Friday, July 25, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

The Zionists do not realize that they are being surrounded all over; the more they persecute the Palestinians the more they are surrounded.

Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi Netanyahu) must realize that his predecessors too had failed to do what the Zionist Elders had wanted them to do, which is to completely steal the lands belonging to the Palestinians and Arabs or Muslims and to finally discover even a tiny fraction of historical evidence linking the Temple of Solomon to the Masjid Al-Aqsa in Baitulmukaddis or Jerusalem.

It has been such a long time of digging by the Zionist archeologists yet, none of them had found anything underneath the masjd.

Surprisingly, none of them had bothered to plant any evidence to link the existence of the Temple to the Masjid, till now. They can do this and proclaim to the whole world that the Temple had stood there long before the Masjid.

But they never dared to do this.

They know that by doing this they can inflame the entire Muslim World, which would finally react collectively against them.

So they pretend to dig and go on digging to see nothing just so that they can continue to persecute the Palestinians and Arabs into submission, because the neighboring Arabs would not do anything to this, as is also what is happening now.

What is Bibi trying to proof with this new spoof? It is nothing but a repeat of what he had done few times before.

In fact, what he is doing now is nothing new; it is all copied by his predecessors, from Ben Gurion to Golda Meir, to Ariel Sharon

Yet, Ariel Sharon became remorseful later in his life as prime minister of the Zionist state of Israel when he called for the better treatment of the Palestinians, in a press conference which saw younger Bibi looking amazed and confused, and with some of the Zionist reports leaving the room.

And not too long later, Ariel was found to be suffering from a medical problem which caused him to be in the state of coma for a very long time.

The logic of the Zionist is what they see and read and can interpret in their holy book, is what matters, and if it says that their Temple of Solomon once stood where Masjid Al-Aqsa is, then they must locate it and claim it, by even demolishing the Masjid which they know is the third holiest site in Islam.

The Zionists would use the holy books of the Jews to unleash their evil deeds, yet, there is nothing in the holy books of the Jews, the Torah and Talmud that describes the Zionists as the modern-day saviors of the Jews.

In fact, the better educated and more pious Jews, the Hassidic Jews or Orthodox Jews do not recognize the Zionists and the Zionist state of Israel with them refusing to even visit the artificially created and United Nations-created state as long as it was not completely returned to the Palestinians under who the Hassidic Jews would rather prefer to live under.

The World Hassidim cries on the day of the creation of the Zionist state of Israel and they hold demonstrations to criticize the Zionist leaders for creating hell for the Jews.

In fact, the Zionist experiment of wanting a separate state of their own on lands owned previously by the Palestinians have not brought in all the Jews in the world.

Most of the Jews who had fled to America refused to return to Israel; only those who were in East Europe would do that. But they did it purely for economic reasons.

There were some of them who later changed their mind and left Israel, especially those who had lived for generations in some of the Arab countries, where they managed to prosper.

There were many Jews who had prospered living and working in Arab and other Muslim countries including one who was even elected prime minister of Singapore despite him being in a such a small community of Jews, yet, he could get the votes even from the non-Jews and who were Muslims there.

Now all the Jews in Singapore, those who had preferred not to leave the country to go to Australia and elsewhere are quiet; they have failed to excel. And thanks to the Zionist Movement and their leaders.

In fact, even the Jews in the Zionist state of Israel today feel persecuted. Didn’t Bibi also feel persecuted and surrounded?

Where in the world can Bibi go to show off his power?

He can only go to America again and again. He definitely cannot even go to most of the countries in the west, let alone those in Asia and Africa.

So what’s so great about this?

And what’s so great about Ariel Sharon and his other predecessors that when they died, the state funeral that was given to honor them was not carried live by the world media, unlike the funeral of Nelson Mandela who opposed the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

And for that matter, where can the Jews of Israel go to for a holiday? They cannot even go to America in tour packages with their tour leader holding proudly the small flag of Israel, much like how the Japanese, South Koreans and Chinese often do.

