Sunday, July 24, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

America must be reeling from the collapse of the Communist Soviet Union, the ‘Evil Empire’ they described it, because they did not want the Soviet Union to have the title which they wanted to use it for themselves.

‘Tear down the wall!’ cried the then Ronald Reagan when he visited the then West Berlin. It went down with the collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union and East Europe.

But in its place rose the Zionist Wall. ‘Bring it up!’ cries who?

But what they did not realize until they are told now is how this act had also caused something shocking to them, which is the freeing of the many Muslim Republics in the USSR.

It was something that the Arabs and Muslims themselves could not do.

So America had to be ‘enlisted’ by them to do the bidding.

Now America has to be ‘enlisted’ again to do the bidding of the Arabs and Muslims which is to bring Islam to America and the west.

And the way they wanted America and its allies in Europe to do it to cause more mischief.

It is self-flanaggeration on the part of the Arabs and Muslims to be so cruelly punished, in order that Islam could triumph.

It is a long-term effort and what is there if some scores of thousands of Arabs and Muslims had to perish in the process, as they believe they would die as martyrs in order that the sufferings and pain they had to ensure could cause future Muslims to triumph in the end.

Zionism is for the now; whereas Islam is for the forever and ever.

The Zionist leaders who are not smart can only grab more land from the Palestinians as their intellect is so shallow.

They cannot comprehend the things that are happening to the Palestinians, Arabs and other Muslims and to Islam, which they are embarking on a campaign to propagate.

They are laying the final take over of such countries that had rejected the religions of their ancestors by laying down the roots of Islamic Revivalism everywhere.

This is happening as the Arab and Muslim leaders pretend to be distracted by the attacks on their countries by western forces and NATO.

So the advice is for them to do what they have been doing, as it serves the cause of Islam.

So there are now many more Muslim countries which are members of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC).

And thanks to America and its western allies, these countries are independent republics with predominantly Muslim populations of all types, shapes and sizes.

They also unveil the many splendors of early Islam, when the evangelists and propagators of the religion went there early in the development of the religion, leaving their traces even today.

Many of these things were not known to Muslims elsewhere. Now they do. But not so much still.

The reason because the leaders of the Muslim countries are at a total loss as to what they could do with all these new elements that were presented before them.

There has not effect in the growth of the economy, cultural and social lives of the Muslims and everything is still focused on what America and the west do.

But if truth is told, one can appreciate the fact that it is America which had done wonders to the spread of Islam not only to the country, but also to the west and beyond.

Even though this has come with some expense, at the death of many innocent Muslims with some groups being branded as ‘Muslim militants’ and ‘terrorists’, when they are the ones who were all created as CIA operatives, to fight the Communists when the American forces were too scared to confront them.

So instead of being showered by graffiti in the streets of Manhattan, New York City, they were showered with bombs dropped from drones and by missiles fired from thousands of kilometers away.

Yet, despite that, Islam triumphs. It is now in America.

And the more some confused Americans react to its presence and the growth in the number of its believers, the more it becomes entrenched into the American psyche.

Islam can do no wrong. America can never do anything right with it, however, it wants to chastise it.

Freedom of expression, of assembly and of speech and of religion, have all worked wonders to the spread of Islam in America and elsewhere, especially in the decadent west where other religions that their ancestors had practiced have been chastised and belittled.

So it is no surprise how many of the younger Americans and westerners are embracing Islam in ways that the early Muslim evangelist and propagators had not envisioned before. But they can still take credit for having caused it to happen earlier on.

So those in America who want to condemn Islam and who do not allow the construction of new masjid throughout the country, should blame their own government for stirring the sands in the ‘Land of Muhammad’; for without which, Muslims and Arabs from the countries that had been destroyed and bombed would not have any need to flee from them.

The Zionists, too, have suddenly become strong propagators of Islam in this way; for it was their action to seize land from the Palestinians had caused many Palestinians and other Arabs to flee from the Middle East to go to America, where there are now more than six million believers.

If the Zionists had not embarked on their cruel campaign to discredit the religion of their ancestors, Judaism, the Palestinians and Arabs and other Muslims would not have much cause to flee from where they were.

Some of them were living in caves in the desert where there was no sense of time.

Now they do. And they have all been taken out of their caves to go to the west.

Many Arab and Muslim countries would still be in such a backward state today if not for American and Zionist aggression, an act which is temporary in nature, which is purely to make sure the Arabs and Muslims learn some valuable lessons from it.

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