Wednesday, February 29, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

So it is amazing how early Utusan reporters and editors could rise so high in their careers when they leave the paper and had also reported and more importantly and interestingly, affected and even caused the shaping of the history of Malaysia and Singapore, as it still does, especially in Malaysia where the paper still assumes such a role or enlightening its readers.

Of course, Othman surprised me when on seeing me for the first time while extending his hand to shake with mine, when he said he had seen me on television.

So I suppose he has not severed his links with Malaysia as what he said afterwards in the interview seems to suggest.

We also managed to meet with former senior minister of foreign affairs of Singapore, Zainul Ariffin Rasheed who didn’t seem to care or was worried very much with his loss in the last general election in Singapore, as he is now busy working as an ambassador-at-large for Qatar and based in Singapore and also a consultant with the Straits Times Press there.

Despite the short notice and his busy schedule, Zainul still wanted to meet us in a Turkish restaurant for a chat.

We really did not plan to visit the Jalan Ampas Studios though as it was not our main reason to visit Singapore recently.

The only reason why the side trip happened was because Zam decided that we did not have to go to a bookstore to browse for new books to buy, so to spend a few more hours in the republic before we cross over to Johor Baru, I decided that we went there instead, without expecting much from it.

The GPS took us there in no time from Geylang Serai where we had had breakfast with the crowd which comprised mostly of the local Malays some of whom were from Malaysia.

One of the waiters who hailed from Pulau Pinang, working in another restaurant remarked how ‘It is because of the DAP that he is now working in Singapore’.

All of us had a good laugh at his remark.

The Geylang in Singapore of 1963 I could remember looked like the Chow Kit area in Kuala Lumpur with stalls and roadside trading and nearby were wooden houses of the Malays.

My mother and some of my relatives who had come on the same trip and I stayed at a relative’s house in Geylang.

And it was in her house where I saw television for the first time. It was a scene in an American television drama called ‘Sea Hunt’ in a black-and-white from a small television set.

I could not remember entering the main entrance of the studios in 1963 or could remember how it looked like.

There must be many buses parked outside of it with hundreds of visitors from all over the country visiting it, near the entrance where, I was told, there were also food stalls where the film stars and technicians would have snacks at.

The area around the studios then was totally different than it is now. Then it was secluded, now there are apartment buildings.

Near the studios at the other corner is
Boon Teck Road
, where many of the film stars lived.

The whole studios area is not so large; there is a building which looked like a sound stage that had been demolished. Only its floor remains.

And at the back are three smaller two-storey buildings which look like they were the administrative buildings and recording studio, as I could remember them from looking at old photos of the studios.

Part of the area had probably been demolished to make way for the tall apartment building sitting beside it.

I managed to gain entrance into the compound when someone stopped by and entered the small door in the main gates. He did not seem to mind me following behind him with my camcorder.

This is what the old Jalan Ampas Studios had become, nothing but a relic of an earlier time when the film scene in Singapore was glorious whose main entrance was where all the filmstars and technicians had passed by to create works which are still being shown on television and discussed.

But is it not an ancient history but a contemporary one which still has some relevance to what is happening in the film industry in Malaysia.

It is history of Malaysia and Singapore when the destinies of the two countries and peoples of various races were intertwined.

It was also ironic how the separation of Singapore from the Malaysian Federation had caused the collapse of the Old Malayan Cinema causing the Jalan Ampas Studios and the other called Cathay-Keris in
East Coast Road
, established by Loke Wan Tho to close indefinitely.

The Jalan Ampas Studios being the larger of the two were established by the Shaw Brothers – Runme and Run Run Shaw, who were recent immigrants to the country from Shanghai, China.

If indeed there is something that we can learn from the old Jalan Ampas Studios is how at that time, most of the films shown in the cinemas in the country were local ones; and they were tailored for the multiracial audiences.

Hollywood films including those from Hong Kong and India were quite rare.

Can such a scenario be repeated in this new age? Aren’t we more enlightened by our long experience post-Merdeka to realize how without the creation of the New Malaysian Cinema, the country’s contemporary history cannot be captured and saved for posterity?