Those who are in the Zionist state of Israel are mostly the poor and uneducated from the many countries in the former Soviet Union and Europe, who came to Israel not to help it develop but to benefit from the charity that the country can offer them.

So in the end, with the dearth of quality citizens, Israel can collapse from within, as the Palestinians move out of their lands to explore new possibilities so much so that in the final analysis, what the Zionists have managed to get today, can be returned.

The Zionists cannot triumph over the Palestinians. If they have not managed to do this in all the seventy years, then surely, this is a strong indication that their attempt to erase Palestine from the map of the Middle East too would fail.

The Zionists can only launch air, sea and land attacks on the West Bank and Gaza Strip every few years, and in the process destroy buildings and kill innocent young Palestinians.

But they cannot do what they had wanted to do which is to push all the Palestinians out of their lands.

There are now many Palestinians in Israel who are citizens of the country; and their numbers are growing big, and if the immigration of new Jews from East Europe eases, then in time, their population can become more prominent and dominant, even in the Apartheid state of Israel.

So the New Romans are already inside the New Masada!

They had created an experiment which was flawed right from the very beginning. It was a tragic mistake that the Zionist Elders had done with the creation of the Zionist state of Israel that has lasted for more than seventy years.

The Soviet Union lasted for as long, and with powerful military capabilities, yet, it collapsed, from within.

Will Bibi see the end of the existence of the Zionist state of Israel in his life-time?

After all, he had seen and heard for himself how his immediate predecessor, Ariel Sharon had said publicly and openly with passion how the Palestinians ought to be given back their lands…   

Or do they still want to continue living in the self-created New Concentration Camp not much different than the one the Nazis created for them in Auschwitz in the 1940s or the New Masada they had created for themselves with the New Romans they had created from amongst the Palestinians?

Thursday, July 24, 2014


By Mansor Puteh.

American world heavyweight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali, made most Americans familiar with the name of Muhammad which is perhaps the most common of all Muslim names, like George for the English when it should have been Jesus, but it is not.    

And of course, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Benazir Bhutto and a host of other contemporary characters whose personas were created by the western media, too, have contributed towards the greater awareness of who and what is a Muslim in their own special and unique way – also thanks to the cynics.

Worse, they were all created by America, one way or the other! They had trusted America too much and were played by them later, after what they had tried to do for America was done.

Saddam’s fault was that he trusted America too much, and thought he could get away with some ‘petty crimes’ he thought he commit with the full blessings of America. How wrong was he, for having fallen in the trap laid by America which was not known to be grateful to its allies for having done their job for them to fight the Soviet Communists in Afghanistan where their soldiers could not dare to march into on their own?  

Yes, we all know that the American aim to fight terrorism and their terrorists, which is good. Nobody can fight over that. But who are the good people of the world and who are the bad?

This is something that we have not yet decided yet. And the Muslims will never acknowledge that they are the ones who are the bad, considering that they had not caused untold miseries on any country or had destroyed it.

Terrorism in the world is not a recent activity. In modern history, it could be said to have started in the Thirteenth Century, if not earlier, when many European countries started to send out their naval fleet to wrest control of foreign countries in Asia and Africa which had long had their own civilizations and systems of government and were living at peace with each other, also in their quest to ‘discover’ the world to see if it was indeed flat. 

It is just too bad that universities in the Muslim World do not have courses on the history of world terrorism and Western colonization. They definitely cannot expect those in the West to have them. 

Western colonialism came into being and forced the world to be better engaged with each other. Unfortunately, this exercise brought more confusion, enmity than ever before, of which we can still feel its effect till today.

The reverse tide started to happen when the Americans started to seek independence from Britain which they finally got in 1776.

Yet they still failed to realize that there are some people in the world, including those in the Middle East have been trying to do it till now, without hope for a just solution.

