Sunday, February 27, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The Zionist elders know Zionism has not caused them to get their goal, which no one knows what, for theirs is a lost cause and a goal which can never be achieved.

They can only control and dominate America, because America and the other Americans are easy meat.

Haven’t they already got what they had wanted – to dominate and control America and all the establishments and systems in the country?

It is very easy for them to do that, which they could do in a very short period of time.

But it is not easy for them to control Palestine; the Palestinians and Arabs who are made of sterner stuff compared to the Americans, as they found out.

Zionism and the Zionist elders have only brought untold misery to the World Jewry and to Judaism whose values have been trampled upon, much to the chagrin of the more pious Learned Rabbis.

They cannot go on to talk about how they had freed Palestinian land, as the situation is still fluid. It is just a temporary situation which can change drastically.

If there is divine intervention, the whole of the Zionist state could perish in a natural or even unnatural disaster, which no one can predict like what it will be.

Maybe Iran president Ahmadenijad has a rough idea, but he is not telling. As a former mathematic professor who still teaches on the side, he is still calculating his next move and wondering what the Higher Being will want to do next.

The Zionist elders are not the more superior group of Rabbis and they cannot pass edicts which are not already those that are enshrined in their Torah and other books of old.

The more they try to, the more they falter as they continue to grab land from the Palestinians inch by inch and killing them as they go along in their rampage which has taken place for more than six decades.

These are the six decades of the decadent of Zionism and a small group of confused Zionists who still want to call themselves Jews even when they do not behave like them.

The Zionist regime has caused untold damage and misery to the Israelis and Jews there and elsewhere, without them knowing it. So it’s time they are given the boot so all the Jews can live in peaceful coexistence with the others in the Middle East and the rest of the world in a situation, pre-October, 1967.

The ouster of the Zionist regime can also cause America to tread along its prepared path as envisioned by its founding fathers to become the beacon of democracy in the world, and not just a mere protector of the Zionist regime.

America’s ideals and aspirations and greatness have all been hijacked by the haste its earlier political, military, business and academic leadership had surrendered their souls to protect a regime which did not have any real purpose to exist in the first place.

The Jews must now do the impossible like the many brave Arabs who have already done the impossible.

The Jews must care for their well-being and future and not those of the Zionist elders and Zionism which have all proven to be false gods with their prophesies.

Come back to the true path all the Children of Israel and embrace universalism and take heed of the wise words of the Sacred Books and enjoin the others who are ‘People of the Book’ for it can only lead them to their ultimate salvation.

They had caused Hosni Mubarak to pack up his bags from the presidential palace in Heliopolis in Kaherah to go to Shams el-Sheikh. It is a resort city by the Red Sea, but he and his family are certainly not there to enjoy the sun and beach.

Hosni is there to spend the last years of his life in solitude.

Other brave Arabs are still trying to do what the Mesri had done to Hosni; they want to get rid of Muamar Ghadaffy, and are succeeding but  not as much as they had wanted. They are getting there slowly but surely, as do their brethren in Bahrain and also Yemen would.

Tunisia is history with the ouster of Ben Ali and his regime.

But where are the brave Jews and Israelis?

Getting of the repressive regimes in these Arab countries was more difficult than ousting the Zionist regime.

Why are they not on the streets calling for the ouster of the ruthless and brutal Zionist regime?

They have not done the Jews any good.

They had only spent a fleeting moment of more than six decades making a fool of themselves, while at the same time giving the Jews a bad name and reputation.

The Zionist regime is as good as Ariel Sharon – a vegetable.

They had misinterpreted the Holy Taurah (or Torah). Where does it say it that the Arabs and Palestinians must be evicted from their ancestral land that they had kept since Biblical times?

And where in the other Holy Books do they repeat it?

Where did the mentality of the Zionist leaders come from? Their views on anything are never supported by the Learned Rabbis of the old school who disapprove of all their actions and who do not believe in the creation of the Zionist state.

Check with those Rabbis in the Naturei Karta organization in America or their website:

And I was also told of the many Jews from Morocco who had decided to return to Israel, but after a while, a few of them decided to leave the country to return to Morocco where they thought they were given a better deal living in an Arab country.

The Morocco Jews could see for themselves how they were treated when living in an Arab country and how the Arabs suffer on a daily basis living in a self-confessed Jewish one, when it is a Zionist one.

It is indeed strange how such an activity of the Jews from Morocco returning to Israel and back to Morocco has not been made.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


By Mansor Puteh        

It’s not such a stunning revelation to say that most of the Jews and Christians of Biblical times had reverted to Islam following in the path of Prophet Muhammad, s.a.w.

After all, there were no Muslims before Muhammad, s.a.w. received divine revelation from God so those who chose to follow his path had to be those who were either Jews, Christians or Pagans and the Agnostics.

So no wonder, the Jewish and Christian population in the Middle East today has shrunk.

Although the Jews did not drown in the Dead Sea in ancient times, being saved by Moses (or Musa) by God’s grace, but they literarily drowned in the west in fairly recent times since the 1960s, and mostly because they were being misled by the Zionist elders and Zionism and being persecuted by the Communists in East Europe.

So, if the Jews of recent times were persecuted, it was not done by the Muslims or Christians but by Communist regimes and Adolf Hitler, who by all accounts is not – I repeat, NOT an enemy of Islam or the Arab for he had not killed, maimed or hurt the feelings of any Arab.

On the contrary, Hitler could even be said to try and save the Arabs and Palestinians from future Zionists.

In other words, Hitler can be a hero of the Arabs, the Palestinians and also of all Muslims whom he had tried to save from the Zionists as what is happening today.

Unfortunately, the revisionists have not come to this high level of discourse in history yet.

But one day that can happen, so there are streets in all major cities in the Arab and Muslim Worlds named after Hitler.

Libya strongman and dictator, Muamar Ghadaffy once remarked how Hitler was chastised simply because he lost. If Hitler had won, he would be hailed as a hero everywhere today and history of Nazi Germany and the world are all written by the winners and not losers – he added.

Unfortunately, and ironically, those who continue to chastised Hitler and Nazi Germany are some Jewish filmmaker in Hollywood notably Steven Spielberg and some other lesser ones when Hollywood got stuck with the collapse of the Soviet Union so they did not have characters to profile as the antagonists or crooks.

