Friday, February 18, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

With no representation as a permanent member in the United Nations (UN) Security Council the Muslims are at a vast disadvantage; they are always at the tender mercies of those who are with the Zionist and their lackeys trying who are always trying multifarious ways to bully them whenever and wherever they can and whenever they need to.

They must think that they have not killed enough Palestinians and other Arabs and demolish enough Arab and Muslim countries.

If they cannot do it on their own, they get the Muslims within the same countries to inflict damage amongst themselves.

But the spark was lit by their agents who masqueraded as the locals. The trick is to bomb a Syiah masjid so the Sunnis will retaliate and then the Syiahs will do likewise until the whole country goes in flames such is what is happening in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and sometimes in the former Soviet Muslim republics and also Indonesia.

The Pakistanis do not realize what had hit them. They only know how to retaliate and blame not those who started the fight but the imagined enemies.

The Muslims are sometimes lucky that China and Russia sometimes try to represent their views and to protect them from the evil of their adversaries, the Zionists who use America as their proxy state in the UN.

American and Zionist excesses are courtesy of the UN Security Council, for without which they could not be able to inflict damage on the Arabs, Palestinians and other Muslims.

No wonder the Muslim World which comprises of 57 countries with more than 1.7 billion believers do not have proper representation in the UN security council when China which is far smaller is in it too.

Just how many scores of Muslims countries had to be bombed and its citizens killed and maimed, before they learn a lesson from it all?

What they had done over the last many decades is not enough for them to realize their own folly that there is no future for the Zionist state and also for America, too – or Americanism or American-style democracy which is in fact American-style dictatorship.

Soon all the other Arab countries which claim to be secular with presidents and ‘leaders’ will become more Islamic and later on will formally want to be recognized and accepted as Islamic Republics.

Indonesia has been pushed too far to the back that its people could not but want to seriously consider turning it into another Islamic Republic, either way.

It will happen either way – if they are not developed or developed, the need to be more religious amongst the majority Muslims in the country and the fast shrinking Christian minority, i.e. in relation to the fast expanding Muslim majority, is pressing.

The many television dramas which profile characters and themes on Islam are strong indication that this is indeed happening. 

Their Pancasila which has caused the majority Muslims in the country to be so displaced and disregarded can and will be replaced somehow as it is not sacrosanct. 

It was not a divine revelation that created it. It was created by mere mortals, human beings who in their terms of high office had not shown any tact nor impressive Islamic religious beliefs or practices so the Pancasila can be said to be tainted because of that.

What Indonesia needs is to get some inspiration and its people will be led away from secularism, thanks to Hollywood, the American media  practices and styles or emphases as well as the decadent ways of life exhibited by the west and former Christians and other atheists.

Many Indonesians today are enamored with all these and they are a strong influence on them.

They just need to regress socially and reject Islam a bit more before they start to realize their own folly.

The CIA agents and Zionists do not realize that Muslims must be forced to adopt unIslamic ways before they are turned around on their new path to salvation and Islamic revivalism.

The topnotch universities in America and the west to not have specialists or scholars who can teach their politicians and other media players on this, so they continue to embark on the secret campaign to disparage Islam and chastised the Muslims.

But they do not realize that this is what the Muslims need to boost their flagging ego and uncertainties of their own religion, before they come to and realize their own folly.

And thanks to America and the Zionists, few Islamic Republics have been created, when they were secular for a long time.

The people of these countries could not manage to do it on their own to turn their countries into Islamic Republics; this had to be prodded by those foreign elements who did not know better than to force them to the back until they start to turn around to face at their adversaries in the face.

The Muslims were doing okay on their own, when the desert lands they inhabited were pristine and calm.

The winds blew into their faces and they led a happy and contented life, even though they did not realize that beneath their feet laid oil.

They did not care for this natural resource, until it was pointed to them by foreign agents and countries in the west which were eager to leave their Age of Darkness to go to their Age of Enlightenment.

Unfortunately, this so-called Age of Enlightenment later turns out to be the Age of New Darkness or Ignorance.

Once they realized this, they then wanted to embark on another insidious campaign to disparage those who had been providing them with the oil that they had used to develop their economies by deliberately embarking on another campaign to push back those who have been providing them with oil back to the Stone Age.

So one by one they started to meddle in the countries in the Middle East by installing puppet dictators who crumble over the years.

They had wanted those whom they favored to mislead their own people into starvation and accept it as their
New Way
of Life.

Thus, most of the Middle East was pounded back to the Dark Ages; other than those many countries in the African Continent which had been in such Age for as long as they had existed, with no real prospect of ever developing.

The most modern and advanced city in the Arab World and the Middle East was Baghdad. And Iraq was a model Arab and Muslim country.

But it was demolished and reduced to dust.

The move to cause Baghdad and Iraq to be destroyed is by them installing the Saddam Hussein regime which was useful to them for a while. But the end results were that they could use the atrocities he had committed on his own people and the others whom he could lay his hands on, until Saddam was so confident that he could attack and seize Kuwait.

This act was what caused the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Saddam was disposed; Iraq and Baghdad and much of the country demolished and turned back to the Stone Age. The country could never be allowed to rise again, unless if there are more Islamic Republics in the Middle East that can force a stronger alliance to create a new situation to cause this to happen.

And we are seeing it happening with what is happening in Mesir, and thanks again to America, their CIA and the Zionists, for without which Mesir could not have been turned into a new Islamic Republic.

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