Unfortunately, their enemies, too, want to do the same – to fight terrorism and their terrorists. The sufferings that their ancestors and even parents could be easily be forgotten despite their lands that had been forcibly taken from them.

Melaka (or Malacca as the British colonialists called it) was under the colonization and domination of the major European and English, including for a short period, the Japanese, for 400 years.

Despite that we still managed to keep our senses and forced them to leave. They have left just some semblance of their former influences which are being kept mostly in the concrete buildings that they had built to keep their power at bay and staff comfortable.

The local Malays were not their enemies, but time. They could not sustain their greed for long and soon enough the felt guilty. God had a way of punishing them until they became nauseous of their own behavior and attitude.

The world is now conveniently divided into distinct parts, the Muslim World and the West.

The Americans and the West have condemned Muslims and Islam for their own failures and shortcomings. They had wrongly assumed that the Muslims and Islam were incompatible with development and modernity and charged that they were envious with the way of life in the West.

The opposite seems to be the truth, since many people in the West were ‘envious’ that many Muslims had chosen to live simply even in caves without the use of any modernity. They were happy and contented, while their counterparts who had everything were not contented even with all the things that they had.

And we are supposed to be other's terrorists. No one can claim to be in full control over the definition of who and what is a terrorist, however, much one can be in the control of the media.

Does America and all Americans, therefore, hate such ‘extremists’ and their own brand of ‘extremism’? I doubt it.

The Muslim World always hopes that the American leaders, especially, and it’s public to be generous in their portrayal and description of the Muslims.

It is all about the war of the media and the Muslims and Islam getting caught along the way. 

It is not only a media war. It is also not a psychological war or a war over a word. It is real as well as an imaginary war.

American leaders think they have correctly pinpointed the true malaise of the world system which is to identify the terrorists, and in doing so found a face and a religion. 

How smart are their media gate-keepers and think-tankers and other policy and decision-makers and other experts for bringing out such issues, which in the past were not there before.

Otherwise, legendary Hollywood actor of the silent era, Rudolf Valentino would not have been hailed as a ‘romantic hero’ mostly for portraying Arab sheiks.

And not surprisingly, no one in America has ever brought this matter up, as thought they want this interesting and unusual aspect in its popular culture be totally forgotten, that the Arabs were profiled by Hollywood and entertainment media as such and not as ‘terrorists’.

Maybe we all should return to the age of the silent era of the cinema in Hollywood where silence spoke volumes and American lead actors are Arab sheiks again…

Monday, July 21, 2014


By Mansor Puteh.


It is at times like these that we want to return to America during the time of President John F Kennedy.

One could go in and out of America with so much ease but not to the Soviet Union or the Communist bloc countries where one cannot move anywhere without being watched and trailed.

The American embassies could organize cultural and artistic functions without fearing about its security.

How times have indeed change, for the worse for America and it is also not for the better for the Russians, too, the two so-called superpowers who have lost their way.

It’s not making it any easier and better for America and some countries which are allied with it, the more they over-react; the more they do things which are considered universally as uncivilized and totally unreasonable.

It’s not that they are in good shape economically, but politically as well. Their credibility is at stake, if they still this is important to them. 

The rest of the world is watching.

Now one dreads going anywhere near them in the fortified enclaves with many security personnel and equipments.

I remember going to their open counter at the AIA Building in Jalan Ampang without being frisked or asked to declare my presence and identity or to leave any electronic gadget on the main entrance on the ground floor, and getting to see their staff when I had to apply for my student visa to study at a university in New York City in the late 1970s.

Now, one cannot be sure if one can get a visa, even if one is offered a place to study anywhere in the country, or to travel there as a tourist. Even then, one can still be barred from entering the country after landing at the airport after flying for more than 24 hours and spending a bit on the return tickets and other personal expenses.

The reverse has happened when one fears going to America but not to the former Communist countries.

It is a wise decision to find faults with 1.5 billion Muslims while protecting the well-being of only six million of another group of people?

