Wednesday, January 22, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

An Indian woman threw two of her daughters from a high-rise apartment building but both of them miraculously survived when they fell on top of cars more than ten storeys below.

Yet, the Malaysian authorities were smart enough not to punish her more than she had suffered by charging her for attempted murder.

It would have been the case if the two girls had died.

Sweden can live on their own, too far away from the rest of the world. They have industries that can support their country and society. But alas these industries are internationally-linked to the whims and fancies of the others many of whom are not like them, but who are Muslims.

This refers to the ugly episode involving a Melayu-Muslim couple in the country whose entire family have been subject to abuse and indignities of unimaginable sorts.

Malaysians have started to voice their shock or horror on the type of laws they have in Sweden, which many of them find to be unreasonable and ridiculous if not stupid.

But from the comments and reports that have been made available in the media, one can surmise by saying that those ‘kind-hearted’ Swedish had taken action purely to punish the Malaysian couple and all their children simply because they are Muslims.

And it is they who need to be studied and investigated on and not the couple who could be given better treatment as foreigners in the country and whose dignity must be respected. 

And the laws of the country are such that to do justice to one twelve-year-old boy, they have to punish the whole family.

This is the most ridiculous law that any country can have, where family matters are brought out to the open and everybody in the family can be subject to abuse and also religious persecution by being forced to consume non-halal food and be in the care of non-Muslims where normal religious practices cannot be observed. 

The Swedish did not care for their human rights but only that of the twelve-year-old boy who may also not be enjoying life in the care of strangers in the country who are not of the same religious faith as him.

Yet, the authorities could accept his charge being an underaged person, without doing much investigation to study the background on the case.

Yet, the so-called human rights groups are quiet. They think that the laws may be ridiculous but since they are Swedish, they cannot do much; they must also agree.

After all it is the Swedish that give the Nobel Prizes, which they may also want to be given some day.

But the whole truth is that everybody in the family has been subjected to ridicule and persecution, including the boy, who no one can say is better off now; the only thing that he can do is not to pray while in the custody of strangers, since there is no one who can teach him to do that, or to discipline him to do that.

Or, what if the family is not Muslims? Would the Swedish authorities have been equally harsh on them?

Or, what if a Swedish has been given similar treatment in Malaysia or in any other country?

Is the cure that the Swedish is giving to the problem or disease better than the disease itself?

One prefers the disease anytime than the cure, as there is no end to the sufferings of the family, who may take the case to the courts for arbitration since they have been denied a host of abuses and indignities.

If the Swedish think by having such laws that they think can help to protect the dignity of anyone including the child, then they must look at the laws again and see what indignities that these same laws are giving to those who are being incarcerated and denied their basic human rights, which also includes those guilty be sentenced to jail and in the process disown his own child.

Unfortunately, such laws are not applicable in Malaysia to Malaysians, since the Swedish court can force the parents to disown his son, but the courts in Malaysia may not agree with that, since they are not Swedish citizens but Malaysians and they are also Muslims who are subject to Syariah Laws in the country.

Sweden too cannot force Muslim couples to disown their child based on their laws even when the offence was committed while they are in Sweden.

Just for the same reason Sweden cannot force them to be disowned by Malaysia and have their Malaysian citizenship revoked for offenses committed in Sweden.

So how can Sweden enforce some parts of their law on this, which also says that if the parents want to gain legal custody of their son, they have to seek a court order in Sweden?

Malaysians do not need to seek such a legal review pertaining to family matters, just as the case when a Muslim has declared himself an apostate, yet, in Malaysia he is still Muslim and if he returns to the country and dies, he will be given a Muslim burial.

Ridiculous Swedish laws cannot be enforced in Malaysia

This is the case when the cure is worse than the disease.

The better option for foreigners who have been found to commit such ‘crimes’ is for them to be booted out of the country to return to their own country, if they did not know how to respect any Swedish law.

This is the wisest move that the Swedish lawmakers could do other than to punish everybody for as long as they wish just to do justice to one boy who is also suffering as a direct result of his own action and personal discretion in his house and in his class.

Malaysia has repealed the International Security Act or ISA which allows the detention without trial of people with many other countries and human rights groups have tried to get them to do for so many years.

Yet, the laws in Sweden which allows for similar actions even for petty matters, yet, no human rights group and country has been critical of it.

Swedish laws do not take into consideration the family structure of other societies where families are large, while in Sweden couples may only have a child that they can grow up with.

In Malaysia with so many children and influences coming from everywhere, each child in the same family have different traits and they can be taught discipline in different ways which Islam allows.

Sweden is a regulated and closed society; Malaysia is not. Malaysia is a freeier country compared to Sweden and the many other countries in the west.

If the Swedish lawmakers wanted the laws to be for themselves, than it is okay, but they should not be applicable to non-Swedish and foreigners living in the country cannot be subjected to the same laws; the only thing that they can do is to boot them out of the country and let them do whatever they want and can in their own, instead of torturing them by denying them the basic rights as human beings.  

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