Thursday, February 9, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America spends hundreds of millions of dollars for each of their presidential elections every four years. It never fails to create anxieties from the primaries all the way to the nomination day and on to the elections.

Are they not wasting their money to put out what now looks more like a charade to show to the rest of the world and also to themselves that they are exercising their democratic process vigorously, and more than in other countries where they often like to claim the elections are rigged, etc.

Yet, in America, exactly the same thing can be hurled against their system of choosing their president; one which ultimately does not depend on the electorates’ choice, but those of the Zionist lobbyists in Washington DC and later on the CIA and their National Security Advisor, too.

In the end the so-called President of the United States of America, is not really the leader of the country, but he is merely the SPOKESMAN FOR THE ZIONIST LOBBYIST, CIA AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR.

Which past American president who could be said to have made important decisions on his own? Most of them were no more the spokesmen for the lobbyists.

The best or worse examples are George Bush, Sr and his son, George W Bush, who definitely could be described as the President and the most powerful person in the world as such because they were at the mercy of the Zionist Lobbyists, who controlled them and all of America.

So the American presidential elections are no more hogwash.

It is time for the Americans to decide if they want to elect someone to be their President and leader of their country or just a mere spokesman for the Zionist lobbyists.

If they still want to elect a spokesman for them, then they should do with the presidential elections and just ask those who are staunch supporters of the Zionist cause and let the Zionist lobbyists and their counterparts in the Zionist state of Israel choose whom they want as their spokesman.

The world has been made fools of by the colorful presidential elections, which in the end has been exposed as nothing but a fraud.

It is not democratic. It is biased. And the President of America is not a real leader. He only has imaginary powers, all of which are in the hands of the invisible lobbyists and CIA.

Worse, the person who is elected to be the president and resident of the White House for four years, often end up being a potential war criminal as what the two Georges have became.

This can be seen when upon their retirement, they are not able to offer anyone any advice or make comments because they did not have the experience in leading a government or country. Their only experience is to become poodles for the lobbyists and the Zionist state.

America and the Americans who vote for their presidents should be ashamed of themselves for being made fools of by their system which does not want to elect the best person who could do wonders to their country.

All that it wants is to elect someone who could do the bidding for the Zionist cause and state.

This is what America had become in the last few decades especially in the wake of the Second World War.

America and Americans suffer because they live to be a parasite of another entity which is too small to fend for itself.

America lives off the Zionist state. 

Yes, America spends hundred of millions of dollars for each of the presidential elections just to find a potential war criminal, too, apart from being a Zionist poodle.

I did not say this; I am quoting what someone had said in a forum which I attended, which many believe to be true.  

But there seems to be some ‘change that we could believe in’ that’s happening in the White House and America since the last presidential election which saw someone who at one time was described as of the ‘wrong color’ to be elected.

Ah, maybe now, America has decided to change for the better and their new president, Barack Hussein Obama, might be a true leader of their country for once.

He is not going to be a poodle for another repressive regime in the Middle East or a spokesman for the Zionist lobby or even the CIA and the National Security Advisor; he is going to be his own man who is going to use his mandate from the electorate to do good to America and the world.

Is this a fact?

Almost one year has passed in his presidency, and we are seeing wonders, and there are changes that we could believe in have started to happen. America is not at war with itself anymore. It now knows who their imaginary enemies are – themselves, their past.

America of the past needed enemies. America today needs friends.

This is the difference between the presidencies of the two Georges and one Barack.

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