Thursday, July 17, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

This is not reverse psychology; it is the truth.

The Muslim World was fractured for a very long time. Despite the Muslim reading and studying from one source of inspiration and book called the Holy Koran, but they were still not united.

So the Ummah has failed not only the Holy Koran, but also Islam and worse of all, Allah.

The problem being the so many religious leaders and figures in every Muslim and Arab country think that their interpretation of what they have read in the Holy Koran to be the best one, so in the end with all of them adopting the same posture and trying to better than the others to allow them easy access to Jannah or Heaven, they had caused the Entire Muslim World to collapse.

They have served not Allah but the Devil, without them realizing it.

Some would also form so called ‘Islamic political parties’ to exert whatever beliefs that they have on Islam, and in doing so cause the Muslims in their respective countries to be divided by their own religion.

And worse, there are some western-educated Muslim intellectuals who have established the so-called Islamic studies centers which have also not benefited Islam; they have only benefited themselves.

The Entire Muslim World is definitely not any better with these centers then before they were established.

All of them have failed to realize what the common book of Islam and why the Holy Kaabah were there really for.  

With the common physical focus of the Holy Kaabah which is the ‘kiblat’ for all Muslims to face to when praying, yet, in truth, they are going in all directions.

No Muslim leader knows why there is such a focus which other religions do not have. They do not know what the Holy Kaabah and the ‘kiblat’ mean. They just look in that direction without knowing why.

They also did not know why America and the Zionists were created. And why economic development was more prevalent in the countries in the west which were mostly non-Muslims.

They also did not know why many Muslim countries were endowed with immense natural resources, especially OIL.

And how there are now more Muslim countries in the world than those which are supposed to be of the other religions.

Worse, they do not know why the Zionists were created. Despite their number being so small, yet, they could cause untold damage on the lives of many Muslims, especially the Palestinians or why the Zionist state had to be in the middle of the Arab World in the Middle East and not somewhere else such as in Europe.

They were cunning; they made sure they were able to use or misuse the United Nations apparatus by first of all controlling and dominating America, which has become paralyzed by fear of such a small rogue state whose presence in the Middle East region to be out of place in all ways.  

The Muslim political and religious leaders simply do not know why they are so. They just react to the brutality that is being done on themselves without ever knowing why they have to happen and what possible lessons they could get from all that.

The most that they can do is to get angry and with some retaliating by using their bodies as bombs, or by throwing stones to vent their anger.

When there are many valuable lessons that they could learn from all that had happened to the Muslims since the fall of Al-Andalusia or Spain in the Fifteenth Century, which is in itself a lesson that Muslims had not pondered to learn why that had to happen.

Also, on how and why Turkiye or Turkey had to have Mustafa Kamal Ataturk and the Turkish people rejecting Islam as their national political policy.

The problem being, their religious elders and political leaders were not smart to know how to read the text and interpret the meanings that are in it.

So they do not know what lessons that they could learn from all the things that have happened.

And many of them still don’t till today, so no wonder the Muslim World is still fractured and the Muslim Ummah disunited.

But the creation of Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel were what had caused the Muslim World to be united in other ways and the Zionist leaders and chauvinists are the people who are now helping to promote Islam especially in the west, as it has now become more and more apparent.

At least it is now seen to be so, despite that it is not so united still.

But the situation today is not as bad as it was then.

The creation of the Zionist state of Israel forced the Muslim leaders to create the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) – which many Muslims say ‘Oh, I see…’ since they are huge but are also a toothless tiger indeed.

They have biannual conferences which spend a lot of money and effort to organize, yet, all that the leaders of the 57 Muslim countries could ever do is to come up with resolutions which the foreign minister of the host country reads like they mean anything.

The truth is that the ten resolutions that were passed in each of the conferences do not mean anything.

If there is any meaning to them, it is because they are totally meaningless. The resolutions could be written by anyone without him having to do much.

So far, none of the resolutions has been adopted by any country in the OIC.

The problem with the OIC is that many of the leaders of the 57countries do not care for the well-being of the Ummah; they only care for themselves and their personal well-being.

They are doing okay. Their wives also attend the conferences and have their own activities at the side, but all they do is to go shopping.

And most of them are not known to be concerned with the well-being of the ordinary folks in their own countries.

The other problem with the leaders of the OIC and those whom they get to cling around them is that they are all too narrow-minded. They are also not well-educated to know what is good for their own countries.

They are copycat leaders and their economic experts copy what the western countries had done. They do not know what their individual countries are good at and what sorts of talents they have that can be exploited.

So no wonder, all of them have expensive stadiums, television stations, but they are mostly used as convenient facilities for performers in the west to perform at.

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Jane Stillwater said...

All too true. But. What can we do to change any of this? Muslim countries are getting weaker and weaker with each passing day as they keep trying to eat each other alive. Or Israeli and American neo-cons actually do eat them for lunch.