can never do anything right with it, however, it wants to chastise it.

Freedom of expression, of assembly and of speech and of religion, have all worked wonders to the spread of Islam in America and elsewhere, especially in the decadent west where other religions that their ancestors had practiced have been chastised and belittled.

So it is no surprise how many of the younger Americans and westerners are embracing Islam in ways that the early Muslim evangelist and propagators had not envisioned before. But they can still take credit for having caused it to happen earlier on.

So those in America who want to condemn Islam and who do not allow the construction of new masjid throughout the country, should blame their own government for stirring the sands in the ‘Land of Muhammad’; for without which, Muslims and Arabs from the countries that had been destroyed and bombed would not have any need to flee from them.

The Zionists, too, have suddenly become strong propagators of Islam in this way; for it was their action to seize land from the Palestinians had caused many Palestinians and other Arabs to flee from the Middle East to go to America, where there are now more than six million believers.

If the Zionists had not embarked on their cruel campaign to discredit the religion of their ancestors, Judaism, the Palestinians and Arabs and other Muslims would not have much cause to flee from where they were.

Some of them were living in caves in the desert where there was no sense of time.

Now they do. And they have all been taken out of their caves to go to the west.

Many Arab and Muslim countries would still be in such a backward state today if not for American and Zionist aggression, an act which is temporary in nature, which is purely to make sure the Arabs and Muslims learn some valuable lessons from it.

Friday, July 22, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

So let Islamophobia teach the non-Muslim west and their closeted haters of Islam some good lessons and use their hatred of the religion against them.

In the early years of America, their education system was vastly different. Their media, too, was different. So was their Hollywood.

And not wanting to be direct, one can say, how these three major institutions had caused the thinking of some Americans to be so affected.

Added to the cause of the American media, which now saw themselves at being at the forefront of dissent, their gate-keepers who aim to lead the flock where their elected political leaders have all failed to do.

So in no time, what was once a tranquil and serene place became topsy-turvy when they started to embark on their grandiose plans not to understand and comprehend the lives of people who are not like them, but to force them to behave in their styles and adopt their ways.

American aggression takes place in many forms, one of which is through the medium of the cinema and music with their media in tow to provide the cover for them to perform the entertainers to play their roles.

And despite what many people in the world who say that the education system in America encourages its students to have a broad liberal-base, somehow along the way, specialization or over-specialization has caused them to become less so.

In this regard, many Americans are too focused on their own specialization that they tend to be ‘narrow-minded’, a term I am using in the most positive manner so that it is not seen to be derogatory. It is a compliment.

But alas, this sort of set-up has caused some Americans to become too focused and confused at the same time.

They end up being slaves to the voice and protests of a few, who are in full control of the media.

The media I am referring to are the papers, although in some cases, they also involve radio and television.

But alas, the cinema, or Hollywood which had at an earlier time been used to change the perception of their viewers and the general American population seems to have become less so, considering how dramatic their expression of divergent views can be seen by all and sundry.

In the end many Hollywood films are now politically correct. So few films are being made that can cause the viewers to feel sidelines these days.

It is a positive development of Hollywood, as far as I can see it.

And thanks to the globalization of Hollywood films and influence, it also manages to shape the thinking of their directors and producers, with some actors who openly support un-American-un-Democratic activities in their own country and elsewhere too.

They may not come close to Rudolf did, but since they travel a lot more than he did, they have no choice but to be open and liberal about sensitive issues, especially since they now realize that the future of Hollywood is also dependent on the reception of their films outside of America. 

As someone who had studied and lived in America for three years and also traveled much by land mostly in the Greyhound and Amtrak trains, transversing throughout the vast sub-continent, and being admitted at some two of their finest hospitals for major surgeries, I cannot believe that the America I see now in the media from Malaysia to be a stark different from the America I knew or used to know.

The real and reel America are totally different. The perception of what America is now is direct opposite of what it was, and still is, especially if I return to the country to see the entire landscape spreading before me, which does not look anywhere like the image it has in the mindscape of many, especially to those who have never been to the country, let alone, to live anywhere in it for a considerable period of time.

