Thursday, January 30, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

The world cannot depend on the World Economic Forum (WEF) for anything. It is just a retreat for some leaders in the west to become standup comics where they say some of the stupidest things one can hear.

Yet, this is the most celebrated retreat in the world. But what are they trying to pull?

For sure, they have taken everybody on a long and useless ride. They are over-rated. They have not achieved anything or are of any use to anyone.

Tell us one good thing that has come out of the forums?

This is perhaps the first time the WEF is being looked at it in this way, a critical analysis of what they had done and achieved, or what they had not bothered to do and are not capable of achieving.

They have the leaders of the world in their hands, but they are not asking them to do much other than to talk and talk and crack jokes with each other…

The organizers of the WEF therefore, need a spanking, so they can start to look at themselves a bit and hopefully be able to make the next WEF a better international forum that invites not the trouble-makers but those who can put things right in the world.

How much has the WEF in Davos, Switzerland done to ‘improve the state of the world’ since they were first established?

Did they care to study what they had done to the world while trying to improve it?

The world is worse off today than it was before the WEF was first established, yet, the organizers are aloof to this fact.

The truth is that the WEF has also managed to maintain the status quo of the developed countries and those in the west, but the other countries in Africa, South America and most of Asia continue to remain stagnant.

Worse, many Arab and Muslim countries are destroyed since they have been around.

Yet, the organizers did not bother to ask themselves what they might have done to cause this if this was what they had originally wanted to achieve which is to improve the state of the world, which means the western world and not the rest of the world which has been left in the dark.

In fact, not many leaders from outside of the west have been invited to speak in the WEF; only those from the west seem to be given prominence.

There has not been one new economic plan that has been discussed or promoted by the WEF for the developed countries to pursue in order to help the undeveloped ones to start to experience some sort of development.

One can therefore say the WEF in Davos is nothing but a weekend retreat for some leaders in Europe and the west, who appear as standup comics who are there to entertain themselves and those around them.

And when they return to their respective countries, they forget what they had said or done in Davos over the last weekend.

Why did they bother to come to Davos then? And why did the organizers bother to organize the WEF then, if they have not achieved even a fraction of what they say they would like to do which is to improve the state of the world?

Maybe they had achieved that since the ‘world’ they may be referring to is the western world and not the rest of the world the poorest countries in the world, which they wanted to be kept in the same situation for as long as they can.

Therefore I find that it is a pity if not laughable that the organizers of the WEF are brave enough to use the slogan, ‘Committed to improving the state of the world’ for their forum each year.

They should know better which slogan to use, but they chose this one and stuck with it.

Yet, since they were established, the WEF has not seen any real positive change to the world.

Many countries have been destroyed by the same countries in the west, which are still bent on destroying more of the other countries which are most certainly Arab and Muslim ones.

Yet, WEF does not dare to deal with such issues.

In the end WEF only gets leaders of countries in the west who are there for pure entertainment.

It is strange how some of the Arab and Muslim leaders would also go to Davos, even when they know they are not able to achieve much or anything there.

It is also pitiful how the Arab and other Muslim leaders would want to flock to Davos every late January to crack jokes with each other and sometimes try to get cheap publicity for themselves.

There was no need for them to be there at all, and if they want to develop their respective countries, they can do so on a bilateral basis amongst the few countries they can relate to and benefit from each other’s company and support, those countries which are in the same region as theirs, or which profess the same religion as them.

WEF is for the leaders in the west, who have caused many Arab countries to be destroyed, either directly or indirectly through the support their countries have given to the one or two countries in the world that have more reasons to see those Arab and Muslim countries leaders.

WEF was supposed to deal with the economics, yet, they are not offering any economic model that can be used by any country, so that in the end more and more poor countries can benefit from their advice and proposals.

But which developed country in the world cares for the well-being and development of the poor countries in Africa, Asia and South America anyway?

They only want their markets to dump their goods, but not to help the respective countries develop and creating their pool of talent.

WEF, therefore cannot lay claim to be have done any country any good since it was first established till today.

The discourses and even debates are too amateurish. Worse, they are irrelevant.

The organizers of the WEF should stop pretending that they are good for the world and that they can cause the world to be better.

They can never do that because they are dominated by the developed countries who do not wish to see the poor countries develop and be at par with them.