Can ‘Malaysian Snow’ finally cause the creation of the New Malaysian Cinema then?

Saturday, February 25, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

I could not remember how I got there the first time in 1963. All I could remember was how everybody was waiting for Saloma to get ready with her make-up before they could start to work on the scene in the cabaret with her singing ‘Bila larut malam’ (When it is late at night.), in the film called ‘Darah Muda’ or ‘The hot-blooded’.

I also did not remember what happened after the experience visiting the Malay Film Productions’ Studios at 8 Jalan Ampas in Singapore, now simply known or referred to as the Jalan Ampas Studios (Studio Jalan Ampas) or the title of the film until I saw the scene in the cabaret a long time later, and on television.

I did not see it in the cinema as I had missed seeing it when it was shown, as I had only grown fascinated with watching films in the cinemas when I was much older to do it alone.  

Everybody was at their places in the studio which had been turned into a cabaret for Saloma to be done with her make-up.

And a while later, everybody who had come with me on the bus or ‘rombongan’ trip from Melaka turned around to see how Saloma who was wearing tight ‘kain ketat’ passing through the corridor to take up her position walking briskly and pretending to be not guilty for making the others wait, using a bit of her charm and wide smile.

I did not remember if the director was angry with her for delaying the shoot. Saloma was a top filmstar then, so I suppose the director of this film had no choice but to wait. After all she was delayed at make-up; and after all she is Saloma.

My mother, Norpipah Mohd Ali, had gone on the trip to Singapore to buy cloths for the impending wedding of my elder sister, Rokiah, as it was what many in Melaka would do, as the prices of such items were a lot cheaper in Singapore than in Melaka.

It was also during the time when our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman was negotiating the formation of Malaysia with Singapore, Sarawak, Sabah, and also Brunei.

It also happened after the negotiation of the wedding between Rokiah and Tunku’s nephew and first adopted son, Syed Abdullah Barakhbah which was to take place in November, 1963, or two months after Malaysia was formed.

My first interests in film and filmmaking could then be traced way back to the time when I first got to the Jalan Ampas Studios in 1963, when I was still a secondary school student at the St. Francis’ Institution in Melaka.

That was in 1963.

And on 20 Disember, 2011, I had the good fortune of finding myself back at the Jalan Ampas Studios for the second time after so long.

Unfortunately, the scene now was totally different.

I took it as an unusual welcome, to be able to return to the same place 48 years later, during a time when the Old Malayan Cinema is now history, with the New Malaysian Cinema still uncertain on when it could happen or be created.

It is also a time of some personal anxieties for me to be able to get to this spot in the history of the Malaysian film industry and being able to contribute towards the creation of the New Malaysian Cinema, through the production of my feature film called, ‘Malaysian Snow’.

The reason why I had gone to Singapore recently being accompanied by former minister of information, Tan Sri Zainuddin Maidin whom I had called Zam, since I joined Utusan as an apprentice and later journalist and Dato’ Zaini Hassan, deputy news editor and columnist for ‘Cuit’ of Utusan, and Rosle Azmi who had just retired from the newspaper organization was to do an interview with a former Utusan reporter, Othman Wok.

Othman later entered politics and became the first Malay member of the first Lee Kuan Yew cabinet, for a documentary on Utusan I am now working on for Finas and the ministry of information, communication and heritage (KPKK) for broadcast on RTM called, ‘Utusan, Warisan Bangsa – Api itu terus menyala’ (Utusan, A National Heritage – The fire still burns).

Othman is now eighty-seven years, but his youthful exuberance hides this fact a bit, until he mentioned the number, which all of us could guess since he started to work with Utusan Melayu in Singapore in the 1940s, with A. Samad Ismail, Yusof Ishak, Keris Mas and all the top editors and journalists of Singapore and Malaya or Tanah Melayu then.

While Othman later became a minister in the Lee Kuan Yew cabinet and later ambassador of Singapore to Indonesia, Yusof Ishak became the first president of the new Republic of Singapore after the country was ‘expelled from Malaysia’ or ‘separated from Malaysia’ as the Singaporeans now like to describe it.

A photo of Yusof now adorns all the currency of Singapore.

