Saturday, February 12, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

America created the Secular Iran of Shah Reza Pahlavi. And it was also the same America that had created its successor, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

That was in the 1980s. America is now in the Obama America. And in trying to undo many of the things that the pre-Obama America, one of the startling things that is happening is the unlikely creation of the Islamic Republic of Mesir.

And thanks to the CIA, Pentagon and other hawks on Capitol Hill and other war-mongers in Washington and America, this is happening right before their very eyes.

They are all not due to the Barack’s personal preferences or policies but those that were of his predecessors, namely the Bush presidents who could not see beyond the pyramids which Barack now has to undo one by one.

They had all tried to transplant or create a new state in the Arab World that did not conform to the dictates of geography nor or history.

Couldn’t their top scientists tell them that it is virtually impossible to plant any tree in any desert, let along a new state with alien cultures?

And there’s no need for anyone to try to read in between the lines; the real reasons by the Mesri are rioting in the streets with the Tahrir Square as its epicenter of dissent against Hosni Mubarak is purely to vent their anger at the evil foreign policies of America and the cruelty of the Zionists.

It is all about trying to uproot the alien state in the Arab World that had been there the last more than six decades as it is alien to the land; so it cannot be allowed to exist simply because nature and geography do not allow it to be there for long unless if their creators thought they could tempt with nature and geography.

It’s plain and simple.

But so far no political analyst in the world is able to see the whole issue in this way. They are scared to admit it.

They fear from being branded anti-America and anti-Zionist. It is anti-repression, anti-cruelty.

The real issue is therefore not to overthrow the Hosni administration and long-running dictatorship.

More than that, the Mesri are demanding the overthrow of the old and repressive and unjust foreign policies of America and the Zionist state.

American president Barack Obama said Ikhwan Muslimin is a fringe group which are not supported by the majority in Mesir.

How on earth could Barack know since his did not trust his own CIA whom he charged for not having done anything to find and feel the stirrings on the ground?

Maybe they CIA operatives and those in the American embassy in Kaherah were all not familiar with the ground in Mesir as it is covered with sand, which does not keep trace marks for long.

But he had conveniently alluded to the fact that even with Hosni gone and with the foreign policies of America not changed and the special position of the Zionist state unaffected, it still makes no difference.

It is therefore time for Barack to look at the bigger picture. It is also good for the Mesri and the others to also do the same, so they know what is really going on in Mesir today.

It is interesting how I had been to Cairo and Egypt, now I call Kaherah and Mesir.

I was in there for the first and last time in January, 1982. I was on my way back from New York City where I stopped at some twelve cities in ten countries along the way to Malaysia.

I landed at the old airport outside of Kaherah. I had never returned to the airport. And chances are I won’t be able to do that since there is now another new more modern one that had been constructed to replace it.

And chances too, the airport was financed in part or in full by the massive American annual stipend.

It is therefore ironic how such a construction is now being fully utilized in ways that their funders could not have imagined, as the main exit of so many foreigners who were stranded in the country as the Mesri played out their game to oust Hosni.

They had not demanded that he be hung; but there were some signs that they were willing to do that by indicating so when someone hung a mannequin to a pole.

The featureless puppet did not show Hosni’s face, but one can come to the conclusion that it is he and no one else, not even of Gamal, who is Hosni’s son who was touted to replace him when he finally retires.

And Hosni, too, has said he has no desire to flee from the country; he will continue to remain in Mesir even if he retires, so he can die and be buried in his own country.

He did not want to go in the same way as the other former American-placed and propped dictators such as the Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran, Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Anwar Sadat whose assassination by a Mesri soldier in 1981 resulted in Mubarak being chosen to succeed him.

I was in New York City when Anwar was shot. And when I came to Kaherah I got the taxi-driver who was driving me around to pass the place where he was shot at, during a parade.
Anwar thought the soldier had jumped out of the truck which was carrying him and some other soldiers to salute him. When he got close to the grandstand where Anwar and other important Mesir dignitaries were sitting at, and now with Anwar standing, the soldier shot him.

He fired shots at random and wildly but did not kill anyone else before it became clear he was not there to salute Anwar, but to assassinate him which he did.The soldier considered Anwar to be traitor to the cause of the Arabs and of the Palestinians so he had to go.

His funeral was unusual; it was attended by the entire former and current American president, Jimmy Carter who had earlier brokered a ‘peace deal’ between Anwar and his counterpart in the Zionist state, Menachem Begin for which they won their Nobel Prizes for Peace.

This is despite the fact that there was still no peace in the land as it is now which was what forced the Mesri to react violently now by wanting to oust Mubarak.

Jimmy’s successor, Bill Clinton also had to broker another so-called peace deal between Yasser Arafat and his Zionist counterpart, Simon Peres, but there is still no peace in their land.

There can never be any peace in the Middle East for as long as there is American and Zionist aggression and Hosni and some other Arab puppets supported by them all of whom have to leave the land before the land can see some peace at long last.

But for now, the Mesri have to oust Hosni and embalm him, so to speak, in the history of the Arab World.

I will wait the day when I can land at the new Kaherah International Airport to arrive in the new country called the Islamic Republic of Mesir headed by leaders of Ikhwan Muslimin who ironically have been the most democratic force in the country, which strangely was not favored by the American despots and Zionists aggressors.

They’d rather trust some who are the same as them in the person of Hosni and his ilk so they could do their bidding for them.

Like the supercilious camel, Hosni, too, can be described as such except that he didn’t realize that continued support from the outside forces could not take him very far in the vast and empty desert…and someday he, like the camel, will also tumble.

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