And what the world leaders who attend the WEF are just talking nonsense.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

From the way I look at it, it is the Swedish laws which are taking a spanking with their lawmakers having their faces colored red; they had not bothered to look at the laws they wanted to introduce from all angles and how they cannot be fully enforced.

This is probably the first time that the Swedes are using such laws against children and they are confused as to how they could use them properly.

They are lucky that the people involved are Malaysians and not Indians, who would almost surely react by many means like how they had shown their displeasure with the mistreatment of one of their staff in the United Nations mission who was detained by the authorities in America.

Malaysians do not do such things.

But the Swedes have become a laughing stock of the world. And this is what many Malaysians want the whole world to see them as, the more they take their time to resolve the matter. 

The laws they had introduced and approved by their parliament purportedly to protect children from parental abuse, have backfired.

They had never been tested before, now they are put under intense scrutiny.

And thanks to a mere twelve-year-old Melayu-Muslim boy from Malaysia.

However, no human rights activist or group has dared to confront the Swedes on this matter.

They seem to think just because such abuses of power are made by the Europeans or westerners, they think it is okay and that the move to be democratic and also civilized.

They are not.

What the Swedes do not know is that they are not alone; there are people from outside of the country who come there to live and work and they did not grow up being Swedes or want to be so.

They are just posted there for a short period of time, and when their stint is over, they leave the country, some with fond memories and the others with bad ones that they can easily use to publish a book on.

If the Europeans and westerners can have similar experiences living in some Muslim countries and earn much by writing books on their experiences living in these countries, then surely, anyone who has faced hardship and anxieties living in Sweden too can do the same.

Alas, it is New Literature that the world must be told about, one which deals with problems Muslims face living in the so-called civilized western non-Muslim world.

Hopefully, one by one films and also documentaries on them can be produced to show how uncivilized these western countries are; the countries that had rejected Christianity, since they did not dare to declare it in their constitution that they are a Christian country but a secular one.

‘Out of Sweden’ can be a good title for a new novel or book on the experiences of the Melayu family now being incarcerated in Sweden courtesy of their strange and ridiculous laws.

And the fact that the couple has not been charged since they were arrested since 18 December last year, proves that the authorities in Sweden know that they do not have any grounds to charge them in an open court.

So they ended up holding them in remand for as long as they could.

And this is happening while they mistreat their children by putting them in foster families who do not share the same religion as them.

But the Malaysian authorities demand that they be put in Muslim families.

This is also a bad move.

The Malaysian authorities should not care what the Swedish do to the Melayu; it is not the duty of the Malaysian or Muslim family to look after the Muslim children as they can turn around and complain with the authorities against them, too.

In fact, the Melayu boy had already complained against the Swedish couple who were tasked to look after him, for which he was scolded.

Yet the Swedish authorities had not taken any action against the Swedish couple for scolding him. Why?

Is causing physical harm or slapping the hand of the hand of the boy can be seen as unlawful in Sweden, then surely, scolding him too, can be given the same treatment.

Whatever it is, the Swedes should know that they had neglected to look at all aspects before approving the laws that they have to protect children from physical abuse.

One they did not know that evidence or statements made by juveniles cannot hold in any court, and couples or anyone cannot be forced to confess.

Chances are whatever they had said can be described as words that had been uttered under duress.

And the fact that they were not allowed bail or be released from detention pending any charge against them proves that the Swedes just wanted them to suffer as much as they can, even in the end no charge can be leveled against them that can stand in any open court in the country itself.

Do the Swedes know about duress? Chances are they do not know what it means, and most probably, they did not care.

In the end the arrest of the Malaysian couple and also their children by the Swedish authorities will be no more than comedy of the highest order with the Swedes being laughed at by the international community, and never mind, the Muslim community.

Such laws that they have in Sweden can never be passed in other countries in Europe especially in Britain and America.

They are also unIslamic. Yet, the human rights groups in Malaysia and elsewhere do not dare charge the Swedes for having such laws which are against human rights.

If such laws exist in any Arab or Muslim country, the same human rights groups in Malaysia and elsewhere would be quick to condemn the country for having such laws which they charge to be barbaric.

They can now compare which laws are barbaric, Syariah Laws or Swedish laws?