There were the others who had also gone on to become literary laureates such as Keris Mas, Usman Awang, A. Samad Said including entrepreneurs and politicians at the national as well as the state levels in Malaysia.

So truly, Utusan, the newspaper is not just that; it is a ‘university’ in many ways, for those who were intellectually and academically inclined living in an era where there were no universities or opportunities for them to progress in the education system which was at that time only available to so few Malayans.

I only became a reporter with Utusan Melayu by through formal education having studied for my Diploma in Mass Communication majoring in Advertising at the School of Mass Communication of the Mara Institute of Technology (ITM) in Shahalam and became one of the seven graduates of the school to gain employment at Utusan in Jalan Chan Sow Lin. 

However, I left Utusan after a year to pursue my Masters of Fine Art in Film Directing at Columbia University in New York City.

But Utusan never left me; I continued to write for them and in the process continued to establish my relationship with the organization till today. 

Monday, February 20, 2012


Arab and Muslim leaders have not really learnt from the West; they have caused the creation of the Zionist state and made the Muslim Ummah suffer all these years. They have not learnt how the west became what they are, which is to embark on the New Islamic Industrial Revolution.

By Mansor Puteh

I was staying in the Parisian Azadi Hotel business center, in Tehran, while attending the Fajr International Film Festival where my documentary, 'Writing in the Sand...on how the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of 2011 could have been avoided'.

It was good to be able to return to the same hotel where I had stayed in 1992, when I first attended the same festival. That was twenty years ago.

The hotel had just undergone extensive renovations, so it does not look like it was then. It was formerly the Hyatt Hotel during the regime of the Shah Reza Pahlavi. The former Hilton Hotel is now the Estaghlal Hotel.

I had earlier participated in the Youth and Islamic Awaking conference at Milad Tower at the end of January, 2012.

I want to comment on the conference held parallel to the festival on Hollywoodism and Zionism which I could not attend but could watch a bit of it on Press TV. I have to say the discussion is quite low.

I did not know what they aimed to get from the conference, if it was to change Hollywood.

Does it matter if Hollywood is Hollywood, and if they also support the Zionist cause?

The history of Zionist infiltration in Hollywood started early on when the Elders of Zion aimed to create the Zionist state.

To do this, they had to seize control of Hollywood which was established by the Anglo-Saxon.

It was also during the 'silent era' that Hollywood had interesting Arab characters who were heroes, like Rudolf Valentino who played Arab sheiks in The Sheik (sic) and Son of Sheik.

Valentino became a romantic hero and when he died, many American women cried.

Now you can wonder why Valentino's films have never been discussed let alone shown on American television.

It would be good if this can be highlighted on your next conference Tehran.

Years later, Arabs were portrayed as terrorists. They are not even the 'romantic terrorists'.

And from Hollywood the Zionists controlled American television, to Madison Avenue, Wall Street, Congress, Pentagon and the White House which could be bought by the Zionists for a song.

So in order for Muslims to be able to change the scenario, they need to create their own New Islamic Cinema for which I am championing so that Hollywood will be paralyzed and from that the other institutions too can become so.

It is therefore ironic how America needs OIL to sustain its economic growth, yet, we, Muslims, are mostly responsible for them to desire OIL even more, when we use their products and services, etc.

So, what the Entire Muslim World needs too is to create its New Industrial Revolution so we can provide for ourselves all the things we need, including having our own commercial plans so that Boeing and Airbus can go bust in no time, since we are their greatest customers.

All electronic companies of Japan and South Korea, too, can go bust if we can create and produce these for ourselves.

There is no point for anyone to throw stones at the Zionist forces as this does not bring in the results in freeing Palestine. Palestine can only be freed if the Entire Muslim World or EMW  - that includes Muslims living in non-Muslim countries to ignore the economies of the West and of Japan, South Korea and also China - which are PARASITE ECONOMIES, whose development can only be done with the help of Muslims.

I might be going to England to shoot a feature film called 'Malaysian Snow' in the City and University of Nottingham.

Last but not the least, bear in mind that the bombing of Afghanistan, Iraq and the persecution of Muslims in many countries in many other forms, is working to the full advantage of Islam and Muslims. How?

