Saturday, June 23, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

(Note: This article or analysis can also be titled, ‘How to get America to come down on its knees, taking the Zionists with them.)

These are the things and activities which bring America to the whole world. It is omnipresent especially in Malaysia and the other countries and societies which are confusing because they are not based on their own peculiarities but those of the others that many members of their communities aspire to acquire and copy wholesomely and wholeheartedly.

So in many ways, Malaysia is a fake America that they do not realize.

Whose fault was it to allow the country to come this way? And it did not happen overnight. Some ways were used to achieve this.

We have all been taught all along that America was good at leading the world. For a while they were right. They were good.

But not long later, they started to take things for granted, so we need to reconsider their position and influence in our lives so we can be in full control of our own destiny which is not the same as theirs is or was.

America exists only to protect the interests of the Zionists, while we have other ideas and views on everything.

Our paths which were fused for a long time with those of America’s are not divergent. We can take our own paths to our own salvation, while they can go on trekking into oblivion together with their staunch allies in the Middle East.

It is not difficult for the Muslim and Melayu to chart such a cause and course, however coarse it may be.

How? We can use the same methods used by America to force us to embrace Americanism and Westernism to reverse this trend.

The will of the majority in the world is the real will of the planet. The will of the tiny minority is the will of the evil.

The majority should not live under the tyranny of the majority whose only claim to authority is their ownership of their vast nuclear arsenal, for without which they are as good as any other country in their dealing with each other.

In other words, if the Muslim world wants to get rid of American presence, it has to get rid of their Hollywood films, American television, American music, American fastfoods…

This will require for the Muslim world to replace them with their own types of films, television programs, music, fastfoods…

If this can be done, and it must be done, surely, in no time, America’s influence and presence in the Muslim world and throughout the world at large will be largely gone.

This is how America is influential; it has these economic activities which are also fronts for their social and political activities.

Do the Muslim and Melayu leaders realize this? No way.

They have all been looking elsewhere. No wonder, they have been lulled into thinking by paying patronage to Washington DC, they can be in the good books. In other words, they aspire to be Washington’s lackeys.

They would do anything to be lackeys instead of their own men and women.

But the movement towards replacing systems introduced by America has started; first by the introduction of the ‘halal’ industry. Second, by the introduction of the ‘Islamic Banking’.

The final blow will be by introducing the ‘New Islamic Cinema’.

If this can happen soon, America’s influence and presence in the Muslim and Melayu Worlds will suffer immensely.

The Third World can then rise to become more dominant and prominent, when shifts occur and our attention is moved from London, Paris and New York, to Kuala Lumpur, Teheran, Tripoli, Jakarta and Kaherah.

The world will then spin in another orbit, heading towards the creation of the Islamic Planet.

And Hollywood start and superstars will come begging to get jobs working in films for the Muslim World so they too could try and win the Nur Islam Award, when their Oscars have become irrelevant to the world cinema.