Syariah Laws are far more superior compared to any law including those in Sweden in that they protect the sanctity of the family as a unit, whereas western and Swedish laws protect the sanctity of the individuals who can be used by their laws to split families who are involved in everyday family affairs, which in civilized Muslim countries do not amount to any legal transgression.

However, the irony is that despite their exertion, the Swedes have discovered that they are also failing the individual boy who suffers more than their parents, and for having dragged his other brothers and sister along.

This is how one Melayu-Muslim family who happens to live in Stockholm, Sweden are able to teach the Swedes something that they had not bothered to investigate before they created their strange laws which are now strangling around their necks.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

An Indian woman threw two of her daughters from a high-rise apartment building but both of them miraculously survived when they fell on top of cars more than ten storeys below.

Yet, the Malaysian authorities were smart enough not to punish her more than she had suffered by charging her for attempted murder.

It would have been the case if the two girls had died.

Sweden can live on their own, too far away from the rest of the world. They have industries that can support their country and society. But alas these industries are internationally-linked to the whims and fancies of the others many of whom are not like them, but who are Muslims.

This refers to the ugly episode involving a Melayu-Muslim couple in the country whose entire family have been subject to abuse and indignities of unimaginable sorts.

Malaysians have started to voice their shock or horror on the type of laws they have in Sweden, which many of them find to be unreasonable and ridiculous if not stupid.

But from the comments and reports that have been made available in the media, one can surmise by saying that those ‘kind-hearted’ Swedish had taken action purely to punish the Malaysian couple and all their children simply because they are Muslims.

And it is they who need to be studied and investigated on and not the couple who could be given better treatment as foreigners in the country and whose dignity must be respected. 

And the laws of the country are such that to do justice to one twelve-year-old boy, they have to punish the whole family.

This is the most ridiculous law that any country can have, where family matters are brought out to the open and everybody in the family can be subject to abuse and also religious persecution by being forced to consume non-halal food and be in the care of non-Muslims where normal religious practices cannot be observed. 

The Swedish did not care for their human rights but only that of the twelve-year-old boy who may also not be enjoying life in the care of strangers in the country who are not of the same religious faith as him.

Yet, the authorities could accept his charge being an underaged person, without doing much investigation to study the background on the case.

Yet, the so-called human rights groups are quiet. They think that the laws may be ridiculous but since they are Swedish, they cannot do much; they must also agree.

After all it is the Swedish that give the Nobel Prizes, which they may also want to be given some day.

But the whole truth is that everybody in the family has been subjected to ridicule and persecution, including the boy, who no one can say is better off now; the only thing that he can do is not to pray while in the custody of strangers, since there is no one who can teach him to do that, or to discipline him to do that.

Or, what if the family is not Muslims? Would the Swedish authorities have been equally harsh on them?

Or, what if a Swedish has been given similar treatment in Malaysia or in any other country?

Is the cure that the Swedish is giving to the problem or disease better than the disease itself?

One prefers the disease anytime than the cure, as there is no end to the sufferings of the family, who may take the case to the courts for arbitration since they have been denied a host of abuses and indignities.

If the Swedish think by having such laws that they think can help to protect the dignity of anyone including the child, then they must look at the laws again and see what indignities that these same laws are giving to those who are being incarcerated and denied their basic human rights, which also includes those guilty be sentenced to jail and in the process disown his own child.

Unfortunately, such laws are not applicable in Malaysia to Malaysians, since the Swedish court can force the parents to disown his son, but the courts in Malaysia may not agree with that, since they are not Swedish citizens but Malaysians and they are also Muslims who are subject to Syariah Laws in the country.

Sweden too cannot force Muslim couples to disown their child based on their laws even when the offence was committed while they are in Sweden.

Just for the same reason Sweden cannot force them to be disowned by Malaysia and have their Malaysian citizenship revoked for offenses committed in Sweden.

So how can Sweden enforce some parts of their law on this, which also says that if the parents want to gain legal custody of their son, they have to seek a court order in Sweden?

Malaysians do not need to seek such a legal review pertaining to family matters, just as the case when a Muslim has declared himself an apostate, yet, in Malaysia he is still Muslim and if he returns to the country and dies, he will be given a Muslim burial.

