Thursday, February 24, 2011


By Mansor Puteh        

It’s not such a stunning revelation to say that most of the Jews and Christians of Biblical times had reverted to Islam following in the path of Prophet Muhammad, s.a.w.

After all, there were no Muslims before Muhammad, s.a.w. received divine revelation from God so those who chose to follow his path had to be those who were either Jews, Christians or Pagans and the Agnostics.

So no wonder, the Jewish and Christian population in the Middle East today has shrunk.

Although the Jews did not drown in the Dead Sea in ancient times, being saved by Moses (or Musa) by God’s grace, but they literarily drowned in the west in fairly recent times since the 1960s, and mostly because they were being misled by the Zionist elders and Zionism and being persecuted by the Communists in East Europe.

So, if the Jews of recent times were persecuted, it was not done by the Muslims or Christians but by Communist regimes and Adolf Hitler, who by all accounts is not – I repeat, NOT an enemy of Islam or the Arab for he had not killed, maimed or hurt the feelings of any Arab.

On the contrary, Hitler could even be said to try and save the Arabs and Palestinians from future Zionists.

In other words, Hitler can be a hero of the Arabs, the Palestinians and also of all Muslims whom he had tried to save from the Zionists as what is happening today.

Unfortunately, the revisionists have not come to this high level of discourse in history yet.

But one day that can happen, so there are streets in all major cities in the Arab and Muslim Worlds named after Hitler.

Libya strongman and dictator, Muamar Ghadaffy once remarked how Hitler was chastised simply because he lost. If Hitler had won, he would be hailed as a hero everywhere today and history of Nazi Germany and the world are all written by the winners and not losers – he added.

Unfortunately, and ironically, those who continue to chastised Hitler and Nazi Germany are some Jewish filmmaker in Hollywood notably Steven Spielberg and some other lesser ones when Hollywood got stuck with the collapse of the Soviet Union so they did not have characters to profile as the antagonists or crooks.

The Christians that we have today are mostly the Pseudo-Christians who are in the west and other countries where the religion became fused with local tribal and pagan beliefs, with so many sects created which have their own versions of their holy book.

The original Holy Injil has been lost to mankind as did the Holy Taurah.

The end result being in the rejection of the Church itself as can be seen in the many old church buildings being left to decay after the flock thought they could find their own ways to their eternal salvation, with many being converted to masjid, hotels or restaurants and even discotheques.

I remember watching on television how one of the oldest cathedrals in Manhattan, New York City was turned into a discotheque.

Those Christians in the city whose views were sought said ‘buildings did not have a memory’, so they did not disapprove of the conversion of the building were their parents and grandparents had gone to pray regularly at, where they now go to be entertained instead.

This was not too long after I first got to the city to enroll at Columbia University there.

The first people I met were Jews from the country.

I was probably the first Muslim from Malaysia whom they had met. But we did not consider about our backgrounds and took the encounters as something interesting.

Jews and Muslims are drawn to each other, as I also found out from my other friends from Malaysia who had also gone to America to study where they, too, met and got to know better other students who are Jews.

I am sure most of the Jews are second or third generation Jews whose grandparents had fled from some countries in Europe or Russia to come to America.

Generally, Jews in Arab and other Muslim countries led a happy and contented life, before Zionism and the creation of the Zionist state where the Arabs in this state live in constant fear for their lives.

Things had changed a lot since.

Now there are attacks on foreign tourists, Jews and their synagogues in some of the Arab countries which are now undergoing radical change.

But do expect all these acts to be committed by foreign agents who want these countries not to pursue an Islamic path but a secular one – read unIslamic one.

Isn’t this Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq revisited?

I just watched a DVD of a Turkiye film, ‘Killing Me’ which shows two men drinking beer while driving and they go to a masjid where one of them takes the can into it and throwing the empty can on the ground. Yet, the men greet strangers with the Islamic salutation of ‘asalamulaikum’.

This film is definitely not representative of what is happening in Secular or unIslamic Turkiye. There are many other films that profile the Muslims in the country in the proper way which have the more appropriate messages therein.

I have seen ‘Valley of Wolves, Iraq’ and want to see its sequel, ‘Valley of Wolves, Palestine’.

See things are achanging in Turkiye, and thanks to the actions of the Zionists and their cohorts for without which Turkiye and the other Arab and Muslim countries could never change on their own strength and fortitude for they have not it.

Indonesia could also do with some provocation by the same agents.

Attempts at trying to cause discontent and later on, enmity between the Muslims in the country and those Malaysia have all failed miserably.

New methods and ways must be used to create physical division and later confrontations, which can later on lead to Indonesia becoming an Islamic Republic and assimilation with Malaysia.

I have visited the Jewish synagogue in Isfahan in February, 1992 where there is a small Jewish community living around it.

Of course, some of the Jews had left the country to return to Israel or to go to other countries in the west, but there are still some who still prefer to continue living in Isfahan.

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