Sunday, February 27, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

The Zionist elders know Zionism has not caused them to get their goal, which no one knows what, for theirs is a lost cause and a goal which can never be achieved.

They can only control and dominate America, because America and the other Americans are easy meat.

Haven’t they already got what they had wanted – to dominate and control America and all the establishments and systems in the country?

It is very easy for them to do that, which they could do in a very short period of time.

But it is not easy for them to control Palestine; the Palestinians and Arabs who are made of sterner stuff compared to the Americans, as they found out.

Zionism and the Zionist elders have only brought untold misery to the World Jewry and to Judaism whose values have been trampled upon, much to the chagrin of the more pious Learned Rabbis.

They cannot go on to talk about how they had freed Palestinian land, as the situation is still fluid. It is just a temporary situation which can change drastically.

If there is divine intervention, the whole of the Zionist state could perish in a natural or even unnatural disaster, which no one can predict like what it will be.

Maybe Iran president Ahmadenijad has a rough idea, but he is not telling. As a former mathematic professor who still teaches on the side, he is still calculating his next move and wondering what the Higher Being will want to do next.

The Zionist elders are not the more superior group of Rabbis and they cannot pass edicts which are not already those that are enshrined in their Torah and other books of old.

The more they try to, the more they falter as they continue to grab land from the Palestinians inch by inch and killing them as they go along in their rampage which has taken place for more than six decades.

These are the six decades of the decadent of Zionism and a small group of confused Zionists who still want to call themselves Jews even when they do not behave like them.

The Zionist regime has caused untold damage and misery to the Israelis and Jews there and elsewhere, without them knowing it. So it’s time they are given the boot so all the Jews can live in peaceful coexistence with the others in the Middle East and the rest of the world in a situation, pre-October, 1967.

The ouster of the Zionist regime can also cause America to tread along its prepared path as envisioned by its founding fathers to become the beacon of democracy in the world, and not just a mere protector of the Zionist regime.

America’s ideals and aspirations and greatness have all been hijacked by the haste its earlier political, military, business and academic leadership had surrendered their souls to protect a regime which did not have any real purpose to exist in the first place.

The Jews must now do the impossible like the many brave Arabs who have already done the impossible.

The Jews must care for their well-being and future and not those of the Zionist elders and Zionism which have all proven to be false gods with their prophesies.

Come back to the true path all the Children of Israel and embrace universalism and take heed of the wise words of the Sacred Books and enjoin the others who are ‘People of the Book’ for it can only lead them to their ultimate salvation.

They had caused Hosni Mubarak to pack up his bags from the presidential palace in Heliopolis in Kaherah to go to Shams el-Sheikh. It is a resort city by the Red Sea, but he and his family are certainly not there to enjoy the sun and beach.

Hosni is there to spend the last years of his life in solitude.

Other brave Arabs are still trying to do what the Mesri had done to Hosni; they want to get rid of Muamar Ghadaffy, and are succeeding but  not as much as they had wanted. They are getting there slowly but surely, as do their brethren in Bahrain and also Yemen would.

Tunisia is history with the ouster of Ben Ali and his regime.

But where are the brave Jews and Israelis?

Getting of the repressive regimes in these Arab countries was more difficult than ousting the Zionist regime.

Why are they not on the streets calling for the ouster of the ruthless and brutal Zionist regime?

They have not done the Jews any good.

They had only spent a fleeting moment of more than six decades making a fool of themselves, while at the same time giving the Jews a bad name and reputation.

The Zionist regime is as good as Ariel Sharon – a vegetable.

They had misinterpreted the Holy Taurah (or Torah). Where does it say it that the Arabs and Palestinians must be evicted from their ancestral land that they had kept since Biblical times?

And where in the other Holy Books do they repeat it?

Where did the mentality of the Zionist leaders come from? Their views on anything are never supported by the Learned Rabbis of the old school who disapprove of all their actions and who do not believe in the creation of the Zionist state.

Check with those Rabbis in the Naturei Karta organization in America or their website:

And I was also told of the many Jews from Morocco who had decided to return to Israel, but after a while, a few of them decided to leave the country to return to Morocco where they thought they were given a better deal living in an Arab country.

The Morocco Jews could see for themselves how they were treated when living in an Arab country and how the Arabs suffer on a daily basis living in a self-confessed Jewish one, when it is a Zionist one.

It is indeed strange how such an activity of the Jews from Morocco returning to Israel and back to Morocco has not been made.

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