America has its arithmetic wrong. It needs to calculate its future better and figure out what’s good for them and for everybody else in the world so we can return to the time of John F Kennedy again when Americans are free to roam even the remotest villages in the countries in the Third World.

Now they can’t even sit pretty and speak loudly in fancy cafes outside of America.      

And we only have Barack Hussein Obama, which is good enough – a Black-White reincarnation of him who seems to be quite aware of America’s own follies and foibles to take his country back to the type of civilization that we know of and want to care for and admit that terrorism can be caused by countries that claim to be the true champions and defenders of democracy more than those who do not.

The future is bleak for those who had caused untold damage to democracy and world peace; they are safe for now. They can be condemned in the World Court of Public Opinion, New World Literature and New World Cinema with America and the west being turned upside down so they can get to see a better view of the whole world which they had all taken for granted for so long.       

Terrorism was introduced to the Muslim World or to some Muslims, and the world at large by countries which claim to be the champions and defenders of democracy, so that they can create the cycle of confusion for which they can think they can benefit from.

It was never in the thinking and action of the Muslims whose countries have been destroyed, pillaged and plundered by the invaders from the west for centuries with many of them killed and maimed.

I may be a filmmaker by training, but my trek to 33 countries around the world over the last few decades, to attend film festivals, seminars and forums and to search for interesting stories for my books and screenplays, had allowed me to see more things that the ordinary Americans could not especially if they try to read the minds of the Muslims and putting them into two groups, Muslims whom they consider to be moderates and extremists.

What’s wrong in being an extremist, if one is extremely kind; and what good in being a moderate if one is moderately evil?

I’m afraid the Americans and English, who use such terms, do not understand the English language well. They do it in their haste to brand those who are innocent while trying to promote themselves as the New Saviors of the Old World that they had lost altogether. 

So no wonder they are lost in their own thoughts and actions which have caused untold miseries to the Muslims who are now their favorite punching bag, after the Soviet Communists had been tamed – courtesy of some Muslim and Afghan warriors.

These groups are really not mentioned in the Holy Quran. So don’t blame Islam for the work of a small group of individuals who claim to profess the Islamic faith. Blame it on the biases and prejudices of those who are bent on blaming Islam. This is what is it is all about.

It is therefore, something that was invented by the less fertile minds of some Orientalists or indecent intellectuals for pure expedience; mostly to reflect their personal biases, prejudices and even abhorrence that the Muslim World does not wish to compete with the West; for the Muslims have our own different sets of goals to achieve. 

Most Americans or westerners won’t know who Muslims are anymore these days from the way they look and from their names. There are more and more Muslims who also have English and other ‘strange’ sounding names, mine included and doing things that their parents could never dream of.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

This is not reverse psychology; it is the truth.

The Muslim World was fractured for a very long time. Despite the Muslim reading and studying from one source of inspiration and book called the Holy Koran, but they were still not united.

So the Ummah has failed not only the Holy Koran, but also Islam and worse of all, Allah.

The problem being the so many religious leaders and figures in every Muslim and Arab country think that their interpretation of what they have read in the Holy Koran to be the best one, so in the end with all of them adopting the same posture and trying to better than the others to allow them easy access to Jannah or Heaven, they had caused the Entire Muslim World to collapse.

They have served not Allah but the Devil, without them realizing it.

Some would also form so called ‘Islamic political parties’ to exert whatever beliefs that they have on Islam, and in doing so cause the Muslims in their respective countries to be divided by their own religion.

And worse, there are some western-educated Muslim intellectuals who have established the so-called Islamic studies centers which have also not benefited Islam; they have only benefited themselves.

The Entire Muslim World is definitely not any better with these centers then before they were established.

All of them have failed to realize what the common book of Islam and why the Holy Kaabah were there really for.  

With the common physical focus of the Holy Kaabah which is the ‘kiblat’ for all Muslims to face to when praying, yet, in truth, they are going in all directions.