The Christians that we have today are mostly the Pseudo-Christians who are in the west and other countries where the religion became fused with local tribal and pagan beliefs, with so many sects created which have their own versions of their holy book.

The original Holy Injil has been lost to mankind as did the Holy Taurah.

The end result being in the rejection of the Church itself as can be seen in the many old church buildings being left to decay after the flock thought they could find their own ways to their eternal salvation, with many being converted to masjid, hotels or restaurants and even discotheques.

I remember watching on television how one of the oldest cathedrals in Manhattan, New York City was turned into a discotheque.

Those Christians in the city whose views were sought said ‘buildings did not have a memory’, so they did not disapprove of the conversion of the building were their parents and grandparents had gone to pray regularly at, where they now go to be entertained instead.

This was not too long after I first got to the city to enroll at Columbia University there.

The first people I met were Jews from the country.

I was probably the first Muslim from Malaysia whom they had met. But we did not consider about our backgrounds and took the encounters as something interesting.

Jews and Muslims are drawn to each other, as I also found out from my other friends from Malaysia who had also gone to America to study where they, too, met and got to know better other students who are Jews.

I am sure most of the Jews are second or third generation Jews whose grandparents had fled from some countries in Europe or Russia to come to America.

Generally, Jews in Arab and other Muslim countries led a happy and contented life, before Zionism and the creation of the Zionist state where the Arabs in this state live in constant fear for their lives.

Things had changed a lot since.

Now there are attacks on foreign tourists, Jews and their synagogues in some of the Arab countries which are now undergoing radical change.

But do expect all these acts to be committed by foreign agents who want these countries not to pursue an Islamic path but a secular one – read unIslamic one.

Isn’t this Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq revisited?

I just watched a DVD of a Turkiye film, ‘Killing Me’ which shows two men drinking beer while driving and they go to a masjid where one of them takes the can into it and throwing the empty can on the ground. Yet, the men greet strangers with the Islamic salutation of ‘asalamulaikum’.

This film is definitely not representative of what is happening in Secular or unIslamic Turkiye. There are many other films that profile the Muslims in the country in the proper way which have the more appropriate messages therein.

I have seen ‘Valley of Wolves, Iraq’ and want to see its sequel, ‘Valley of Wolves, Palestine’.

See things are achanging in Turkiye, and thanks to the actions of the Zionists and their cohorts for without which Turkiye and the other Arab and Muslim countries could never change on their own strength and fortitude for they have not it.

Indonesia could also do with some provocation by the same agents.

Attempts at trying to cause discontent and later on, enmity between the Muslims in the country and those Malaysia have all failed miserably.

New methods and ways must be used to create physical division and later confrontations, which can later on lead to Indonesia becoming an Islamic Republic and assimilation with Malaysia.

I have visited the Jewish synagogue in Isfahan in February, 1992 where there is a small Jewish community living around it.

Of course, some of the Jews had left the country to return to Israel or to go to other countries in the west, but there are still some who still prefer to continue living in Isfahan.

Monday, February 21, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

It is strange how the true and real fathers of Islamic Revivalism are not Muslims leaders who had ever lived in recent history, or who are still alive.

This proves that there are many kind non-Muslims who are trying to create Islamic Revivalism, which the Muslims are not capable of doing themselves.

Yes, all Muslim folks have to thank them for that. They just cannot trust their own leaders to create Islamic Revivalism.

The Muslim ulamas can only read the Holy Koran and try to interpret the text but they hardly ever manage to go beyond the surface, so their interpretation of the text is most of the time too simplistic.

In fact, what they know about Islam from the Holy Koran are mostly from the interpretation that were done by earlier ulamas; so the present generation of them are parrots who do not have a mind of their own to discover more hidden meanings in the Holy Book.

Worse, there are also some ulamas who misinterpret the sacred text to suit their own needs.

So the true and real leaders of Islamic Revivalism are definitely not Muamar Ghadafy of Libya, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Gamal Nasser of Mesir and some others in the Arab World who had wanted to fashion themselves as the modern-day Saladin or Salahuddin al-Ayubi.

They are definitely not Sukarno of Indonesia or even Mahathir of Malaysia.

They can never be recognized as such. They are so small and too insignificant.

They are normal humans without any supernatural powers.

In fact, some of them had gone to the wayside and also hung, with some others whose future is hanging in the balance. Their future looks bleak as anything can happen.

The closest that any Muslim leader can be to the modern-day Salahuddin al-Ayubi is Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Even Salahuddin al-Ayubi has not left much; at the most that the others who can do with him is to create a limited animated serial for television using computer generated imagine or CGI which turns him not into a hero, but a cartoon.

A Malaysian agency and Aljazeera did it with a cost of RM30 million.

The Salahuddin in this serial called, ‘Saladin: Hero who became a legend’, looks less alive and human than Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck who have enduring characteristics that endear them to the public while Saladin in this serial is set to be a forgotten character in the world of CGI animation despite the huge amount that had been spent by the two agencies to try and revive him.

But Ahmadinejad does not seem to care about being or being described as such.

He is still trying to make some mathematical calculations on his next move, whatever it is, to realize his dream of totally annihilating the Zionist state and obliterating it from the face of the earth, as his only mission in life.

This is happening as the Zionist leaders are trying to find their way to outwit him, by forcing him to delay launching Iran’s first Intercontinental Ballistic Missile or ICBM, which can cover the whole of the Zionist state and reach the whole of Europe and get to the American subcontinent with so much ease where he can finally get to greet America who would welcome Iran as a new member of the nuclear club so that it can be turned from a club for rogues to one for colleagues and buddies.

This may not happen in any foreseeable future, but again, who knows what the near future holds, as the future of the world is no more in the hands of the Americans or Europeans or westerners anymore?

They have all got what they had wanted, using knowledge created by the Muslims of Al-Andalusia or Moorish Spain, and using it to their greatest advantages until most of the Muslim world is in flames.

This is definitely not a nice way to show gratitude to the Muslims who had offered much to the development and advancement of the west.

But at the very least, they should allow Iran to have their own ICBMs so that it can ensure that there is level playing field or else there is no field anymore for anyone to play in the earth.

