Tuesday, February 15, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

If the founders of Zionism and the Zionist elders and their supporters had foresight, they would not have done what they have been doing all these decades to the Palestinians and other Arabs in the Middle East, i.e. by creating the Zionist state of Israel six decades ago and propping it up not with goodwill, understanding and love, but by the brute force and power of the nuclear option and threat.

More than anything else they despise the real and true teachings in the Torah and Talmud and sidelined all their learned Rabbis of the old school who prefer to stick with their true path to their ultimate salvation living in peaceful coexistence with the Arabs and Palestinians.

So every time the Zionists and their Israel Defense Force (IDF) bombs any Palestinian village, house or refugee center, they bombed their own ideals, which are inherently evil anyway.

They also bombed the aspirations of the founding fathers of the United States of America.

They could never destroy Palestine and the Arabs. After more than six decades, they can only make a nuisance of themselves.

The Zionist elders thought they were doing the Israelis a great, big favor by introducing Zionism to them and to the world.

But instead they only managed to show the evil and hidden side of some of the Jews by also replacing Judaism.

And because of that Judaism has become a religion which is fast getting extinct with not many new adherents, as the world population of the Jews shrinks.

The Zionists are not People of the Book. The Jews and Christians are. But they are the Jews and Christians of Biblical times and not of today.

They are people who do not believe in any book but only the one they had written themselves in Geneva, Switzerland sometime ago for which they did not dare to admit and claim it is fake.

The only thing that is fake is that they are the fake Jews – the Zionists – who are never mentioned in any of the ancient books. 

Before the creation of the Zionist state, many Jews could be found in all the countries in the world where they command respect and attention; with some of them actually taking lead positions in many strategic industries.

There was even one who became the chief minister of Singapura – David Saul Marshall (formerly Marshal) who was voted into office mostly by the Muslim-Melayu voters who did not care about his race as long as he had leadership and a strong Jewish upbringing.

In Malaysia, which is a Muslim country, there were synagogues and roads given in honor of the Jews where even till this day a Jewish cemetery is located in Pulau Pinang or Penang.

The creation of the Zionist state had caused the fairly large Jewish community in Pulau Pinang and Malaysia to disappear with many of them fleeing to Australia.

The creation of the Zionist state had caused a lot of harm to the World Jewry, more than they cared to admit.

If the American politicians and activists as well as economists and artists are smart, they would not have willingly become complicit to the creation of the Zionist state which only caused the country, America, to be so chastised and its citizens so afraid to roam around the world in search of new meaning to their dreary lives.

The creation of the Zionist state had caused America to suffer from delusions.

And propping up of the artificial entity only caused it to suffer even more, taking with it whatever its founding fathers had envisaged, for which their modern day citizens could not carry on with.

The problem with Zionism and the Zionist elders is how they tried to look back to Biblical times to justify their actions, many of which act against the teaching of the Prophets they claim to worship and adore.

Even then their own personal and weird interpretation of the ancient texts they believe in, have all been taken out of context, so they are people who are lost in time and who could never be able to return to those times.

They are now left suspended in time with no real history to marvel at. And they are their own worst enemies. But the brunt of their misconducts is the Arabs and Palestinians who have all become their punching bags.

But it is still not too late for them to realize this and their own folly.

One by one, they have discovered countries which were once secular and unIslamic like most of those countries in Europe and the west have been turned into an Islamic Republics.

The Islamic Republic of Iran was not created by the Ayatollah Ruhullah Khomeini although he is seen as one who had done it.

It was the end result of the earlier actions of America and their CIA as well as the Zionists which caused it to happen.

Without which Khomeini could only go on to become an outspoken ulama or cleric in Iran with no real influence in the national politics of the country.

The truth is: Khomeini only came in the picture much later after America, their CIA, Zionists and Shah Reza Pahlavi had all done their parts in the whole process.

The strategy and hidden agendas of those elements were to install puppet/dictators whom they thought could cause the collapse of Islam and the Muslim communities in their own countries.

And by doing so they could turn those countries into secular ones.

Unfortunately, those dictators who were not smart enough to realize their own folly took the matters in their own hands and started to become cruel and starved them, until the could stomach it anymore.

Thus popular uprisings broke.

Ironically some of the ways are reminiscent of what many Americans had done in the 1960s, when they took to the streets in the name of the freedom of speech and of assembly, to march against tyranny and oppression and cruelty.

And it is not just against their own regimes and dictators but mostly against those who were backing them.

Few other Arab and Muslim countries have become much like Iran although they are not formally recognized as Islamic Republics yet.

And today we are seeing Egypt on the verge of becoming another Islamic Republic too, after Yemen.

Yes, America, the CIA and the UN are still the necessary evil that Muslims in the world still need, because their own leaders still do not know what’s been hitting them, because they are holed in their cocoons and totally oblivious to the dangers their billions of brethren face on a daily basis.

They can go on to pretend to lead the Muslim flock and be hailed for that, even when sometimes some of them get the full brunt of their own citizens.

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