Ridiculous Swedish laws cannot be enforced in Malaysia

This is the case when the cure is worse than the disease.

The better option for foreigners who have been found to commit such ‘crimes’ is for them to be booted out of the country to return to their own country, if they did not know how to respect any Swedish law.

This is the wisest move that the Swedish lawmakers could do other than to punish everybody for as long as they wish just to do justice to one boy who is also suffering as a direct result of his own action and personal discretion in his house and in his class.

Malaysia has repealed the International Security Act or ISA which allows the detention without trial of people with many other countries and human rights groups have tried to get them to do for so many years.

Yet, the laws in Sweden which allows for similar actions even for petty matters, yet, no human rights group and country has been critical of it.

Swedish laws do not take into consideration the family structure of other societies where families are large, while in Sweden couples may only have a child that they can grow up with.

In Malaysia with so many children and influences coming from everywhere, each child in the same family have different traits and they can be taught discipline in different ways which Islam allows.

Sweden is a regulated and closed society; Malaysia is not. Malaysia is a freeier country compared to Sweden and the many other countries in the west.

If the Swedish lawmakers wanted the laws to be for themselves, than it is okay, but they should not be applicable to non-Swedish and foreigners living in the country cannot be subjected to the same laws; the only thing that they can do is to boot them out of the country and let them do whatever they want and can in their own, instead of torturing them by denying them the basic rights as human beings.  

Thursday, January 16, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Here are some interesting issues and questions and concerns that can be asked of the Shaw Brothers - Runme and Run Run Shaw and their Malay Film Productions studios in 8 Jalan Ampas, in Singapore, and what they had done post-MFP and in Hong Kong, compared to what they had done in Singapore earlier.

They may not have known what they might have done, but it is up to the present analysts to do some searching and analyzing in an academic way.

Could Singapore then have become what it was then and after they left? And could also Hong Kong then become what it was then and is today?

The two Shaw Brothers, Runme and Run Run Shaw chose to leave Singapore after amassing immense wealth from their film production activities to establish the Shaw Brothers Studios in Hong Kong and to turn Hong Kong into the most important Chinese cultural center in the region and the world.

He could have chosen to remain in Singapore and allowed Singapore to become the Cultural leader of the Chinese in the world and entrusting many Chinese talents to become better known film actors and directors, except that Singapore then had a policy of not encouraging the Chinese to speak in the dialect, and only Mandarin or English, while all the films Shaws’ produced in Hong Kong were in Cantonese which is the dialect of the majority in Hong Kong then.  

And after successfully promoting ‘muhibbah’ or unity of the people of all races in Tanah Melayu or Malaya, by producing Melayu films, Shaw Brothers chose to fashion themselves as the champion of the Chinese culture and race instead.

While the Melayu especially in Malaysia can be thankful to the Shaw Brothers for helping to establish the Old Melayu Cinema, yet, at the same time, some can feel a tinge of sadness that they had neglected the generation of Melayu artistes who did not benefit from them having closed down their studios and leaving Singapore to go to Hong Kong.

The Shaw Brothers are said to have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to charitable causes and disaster victims around the region, but the problems with the artistes who had served their studios in Jalan Ampas have still not been resolved.

The truth which no one had bothered to mention or highlight is the fact that these artistes and the entertainment writers in Malaysia had given new life to the old films for which the Shaw Brothers and their company had continued to benefit immensely from the royalties they could still get from the screening of their films on television in Malaysia.

When earlier, these films were frowned upon and were not prized.

Some of them suddenly became priceless gems, when P. Ramlee died, which helped to inflate the value of these film in the eyes of the Melayu.

If not for them, these films would not have been given the new life and they would be banished into the memories of the Melayu.

It was also fortunate for Shaw Brothers and their old Melayu films that the Malaysian Cinema that the government had tried to recreate in the early 1980s had failed.

So there is still a fascination of the old films.

The situation can be seen in the way many of the old films produced in Hong Kong today which have been forgotten despite them having become hits when they were first released in the country and also in Malaysia and Singapore starring Lin Dai and Li Li Hua and some others including Wang Wu, Bruce Lee and Alexander Fu Sheng from the later years.

The problem these films faced is that the cinema in Hong Kong continued to develop and not many people are interested to look back at their past achievements, compared to the Melayu in Malaysia who do not have a new generation of directors and actors who were able to create better films amongst themselves, so much so that they have to feel proud with the achievements of the past generation of filmmakers.