So far Ahmadinejad and Iran have made some wise moves which had caught his adversaries by surprise. They could only wonder at his brashness, taunting them as he was being provoked.

So who are the real Fathers of Islamic Revivalism in the world today?

Some of their ancestors are the Fathers of Japanese Reconstruction too.

And thanks to them, Japan today is because of their actions during the Second World War and for the dropping of the Atom Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 8 and 10 August, 1945, for without which they could never be a Japan that we know of today.

So it may come as a shock to many, but they are the Zionist elders, other than Uncle Sam and the CIA!

And the others who are also trying to be like them are Geert Wilders of Holland and Terry Jones of Florida.

It is therefore quite ironic how they thought they were doing something else, yet, some other things happened.

Did they all think they could tempt with history and what has been ordained by the Higher Being as enshrined in the Holy Koran? 

There is no one in the world would say this, to talk about the Fathers of Islamic Revivalism. There is no study on it.

The CIA, Mossad, and other intelligence agencies of the countries in the west do not know it.

If they did, they would have long squirmed and change their ways so that the Muslim World does not benefit from their charity and contribution. 

Everybody can just forget and ignore the Oxford Center of Islamic Studies (OCIS) and other Islamic departments in the other universities in the west and also in the Muslim world; they are not smart.

They have busied themselves dealing with small issues that do not matter or add up.

Even the top and foremost Muslim ulamas and clerics of the other religions do not know this as it is not mentioned in the Holy Books the way as they could see them as they are stuck with the petty issues. 

They cannot do much to promote Islamic values and create understanding between Islam and Muslims and the west.

But I do. Because I can read better. I can also analyze better.

They are the Zionist elders. They are the ones who have been trying to promote Muslim Unity in the world but the Muslim leaders still do not understand it.

And because of that the Zionists and their Israeli Defense Force (IDF) have to continue to slaughter Arabs, Palestinians and other Muslims just to teach the Muslim leaders a lesson, but they still do not know what the Zionists are trying to say to them.

This is no reverse psychology; it is the truth, for without the Zionist elders, there could never be Islamic Revivalism in the Arab and Muslim World.

Without Zionism which the Zionist elders had created and introduced, they could never have been Islamic Revivalism that we know of today.

So the Arabs and Muslim in the world must and can thank the Zionist elders and their Zionist ideals and aspirations for helping to create Islamic Revivalism.

Muslim and Arab leaders have all been in a long stupor. They were basically the living dead.

Friday, February 18, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

With no representation as a permanent member in the United Nations (UN) Security Council the Muslims are at a vast disadvantage; they are always at the tender mercies of those who are with the Zionist and their lackeys trying who are always trying multifarious ways to bully them whenever and wherever they can and whenever they need to.

They must think that they have not killed enough Palestinians and other Arabs and demolish enough Arab and Muslim countries.

If they cannot do it on their own, they get the Muslims within the same countries to inflict damage amongst themselves.

But the spark was lit by their agents who masqueraded as the locals. The trick is to bomb a Syiah masjid so the Sunnis will retaliate and then the Syiahs will do likewise until the whole country goes in flames such is what is happening in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and sometimes in the former Soviet Muslim republics and also Indonesia.

The Pakistanis do not realize what had hit them. They only know how to retaliate and blame not those who started the fight but the imagined enemies.

The Muslims are sometimes lucky that China and Russia sometimes try to represent their views and to protect them from the evil of their adversaries, the Zionists who use America as their proxy state in the UN.

American and Zionist excesses are courtesy of the UN Security Council, for without which they could not be able to inflict damage on the Arabs, Palestinians and other Muslims.

No wonder the Muslim World which comprises of 57 countries with more than 1.7 billion believers do not have proper representation in the UN security council when China which is far smaller is in it too.

Just how many scores of Muslims countries had to be bombed and its citizens killed and maimed, before they learn a lesson from it all?

What they had done over the last many decades is not enough for them to realize their own folly that there is no future for the Zionist state and also for America, too – or Americanism or American-style democracy which is in fact American-style dictatorship.

Soon all the other Arab countries which claim to be secular with presidents and ‘leaders’ will become more Islamic and later on will formally want to be recognized and accepted as Islamic Republics.

Indonesia has been pushed too far to the back that its people could not but want to seriously consider turning it into another Islamic Republic, either way.

It will happen either way – if they are not developed or developed, the need to be more religious amongst the majority Muslims in the country and the fast shrinking Christian minority, i.e. in relation to the fast expanding Muslim majority, is pressing.

The many television dramas which profile characters and themes on Islam are strong indication that this is indeed happening. 

Their Pancasila which has caused the majority Muslims in the country to be so displaced and disregarded can and will be replaced somehow as it is not sacrosanct. 

It was not a divine revelation that created it. It was created by mere mortals, human beings who in their terms of high office had not shown any tact nor impressive Islamic religious beliefs or practices so the Pancasila can be said to be tainted because of that.

What Indonesia needs is to get some inspiration and its people will be led away from secularism, thanks to Hollywood, the American media  practices and styles or emphases as well as the decadent ways of life exhibited by the west and former Christians and other atheists.

Many Indonesians today are enamored with all these and they are a strong influence on them.

They just need to regress socially and reject Islam a bit more before they start to realize their own folly.

The CIA agents and Zionists do not realize that Muslims must be forced to adopt unIslamic ways before they are turned around on their new path to salvation and Islamic revivalism.

The topnotch universities in America and the west to not have specialists or scholars who can teach their politicians and other media players on this, so they continue to embark on the secret campaign to disparage Islam and chastised the Muslims.

But they do not realize that this is what the Muslims need to boost their flagging ego and uncertainties of their own religion, before they come to and realize their own folly.

And thanks to America and the Zionists, few Islamic Republics have been created, when they were secular for a long time.

The people of these countries could not manage to do it on their own to turn their countries into Islamic Republics; this had to be prodded by those foreign elements who did not know better than to force them to the back until they start to turn around to face at their adversaries in the face.

The Muslims were doing okay on their own, when the desert lands they inhabited were pristine and calm.

The winds blew into their faces and they led a happy and contented life, even though they did not realize that beneath their feet laid oil.

