Monday, February 20, 2012


Arab and Muslim leaders have not really learnt from the West; they have caused the creation of the Zionist state and made the Muslim Ummah suffer all these years. They have not learnt how the west became what they are, which is to embark on the New Islamic Industrial Revolution.

By Mansor Puteh

I was staying in the Parisian Azadi Hotel business center, in Tehran, while attending the Fajr International Film Festival where my documentary, 'Writing in the Sand...on how the Jasmine Revolution of the Arab Spring of 2011 could have been avoided'.

It was good to be able to return to the same hotel where I had stayed in 1992, when I first attended the same festival. That was twenty years ago.

The hotel had just undergone extensive renovations, so it does not look like it was then. It was formerly the Hyatt Hotel during the regime of the Shah Reza Pahlavi. The former Hilton Hotel is now the Estaghlal Hotel.

I had earlier participated in the Youth and Islamic Awaking conference at Milad Tower at the end of January, 2012.

I want to comment on the conference held parallel to the festival on Hollywoodism and Zionism which I could not attend but could watch a bit of it on Press TV. I have to say the discussion is quite low.

I did not know what they aimed to get from the conference, if it was to change Hollywood.

Does it matter if Hollywood is Hollywood, and if they also support the Zionist cause?

The history of Zionist infiltration in Hollywood started early on when the Elders of Zion aimed to create the Zionist state.

To do this, they had to seize control of Hollywood which was established by the Anglo-Saxon.

It was also during the 'silent era' that Hollywood had interesting Arab characters who were heroes, like Rudolf Valentino who played Arab sheiks in The Sheik (sic) and Son of Sheik.

Valentino became a romantic hero and when he died, many American women cried.

Now you can wonder why Valentino's films have never been discussed let alone shown on American television.

It would be good if this can be highlighted on your next conference Tehran.

Years later, Arabs were portrayed as terrorists. They are not even the 'romantic terrorists'.

And from Hollywood the Zionists controlled American television, to Madison Avenue, Wall Street, Congress, Pentagon and the White House which could be bought by the Zionists for a song.

So in order for Muslims to be able to change the scenario, they need to create their own New Islamic Cinema for which I am championing so that Hollywood will be paralyzed and from that the other institutions too can become so.

It is therefore ironic how America needs OIL to sustain its economic growth, yet, we, Muslims, are mostly responsible for them to desire OIL even more, when we use their products and services, etc.

So, what the Entire Muslim World needs too is to create its New Industrial Revolution so we can provide for ourselves all the things we need, including having our own commercial plans so that Boeing and Airbus can go bust in no time, since we are their greatest customers.

All electronic companies of Japan and South Korea, too, can go bust if we can create and produce these for ourselves.

There is no point for anyone to throw stones at the Zionist forces as this does not bring in the results in freeing Palestine. Palestine can only be freed if the Entire Muslim World or EMW  - that includes Muslims living in non-Muslim countries to ignore the economies of the West and of Japan, South Korea and also China - which are PARASITE ECONOMIES, whose development can only be done with the help of Muslims.

I might be going to England to shoot a feature film called 'Malaysian Snow' in the City and University of Nottingham.

Last but not the least, bear in mind that the bombing of Afghanistan, Iraq and the persecution of Muslims in many countries in many other forms, is working to the full advantage of Islam and Muslims. How?

It has caused many more Muslims to be scattered around the world especially to America where the Muslim population if fast growing and soon the trend will see some of them become national and international figures.

Yet, I also welcome more Geert Wilders and Terry Jones who many, including yourself who would say are bad people. The truth is, they are THE PROPAGATORS OF ISLAM!

The more the blame and condemn Islam, the more the others see how their own religious values had not served then well; and the more Islam is promoted. In my documentary I commented how Saudi Arabian leaders had failed Islam for failing to develop Yemen and Somalia, the two countries which are so close to them, with Yemen sharing the same land mass with it.

And America also cannot claim to be the champion of anything, when they could not help to develop Mexico which also shares the same land mass with it.

So how could America claim to be able to develop the other countries?

Please also forward this to the host of the program on Press TV that discussed Hollywoodism and Zionism.


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