Maybe it is propaganda which had caused the old Melayu films to be given the respect and admiration they are still getting today.

And once if the New Malaysian Cinema is established and the film industry becomes active, then surely, the fate of the old Melayu films can horrifying to guess with them being sent to the archives or museums.  

Even today, many of the surviving Jalan Ampas artistes have not gained anything at all from the films that they had helped to create for the Shaw Brothers.

They do not enjoy getting royalties from the continued screening of the films on Malaysian television.

But nothing can be worse, when one looks at how the impact on the development of the Chinese or Hong Kong Cinema had on the Chinese in Malaysia.

And barely a few years after the collapse of the Old Melayu Cinema then based in Singapore, the 13 May, 1969 Incident happened.

Many young Chinese were drawn to the history of their race, with the continued production and screening of films that deal with it in the cinemas in Malaysia and also Singapore, so much so that the philosophy and attitude and social and cultural as well as political make-up of the Chinese in Malaysia were greatly affected.

The early kungfu films produced by the Shaw Brothers’ studios and the other studios in Hong Kong could very well be one of the reasons for the outbreak of the racial riots in 1969.

But it could also not be their fault, as Singapore was expelled from the Federation of Malaysia in 1963, and the continued existence of the Old Melayu Cinema in Singapore could be seen as an oddity.

It was asked to be relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where it later died.

But the impact of the creation and development of the New Hong Kong Cinema by the two Shaw Brothers can be said to be startling.

Hong Kong had a cinema before they established their studios, but the films they produced were not acceptable by the Chinese outside of the country, especially in Malaysia then.

The Shaw Brothers had a virtual monopoly of the cinemas since they owned the largest chain in Malaysia and Singapore, which ensured that only their films were shown and not those produced by the other studios especially those in Hong Kong.

It was only when they produced Chinese films in Hong Kong that these films were able to be distributed in Malaysia, which became an instant hit even amongst the Melayu.

The Chinese looked at the films differently than the Melayu; with the Chinese feeling proud of their ancestry and ancient history, but the Melayu saw it differently when they felt threatened by the images that were created and shown.

The films promoted Chinese pride and chauvinism amongst the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore, a feeling that they had not experienced before, when they thought their lot was in Tanah Melayu living comfortably with the Melayu, without any one of them feeling threatened.

But their feelings and emotions were soon disturbed by the incessant showing of images of ancient China and what they could mean to them, especially the younger generation of Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore who never knew the hardship that their ancestors had to face which forced them to leave South China to come in droves to Tanah Melayu and the other countries in Nanyang or South Seas Lands or Nusantara Melayu or Southeast Asia.

* * * * * * *

Runme Shaw died in 1989, his younger brother, Run Run Shaw, died few days ago in Hong Kong at the age of 107.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong paid a tribute to him by saying how his country would always remember him.

One does not know exactly what he had meant by saying that.

Runme and Run Run Shaw established the Malay Film Productions studios (MFP) on 8 Jalan Ampas in Singapore in 1933 and created the Old Malayan Cinema.

Their friendly rival, Cathay-Keris Studios on East Coast Road also had similar setups, with their studios there and a chain of cinemas where Shaw’s had theirs with some independent film companies established by the Melayu producers and businessmen.

Both these studios churned out Melayu films until they closed down when Singapore was expelled from the Federation of Malaysia in 1963, with them operating for just a while before they closed down permanently.

The Melayu film industry then moved to Hulu Kelang in Selangor with the establishment of the Merdeka Film Studios in Hulu Kelang outside of Kuala Lumpur, while Cathay-Keris experienced its demise.

Both the Shaw Brothers and Cathay moved their base to Hong Kong, with Shaw’s opening their studios at Clearance Bay and later setting up the TVB television station, while producing Chinese films in Cantonese for the Chinese market in Hong Kong and the other countries where they were many Chinese especially in Malaysia and Singapore.

Merdeka Studios did not manage to produce interesting films, and soon it also faced hard times with dwindling support from the Melayu viewers, with their film stars and directors who had come from Singapore not taking with them the eagerness that they had shown while at Jalan Ampas.