They did not care for this natural resource, until it was pointed to them by foreign agents and countries in the west which were eager to leave their Age of Darkness to go to their Age of Enlightenment.

Unfortunately, this so-called Age of Enlightenment later turns out to be the Age of New Darkness or Ignorance.

Once they realized this, they then wanted to embark on another insidious campaign to disparage those who had been providing them with the oil that they had used to develop their economies by deliberately embarking on another campaign to push back those who have been providing them with oil back to the Stone Age.

So one by one they started to meddle in the countries in the Middle East by installing puppet dictators who crumble over the years.

They had wanted those whom they favored to mislead their own people into starvation and accept it as their
New Way
of Life.

Thus, most of the Middle East was pounded back to the Dark Ages; other than those many countries in the African Continent which had been in such Age for as long as they had existed, with no real prospect of ever developing.

The most modern and advanced city in the Arab World and the Middle East was Baghdad. And Iraq was a model Arab and Muslim country.

But it was demolished and reduced to dust.

The move to cause Baghdad and Iraq to be destroyed is by them installing the Saddam Hussein regime which was useful to them for a while. But the end results were that they could use the atrocities he had committed on his own people and the others whom he could lay his hands on, until Saddam was so confident that he could attack and seize Kuwait.

This act was what caused the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Saddam was disposed; Iraq and Baghdad and much of the country demolished and turned back to the Stone Age. The country could never be allowed to rise again, unless if there are more Islamic Republics in the Middle East that can force a stronger alliance to create a new situation to cause this to happen.

And we are seeing it happening with what is happening in Mesir, and thanks again to America, their CIA and the Zionists, for without which Mesir could not have been turned into a new Islamic Republic.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

If the founders of Zionism and the Zionist elders and their supporters had foresight, they would not have done what they have been doing all these decades to the Palestinians and other Arabs in the Middle East, i.e. by creating the Zionist state of Israel six decades ago and propping it up not with goodwill, understanding and love, but by the brute force and power of the nuclear option and threat.

More than anything else they despise the real and true teachings in the Torah and Talmud and sidelined all their learned Rabbis of the old school who prefer to stick with their true path to their ultimate salvation living in peaceful coexistence with the Arabs and Palestinians.

So every time the Zionists and their Israel Defense Force (IDF) bombs any Palestinian village, house or refugee center, they bombed their own ideals, which are inherently evil anyway.

They also bombed the aspirations of the founding fathers of the United States of America.

They could never destroy Palestine and the Arabs. After more than six decades, they can only make a nuisance of themselves.

The Zionist elders thought they were doing the Israelis a great, big favor by introducing Zionism to them and to the world.

But instead they only managed to show the evil and hidden side of some of the Jews by also replacing Judaism.

And because of that Judaism has become a religion which is fast getting extinct with not many new adherents, as the world population of the Jews shrinks.

The Zionists are not People of the Book. The Jews and Christians are. But they are the Jews and Christians of Biblical times and not of today.

They are people who do not believe in any book but only the one they had written themselves in Geneva, Switzerland sometime ago for which they did not dare to admit and claim it is fake.

The only thing that is fake is that they are the fake Jews – the Zionists – who are never mentioned in any of the ancient books. 

Before the creation of the Zionist state, many Jews could be found in all the countries in the world where they command respect and attention; with some of them actually taking lead positions in many strategic industries.

There was even one who became the chief minister of Singapura – David Saul Marshall (formerly Marshal) who was voted into office mostly by the Muslim-Melayu voters who did not care about his race as long as he had leadership and a strong Jewish upbringing.

In Malaysia, which is a Muslim country, there were synagogues and roads given in honor of the Jews where even till this day a Jewish cemetery is located in Pulau Pinang or Penang.

The creation of the Zionist state had caused the fairly large Jewish community in Pulau Pinang and Malaysia to disappear with many of them fleeing to Australia.

The creation of the Zionist state had caused a lot of harm to the World Jewry, more than they cared to admit.

If the American politicians and activists as well as economists and artists are smart, they would not have willingly become complicit to the creation of the Zionist state which only caused the country, America, to be so chastised and its citizens so afraid to roam around the world in search of new meaning to their dreary lives.

The creation of the Zionist state had caused America to suffer from delusions.

And propping up of the artificial entity only caused it to suffer even more, taking with it whatever its founding fathers had envisaged, for which their modern day citizens could not carry on with.

The problem with Zionism and the Zionist elders is how they tried to look back to Biblical times to justify their actions, many of which act against the teaching of the Prophets they claim to worship and adore.

Even then their own personal and weird interpretation of the ancient texts they believe in, have all been taken out of context, so they are people who are lost in time and who could never be able to return to those times.

They are now left suspended in time with no real history to marvel at. And they are their own worst enemies. But the brunt of their misconducts is the Arabs and Palestinians who have all become their punching bags.

But it is still not too late for them to realize this and their own folly.

One by one, they have discovered countries which were once secular and unIslamic like most of those countries in Europe and the west have been turned into an Islamic Republics.

The Islamic Republic of Iran was not created by the Ayatollah Ruhullah Khomeini although he is seen as one who had done it.

It was the end result of the earlier actions of America and their CIA as well as the Zionists which caused it to happen.

Without which Khomeini could only go on to become an outspoken ulama or cleric in Iran with no real influence in the national politics of the country.

The truth is: Khomeini only came in the picture much later after America, their CIA, Zionists and Shah Reza Pahlavi had all done their parts in the whole process.

The strategy and hidden agendas of those elements were to install puppet/dictators whom they thought could cause the collapse of Islam and the Muslim communities in their own countries.

And by doing so they could turn those countries into secular ones.

Unfortunately, those dictators who were not smart enough to realize their own folly took the matters in their own hands and started to become cruel and starved them, until the could stomach it anymore.

Thus popular uprisings broke.

Ironically some of the ways are reminiscent of what many Americans had done in the 1960s, when they took to the streets in the name of the freedom of speech and of assembly, to march against tyranny and oppression and cruelty.

And it is not just against their own regimes and dictators but mostly against those who were backing them.

Few other Arab and Muslim countries have become much like Iran although they are not formally recognized as Islamic Republics yet.

And today we are seeing Egypt on the verge of becoming another Islamic Republic too, after Yemen.