Studying film at a university in New York City, have given me a better overview of the whole city and country, more than those who were seconded in their campuses in the rural areas and away from the real America.

And being able to visit the 33 countries I have visited so far has managed to allow me to look at the whole issue in a wider perspective so much so that I am not unusually deterred by the common line of offense and defense both sides prefer to adopt.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

This is definitely not reverse psychology; it is the truth any way one looks at the whole issue.

The other truth is no matter how Islam is chastised by some individuals in the West, the more it hurts the religion they claim to profess, and the more it benefits Islam as there is no other religion in the world that has seen a sudden surge with the reversion of many to it.

This is despite the fact that some Muslims, who are mostly Afghans, Iraqis and Palestinians who are decimated by Zionist, American and its allied forces who were all sent to these Arab and Muslim countries to do mischief.

But what they did not realize is how they had come so close to Islam, which they had not managed to do before.

It is America which is sending them to Islam and taking it back with them to America, if they are still alive and in one piece.

So Geert Wilders and Terry Jones are good for Islam for they are Muslim propagators too. They didn’t know that; they also didn’t know what they were doing.

“Women are not in love with me but with the picture of me on the screen. I am merely the canvas on which women paint their dreams.” – Rudolf Valentino – 1923. 

Rudolf Valentino, the Italian immigrant who became an early superstar of the ‘silent era’ of Hollywood endeared himself to the American film-goers until his untimely demise at such a young age.

To them he was the ‘romantic hero’ of early Hollywood when silence superseded words and crass emotions.

He was born on 6 may, 1895 in Castellaneta, Italy and died on 23 august, 1926 in New York City. He immigrated to America in 1913 and worked as a dancer before acting in films in Hollywood five years later.

And he became so for no reason, other than to portray heroes in action flicks who are romantically linked to some of the early heroines of that period, and playing the parts of the Arab sheikh.

Yes, American women were falling in love with him and the Arab sheikhs and all Arab and things Arab, all at the same time.

They did not discount the fact that he was playing such a role because they came in a neat package with no negative biases or prejudices attached.  

If he had played the part of a hero belonging to another race, even an Italian which he was one, he would not have got the same impact as he managed to get from the female fans.

The Hollywood studios and the whole of America knew that. It was a time when they were looking outside of America, to a place so peaceful and calm, a giant oasis of tranquility and serenity, a place they could never find anywhere in their vast lands, despite much of their country being arid desert and semi-desert.

They wanted to look at a people, their different religion which is in the same Abrahamic group as theirs, and who exhibited a vision of the past and of a promising future. They could relate to that.

What caused America and Hollywood then to cast such an actor who spoke no word on screen to play the part of an Arab and a sheikh at that?
They could have given him a better part in his debut film called ‘The Sheik’ (sic) in 1921 which shot him to instant stardom.
After a few other films, he reprised his role which made him famous through America, in ‘The Son of Sheik’ in 1926, the year he died at the age of 31 from a ruptured ulcer. It caused hysteria, with several suicides, and riots at his funeral.
What sort of America then are we talking about? And what sort of America can we talk now?

Everything that was good with the Arab, Arab sheikhs and all things Arab is not no so.

The change in attitude amongst the Americans is so drastic. One, however, cannot see it if one did not know how they had treated them in the past to know the difference in their attitude today.

The country had grown out of their fascination from things Arab and Rudolf to Osama, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban which divides America into two distinct eras – The Era of Rudolf Valentino and the Era of Osama bin Laden, with both attracting much attention of the whole nation during their time but for different reasons.  

And why was America so fascinated with Rudolf and Arab sheiks then as they do with Osama, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban?

One can go back to basics, if one wishes to find out why there was a change in emphasis and focus.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Does the journalism fraternity dare to conduct an in-depth study of the state of journalism in Malaysia today to see what it’s flaws are and where corrections to it could be made? Or, are they happy with its status quo?