Hindustani and American films started to be imported into the country that took away the attention of the Melayu viewers.

The last film the studios produced as ‘Laksamana Do Re Me…’ which was a faint reflection of the type of films Jalan Ampas was producing.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

There is an academy in Malaysia which is might proud to show to everybody how some of their graduates had landed jobs with film companies in America.

But alas, there are just a handful of them. They did not say what the other graduates of the academy are doing.

A few graduates who had worked on some films produced in America cannot make the academy exceptional.

I am sure there are other similar academies elsewhere in the world which have also produced graduates that had served the cause of the American film industry, but they may not hit the gong to tell everybody about it.

And least of all when all of them are nothing but cheap labor serving those companies; worse, they can also be seen to be modern day slaves, who are willing to get jobs which are too expensive for the Americans to do.

Yes, the graduates are all Chinese-Malaysians and they can also be described as CHINESE COOLIES, much like their brethren who had come from China in the old days to mind gold and to do other medial jobs in America.

Many of their descendants are still in the country mostly living in the Chinatowns, a place which can also be described as an internment center, much like the camps that were constructed by the Americans during the Second World War, to place the Chinese and also Japanese so that they could feel more at home so that they are not targeted and charged for being collaborators fighting against American White interests.

The truth is that the academy is only good at creating graduates who are only proud to serve the others and not themselves.

They can never find employment where they can call the shots, being at the top, to allow them to create their own characters and also stories.

This is the email I wrote to the academy just to let them know what they have been doing and been trying to do.

* * * * * * *

I have been watching and studying the full-page advertisements your academy puts out regularly, and I find something which is strange.

You seem to be very happy and proud to tell everybody in Malaysia that your academy is serving the cause of the American film studios allowing them to get cheap labor from amongst your graduates, so that the film studios in America or Hollywood can save a lot of money.

This slave mentality is what's probably your academy is instilling in the minds of its students and graduates, all of whom can never be proud to have done anything substantial on their own, using stories of their own race and those of the others in the country, so Americans can in time follow suit.

I studied film directing at a more prestigious university in America, and I know how tough it is to be able to break into Hollywood if you do not allow yourself to be a slave to the Hollywood system.

It would be a lot easier if I were to churn out films or screenplays that help in their cause and not that of my own.

Please study what you advertisements have been telling people like me.

I also have a degree in advertising.

Your advertisements should be to highlight the cheap labor that your academy produces who are willing to serve American film studios' interests and no more. This is how I see it.

Where are the top directors and screenwriters that your academy has produced for Hollywood?

* * * * * * *

If this academy is so good and that it can produce graduates who could find employment working in American films, then surely there would be many young Americans who would to join the academy so that they can also save a lot of money studying in Malaysia than in America, where everything is so very expensive.

But this has not happened.

Yet, there is another university which also likes not to say where their graduates had gone to but from where the students had come from, all over the world, it seems, so much so that it has the most foreign student ratio in any university in the country.

The public or state universities in Malaysia have a policy of allowing only a small percentage of students from abroad, with the exception of the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIAM) in Gombak which has a high foreign student ratio compared to the other public universities.

But the private ones do not have such a policy so they can get as many foreign students they want.

Yet, none of the foreign students who had graduated can be said to be holding strategic roles in the development of their own countries.

If this has happened, and if one of them had become a minister or prime minister, this university would highlight it.

In fact, this university not only churns degrees but also honorary degrees as well. So any interesting foreign dignitary who visits the country would be given a honorary doctorate degree.

The idea is for this university to get as much publicity mileage from it. They do not have a senate whose members can decide if such and such a person is qualified to be given a honorary doctorate or not.

The public universities, however, are too happy to give their honorary doctorates to retired civil servants and cabinet members and sometimes other individuals.

So in the end, the universities in Malaysia can be said to be the universities that give the most number of honorary doctorates in the world.

And not enough with that, there are some of the universities which also offer honorary master’s degrees to some people who they think are deserving, especially those with no formal academic backgrounds, so much so that they thought they had been given a honorary doctorate degree and start to call themselves ‘Doctor’ so and so…

Sunday, January 5, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Chriss Angel showed how he survived being in a building in Las Vegas which was going to be demolished.

It would be very interesting if it had actually happened. Unfortunately, it did not and he was never in any harm of being crushed by the building or was anywhere near it.