Yes, America, the CIA and the UN are still the necessary evil that Muslims in the world still need, because their own leaders still do not know what’s been hitting them, because they are holed in their cocoons and totally oblivious to the dangers their billions of brethren face on a daily basis.

They can go on to pretend to lead the Muslim flock and be hailed for that, even when sometimes some of them get the full brunt of their own citizens.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

America created the Secular Iran of Shah Reza Pahlavi. And it was also the same America that had created its successor, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

That was in the 1980s. America is now in the Obama America. And in trying to undo many of the things that the pre-Obama America, one of the startling things that is happening is the unlikely creation of the Islamic Republic of Mesir.

And thanks to the CIA, Pentagon and other hawks on Capitol Hill and other war-mongers in Washington and America, this is happening right before their very eyes.

They are all not due to the Barack’s personal preferences or policies but those that were of his predecessors, namely the Bush presidents who could not see beyond the pyramids which Barack now has to undo one by one.

They had all tried to transplant or create a new state in the Arab World that did not conform to the dictates of geography nor or history.

Couldn’t their top scientists tell them that it is virtually impossible to plant any tree in any desert, let along a new state with alien cultures?

And there’s no need for anyone to try to read in between the lines; the real reasons by the Mesri are rioting in the streets with the Tahrir Square as its epicenter of dissent against Hosni Mubarak is purely to vent their anger at the evil foreign policies of America and the cruelty of the Zionists.

It is all about trying to uproot the alien state in the Arab World that had been there the last more than six decades as it is alien to the land; so it cannot be allowed to exist simply because nature and geography do not allow it to be there for long unless if their creators thought they could tempt with nature and geography.

It’s plain and simple.

But so far no political analyst in the world is able to see the whole issue in this way. They are scared to admit it.

They fear from being branded anti-America and anti-Zionist. It is anti-repression, anti-cruelty.

The real issue is therefore not to overthrow the Hosni administration and long-running dictatorship.

More than that, the Mesri are demanding the overthrow of the old and repressive and unjust foreign policies of America and the Zionist state.

American president Barack Obama said Ikhwan Muslimin is a fringe group which are not supported by the majority in Mesir.

How on earth could Barack know since his did not trust his own CIA whom he charged for not having done anything to find and feel the stirrings on the ground?

Maybe they CIA operatives and those in the American embassy in Kaherah were all not familiar with the ground in Mesir as it is covered with sand, which does not keep trace marks for long.

But he had conveniently alluded to the fact that even with Hosni gone and with the foreign policies of America not changed and the special position of the Zionist state unaffected, it still makes no difference.

It is therefore time for Barack to look at the bigger picture. It is also good for the Mesri and the others to also do the same, so they know what is really going on in Mesir today.

It is interesting how I had been to Cairo and Egypt, now I call Kaherah and Mesir.

I was in there for the first and last time in January, 1982. I was on my way back from New York City where I stopped at some twelve cities in ten countries along the way to Malaysia.

I landed at the old airport outside of Kaherah. I had never returned to the airport. And chances are I won’t be able to do that since there is now another new more modern one that had been constructed to replace it.

And chances too, the airport was financed in part or in full by the massive American annual stipend.

It is therefore ironic how such a construction is now being fully utilized in ways that their funders could not have imagined, as the main exit of so many foreigners who were stranded in the country as the Mesri played out their game to oust Hosni.

They had not demanded that he be hung; but there were some signs that they were willing to do that by indicating so when someone hung a mannequin to a pole.

The featureless puppet did not show Hosni’s face, but one can come to the conclusion that it is he and no one else, not even of Gamal, who is Hosni’s son who was touted to replace him when he finally retires.

And Hosni, too, has said he has no desire to flee from the country; he will continue to remain in Mesir even if he retires, so he can die and be buried in his own country.

He did not want to go in the same way as the other former American-placed and propped dictators such as the Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran, Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Anwar Sadat whose assassination by a Mesri soldier in 1981 resulted in Mubarak being chosen to succeed him.

I was in New York City when Anwar was shot. And when I came to Kaherah I got the taxi-driver who was driving me around to pass the place where he was shot at, during a parade.
Anwar thought the soldier had jumped out of the truck which was carrying him and some other soldiers to salute him. When he got close to the grandstand where Anwar and other important Mesir dignitaries were sitting at, and now with Anwar standing, the soldier shot him.

He fired shots at random and wildly but did not kill anyone else before it became clear he was not there to salute Anwar, but to assassinate him which he did.The soldier considered Anwar to be traitor to the cause of the Arabs and of the Palestinians so he had to go.

His funeral was unusual; it was attended by the entire former and current American president, Jimmy Carter who had earlier brokered a ‘peace deal’ between Anwar and his counterpart in the Zionist state, Menachem Begin for which they won their Nobel Prizes for Peace.

This is despite the fact that there was still no peace in the land as it is now which was what forced the Mesri to react violently now by wanting to oust Mubarak.

Jimmy’s successor, Bill Clinton also had to broker another so-called peace deal between Yasser Arafat and his Zionist counterpart, Simon Peres, but there is still no peace in their land.

There can never be any peace in the Middle East for as long as there is American and Zionist aggression and Hosni and some other Arab puppets supported by them all of whom have to leave the land before the land can see some peace at long last.

But for now, the Mesri have to oust Hosni and embalm him, so to speak, in the history of the Arab World.

I will wait the day when I can land at the new Kaherah International Airport to arrive in the new country called the Islamic Republic of Mesir headed by leaders of Ikhwan Muslimin who ironically have been the most democratic force in the country, which strangely was not favored by the American despots and Zionists aggressors.

They’d rather trust some who are the same as them in the person of Hosni and his ilk so they could do their bidding for them.

Like the supercilious camel, Hosni, too, can be described as such except that he didn’t realize that continued support from the outside forces could not take him very far in the vast and empty desert…and someday he, like the camel, will also tumble.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Don’t America and the Zionist leaders realize that six decades of repression and cruelty on the Palestinians and some other Arabs will some day bring in the unexpected ‘dividends’?
What have they not done to the Palestinians, other Arabs and Muslims that they have not done over these years that they want to do still?

Will they not be fully satisfied if they had starved all of them and demolish Mekkah and Madinnah?

