Friday, June 15, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

All the problems faced by Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) are self-inflicted. They are not blameless if such problems persist.

Even if they are told and they want to solve their problems, they still cannot do it as those who can be entrusted to do this task are also the ones who had created those problems. So the problem-solvers are also the problem-creators.

The only solution that some of them can do is for them to leave the party for good, unless if they do not know where else they can go to, so they need to hog on to the traffic to see what else they can benefit.

The best alternative for them to do these days is perhaps to go to the other side, to see what their former selves, being in Umno or BN could bring them.

Those on the other side, will welcome them with open arms as most of them were also originally from Umno and BN themselves.

So most of the opposition are basically former Umno and BN diehards.

This is what politics in Malaysia has become, when the opposition today is basically Umno and BN dropouts, rejects and ingrates and other misfits; they who do not believe in democracy, who continue to harbor hopes of being turned in so they could assume posts which they had tried to imagine taking while in Umno and BN, but did not get them because their party did not trust them that much.

Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) is just an offshoot of UMNO and BN component parties whose early leaders did not seem to have it enough, and who think they can destroy the parties that had given them much.

These are the ingrates, those who had stayed on for too long, yet they are still young to disappear. They know they cannot do much in their post-Umno and Post-BN eras, but the very least they can be annoying.

And this is what Anwar too is doing, and nothing more.

And if he and his friends are lucky, they think they can forge a surge in the anti-Umno and anti-BN sentiments to allow them to win some more seats to allow them to rule the country.

It is a fantasy which they harp on as they are no other fantasies that they could entertain.

Umno and BN are to be blamed for the problems they are facing now which are all self-inflicted by those whom they disdained, but who reappeared in a totally different form to become their most ardent critics and enemies.

PKR and the Pakatan Rakyat (Pakatan) are not the opposition in Malaysia; they are just the opposition for a few in Umno and BN.

Umno and BN can therefore outwit and outdo those whom they had expelled from their parties so easily being old goats and who are grazing on grass that had been denuded. They who have nothing new to add to the political scene in the country but who can only be a nuisance of themselves, now that they are retired and who can keep afloat from the pensions they are getting as ministers, members of parliament and perhaps shares in some companies.

They are basically society people who dabble in politics since they are not specialized in any field, so no wonder they often speak in general terms, and not specific.

They are orators, but what they could spout from their mouths are oftentimes idiotic and the more vitriolic they think they are smart.

They are not.

But all these tricks of the political trade were all acquired when they were in Umno and BN themselves.

The Umno and BN think-tanks are hollow. They must also accept most of the blame for not alarming the senior leaders of the parties on the cracks that had started to appear in their organizations which were often seen to be dominated and controlled by their respective presidents when they are not anymore, as the grassroots can now cause cracks from under their feet.

Umno and BN must get rid of their think-tankers and old goats themselves in order to save their parties.

But this may be very difficult to achieve as these old goats know where they can graze grass on – The Pakatan Turf which welcomes more ingrates like their present leaders.

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