There was also no neutral or third party verification on this trick or the others that he has shown on his program before.  

No telemagician had done this before. They will not dare do it.

So the viewers are told to believe what they see and not to question how the tricks are done with his handlers all pretending to be alarmed by his audacity.

This is not fair.

It only proved how vulnerably the people who comprised mostly or entirely of Americans could be, for believing in the trick or cheat or scam, which ever it could be, or all of it.

I saw a program on the life of Chriss Angel of Mindfreak and he showed a segment or trick where he appeared on the balcony of a tall building in Las Vegas which was going to be demolished.

It was done live on television. Very impressive. Very daring and foolish one might say for someone who was confident enough to tempt fate this way.

But it was all an unnecessary suspense and interesting thrill once if you can see the trick unfolding before you, which unfortunately the creators of the program and the trickster, Chriss had not managed to notice.   

And it shows a segment when he is seen trying to run away from the building running along corridors and on the staircases.

And luckily for him, he survived the crash, with the building being completely demolished much to the relief of everybody who was watching the whole event.

The thousands of people who came to see the trick and may be there just to see how the building is being reduced to ashes but not necessarily to see him perform his act to a ready-made crowd.

But Chriss survived. How did he survive?

He was never in the building when the explosives demolished the building to ashes.

Yes, he was shown running inside the building to safety. But this was all pre-recorded. How was this done?

How can he be seen or be shown running away inside the building when the electric supply to the building has been disconnected, and the corridors and staircases where he was shown to be running in were all lit?

There was another trick I managed to watch in the same program which shows him being engulfed in a fire.

His mother was ecstatic, pleading him to stop and let his staff dowse him, which he finally did when he fell forward into an opening in the ground and disappearing inside of it.

She should know by now how to pretend to be alarmed and worried or scared. It’s as if she did not want to know that what her son has been doing had ever threatened his life. It never has. And it will never be, because everything that he does is a careful setup to look real when they are all fake.

Few helpers appeared wearing black, and one of them turned out to be him – Chriss.

How can this be, when he was shown to be the person who was engulfed in flames earlier?

The answer is that he had used a body double, a person who looked like him, and this can be securely done when parts of the person’s face was hidden in a hood, or the segments were recorded at different times to allow him to change clothes.

With video editing using simple special effects, one can see someone at different places in the same shots, too. Or the face of another person can be superimposed with the face of another person with the few clicks of a few buttons.

Camera tricks, doubles and pre-recorded videos are the three mostly used tricks in the telemagic trade.

Only a fool would believe what they see before him.

Houdini was more convincing because he did not have the advantage of using modern video camera and editing technology which many can take for granted these days and be able to create more creative magic tricks or illusions.

I was not amazed. I did not feel cheated. I knew he had to earn a living but it should be at my expense. He can do that at the expense of the others, including the magic experts or his associates and supporters who had to pretend to be marveled by the way Chriss would go to better himself.

He was said to have noticed a building that was due to be demolished and he said to his friends how he wanted to be in the building when that happened, to show how he could escape it before it crashes on him.

If his friends did not know how this can be done, then surely, they are also party to the cheating that the program does all the time.

I hate it when Chriss makes a bicycle disappear.

And how he accosts a Black couple with their two sons as they were strolling along a narrow path in a park.

He got a large piece of table cloth which seemed to appear from nowhere and used it as a prop to cover the bicycle with.

The then removes the cloth and the bicycle is missing. This made the Black couple ecstatic. They had to be ecstatic because they were paid to do that.

The bicycle was removed and the camera was cut to another shot now with the Chriss holding the cloth without the bicycle inside of it.

He then removes the cloth and the bicycle is gone. It was gone not by magic, but by camera trick.

I can do the same trick if I want to, just like everybody who has a camcorder and a bicycle and also a large table cloth, and a couple who are willing to play along.

I feel sorry for everybody involved in the production of Mindfreak and all the other telemagic shows that are shown on television in America and also elsewhere.

They are not magic tricks; they are just magic cheats.

Aw, come on Chriss, try something more unusual and original the next time the tricks that won’t be exposed by another person or used by another telemagician.

Were they copyrighted in the first place?

Or did the telemagicians have the same teachers?