Didn’t they know they are their own worst enemies? That they are the ones who have caused many Arabs and Muslims to scurry out of the Arab and Muslim Worlds, as a result of their cruel policies, so one day the Arabs and Muslims are everywhere.

Aren’t they also the main reasons why Iran is pursuing a nuclear option? Don’t blame them for wanting to do something what their adversaries have been doing all these years and reaping immense pleasure and dividends from their own programs.

America and the Zionists only respect and consider countries and peoples who have a nuclear program; they look down and belittle those that do not have it.

So one cannot deny that they are hating themselves for being forced to admire and appreciate Ahmadenijad and the Iranians for what they are doing now.
They are now so close to the White House.

But it is good that the American voters had turned in Barack Hussein Obama as their president or the situation could be worse for them.

Now they know what type of dividends many are talking about.

And it has happened at the right time, when no one including the CIA had expected something like this to happen.

What happened is really beyond what the American political and history analysts could ever imagine; they had never been trained to look at the Arab World in a truthful manner.

Their views are always clouded by their own personal and racial as well as religious prejudices and other biases.

All these could not be erased as long as they do not try to look at the world and the new realities of life.

Even when the first stirrings of it had happened in Tunisia, followed with Yemen.
Still, from Mesir, which country will the Arab World take on the plight of the Arab? Lubnan, Syria and Libya next?

What is happening in the Arab World is not like what had happened in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China in the 1980s followed by what happened in the Philippines, Indonesia and Siam.

It cannot be replicated in Myanmar.

Offering Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak US$1.5 billion in aid annually to prop up his repressive regime, which acts against the interests of his countrymen surely cannot be sustained too long.

Isn’t that bribery of the highest order?
The question is: What took the people of Mesir or Masri so long to realize this? And when are they going to start raising and burning the flags of America and of the Zionist state?
What’s the point in blaming Hosni without blaming these two countries? It was because of them that Hosni has to suffer today because on his own, he could not do half as much as what he had done over the last three decades to his country and his countrymen.

The actions of the Zionists to further punish the Arabs in Gaza and some other related incidents in the Middle East were what finally broke the camel’s back.

While there are many countries in South America which have officially recognized the existence of the state of Palestine, yet, none of its brave leaders who also say their countries suffer from repression by the same American regime, has yet to comment on what is currently happening in Mesir as a show of support for its people acting against American and Zionist aggression on them.

Tahrir Square has become the epicenter of popular dissent in Mesir and also the Ground Zero of American and Zionist aggression and repression on the Arab and other countries.

The reason being some of them feel that they are also in the same position as Hosni, in that they, too, have been in office for too long, although they may also not be in the good books of America and who also receive bribes from them like Hosni does.

While the American president tries to pretend he is democratic, the Zionist leaders have no choice but to remain still and quiet as church mice.

Their’s were the repressive and undemocratic policies not of the Obama administration but those of the evil policies of the Bushes administrations, which Barack is slowly dismantling. And the Masri today are helping him to do that starting in the streets in and around Tahrir Square in Kaherah.

Their last aggression on the Palestinians which is to build more houses for the Jews in the disputed lands in Baitulmukaddis other than to partake in their most favorite pastime which is to bomb Palestine Arabs to smithereens whenever they like it, suddenly ceased.

Of course, it is not civilized to go on fox or duck hunting anymore. The hobby of some titled men in England of old has been banned.

But the hunting of Palestine Arabs by the Zionists have not yet stopped. It still remains their most favorite pastime.

The other favorite pastime of the Zionist is the construction of the wall for the New Masada.

Chances are they are not about to ban it altogether.

The Zionists are in a fix. But it may be a temporary setback as they can still proceed with the matter when the dust settles in Kaherah and other parts of Mesir.

Meanwhile, Barack and his secretary of state Hilary Clinton continue to pretend to say that the Masri or former Egyptians have the right to self-government.

They are only now saying so, when in the past their predecessors had insisted that they were the ones who could determine ‘stability’ in the country, i.e. by continuing to offer bribes openly to the Hosni Mubarak regime to the tune of US$1.5 billion a year.

Unfortunately, such a huge amount of money in aide as it is described was mostly to aide a repressive regime of Hosni’s and his ilk in Mesir.

It was to ensure their stability and not that of its people who did not seem to enjoy receiving such massive financial aid which comes as an annual stipend to them.

Where did all the money go to?

In the meantime, the Mubarak regime continues to pursue his private course which is to deny majority right and insistence by showing defiance against Zionist aggression.

They did not even allow the peace flotilla comprising of few ships all laden with goods organized by Viva Palestina to travel to Gaza by land.

So they were forced to sail the Mediterranean where they were shot at and resulting in some Turkiye people dead and all the goods seized.

This is probably the second last straw that broke the camel’s back, the camel which had remained stoic all these decades just could not take it anymore.

It had seen the repressive nature of the Mubarak regime aided by the equally repressive American regime – read the Bushes Regime – and the Zionist regime.

These are some of the things which caused the people of Mesir to now want to do something about it. How could anyone expect them not to want to do something about the situation they were forced to be at – being pushed all the way to the back until they were almost back to Pharonic times?

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Oleh Mansor Puteh

Orang di Indonesia sering gemar mempersendakan orang Malaysia dengan berkata benarkah orang Melayu Malaysia berkata ‘injak-injak bumi, ‘pusing-pusing kota’ dan ‘rumah sakit korban laki-laki’…

Ini yang membuat orang Melayu di Malaysia dan Indonesia benar-benar pusing yang pada orang di Indonesia bermaksud ‘pening’ atau ‘risau’.

Dan yang mahu ‘injak-injak’ Cuma pemimpin di kedua buah negara dan sekarang mereka dalam Iswami. Mereka yang berlari di tempat yang sama cuba untuk mengatasi masalah kecil sementara masalah utama tidak disentuh sebab mereka tidak tahu apa masalah ini.

Amat membosankan!

Forum setiakawan Malaysia-Indonesia yang diadakan awal Januari lalu di Rumah Gapena. terlalu membosankan. Ia tidak lain satu celoteh keanak-anakan yang membincangkan perkara lama di tahab yang begitu rendah sekali.

