Monday, July 4, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The Royal Malaysian Police had tried to be the nice guy. Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia (SPRM) has also tried to be cool. More than 2,200 reports have been lodged against the organizers calling themselves Bersih – Clean – in Melayu.

Calling it by another name not in Melayu such as in Tamil, Mandarin or even English won’t do. Now they are claiming indirectly how Melayu is more relevant and more ‘superior’ even to English.

This is the first camouflage that the organizers are using which is to not want to give the impression that it is not a move supported by the Melayu who will be careless enough to come out in droves at the drop of the protesters’ hat.

Like what they had done in the First Bersih protest of 2007.

The majority of the public had tried to protest against its organization with some demanding that the organizers be arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

The main organizer, a former president of the Bar Council of Malaysia, is an Indian woman who was given a special award by President Barack Obama in a special function held in the Oval Office no less.

She is bent on having the protest on as schedule despite the stern warning given by the authorities.

Her successor, now a Chinese lawyer and president of the Bar Council also have the audacity of saying that protests are allowed under the constitution. But what they do not know is how it is not a provision which stands on its own. It is tied to the provisions on public order and security, which upholds the sanctity and peace for the majority.

Taking to the streets is 1960s America, before the age of the internet.  

Ironically, most of the protesters are not Indians, but Melayu.

The Melayu in Malaysia have not learnt how the group calling themselves Bendera had done similar acts in Jakarta where they protested against Malaysia outside of the Malaysian embassy.

Their leaders, it turned out were mostly Batak Catholics. They had tried to cause enmity between the Melayu and Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia. But they failed after their charade or hidden agenda was exposed.

So its time for the real reason between the protests of 9 July be also exposed; as it is nothing but a ploy to cause unrest in the city and country but also division of the Melayu and Muslims.

This is exactly what is happening in some of the Arab countries and in Pakistan where the Arabs and Arabs are fighting with each other.

How could an Indian and Hindu woman be allowed to cause this to happen in Malaysia is certainly strange.

But many doubt it if the protest of 9 July will go on as planned; its leader will be detained under the ISA as the police had given some indication of this happening.

The livelihood and peace for the majority should be given more preference over the popularity of one or two leaders behind the protest which is really a smart way to stage a ‘coup’ of some sort, especially if a lot damage is created.

Yet, the ruse with the proposed and highly hyped protest in the center of Kuala Lumpur on 9 July is really about the Opposition fears losing big in the forthcoming General Election Number 13 (GE-13).

This is however, not the whole issue.

The subliminal issue is one concerns the march the protestors could never take to the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya as it will be totally incomprehensible for any group to even dare to create such a ruckus of wanting to protest against the Judiciary in such a crass manner.

So the SPRM can become a very convenient scapegoat.

In the event of the Opposition losing big in GE-13, they can then claim to have given the warning of that happening and the reasons for that to happen.

The Opposition were not thankful to the voters who were willing to try them out in the last general election.

But or the three years the DAP and PKR governments of Pulau Pinang and Selangor had not endeared themselves to even their own electorates, what more to the others who have also started to turn around to march against them, as it can be seen in the outcome of GE-13.

It is unfortunate that many voters were willing to give them 'a try'. And this was done at the expense of the voters wanting to also show to Barisan Nasional (BN) how they were disappointed with the old faces in the line-up for the last general election, most of whom were trounced by the voters who simply had had enough of them.

Some valuable lessons must be learnt from this 'experiment' and 'a show of strength' by the voters, many of whom were also from BN itself, who had turncoat to vote for the Opposition instead as it was the only choice one had.

I was smart, for not voting in the last GE as the quality of the candidates in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn and Serdang constituencies were of poor quality. I did not see any of them coming to campaign in thee areas, so I could confront them.

I want to make sure they speak good Bahasa Melayu and who know the country they are in, and not just anybody, whose faces were not familiar to the voters.

At the same time I also did not want to vote in anyone who had caused mischief of all sorts who have made speeches even I could not write when I was in Form One, because they are of such poor quality.

The Bersih protest is surely one nasty way for the Opposition and their cohorts to exert themselves now, as they spend the last few months 'in power'; as when they tumble after GE-13, what chance do they have to cause mischief of this nature?

Therefore it is also not a sheer coincidence how SPRM has been targeted when many other things could be the focus of their scorn, especially their own selves, if only they cared to stared even for a while in the mirror, so they know who they are and what they have done to ensure the high quality of governance as well as higher quality of Opposition.

If the Bersih and the Opposition charge the government for being slag; they are worse.

They have been given more than three years to prove their mettle, yet, they fumble and fail miserably with the DAP elected members who also do not support their brethren who chose to wear the 'songkok', which can reflect if they are one whole unit of a fractured group of people with no inclination whatsoever.

They have used the state assembly and parliament seating to belittle, without any of them having done or said anything interesting.

The Opposition therefore, has failed even those who had given them a chance in March, 2008.

They are set to tumble, and the Bersih protest of 9 July, is just planned to reflect this and no more.


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