Sunday, January 26, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

From the way I look at it, it is the Swedish laws which are taking a spanking with their lawmakers having their faces colored red; they had not bothered to look at the laws they wanted to introduce from all angles and how they cannot be fully enforced.

This is probably the first time that the Swedes are using such laws against children and they are confused as to how they could use them properly.

They are lucky that the people involved are Malaysians and not Indians, who would almost surely react by many means like how they had shown their displeasure with the mistreatment of one of their staff in the United Nations mission who was detained by the authorities in America.

Malaysians do not do such things.

But the Swedes have become a laughing stock of the world. And this is what many Malaysians want the whole world to see them as, the more they take their time to resolve the matter. 

The laws they had introduced and approved by their parliament purportedly to protect children from parental abuse, have backfired.

They had never been tested before, now they are put under intense scrutiny.

And thanks to a mere twelve-year-old Melayu-Muslim boy from Malaysia.

However, no human rights activist or group has dared to confront the Swedes on this matter.

They seem to think just because such abuses of power are made by the Europeans or westerners, they think it is okay and that the move to be democratic and also civilized.

They are not.

What the Swedes do not know is that they are not alone; there are people from outside of the country who come there to live and work and they did not grow up being Swedes or want to be so.

They are just posted there for a short period of time, and when their stint is over, they leave the country, some with fond memories and the others with bad ones that they can easily use to publish a book on.

If the Europeans and westerners can have similar experiences living in some Muslim countries and earn much by writing books on their experiences living in these countries, then surely, anyone who has faced hardship and anxieties living in Sweden too can do the same.

Alas, it is New Literature that the world must be told about, one which deals with problems Muslims face living in the so-called civilized western non-Muslim world.

Hopefully, one by one films and also documentaries on them can be produced to show how uncivilized these western countries are; the countries that had rejected Christianity, since they did not dare to declare it in their constitution that they are a Christian country but a secular one.

‘Out of Sweden’ can be a good title for a new novel or book on the experiences of the Melayu family now being incarcerated in Sweden courtesy of their strange and ridiculous laws.

And the fact that the couple has not been charged since they were arrested since 18 December last year, proves that the authorities in Sweden know that they do not have any grounds to charge them in an open court.

So they ended up holding them in remand for as long as they could.

And this is happening while they mistreat their children by putting them in foster families who do not share the same religion as them.

But the Malaysian authorities demand that they be put in Muslim families.

This is also a bad move.

The Malaysian authorities should not care what the Swedish do to the Melayu; it is not the duty of the Malaysian or Muslim family to look after the Muslim children as they can turn around and complain with the authorities against them, too.

In fact, the Melayu boy had already complained against the Swedish couple who were tasked to look after him, for which he was scolded.

Yet the Swedish authorities had not taken any action against the Swedish couple for scolding him. Why?

Is causing physical harm or slapping the hand of the hand of the boy can be seen as unlawful in Sweden, then surely, scolding him too, can be given the same treatment.

Whatever it is, the Swedes should know that they had neglected to look at all aspects before approving the laws that they have to protect children from physical abuse.

One they did not know that evidence or statements made by juveniles cannot hold in any court, and couples or anyone cannot be forced to confess.

Chances are whatever they had said can be described as words that had been uttered under duress.

And the fact that they were not allowed bail or be released from detention pending any charge against them proves that the Swedes just wanted them to suffer as much as they can, even in the end no charge can be leveled against them that can stand in any open court in the country itself.

Do the Swedes know about duress? Chances are they do not know what it means, and most probably, they did not care.

In the end the arrest of the Malaysian couple and also their children by the Swedish authorities will be no more than comedy of the highest order with the Swedes being laughed at by the international community, and never mind, the Muslim community.

Such laws that they have in Sweden can never be passed in other countries in Europe especially in Britain and America.

They are also unIslamic. Yet, the human rights groups in Malaysia and elsewhere do not dare charge the Swedes for having such laws which are against human rights.

If such laws exist in any Arab or Muslim country, the same human rights groups in Malaysia and elsewhere would be quick to condemn the country for having such laws which they charge to be barbaric.

They can now compare which laws are barbaric, Syariah Laws or Swedish laws?

Syariah Laws are far more superior compared to any law including those in Sweden in that they protect the sanctity of the family as a unit, whereas western and Swedish laws protect the sanctity of the individuals who can be used by their laws to split families who are involved in everyday family affairs, which in civilized Muslim countries do not amount to any legal transgression.

However, the irony is that despite their exertion, the Swedes have discovered that they are also failing the individual boy who suffers more than their parents, and for having dragged his other brothers and sister along.

This is how one Melayu-Muslim family who happens to live in Stockholm, Sweden are able to teach the Swedes something that they had not bothered to investigate before they created their strange laws which are now strangling around their necks.  

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