Alahai, mereka sekadar orang yang mempunyai pendapat biasa sahaja; jadi masakan mereka peka tentang masalah utama ini? Mereka akhirnya tarik perhatian media yang mereka ada kuasa dengan menganjurkan acara kecil dan ‘berinjak-injak’ di situ sahaja.

Dan ahli Iswami terdiri dari wartawan sahaja.
Sementara rakyat kedua buah negara menunggu bila ada usaha sebenar merapatkan perpaduan Bangsa Melayu di seluruh Nusantara Melayu.

Ahli panel yang dijemput berceloteh panjang. mereka tidak tahu faktor sebenarnya kenapa ada perbalahan diantara beberapa kelompok kecil di Indonesia terhadap malaysia.

Masalah sebenarnya kini berpunca di Indonesia dan bukan di Malaysia dengan perbezaan ketara dalam bidang ekonomi yang meruncing sebab pemimpin Melayu di kedua buah negara tidak sehati, tidak sekata, dan tidak tahu buat perancang untuk mengguna segala yang ada di kedua buah negara untuk membantu sesama sendiri.

Jadi akhirnya ada orang di Indonesia yang anggap Malaysia petualang kepada kemunduran negara mereka dan Malaysia pula boleh mendabik dada kata Melayu di Malaysia lebih maju berbanding dengan Melayu di Indonesia – dan sekarang pula di Singapura.

Akhirnya apa yang berlaku ialah, Melayu di Nusantara yang mundur dan terkebelakang.

Selepas forum di Rumah Gapena dan acara di Bandung anjuran Iswami, keadaan di Malaysia dan Indonesia tetap sama. Itulah kesannya – tidak ada!

Sebenarnya masalah diantara Indonesia dan Malaysia dan Nusantara Melayu berpunca dari Perjanjian Inggeris-Belanda dalam bulan Januari, 1824 dahulu bila kedua buah negara Kristen dan Katolik memecah-belahkan Dunia Melayu atau Nusantara Melayu seperti mereka bermain dengan barang dagangan.

Orang Melayu tidak dirujuk; mereka buat sesuka hati. Inggeris ambil Tanah Melayu sementara Belanda ambil bahagian Indonesia.

Maka wujudlah dua buah negara, yang dulunya tidak berpisah. Rakyat dan Orang Melayu bersaudara dan bersahabat. Mereka boleh pergi dan datang sesuka hati.Tiba-tiba Malaysia dan Indonesia terletak di bawah dua pengaruh.

Indonesia yang akhirnya rasa tertekan. Mereka rasa kecil dan rendah diri – pendek kata, mereka rasa malu.

Sebabnya ialah mereka tertakluk di bawah Belanda – sebuah kuasa Eropah dan Barat yang kecil dan tidak penting.

Sehingga sekarang Belanda tidak berpengaruh di dunia. Malah bahasa mereka juga tidak penting dan diguna oleh ramai.Sebaliknya, Malaysia berada di bawah Inggeris, boleh dikatakan maju dan mudah berhubung dengan masyarakat dunia.

Dan Malaysia dianggap sebagai pusat perkembangan Bahasa Melayu sedangkan Indonesia masih belum lagi tahu mengguna bahasa ini dengan baik.

Mereka masih menggunanya dengan mempunyai loghat Jawa yang begitu pekat.

Awal tahun 1970an dahulu agensi bahasa kedua buah negara membuat keputusan untuk menyeragamkan ejaan. Dan ini telah berjaya mengangkatkan pengunaan Bahasa Melayu di Indonesia, dan ramai orang Melayu di Malaysia dan negara Melayu lain mula faham apa yang mereka katakana dan tuliskan.

Sebelum ini mereka mengguna sistem ejaan ala Belanda dan perkataan-perkataan penuh dengan bahasa Jawa, Sunda dan sebagainya, sehinggakan sukar untuk orang Melayu di luar Indonesia faham.

Namun demikian, orang Indonesia masih menghadapi masalah sebutan, dan sehingga kini mereka masih belum lagi boleh bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu dengan betul dan baik – untuk perhubungan seharian.

Untuk perhubungan rasmi, mereka boleh dikatakan baik.
Dan kalau ada orang di Indonesia yang mahu melenting membaca ulasan ini, dan mereka mahu anggap Bahasa Melayu mereka lebih baik dari di Malaysia, mereka boleh dikatakan hanya menipu diri sendiri.

Kalau ya, mereka baik bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu, kenapa ia masih pekat dengan loghat Jawa?

Dan kenapa kalau mereka berdeklamasi sajak dan menyanyi, pertuturan mereka baik dengan tiba-tiba, tidak ada loghat Jawa dan perkataan dari suku seperti Jawa, Sunda dan lain-lain?

Kenapa bila pemimpin mereka bercakap dan pegawai mereka menulis, cara mereka teratur dan mirip seperti cara di Malaysia dan juga Brunei?

Ini membuktikan bahawa Bahasa Melayu dari segi pertuturan yang didengar seharian dan dalam drama televisyen mereka yang dikenali dengan panggilan ‘sinetron’ atau ‘sinema elektronik’ salah; ia adalah bahasa pasar dan bukan bahasa Melayu betul dan baik.

Ini sebenarnya punca kenapa ada perbalahan diantara Indonesia dan Malaysia. Mereka mahu menunjuk tetapi tidak tahu punca kenapa mereka berperangai ‘jelek’ seperti itu.

Mereka juga sedar Malaysia lebih maju dan terdapat jutaan rakyat mereka merempat di Malaysia berkerja di Malaysia.

Tetapi ini semua faktor yang boleh diambil kira untuk mencari jalan mengatasinya.
Dan caranya bukan dengan menubuhkan Ikatan Setiakawan Wartawan Malaysia-Indonesia atau Iswami.

Iswami berangan-angan mahu ambil alih peranan pakar. Mereka hanya wartawan yang menjadi wartawan sebab mereka ada pekerjaan di akhbar.Tetapi bila mereka keluar dari akhbar mereka tidak lagi layak jadi ahli Iswami, dan segala cadangan dan perancangan mereka tidak berguna lagi.

Dan acara yang mereka adakan di Bandung amat menggelikan hati. Ia langsung tidak kena-mengena dengan bidang mereka.