No Muslim leader knows why there is such a focus which other religions do not have. They do not know what the Holy Kaabah and the ‘kiblat’ mean. They just look in that direction without knowing why.

They also did not know why America and the Zionists were created. And why economic development was more prevalent in the countries in the west which were mostly non-Muslims.

They also did not know why many Muslim countries were endowed with immense natural resources, especially OIL.

And how there are now more Muslim countries in the world than those which are supposed to be of the other religions.

Worse, they do not know why the Zionists were created. Despite their number being so small, yet, they could cause untold damage on the lives of many Muslims, especially the Palestinians or why the Zionist state had to be in the middle of the Arab World in the Middle East and not somewhere else such as in Europe.

They were cunning; they made sure they were able to use or misuse the United Nations apparatus by first of all controlling and dominating America, which has become paralyzed by fear of such a small rogue state whose presence in the Middle East region to be out of place in all ways.  

The Muslim political and religious leaders simply do not know why they are so. They just react to the brutality that is being done on themselves without ever knowing why they have to happen and what possible lessons they could get from all that.

The most that they can do is to get angry and with some retaliating by using their bodies as bombs, or by throwing stones to vent their anger.

When there are many valuable lessons that they could learn from all that had happened to the Muslims since the fall of Al-Andalusia or Spain in the Fifteenth Century, which is in itself a lesson that Muslims had not pondered to learn why that had to happen.

Also, on how and why Turkiye or Turkey had to have Mustafa Kamal Ataturk and the Turkish people rejecting Islam as their national political policy.

The problem being, their religious elders and political leaders were not smart to know how to read the text and interpret the meanings that are in it.

So they do not know what lessons that they could learn from all the things that have happened.

And many of them still don’t till today, so no wonder the Muslim World is still fractured and the Muslim Ummah disunited.

But the creation of Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel were what had caused the Muslim World to be united in other ways and the Zionist leaders and chauvinists are the people who are now helping to promote Islam especially in the west, as it has now become more and more apparent.

At least it is now seen to be so, despite that it is not so united still.

But the situation today is not as bad as it was then.

The creation of the Zionist state of Israel forced the Muslim leaders to create the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) – which many Muslims say ‘Oh, I see…’ since they are huge but are also a toothless tiger indeed.

They have biannual conferences which spend a lot of money and effort to organize, yet, all that the leaders of the 57 Muslim countries could ever do is to come up with resolutions which the foreign minister of the host country reads like they mean anything.

The truth is that the ten resolutions that were passed in each of the conferences do not mean anything.

If there is any meaning to them, it is because they are totally meaningless. The resolutions could be written by anyone without him having to do much.

So far, none of the resolutions has been adopted by any country in the OIC.

The problem with the OIC is that many of the leaders of the 57countries do not care for the well-being of the Ummah; they only care for themselves and their personal well-being.

They are doing okay. Their wives also attend the conferences and have their own activities at the side, but all they do is to go shopping.

And most of them are not known to be concerned with the well-being of the ordinary folks in their own countries.

The other problem with the leaders of the OIC and those whom they get to cling around them is that they are all too narrow-minded. They are also not well-educated to know what is good for their own countries.

They are copycat leaders and their economic experts copy what the western countries had done. They do not know what their individual countries are good at and what sorts of talents they have that can be exploited.

So no wonder, all of them have expensive stadiums, television stations, but they are mostly used as convenient facilities for performers in the west to perform at.

Monday, July 14, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Is America or American filmmakers still stuck to the past? I thought films on slavery in the early years of the country are now passé. But this may not be the case.

‘12 Years a slave’ should not have been made; it does not prove anything other than to show the acting prowess of some of its lead actor.

Last year’s Academy Awards would have turned out to be much better if it did not distract the attention of the members of the academy and public.

The world did not seem to care with such a film; so no wonder it did not go on well with the audiences in Malaysia and in many other countries including even in America itself.

At best, it should have been made as a television feature.

