Thursday, January 30, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

The world cannot depend on the World Economic Forum (WEF) for anything. It is just a retreat for some leaders in the west to become standup comics where they say some of the stupidest things one can hear.

Yet, this is the most celebrated retreat in the world. But what are they trying to pull?

For sure, they have taken everybody on a long and useless ride. They are over-rated. They have not achieved anything or are of any use to anyone.

Tell us one good thing that has come out of the forums?

This is perhaps the first time the WEF is being looked at it in this way, a critical analysis of what they had done and achieved, or what they had not bothered to do and are not capable of achieving.

They have the leaders of the world in their hands, but they are not asking them to do much other than to talk and talk and crack jokes with each other…

The organizers of the WEF therefore, need a spanking, so they can start to look at themselves a bit and hopefully be able to make the next WEF a better international forum that invites not the trouble-makers but those who can put things right in the world.

How much has the WEF in Davos, Switzerland done to ‘improve the state of the world’ since they were first established?

Did they care to study what they had done to the world while trying to improve it?

The world is worse off today than it was before the WEF was first established, yet, the organizers are aloof to this fact.

The truth is that the WEF has also managed to maintain the status quo of the developed countries and those in the west, but the other countries in Africa, South America and most of Asia continue to remain stagnant.

Worse, many Arab and Muslim countries are destroyed since they have been around.

Yet, the organizers did not bother to ask themselves what they might have done to cause this if this was what they had originally wanted to achieve which is to improve the state of the world, which means the western world and not the rest of the world which has been left in the dark.

In fact, not many leaders from outside of the west have been invited to speak in the WEF; only those from the west seem to be given prominence.

There has not been one new economic plan that has been discussed or promoted by the WEF for the developed countries to pursue in order to help the undeveloped ones to start to experience some sort of development.

One can therefore say the WEF in Davos is nothing but a weekend retreat for some leaders in Europe and the west, who appear as standup comics who are there to entertain themselves and those around them.

And when they return to their respective countries, they forget what they had said or done in Davos over the last weekend.

Why did they bother to come to Davos then? And why did the organizers bother to organize the WEF then, if they have not achieved even a fraction of what they say they would like to do which is to improve the state of the world?

Maybe they had achieved that since the ‘world’ they may be referring to is the western world and not the rest of the world the poorest countries in the world, which they wanted to be kept in the same situation for as long as they can.

Therefore I find that it is a pity if not laughable that the organizers of the WEF are brave enough to use the slogan, ‘Committed to improving the state of the world’ for their forum each year.

They should know better which slogan to use, but they chose this one and stuck with it.

Yet, since they were established, the WEF has not seen any real positive change to the world.

Many countries have been destroyed by the same countries in the west, which are still bent on destroying more of the other countries which are most certainly Arab and Muslim ones.

Yet, WEF does not dare to deal with such issues.

In the end WEF only gets leaders of countries in the west who are there for pure entertainment.

It is strange how some of the Arab and Muslim leaders would also go to Davos, even when they know they are not able to achieve much or anything there.

It is also pitiful how the Arab and other Muslim leaders would want to flock to Davos every late January to crack jokes with each other and sometimes try to get cheap publicity for themselves.

There was no need for them to be there at all, and if they want to develop their respective countries, they can do so on a bilateral basis amongst the few countries they can relate to and benefit from each other’s company and support, those countries which are in the same region as theirs, or which profess the same religion as them.

WEF is for the leaders in the west, who have caused many Arab countries to be destroyed, either directly or indirectly through the support their countries have given to the one or two countries in the world that have more reasons to see those Arab and Muslim countries leaders.

WEF was supposed to deal with the economics, yet, they are not offering any economic model that can be used by any country, so that in the end more and more poor countries can benefit from their advice and proposals.

But which developed country in the world cares for the well-being and development of the poor countries in Africa, Asia and South America anyway?

They only want their markets to dump their goods, but not to help the respective countries develop and creating their pool of talent.

WEF, therefore cannot lay claim to be have done any country any good since it was first established till today.

The discourses and even debates are too amateurish. Worse, they are irrelevant.

The organizers of the WEF should stop pretending that they are good for the world and that they can cause the world to be better.

They can never do that because they are dominated by the developed countries who do not wish to see the poor countries develop and be at par with them.

And what the world leaders who attend the WEF are just talking nonsense.

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