Dan adalah amat menghairankan sebaik sahaja Iswami ditubuhkan perbalahan terus tercetus di Jakarta bila anak-anak dari kumpulan bukan Islam bernama Bendera merampok di luar bangunan kedutaan besar Malaysia di Jakarta.Beberapa suratkhabar di sana terus meniupkan api kebencian terhadap Malaysia yang menggalakkan kumpulan ini dan juga Laskar Merah-Putih (LMP) merampok.

Jadi, mana pengaruh Iswami dikalangan rakan mereka dalam media di Indonesia?

Mujur Bendera dan LMP tidak merusuh semasa pertandingan akhir Piala AFF Suzuki 29 Disember tahun lalu diantara Malaysia dan Indonesia, walaupun ramai penyokong Indonesia telah bersikap tidak senonoh.

Bendera dan LMP telah ditumpaskan dengan psykologi yang dimainkan oleh Utusan yang menyiar berita tentang siapa mereka dan siapa dalang di belakang semua kegiatan dan tindakan mereka.
Sementara itu Iswami duduk berdiam tidak tahu apa yang mereka boleh lakukan.

Mereka tidak boleh melakukan apa-apa kecuali mengadakan acara kecil seperti yang dilakukan di Bandung Januari lalu. Itu sahaja tahab mereka.

Dan beberapa perjanjian telah dimeterai diantara syarikat kecil di Malaysia dan Indonesia, tetapi sejauh manakah ia akan berhasil?

Perbalahan diantara Indonesia dan Malaysia yang tercetus oleh puak di Indonesia boleh terus berlaku bila keadaan mendesak mereka.

Dan Iswami, Gapena atau kumpulan Dunia Melayu/Dunia Islam atau DMDI tidak boleh meleraikannya.

Sebebnya ialah kesemua pertubuhan ini tidak tahu punca sebenar perbalahan ini. Mereka cuma tahu cari jalan kecil dan mudah yang boleh menarik perhatian media buat seketika.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

…Justice for whom – the law or the angry and disappointed?

There can never be the truth in the case of the death of one Teoh Beng Hock. He had probably taken with him the mystery surrounding his death which no amount of prodding and protests can unveil.

And no royal commission of inquiry can unveil the mysteries surrounding his death.

If he was not related to any opposition political party, the case would have been dealt expeditiously with no ‘scandal’ or protest and unnecessary out of court dramas.

One pities the person who is dead. He is gone and cannot be resurrected how ever much one wants a miracle of miracles to make that happen.

The most that one can get is to get a court order for the exhumation of his body which is buried, again and again.

And no matter how expert one can be in the law, the truth of the matter is that the funeral wake has not woken many into believing that there is a controversy.

It is a case that has spent its usefulness for many as they grapple with their personal issues which are more pressing.
Who would want a person like that dead in the first place? What advantage does he have seeing him dead anyway? And who would want to hurl his body out of any window of any high-rise building?

These are some of the suspicions those who insist on having the royal commission of inquiry and the others who have cast aspersions on the investigations and findings, which did not agree with their own personal decisions on the matter.

What possible damage could he do if he were still alive?

I was in Cambridge, England in July, 2009 when I first read about his mysterious death in Shahalam.

I had earlier head how he had been asked to come to the anti-corruption agency office in the MBSA building. Many people had done this routine before but none had gone over-board to meet their untimely death being hurled from the building.

So this led many people to immediately want to jump to the conclusion that Beng Hock was hurled over a window of the MBSA building in Shahalam, simply because Beng Hock was aligned to an opposition political party.

If he had incriminating evidence on some people or parties, then why would the agency want him dead?
They should want to keep him alive and healthy so they could draw those information from him sooner or later.
Those who want him dead are definitely those who may be implicated by him exposing them.

So logically, it makes no sense for the officers of the law to want to do something that brings disadvantages to them.

These are things that have not been written or wondered about by many who are quick to jump t the wrong conclusions on the matter, without saying much.

They just want a verdict that pleases them. But what sort of verdict do they all want? They did not say.

They want some people to be charged for Beng Hock’s death, but who?

Yes, the party concerned may be governing the state of Selangor at this time, but their party and coalition on the whole are the opposition party and coalition, nationally.

Bringing in the experts who conduct post-mortems can bring in so much.

But so far none of them and the others who want to unravel the mystery has tried to look at the body lying on the ground.

There is a lot of information that can be discovered from how it is placed, from how I see it based purely on the published photo of Beng Hock’s body lying on the ground.
There is a lot of information that one can get from it alone without one having to conduct a post-mortem first.
And from my view, there is no chance for Beng Hock to have been hurled by an individual or two persons over the window.

I dare admit that I am being impartial in this matter as I do not have any special interest in this particular case other than to share my views on the matter.
There are signs which do not lead to this sort of conclusion. How?

First, it would take at least two persons to carry his body, supposing he had already died before he was hurled over the window of the building.
If he had been carried by two persons, one of them would have to carry him from the back over his shoulders with the other person carrying him at his feet.

If this is done, then there are surely bad cringes and wrinkles in his jacket and shirts.

His socks would also be badly shaped and his shoes would also be loose and slip off his feet.

Beng Hock's body would also show bad stress marks around the places where they had been grabbed with the pressure being applied to them in a strong grip.

If he had died a while ago, his flesh would not be taut, so the damage to it is more severe than if he was still alive and kicking about trying to free himself from the individual or individuals who are dragging him from somewhere and hurling him over the window ledge.

There is no way for the body or corpse not to show such signs which are obvious and can even be seen with the naked eye.
The other telling sign for a person not to have been hurled off a window of any building is the spot where the corpse finally sat on the ground.

If the body was hurled off the window of the MBSA building by two persons, then chances are the body would just fall by the side of the wall of the building, and in the process the whole body would be damaged, and chances are, his limbs too might be severed.

Two persons could not possibly have the strength to hurl any dead body weighing around fifty-five kilograms off any window, never mind one person.
This did not happen.

Beng Hock's body was found to be away from the side of the building and this indicates that certain effort had been made by the person to jump out of the window.

Lastly, one doubts what use is for anyone who wants to get rid of Beng Hock knowing how his tragic death could lead to a lot of people and parties having a field day to condemn everybody, like he could be revived by them doing so?

I rest my case.