Who will be the ‘father of the new Malaysian journalism’, the person who can push it to greater heights so journalistic ethics are looked up and the fraternity are considered to be some of the finest persons in the country?

We cannot hang on to Rahim Kajai or Samad Ismail forever as the source of guidance; we need to create a new father for the new journalism in the country. Who will that particular person be?

Ironically, the person will never be someone who is in journalism, because they are too emotional to allow him and his fraternity to be the subject of study and debate.

What is Malaysian journalism today without such types including those who are loud, erratic, mentally unstable and rabble rousers and other types who are capable of saying some of the darnest and ridiculous things?

The personal miseries of the others are entertainment of the masses. This is what Malaysian journalism wants everybody to believe.

They do not want to educate the public to appreciate beauty, originality and the good sense. They only want the Malaysian public to be confused with themselves and their identity.

So they go out of the way to make sure Malaysians become pseudo-Americans and people who live in fantasy of being so. This is despite the fact that most of them are never going to be able to afford most of the things that the newspapers are promoting everyday – those watches which cost a few scores of thousands of ringgit and the expensive tour packages that they promote.

Their fashion columnists do not earn enough to buy anything that they promote.

Don’t they know that those who can afford anything expensive do not flaunt them? It’s only those who can’t afford them want to talk about them like they already have them in their minds.

So the newspapers end up getting many Malaysians to own fake items that are bought in the ‘pasar malam’ all over the country.

Don’t blame these people; they are shaped to think fake by the newspapers who peddle fake news all the time.

They express fake sentiments and share fake emotions.

Worse, they are secret operatives of foreign countries – America, the Zionists, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, India and the west.

The electronic media are not to be left behind in this effort. They take the trouble of even broadcasting Hollywood film trailers on prime-time news.

The problem with most of the editors in Malaysia is that they are not formally trained. There are so few of them who are. And most of them had not lived or studied in America; so they have a lot of guilt.

So no wonder, they express this by over-promoting America in their newspapers everyday, just to tell everybody and their readers how ‘American’ or ‘Western’ they, like it is a sin if they do not do this.

They do not feel guilty for working at the behest of the others mentioned above. They think they are doing themselves a service for promoting the interests of those countries. This is despite them not having been given any recognition from the leaders of those countries.

Imagine if there is a newspaper in America that has a small column on Malaysia, their editors would have been given official recognition by the Malaysian government.

And the owners of the television stations in America who broadcast even one small program on Malaysia on their station would also be feted as heroes.

But so far, only bad news of Malaysia are broadcast and covered by such papers and television stations.

So move away all you educated people; those who are the average and pious and less controversial. You are bad for Malaysian journalism which needs only scum of the earth.

There is no industry which seems to thrive on the negative, bad and useless than journalism.

And what are the papers in Malaysia without such people?

So these are the types of people the Malaysian journalism wants to help them promote and sell their papers.

Can we also say that it is Malaysian journalism which has managed to create most of them to be what they are today, the scum of the earth and such types in Malaysia?

There were not many people of such stripes in Malaysia before, but now there are so many of them.

So the more there are people like them, the better it is for Malaysian journalism so they can make Malaysian journalism more colorful with glaring headlines everyday. It makes the job of the editors very easy.

Move away all you civic-minded people.

Blood donors and charitable persons are useless to Malaysian journalism; crooks are favored.

And those whom the newspapers definitely do not want are: the ordinary folks, the civic-minded, law-abiding citizens like you and I, the regular and also top blood donors in the country, the pious and the soft-spoken, etc.

Do the newspapers know how to sell their papers? Do they know what news is anymore?

How qualified are the newspaper editors, sub-editors and journalists?

What are the Malaysian Press Institute and National Union of Journalists anyway?

How much has Malaysian journalism regressed over the last decade or so?

And how many of the scholars have done research work to compare Malaysian journalism today and that which was practiced before, when Malaya was under British colonial rule?

The changes are stark and we can see that when comparing their editorial policies, their emphasis and columns.