American slaves now do not have to speak in pidgin English; they can be expected to speak in proper English, as what the producers and actors in this film had chosen to do.

So one did not get to hear some Black or African-American slaves saying, ‘I is not happy…’ or ‘You is a good man…’ anymore. They can all sound like they had gone to college.

And like the many others, I also chose not to watch this film in the cinemas and even on DVD.

I also decided to pass watching ‘American Hustler’ in the cinemas and even on DVD as well as on the planes when I was flying from here to New York City and to Tehran earlier this year.

I chose to watch other programs especially documentaries. ‘I is happy’ to watch documentaries of people and places anytime.

What’s important and interesting in America and in American cinema may not be interesting to many elsewhere throughout the world.

‘12 Years a slave’ may have won numerous Oscars for its creators, but it still does not mean that it is an interesting or important film for the rest of the world, as did ‘American Hustler’.

Many Malaysians may share the sentiments of many Americans concerning these two particular films, but they are generally the unofficial spokesmen for America and American Cinema. I am not and never can be. America has their own persons who can do the job for them, especially those in the American Motion Pictures Arts and Science (AMPAS).

The Malaysians who marvel and wonder and admire at these two films which were the hot films in the last Academy Awards are mostly those who are not qualified in film, or who are brave to make their own stand.

They end up using the position of the Americans who boast about the greatness of these two films, and repeating whatever that has been said of them, using their own way or style and trying to sound original in their views, by not admitting that their views are second-hand views on them.

One must therefore look at films the same way one looks at fashion or food; we have Muslim fashion as well as food.

It seems that the theme for literature and also cinema concerning problems between the Whites or Caucasians and the Blacks or African-Americans are only present in America. The other countries in the west also do have Blacks but there does not seem to be that many novels or films that deal with such a subject.

’12 Years a slave’ therefore came as a surprise for me and also for some others, especially when I thought the subject of slavery in America had been dealt with over the last many years that there could not be anything more on the subject for anyone to use to produce a film with.

Not until the last year’s Academy Awards when this film appeared.

One therefore tended to think that it would deal with the same issue in the same predictable way. It does in many ways. Yet, the members of the Academy did not just push this film aside and on the other hand gave it some measure of importance and prominence, like they had not seen such a film before, like they wanted the Americans and the rest of the world to also take note of the long-standing issue concerning the Black-White issues of the past.

For me ’12 Years a slave’ is old hat.

From where I came from such issues really do not mean much.

For any Muslim such issues concerning the Black and White had been dealt with so long ago that it is not a problem anymore with many of them coming together and forming union that created off-springs that had benefited from the genetic make-up of their parents.

Over the centuries, there are now many Muslims comprising of people with mixed backgrounds.

 And any Muslim does not seem to notice or care anymore about how the other person looks like.

In America, it seems, this may still be an issue worthy of some discourse and enough for some to spend scores of millions of dollars to come up with films.

Most Muslims today do not remember the African-Muslim man called Bilal and what he stood for.   

Bilal ibn Habshi, an African man from Ethiopia was freed of bondage and he went on to cry out the azan during the time of the prophet, after he was chosen to do so by Prophet Mohmmed, pbuh.

But who will want to make a film on Bilal anyway? Bilal who? Even the Muslim and Muslim filmmakers do not know who he was anymore. They only know the ‘bilal’ who is an officer in the masjid without knowing why he came to be known by that name. But they know who sleeps with who in Hollywood… 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

I did not know whether to laugh or cry when I caught sight of the editorial in an English language daily recently. And after reading it, I want to think that it smacks of self-guilt and self-blame by them and to be fair, hoping that this would mark a new beginning in the attitude of its reporters and editors.  

What I find to be the most pathetic is how the paper and the other newspapers too can and must be blamed for the malaise on everything that the editorial claims to empathize by even going on their own madness by suggesting that by establishing a Hall of Fame things can be put right.

