Friday, July 25, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

The Zionists do not realize that they are being surrounded all over; the more they persecute the Palestinians the more they are surrounded.

Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi Netanyahu) must realize that his predecessors too had failed to do what the Zionist Elders had wanted them to do, which is to completely steal the lands belonging to the Palestinians and Arabs or Muslims and to finally discover even a tiny fraction of historical evidence linking the Temple of Solomon to the Masjid Al-Aqsa in Baitulmukaddis or Jerusalem.

It has been such a long time of digging by the Zionist archeologists yet, none of them had found anything underneath the masjd.

Surprisingly, none of them had bothered to plant any evidence to link the existence of the Temple to the Masjid, till now. They can do this and proclaim to the whole world that the Temple had stood there long before the Masjid.

But they never dared to do this.

They know that by doing this they can inflame the entire Muslim World, which would finally react collectively against them.

So they pretend to dig and go on digging to see nothing just so that they can continue to persecute the Palestinians and Arabs into submission, because the neighboring Arabs would not do anything to this, as is also what is happening now.

What is Bibi trying to proof with this new spoof? It is nothing but a repeat of what he had done few times before.

In fact, what he is doing now is nothing new; it is all copied by his predecessors, from Ben Gurion to Golda Meir, to Ariel Sharon

Yet, Ariel Sharon became remorseful later in his life as prime minister of the Zionist state of Israel when he called for the better treatment of the Palestinians, in a press conference which saw younger Bibi looking amazed and confused, and with some of the Zionist reports leaving the room.

And not too long later, Ariel was found to be suffering from a medical problem which caused him to be in the state of coma for a very long time.

The logic of the Zionist is what they see and read and can interpret in their holy book, is what matters, and if it says that their Temple of Solomon once stood where Masjid Al-Aqsa is, then they must locate it and claim it, by even demolishing the Masjid which they know is the third holiest site in Islam.

The Zionists would use the holy books of the Jews to unleash their evil deeds, yet, there is nothing in the holy books of the Jews, the Torah and Talmud that describes the Zionists as the modern-day saviors of the Jews.

In fact, the better educated and more pious Jews, the Hassidic Jews or Orthodox Jews do not recognize the Zionists and the Zionist state of Israel with them refusing to even visit the artificially created and United Nations-created state as long as it was not completely returned to the Palestinians under who the Hassidic Jews would rather prefer to live under.

The World Hassidim cries on the day of the creation of the Zionist state of Israel and they hold demonstrations to criticize the Zionist leaders for creating hell for the Jews.

In fact, the Zionist experiment of wanting a separate state of their own on lands owned previously by the Palestinians have not brought in all the Jews in the world.

Most of the Jews who had fled to America refused to return to Israel; only those who were in East Europe would do that. But they did it purely for economic reasons.

There were some of them who later changed their mind and left Israel, especially those who had lived for generations in some of the Arab countries, where they managed to prosper.

There were many Jews who had prospered living and working in Arab and other Muslim countries including one who was even elected prime minister of Singapore despite him being in a such a small community of Jews, yet, he could get the votes even from the non-Jews and who were Muslims there.

Now all the Jews in Singapore, those who had preferred not to leave the country to go to Australia and elsewhere are quiet; they have failed to excel. And thanks to the Zionist Movement and their leaders.

In fact, even the Jews in the Zionist state of Israel today feel persecuted. Didn’t Bibi also feel persecuted and surrounded?

Where in the world can Bibi go to show off his power?

He can only go to America again and again. He definitely cannot even go to most of the countries in the west, let alone those in Asia and Africa.

So what’s so great about this?

And what’s so great about Ariel Sharon and his other predecessors that when they died, the state funeral that was given to honor them was not carried live by the world media, unlike the funeral of Nelson Mandela who opposed the creation of the Zionist state of Israel.

And for that matter, where can the Jews of Israel go to for a holiday? They cannot even go to America in tour packages with their tour leader holding proudly the small flag of Israel, much like how the Japanese, South Koreans and Chinese often do.

Those who are in the Zionist state of Israel are mostly the poor and uneducated from the many countries in the former Soviet Union and Europe, who came to Israel not to help it develop but to benefit from the charity that the country can offer them.

So in the end, with the dearth of quality citizens, Israel can collapse from within, as the Palestinians move out of their lands to explore new possibilities so much so that in the final analysis, what the Zionists have managed to get today, can be returned.

The Zionists cannot triumph over the Palestinians. If they have not managed to do this in all the seventy years, then surely, this is a strong indication that their attempt to erase Palestine from the map of the Middle East too would fail.

The Zionists can only launch air, sea and land attacks on the West Bank and Gaza Strip every few years, and in the process destroy buildings and kill innocent young Palestinians.

But they cannot do what they had wanted to do which is to push all the Palestinians out of their lands.

There are now many Palestinians in Israel who are citizens of the country; and their numbers are growing big, and if the immigration of new Jews from East Europe eases, then in time, their population can become more prominent and dominant, even in the Apartheid state of Israel.

So the New Romans are already inside the New Masada!

They had created an experiment which was flawed right from the very beginning. It was a tragic mistake that the Zionist Elders had done with the creation of the Zionist state of Israel that has lasted for more than seventy years.

The Soviet Union lasted for as long, and with powerful military capabilities, yet, it collapsed, from within.

Will Bibi see the end of the existence of the Zionist state of Israel in his life-time?

After all, he had seen and heard for himself how his immediate predecessor, Ariel Sharon had said publicly and openly with passion how the Palestinians ought to be given back their lands…   

Or do they still want to continue living in the self-created New Concentration Camp not much different than the one the Nazis created for them in Auschwitz in the 1940s or the New Masada they had created for themselves with the New Romans they had created from amongst the Palestinians?

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