It has caused many more Muslims to be scattered around the world especially to America where the Muslim population if fast growing and soon the trend will see some of them become national and international figures.

Yet, I also welcome more Geert Wilders and Terry Jones who many, including yourself who would say are bad people. The truth is, they are THE PROPAGATORS OF ISLAM!

The more the blame and condemn Islam, the more the others see how their own religious values had not served then well; and the more Islam is promoted. In my documentary I commented how Saudi Arabian leaders had failed Islam for failing to develop Yemen and Somalia, the two countries which are so close to them, with Yemen sharing the same land mass with it.

And America also cannot claim to be the champion of anything, when they could not help to develop Mexico which also shares the same land mass with it.

So how could America claim to be able to develop the other countries?

Please also forward this to the host of the program on Press TV that discussed Hollywoodism and Zionism.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

As someone who is trained in film, I believe by creating a New Muslim Cinema will finally have a miraculous effect on the Entire Muslim World. And it is not going to be just a film industry which cater to the puerile tastes of the viewers, but one that has a mission. It comes with a more profound purpose.

It will also be the industry that is able to create creative, artistic and intellectual leaders amongst the Muslims and other Muslims, especially those who are also involved in its development and expansion - so they can become better recognized and influential for their intellect, creativity and ingenuity, in the country and in the Entire Muslim World.

The center for the New Muslim Cinema can be in Malaysia. There are many good reasons that can support such an establishment.

We can have this multi-billion-dollar film industry that can become the core industry in Entire Muslim World around which the other industries, such as banking, airline, automobile, travel, education and publication, and so on, can further develop.

Those who are the major players in these secondary industries have been drawing too much attention for themselves for too long without serving the more profound cause of promoting greater understanding amongst Muslims and between Muslims, other than to want to make more money and expand his company. So it’s time they are shown where their places are in the real context of the development of the Entire Muslim World.

It can further enhance of Islam and Muslims in the West so they are able to relate with us better - since we now do exist.

It’s too bad that the Islamic Development Bank 1440 H Mission that was recently launched with a lot of fanfare in Kuala Lumpur is both weak and badly flawed. It has failed to include the need to create the New Muslim Cinema - a term I am introducing - as one of its main goals to achieve. No filmmaker was been consulted and asked to offer suggestions to include in it.

They think they can come up with all the brilliant ideas that serve the needs of the Muslim World. But haven’t they tried that before and failed? Haven’t they studied carefully all the 170 resolutions that were passed in all the sixteen OIC Conferences over the last few decades that didn’t mean anything to the Muslim World and Muslims? 

What is the Entire Muslim World? It includes Muslims who live in non-Muslim countries.

I hope the 57 leaders of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) won’t feel inferior if they get to read this as none of the 170 resolutions that the OIC has been implemented. The reason is these resolutions cannot be implemented and they know that. As such many feel the OIC resolutions are better off if they are written on used toilet paper!

Perhaps all of the OIC leaders should know that the Entire Muslim World is an incomplete entity because we do not have a cinema to call our own. We not only do not have a film and television center, but also do not have a media, banking and other important centers that when connected will ultimately create a semblance of our own world.

And because of this there is no focus and the social, cultural, artistic and economic development of the Entire Muslim World cannot be gauged. We only have some activities in all fields. And they are at different levels of development, neglect or disrepair.

And for as long as we do not have these centers at different parts of the Muslim World, there is no chance for the Entire Muslim World to be developed and its people be so recognized and accepted as part of the world.

We will be fractured by our differences because the differences amongst us are not taken full advantage of. In fact, we have not even attempted to take advantage of our commonalities! Worse, we will find the militants hiding in some of the fissures.

The number of these so-called Muslim militants will increase in number if the fissures become larger until they are able to create cracks that will drive the World Muslim Ummah against each other, if there is no attempt to close these fissures. I’m afraid this is what is slowly happening now.

* * * * * * * 

I am afraid the many Harvard-trained economists that we have, have failed to realize that we can create a new and exciting film industry that acts and further enhances the nation’s economic, social, cultural and political development while helping to bridge the wide social, cultural, political and religious divide that exists in the country as well as between the Entire Muslim World and the West.