The first thing that ought to be put right is how the entertainment section of the paper itself which was vibrant especially when they had hardworking editors who knew the industry, but it fell to grace after they left, with the section almost gone.

No wonder the paper is not a favorite newspaper for many in the film industry and the arts and whose credibility is very low.

The commentaries on the film and arts activities in the city (I hate to say country) are made only by their full-time writers, who are not qualified to talk about them, so no wonder what they say do not add up to much or anything at all.

No wonder their regular writers and analysts have never been known to have got any recognition from the industry.

The film associations in Malaysia have never given due recognition to the paper for being in the fore-front of the development of the arts till now because they did not deserve it.

The newspaper has a bad attitude which is that ‘they need us, we do not need them!’ and they want to compete with the industry insiders who go places and do things, while those who are with paper are stuck where they are, waiting for the untimely death of someone in the arts for them to write on and feel sorry for.  

And the newspaper like the others including the Mandarin and Tamil ones would go out of their way to report on the death of some of the more prominent figures in the film and music industry.

Other news is not news, including the first Malaysian film to get a nomination for best film in a film festival in Europe in 1990. Which film?

And Malaysian filmmakers have received recognition in other international film festivals but they are hardly mentioned in the paper.

What does the paper want? To see the filmmaker winning the Oscar before he is considered to be good enough to be written about? Maybe not! He has to win not just one Oscar but a few, and only after the rest of the world has written and reported about him.

The paper’s editorial falls short by not looking at the real culprit.

Malaysia has immense artistic talent some of whom are first-class and who can go very, very far.

But what we do not have are officials in the respective ministries and agencies including the media, who are not at par with them in journalism.

As a former journalist and a member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) myself, I have seen how Malaysian journalism generally has regressed to become a tool of western propaganda.

The news organization had also not bothered to send their own reporters to study film and the arts, not that they could not afford it.

But the reason being that the editors do not have impressive academic backgrounds or professional experience to be able to bear with their presence should they return from their studies abroad.

No wonder the entertainment media is dominated by unqualified people in film and the arts who mostly write about the activities in the industry from their point of view as a general essayist.

In the end they are not able to see the stars for what they are until they die one by one when they start to feel sorry for them.   

The paper must start to blame the relevant ministries for failing to create wonderful artworks in all fields, especially film, which is the center of the artistic activities in the country.

The then ministry of information, arts and culture (Kementerian Penerangan, Kesenian dan Kebudayaan - KPKK) created the Dasar Industri Kreatif Negara (DIKN) which they launched with a lot of fanfare costing hundreds of thousands of ringgit at MATIC, yet, not long afterwards, it was scrapped.

The DIKN had given scores of millions of ringgit to producers of many forms of the art, especially films; yet, those who had received them had not been known to have done much to prove that they deserved to be given the grants, for which they did not have to pay a single sen.

Yet, no proper accounting has been conducted by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) to determine who had caused this to happen.

Some producers were given loans to produce their films, but the agreements say that they have to finance their films and the bank would reimburse what they had spent on the production of their film. How come no one has bothered to check this out to see if this is true or not?

This is definitely the strangest way for the ministry to offer loans to film producers to produce their films in the world. Did the paper know about this? Now that they do, but do they care?

DIKN was a wonderful tool and mechanism created by the government to create and encourage the growth of the entertainment industry, but it failed because the ministries did not have the best people to manage it.

This matter had not come to the personal attention of the entertainment reporters and editors at the paper because they did not have personal contacts and relationship with insiders, who could give them the right leads.

The problem with the editors at the paper is that they are smug; they like to think too highly of themselves.

Now, they are blaming the industry for failing to create stars which also make them look bad, because stars in the entertainment industry are everywhere, but they are not recorded by the paper and the other newspapers, with the Mandarin and Tamil ones looking at Hong Kong and India most of the time, with the English language ones looking at Hollywood.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

The FIFA World Cup Brasilia now halfway done with many of the teams having been sent home including those from countries which are famous for such sport.