Malaya then which was under British colonial rule had journalism which was very local; today when we are supposed to be more than half a century as an independent state, our journalism seems to be too enamored with the west, and also of England.

How ironic! How pathetic!

Malaysian journalism today still depends on the west for its subsistence for which there can never be Malaysian journalism.

So now we have stories which are the types that are emphasized in newspapers and the media in the west, which deals on things which are very negative.

Those which are positive are not news because they are very difficult to sell.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

One thing’s for certain is how misleading the Malaysian press institute (MPI) and national union of journalists (NUJ) are and how they had misled the public into thinking everything’s fine in the journalism front in the country. It is not; it has not developed well.

The Malaysian press awards do not give equal recognition to bad news reporting and the worst newspapers, which they also should do – those that do the bidding for the other countries such as Hong Kong, India and America.

I was a journalist and a member of NUJ once and I know what I’m talking about; that Malaysian journalism is serving those countries more than Malaysia.

The issues I raise concerning the state of the journalism in Malaysia are valid that have not been raised by anyone before.

The worse sections of any newspaper in Malaysia are definitely the ‘entertainment’ and ‘foreign’ sections.

The ‘foreign’ section has become the ‘national’ section, while the ‘national’ section the ‘foreign’ one.

So many Malaysians are more familiar with who the American entertainers are sleeping with than their own former prime ministers. One has to continue to shout to be heard and seen; or else he, too, would have long been forgotten and remembered for only the bad things he had done to the country while in office.

All the racial chauvinists who hide behind a liberal armor and pseudo-scholars and biased researchers, left-leaning rightists and right-leaning leftists and the other fence-sitters and the self-hating Melayu and other self-hating Malaysians including some misplaced Indian and two noisy Punjabi lawyers, that we have today which were not there before.

They were all created by Malaysian journalism while the ministry of home affairs or ‘kementerian dalam negeri’ or KDN looked elsewhere.

In the process they created civic-minded and civilized persons to be the ‘new scum of the earth’ who are useless to Malaysian journalism and the society. They are only good as consumers of their products but not as news sources because they do not promote hatred or spout filth.

They might also have advertently made the straight and pious to become the crooked, without making much effort to straightening up the crooked who seem to be happy to be in such crooked and sinful situation as they are good newsmakers.

Where did the editors in Malaysia get the idea that ‘bad news’ is good news; and ‘good news’ is bad news anyway?

If a dog bites a man that’s not news. But if a man bites a dog, then it is news?

Who said so? He must be nuts. Why must man bite a dog? That’s old journalism.

What can Malaysian journalism do to make Malaysians become better citizens?

Or, what can they doing to inculcate bad habits amongst them, and to hate themselves for being what they are – people with skin not fair and black, hair and typically Malaysians, to be somebody they can never be?

Malaysian journalism could be charged for having caused many of them to be created, without which chances are those who are so charged, could have become the ordinary non-swearing, pious and civic-minded Mamat and Minah.

New journalism for a civilized world, is about how to educate humans to be better humans and not to get them to bite each other and behave like dogs, like what is happening now.

It is, therefore, ironic that dogs often behave better than man now.

Unfortunately, Malaysian journalism has still got a long way to go before any of their editors can condign to go down their pedestal to say something like this.

None of them will dare to admit that they had created most of those types. And how they had turned some sodomists and other crooks into national heroes for nothing.

They will continue to marvel at the sight of all the scum of the earth and to thank them profusely for making their jobs easier.

They are the scum of the earth and they are the real saviors of Malaysian journalism today.

They are good for business; they help promote the sale of the newspapers in Malaysia.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

What was that all about?

This is what the Bersih group or coalition wanted to do in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, 9 July, which is to bring in America to the streets of Kuala Lumpur for their own failure to go there when they were much younger. Alas, it's America of the 1960s.

Some others brought in the break-dance and rap they saw on television; others who had the means and authority brought in Hollywood films and American television programs and music as well as plays from Broadway for their own stations and halls and fast-foods for their restaurants.

They are purveyors of the failed American Dream.