And it can also be a major contributing factor to the growth of the economy of the Muslim World and beyond. It can be a major source of employment that can absorb many of the unemployed graduates that we have today since to have an important film industry we need highly qualified people and not those who are not well trained or who are school dropouts.

Our historians too have failed to highlight this matter. Don’t they know that the film industry has been in existence for more than 112 years, yet they do not know how civilizations and cultures, especially Western culture was developed and expanded - by the existence of their cinema? What is America without Hollywood? America will be much like Lesotho

It’s too bad that even our philosophers and thinkers, too - if we have them - and our political leaders, have failed to highlight the fact. That we need to have a vibrant cinema that produces hundreds of meaningful feature films on the beauty of our religion, countries and peoples, and thousands of films of many types, including documentaries, etc, so that we can share them amongst ourselves in the Entire Muslim World. In the end we can become self-sufficient and be able to promote greater goodwill and understanding amongst ourselves and with the rest of the world.

Once we have a vibrant and productive film industry that serves the need of the Entire Muslim World, we can also recapture our television from having been taken away by the outsiders who provide us with cheap programs. These programs are brought in proudly that our stations that cannot produce sufficient shows and these programs often promoting alien values that many of our young are accepting without questioning.

And the press in Muslim countries, too, has failed to highlight this fact.

The cinema may be our only salvation to create the bridge that lasts between the Muslim World and the West for long-term benefits for all. 

Monday, February 13, 2012


by Mansor Puteh

Perhaps the creation of the New Muslim Cinema is what we need. It can finally be able to check the problems of the world, especially between the Muslim World and the West, and promote a more equitable and peaceful world? It may be the only means that we have at our disposal that had not been fully utilized before.

A shocker for a start? Not really.

Just consider this: Diplomacy has its limits. The politicians have proven that. Political wrangling has proven to be an effort in futility as it often muddles the problems and they get even worse the more they wrangle as issues that were previously unattached are now so.

Hundreds of millions of innocent people all over the world suffer quietly. We don’t even know where and who they are. They have become numbers. Even those who had suffered more than half a century ago are still suffering. They pass this legacy of suffering to their off-springs like it had become part of their DNA strain.

Meanwhile political leaders change, often with a lot of fanfare, like they had just descended from the mountains in triumph. The old ones move on to do other things before they kick the bucket, while their successors repeat their errors and statements like they are new to everyone.  

We have seen enough of political ‘shadow play’ or ‘wayang kulit’ performances in the United Nations already and have gone used to them by now. They are now reruns – nothing special at all. They are just a change of cast with the same dialogue and gestures and venom.   

Meanwhile, we suffer – I mean the whole world suffers. Sadly many in America also suffer. Although they may not be physically affected by what the others suffer, but they suffer quietly and psychologically.   

So, it’s time we did something unusual and unorthodox and even if may be too far-fetched to comprehend. The cinema may be our ultimate salvation for a world that had been so badly fractured, abused and sadly neglected.    

It may be a simplistic and a seemingly far-fetched idea, but one that deserves to be tried since all other attempts had failed miserably. What else can we count on now that we had not held our hopes before? We certainly do not need to have more forums, seminars and conferences and all sorts of peace initiatives.

These are all efforts that had been tried. In fact, the problems of the Muslims and consequently the world, have become worst and this has affected their relationship with the rest of the world, particularly the West. 

But aren’t all the problems faced not only by Muslims and the others are simplistic, if one cares to look at the whole equation in the widest possible perspective and all angles, and not just listen to officials from both sides give their own accounts of them?

Some say it’s all about O-I-L. Others say its hegemony. But isn’t the world huge enough to entertain their lofty and useless ambitions? Otherwise, the outer space is there for them to partake!  

If you do not have oil to cook food, you either get it at the supermarket. Or you can smile and put out your hand and get your neighbor to offer some to you. But you just don’t break into your neighbor’s house and grab his stock of oil leaving him without anything to cook food for his family.