Fortunately, this time around I do not see many Malaysians glued to the idiot box to watch the games. Malaysia is not in the finals.

So why bother waking up to watch any of the matches which are being shown live on satellite television anyway?

I only see the television stations and the newspapers which are excited with the games. The rest of the country is not.

And worse, there are some of the television stations which have special programs where they invite some sports or football commentators to talk about the matches that had taken place.

But all of them sound like they are robots; they do not have original views or ideas on what that they can say.

Football did not come from Malaysia and the game is one of the more popular and regular ones. Yet, Malaysia has never ever made it to the finals of any international matches except once when it qualified for the Olympics in Munich in 1971.

Other than that, they are lucky if they can get into the finals of any international meet, being knocked early in the first rounds of the World Cup.

And in the past the World Cup matches were well-watched, even when Malaysia was not playing; with many Malaysians happy to don the jerseys of the countries which are in them, with some even painting their faces with small flags of those countries.

How could any Malaysian want to do that flying the flags of another country?

And how could any sane Malaysian want to be proud to pick a popular team in the English Premier League (EPL) or those in Europe and South America like they were born in the cities where the teams are based?

Malaysians are some of the weirdest supporters of foreign football; they are proud to call themselves die-hard supporters of Manchester United and other teams in England with most of them not having been to Manchester City or lived there.

There are probably a few Malaysians who are proud to have spent their hard-earned income to go to Brazil to watch some of the matches spending thousands of ringgit.

And all that they can be proud of are the souvenirs and photos that they can bring back home after the games are over.

They can only say things that the others have said repeating everything they had heard or read in the papers on how the matches were held.

Malaysians are not known to be smart in talking about football or other sports for that matter, including films from America.

They only know how to repeat what has been said by foreign experts who ought to know better since they are talking about their sports team and films.

Worse, when there was a young Melayu boy who was dying of cancer, he hoped to be given the chance to go to Manchester City to watch his favorite team, Manchester United.

He probably thought he could go to heaven if he had gone to Manchester City, and not to Mekkah in Saudi Arabia to view the Holy Kaabah.

Whoever had taught him to think like this? The media in Malaysia. And why didn’t his own parents tell him not to consider going to Manchester City and go to Mekkah instead? 

And in this year’s FIFA World Cup, two Muslim countries are in the finals, they are Iran and Algeria.

Apart from the Iranians, who would definitely fast, only the captain of the Algerian team has said he is fasting. The other players declined to comment on the matter, which sounds like they do not dare to admit that they are not fasting during Ramadan this year when the World Cup games are being held.

It is therefore unfortunate that the Muslim players would forgo fasting because they believe that winning the Cup serves a higher purpose than to fast.

Yet, their country does not seem to care.

They are no different to the female Muslim athletes who would parade half or almost naked taking part in swimming events in international meets including the Olympics because they believe they too are serving a higher cause that they can forgo Islamic values, with the religious leaders in their own countries looking elsewhere and praying that they could win some medals for the glory of their country.

It is also unfortunately and ironic that the same religious bodies would conduct searches and ambushes on unmarried couples who behave indecently and those who eat openly during Ramadan, yet, they can look elsewhere at the female athletes who parade naked in public.

I had never ever tried to admire foreign football. I had my earlier experiences watching football at the state level in Melaka where I was born and grew up in.

My father was a football fan. But I did not know which team he supported. He would take me to some of the matches including those that were held away from where we lived.

But since he had a car, we could go there and anywhere in the state.

Fortunately, too Melaka is not so large and there were only few football fields where the matches were held.

I did not acquire the taste of watching football matches when I grew up later.

In fact, I hated the World Cup and EPL and whatever international leagues they are, unlike the many others who would go out of their way to stay up to watch the matches that are being shown live on satellite television in Malaysia.

To me it was nothing but a sheer waste of time and energy!

And I am glad this time around the World Cup finals in Brasilia seems to be dead in Malaysia; they are nothing for Malaysians to scream about.