So now they could only watch the country from television and the media and try to copy some of the things that the Americans do or did since most of the time they only managed to copy things that were done in America a few decades earlier, including the street protests.

Their group’s financial standing and their background are all shrouded in mystery; so how could they insist that the charge they make on the Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia (SPM) or Elections Commissions be open and transparent, for they themselves are not open and transparent?

Is it a sheer coincidence to see how the 91 persons who have been banned from going to certain areas in Kuala Lumpur, so they do not attract unnecessary attention to themselves and whatever else the police think they could do. This is probably the first time such an action has been taken by the police?

It is definitely not.

However, many do not know what is the connection between the academic backgrounds of the leaders’ protestors from the three groups or organizations to what is happening with the Bersih protest.

There are many Malaysians who had held public office or who are in the limelight can now take the opportunity to use or misuse their status, to create mischief.

They do not have anything else better to do.

Malaysia is a small country with limited extra-social-cultural activities. All that they have are pseudo-political activities to take part in.

This is to express their failure to exhibit their intellect and academic qualification by dealing with the issues of their concern from the other perspectives – psychological, historical and sociological.

They end up politicizing everything even for small and petty issues concerning the SRM, which is a very convenient pumping bag for them to take shots at.

So few of these Malaysians who are by right retired individuals can go far, abroad to take part in international discourses on many things. So they end up spending their retirement age doing mischief after mischief.

They are not politicians; they are pseudo-politicians. And they do not have issues; they only have mischievous acts.

They are aided by the media which seems to be prodding them on so that they could benefit from their actions, as can be seen in the sales of their newspapers, while pretending to practice freedom of the press.  

So who are the ‘dalang’ or puppet masters behind the protests in Malaysia? The press, no doubt.

There are many Malaysians who are disappointed that the ISA has not been invoked by the police on some of the more hardcore supporters of the Bersih protest.

But what really is interesting from what one can see in the list is how all or most of them are those who had not studied or lived in America.

There are so few amongst them who had studied abroad especially in England with some from PAS who had studied in Mesir, Pakistan and India.

The others are mostly those who had not studied and lived abroad.

What can be analyzed from the list of the 91 people is how all of them seem to be too keen to do it the ‘American way’, whatever that means – mostly by shouting their voice coarse and hoarse without saying much or anything that anyone else can discern.

The marching in the streets is really a throwback from the 1960s American practice, popularized by the quest by many Americans to stop their government then, under the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson who wanted him to pull back American troops from Vietnam.

More than sixty thousand young American men and women had been slaughtered by the Vietcongs, so they cried and demanded American withdrawal from Vietnam.

It finally happened, but at huge cost. It left a Wall of Shame that was constructed near the White House where the names of the American troops had died in the Vietnam War.

Few films had been made by Hollywood.

But all these could not dispel the fact that it was a stupid war. America had failed itself.

Yet, America had not learnt much or anything at all by its engagement in other new wars in Afghanistan and Iraq where it is again losing.

Osama bin Ladin is winning in these wars as America and its allies start to withdraw their troops in these countries.

This is what the organizers and supporters of Bersih had tried to do – or to copy, the Americans of the 1960s who had marched in the streets, and also the students in the universities who had seized the administration buildings of their universities, demanding the full withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam.

This student movement was lead by the students of Columbia University in New York City which later spread to other campuses climaxing in the massacre of some students at the Kent State University where some of them were gunned down.

America had learnt a valuable lesson from this. They had not repeated it since then.

The scenario was being repeated in Kuala Lumpur. But with the sudden move by the police, any chance for the protestors of creating mischief has been thwarted.

How disappointed they are for not being ‘martyred’ and be turned into international media heroes of dissent.

The organizer had also probably been incensed and encouraged by the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring and wanted to spread it in Malaysia.

Unfortunately, their intention was sprung back at them by the unusual intervention from Istana Negara.

Malaysia does not need Bersih which has been declared an illegal organization. It also does not need some of its ungrateful citizens from behaving or misbehaving like the Americans of the 1960s.