And now you are forcing him to rearrange his furniture and tell him his ways are wrong and yours are right and you want to help him improve his lot and that of his family. But they were okay before you wanted his oil! They did not have as much as you, but they were doing okay and it was enough for him to get by.

May be the filmmakers and the cinema can finally neutralize everything and reverse - or at least try to halt the further escalation of the problems before it continues to spread it in more countries and areas in the world and turning it to pieces, and make the political leaders realize their folly.    

We have also seen how the same international political leaders from both sides of the factions have squabbled and often they returned to their respective countries not being able to do anything.

Meanwhile, those who suffer are the ordinary folks who are mostly Muslims. They might not even know if a war had caused them to suffer - or if it was really the end of the world?

The two seem to be alike to many of them especially for those who live in remote areas and who do not have proper communication and do not watch television and listen only to their tribal leaders and warlords.

The Muslim World which is defined as all the 57 countries which are members of the Organization of Islamic Organization (OIC) is vast. Unfortunately it is devoid of life. And the so-called Muslim World may not even exist as an entity.

Nothing interesting is happening in it. Muslims living in it find it a drab. We do not have many things including a cinema that we can call our own. We also do not have much of a media organization to serve our special needs, without having to depend on those that had been existence all this while. Muslims generally lead a parasitic existence. There is also a problem of image-deficit of Muslims and Islam. 

And the kinds of news we ‘make’ as reported by ‘them’ seem to be the kinds that made look and seem helpless and the Muslims are constantly standing looking lost in front of somebody else’s guns or tanks.

Stories of the death of scores of Muslims do not make Muslims in other parts of our world feel agitated anymore. They are just news. Even the television stations and newspapers in most Muslim countries now prefer to give more space to films and modern Western culture than the deaths of Muslims.
Hong Kong with a population of a mere six million produces 120 feature films each year for the World Chinese market. So surely, we as a world of 1.5 billion people can come up with hundreds and possibly a thousand interesting feature films to share amongst ourselves and with the others. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America spends hundreds of millions of dollars for each of their presidential elections every four years. It never fails to create anxieties from the primaries all the way to the nomination day and on to the elections.

Are they not wasting their money to put out what now looks more like a charade to show to the rest of the world and also to themselves that they are exercising their democratic process vigorously, and more than in other countries where they often like to claim the elections are rigged, etc.

Yet, in America, exactly the same thing can be hurled against their system of choosing their president; one which ultimately does not depend on the electorates’ choice, but those of the Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC and later on the CIA and their National Security Advisor, too.

In the end the so-called President of the United States of America, is not really the leader of the country, but he is merely the SPOKESMAN FOR THE ZIONIST LOBBYIST, CIA AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR.

Which past American president who could be said to have made important decisions on his own? Most of them were no more the spokesmen for the lobbyists.

The best or worse examples are George Bush, Sr and his son, George W Bush, who definitely could be described as the President and the most powerful person in the world as such because they were at the mercy of the Zionist Lobbyists, who controlled them and all of America.

So the American presidential elections are no more hogwash.

It is time for the Americans to decide if they want to elect someone to be their President and leader of their country or just a mere spokesman for the Zionist lobbyists.

If they still want to elect a spokesman for them, then they should do with the presidential elections and just ask those who are staunch supporters of the Zionist cause and let the Zionist lobbyists and their counterparts in the Zionist state of Israel choose whom they want as their spokesman.

The world has been made fools of by the colorful presidential elections, which in the end has been exposed as nothing but a fraud.

It is not democratic. It is biased. And the President of America is not a real leader. He only has imaginary powers, all of which are in the hands of the invisible lobbyists and CIA.

Worse, the person who is elected to be the president and resident of the White House for four years, often end up being a potential war criminal as what the two Georges have became.

This can be seen when upon their retirement, they are not able to offer anyone any advice or make comments because they did not have the experience in leading a government or country. Their only experience is to become poodles for the lobbyists and the Zionist state.

America and the Americans who vote for their presidents should be ashamed of themselves for being made fools of by their system which does not want to elect the best person who could do wonders to their country.

All that it wants is to elect someone who could do the bidding for the Zionist cause and state.

This is what America had become in the last few decades especially in the wake of the Second World War.

America and Americans suffer because they live to be a parasite of another entity which is too small to fend for itself.

America lives off the Zionist state. 

Yes, America spends hundred of millions of dollars for each of the presidential elections just to find a potential war criminal, too, apart from being a Zionist poodle.

I did not say this; I am quoting what someone had said in a forum which I attended, which many believe to be true.  

But there seems to be some ‘change that we could believe in’ that’s happening in the White House and America since the last presidential election which saw someone who at one time was described as of the ‘wrong color’ to be elected.

Ah, maybe now, America has decided to change for the better and their new president, Barack Hussein Obama, might be a true leader of their country for once.

He is not going to be a poodle for another repressive regime in the Middle East or a spokesman for the Zionist lobby or even the CIA and the National Security Advisor; he is going to be his own man who is going to use his mandate from the electorate to do good to America and the world.

Is this a fact?

Almost one year has passed in his presidency, and we are seeing wonders, and there are changes that we could believe in have started to happen. America is not at war with itself anymore. It now knows who their imaginary enemies are – themselves, their past.

America of the past needed enemies. America today needs friends.

This is the difference between the presidencies of the two Georges and one Barack.

Monday, February 6, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

There is only one reason why America sees itself as the ‘champion of democracy’. It is not because they see themselves as the modern day messiah which aims to promote world peace and understanding.

They are in a flux; they had displaced the Natives by evil means, killing them until their numbers had been decimated, so now they are using their larger numbers to stake a claim on the land they call America.

Thus, the creation of this country in its essence is not democratic. The Europeans had come to this land in droves to escape their dreary existences there, and immediately dominated it.

So with the big number, and having modern facilities to further decimate the Natives, they now want to shout ‘Democracy’ as loud as they can, so that those who want to challenge them on this score, are drowned.

No, they are not.

The world knows what America is. It is no more a country of immigrants who had displaced the Natives who had lived on the land for eons.

The world also knows the history of White or European persecution of the Natives and of the slavery that they had practiced by stealing Africans who were Muslims to force them to come to America to be traded.

This is the first known practice of human trading the world has ever known.

And now America also wants to be the country that is abhorrent of human trading, simply because they had experienced it first. In fact, they were the ones who had introduced this sort of trading in the world in such a huge manner.

Friday, February 3, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Countries that demand veto power are those that do not practice democracy. This is despite their insistence that they are supporters of democracy. They are not.

And veto powers have been used against countries which some of the permanent members of the Security Council had used on helpless nations.

So they do not bring benefit to the UN and its members. They are only for some of its more ridiculous members of the Security Council to abuse.

The permanent membership of the Security Council must be dissolved or its number increased to ensure that Muslims especially are protected and offered similar rights as those of the other religions and the atheists.

That’s the reason why they were so reluctant to admit the Organization of Islamic Council (OIC) as a permanent member of the Security Council which also has veto powers like the other six member-countries.

The composition of the six permanent members of the United Nations (UN) is telling. They represent the countries and religions other than Islam. So no wonder Muslims have been persecuted because they have been left vulnerable to political chess games by some of its more ridiculous members, especially America. And this has been happening for decades.

Imagine: The Muslim World with more than 1.5 billion people who are the majority in 57 Muslim countries and who are present in large numbers in all the others, including America and Israel.

Yet, the Muslims are not represented in this group, to make it a group of seven.

The other permanent members know as long as the Muslims are not one of its members, they do not have veto power that they can use all the time to protect themselves and their interests, and they would have to depend on the charity of some of the more friendly countries, especially China and Russia.

Without these two countries, more Muslim countries and its people would have been persecuted by the more vicious members of the UN. 

So one can easily come up with the suspicion which is not totally unfounded by saying that the root cause of all of the world’s problems is the UN Security Council, or more specifically its permanent members.

What’s so outrageous with this suspicion or charge?

And it is also ironic that the UN has other international agencies especially UNICEF which provides humanitarian aid to member-countries which suffer calamities and wars. Yet, its parent organization provides the world with such calamities and wars.

Even now many are not spared.