They are those who should feel misery for not having an American educational background to know the ways of dissent of the present era and not to repeat them.

The days of Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda speaking their voices coarse against their American government and policies are over.

Tom ended up in Congress while Jane whom he married later divorced her. It was like a marriage that was created in the streets than at the altar.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Sometimes strange things do happen on the way to a protest march. Amiga who proposed the Bersih 2.0 protest for Saturday, 9 July in Kuala Lumpur, could be seen by some to be someone who is so careless that she does not know who and what cause she is serving.

Unfortunately, despite the controversies surrounding the protests, the general public does not seem to be bothered with and as far as I can see no one is talking about it.

There are so few people who dwell on it with the media leading the pack to further prod them into giving statements and indirectly spinning the issue around and around until the King finally had to make a statement which made to the front-page of the newspapers and on prime-time television news.

This created another around for the matter to be further turned and spinned on and on as the issue started to dissipate as high-noon approach in two days’ time when fears started to encroach into the subconscience of those who are directly involved in the protest per se and the other protests against the major protest. 

In the meantime, the newspapers manage to peddle their wares, with sales which are expected to increase when other important and interesting stories could not be manufactured.

Maybe the start of the trial of the murder of Soosilawati and some of her friends can distract the media for a while, but this is overwhelmed by the Bersih protest.

The media really likes some people who are stuck in politics who do not know what else they can do or where they can go to next, and who can come up with any statement that can make it to the press.

They are the media darlings; they give the media some stories to publish and to sell the papers.

Amiga’s one act seems to betray her good sense, even more so when we could all see how the government seems to benefit a lot more than she or anyone else in her Bersih coalition and Opposition could see or imagine.

One has to now admit how the horribly planned Bersih Protest for Saturday, 9 July has turned out to be, a blow for the Left and a boost for the Right, the more individuals and groups supporting the government protest against the planned Bersih protest.

However, the planned Bersih organized protests looks like it won’t happen, as what the newspapers highlight, especially with the threat of more arrests under the Emergency Ordinance (EO) by the police, which is no joke especially since some of them have already been arrested the last week.

But despite that the ‘damage’ has been done – not to the government but to the opposition who now realize how frail they are and how solid the support for the government is.

Even though there are some in the opposition who want to admit that the whole matter has worked to their benefit. But what a benefit it has been!

The protest could not have happen without the ‘full support’ of the media.

Who stands to gain from them?

The traders will lose; hotels will see a decline in room rentals and tourist arrivals will be curtailed if the protests happened on 9 July.

But who will definitely ‘benefit’ from them, if not the press!

It is therefore ironic how the media in Malaysia has not looked at themselves to see who are the persons who are ‘behind’ the protests.

They themselves.

The Bersih coalition may be the spur, but the media is the real culprit behind all this, for without massive media support the protests could not happen.

If the media had ignored Amiga’s grand plans to organize the protest march, then surely, there is no controversy and she has to depend on the alternative media especially the internet portals to get her statements out.

Stop it, I like it!?

There is a love-hate relationship between the local media and the noise-makers who are now seen as convenient ‘newsmakers’ they are not.

It has also caused many unknown individuals to be given the space to voice their discontent on Amiga and her Bersih group and with everybody saying almost the same things in almost the same vein.

Some of them, however, will catch the attention of the higher-ups in Barisan and Pakatan so they can become candidates in the next general election.

It is no secret how many of the current members of parliament from both the government and opposition had done this trick before, where they shout themselves hoarse, and it caught the attention of the more senior leaders of their parties and who managed to become candidates in the earlier elections that had allowed them to get posts in the cabinet and sometimes some other government agencies.

Street politics seems to be a convenient way for some to trust themselves in public and to attract the attention of the leaders in their parties.

This is how politics in Malaysia works; one cannot be smart and quiet and has to be vocal to attract attention.

This is how political leadership in Malaysia is created not by those who are smart, but by those who are loud and coarse to the extent of being vulgar.

And they are supposed to be good for the government as well as for the opposition.