Tuesday, May 31, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(NOTE: I wish to say here I am baffled as to how the many comments I received for my earlier articles were not posted in the blog. I was shocked to see how many of them in it, but were not posted automatically, except for just a few, even though I had set to let out all the comments when they were posted by my viewers. I found them to be interesting. I am still trying to find out how to solve this problem.)

Ban Ki-Moon is a joker! He may not be qualified to teach the English language in his native South Korea, because of his poor command of the language; yet, he can be the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN).

He has not been known to have spoken off the cuff on any major international issue, or given interviews on live television.

It’s quite obvious that the UN does not want brilliance and people with minds of their own and who are good for world peace and also bad for America and the rogue states and other state terrorists; it only wants someone who can clown around the world stage.

How many smart people are there in the UN headquarters in New York City?

How many speeches that had been read in the general assemblies which are brilliant that have caused the world to be a better place to live in?

And how many times, the representatives of America and its allies had walked out or who have not attended the general assembly sittings simply because they did not want to hear the truth from the representatives of some Arab and other Muslim countries?

They do not seem to know the adage that says, ‘I do not agree with your views, but I will defend your right to say them.’

America and its allies only want the others to hear what they have to say but not want to hear what the others say on anything, unless if the other countries support their views and say so.

And just how could someone who is not qualified to be an English language teacher, like Ban Ki-Moon, yet, who can be the secretary-general of the United Nations (UN)?

Want to be chosen secretary-general of the UN, and be favored by America?

You have to speak English in an accent so thick, no one knows what you are talking about.

And your diplomacy is worse than your English.

Only then you are seen to be qualified to head the UN, with the full endorsement of America.

Ban Ki-Moon, the current secretary-general of the UN fitted the bill, so he was favored by America because he fitted the bill that he did not have a mind of his own, that he could be made to read from short prepared speeches.

Even after so many years as the secretary-general of the world organization, his English has not improved; his accent no better. His intonation as well as diction worse than Mickey Mouse’s or Donald Duck’s.

His vocabulary is also not wide, since he keeps on repeating the same words for different world situations.

So why does he have to command respect from anyone? Just because he holds the office? Even when he does not sound and look intelligent?

In everyday situations, people like him who looks and sound like him could not be understood if he communicates with the people in the street. He might not even be able to order coffee in any coffee shop in America.

Even the South Korean grocers in Manhattan and the one store they operated in Harlem speak better English because they relate and communicate with the locals more, even when from the beginning they could not speak a word of English when they first came to America.

But Ki-Moon also mixes with a lot of Americans in his course of duty. But how come he still can’t speak English well?

Maybe he should be asked to spend some time in any grocery store operated by the South Koreans in Manhattan, so he can improve his English, and how he can relate with people.

At the UN, he does not seem to be able to relate with many. He only relates to the Americans as he sounds much like them, especially those from the State Department and also the spokesmen for the White House and Pentagon.

So he’d better not say much to comment on the killing of Osama bin Laden, as we will know what it will sound like – a second-hand speech made by the others in Washington DC.

Ki-Moon has so far not managed to do much as secretary-general, other than to speak in public and reading from a prepared text, all of which sounded the same.

Can’t he just remember the few lines in English and repeat them again and again, without even having to change the names of the countries that are involved in any political dispute?

Nobody would know the difference anyway.

If all that he has done is to read prepared text by his speech-writers or secretaries, then why bother to have him be the secretary-general of the UN?

Can’t they just appoint him spokesman for the organization and appoint one of the speech-writers or secretaries to head it?

The best person to be the secretary-general of the UN is definitely someone from the American State Department so he or she is answerable to the Secretary of State.

Maybe the American secretary of state should double as the secretary-general of the UN, too, since they do almost the same job of furthering American interests around the world.

The secretary-general of the UN sounds like the American secretary of state. Most likely they share the same speech-writers or staff, who writes the speeches for them.

In fact, all the other secretary-generals of the UN before Ki-Moon had a thick accent. But Ki-Moon’s accent is worse. His English is no better.

From what I can tell, he seems to know only so few words of English, and not many names of the countries in the world.

He can’t even qualify to be the ambassador of his native country of South Korea.

So where on earth did he come from to attract the attention of the backers of the UN who found him good enough for them to lead it?

Ki-Moon should not speak in English. He should speak in Korean and engage a translator if he has to speak in public.

Or, he should be banned altogether from speaking in English, as he can be charged for demeaning it.

However, by all accounts, Ki-Moon can be described by his supporters in Washington DC for having done a good job, not for the world but for the Americans.

If his term ends, there is a most likelihood that it would be extended to another term.

However, if there is a need for him to be retired, then someone similar to him should take over his place to succeed him so he could just extend what Ki-Moon had done, which is to read prepared text and trying to sound smart or brilliant.

The world does not really care who the secretary-general of the UN is. The world organization has not done much to elevate the pains those who are in dire straits.

It has so far only done a lot to support the interests of the superpowers, especially of America, which is bent on bending rules to accommodate their interests and in trying to extend the livelihood of the Zionist state, even when time has proven that their leaders had lost the plot; they had gone on a rampage too many times.

But Ki-Moon and the UN do not seem to care.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

I left Kuala Lumpur on 30 August, 1997, so I could escape the noise and celebration of the Independence Day parades in the city and throughout the country when Malaysia celebrated its fortieth Merdeka Day.

This was my second trip to the city, by flight after the first flight I took from Kuala Lumpur to the old Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia in May, 1974.

I had returned to the city the second time in 1995, but did not fly. I took the ferry from Melaka to Dumai and traveled by land to Jakarta and on to the other cities until I got to Bali.

I flew into the Sukarno-Hatta Airport or Bandara Sukarno-Hatta for the first time and immediately took a cab to a small hotel in the center of the city of Jakarta.

The next day, 31 August, 1997, is Malaysia’s Independence or Merdeka Day.

So I could imagine Kuala Lumpur which had been decorated with banners, flags and buntings to be up early in the morning with scores of thousands of schoolchildren and other members of the public converging at Dataran Merdeka or
Merdeka Square
to participate and attend the celebrations with the entire members of the cabinet attending.

Here, in Jakarta in the morning of 31 August, 1977, I took a cab ride to the Jakarta Mall, and to my surprise, I saw images of Princess Diana in all the television monitors of an electronic store, news and announcements from satellite television.

I went forward and caught a bit of what they were saying. It seemed that she had had an accident in Paris. And she was with Dodi al-Fayed. He had already died in the crash, while she was still struggling for her life.

It was quite shocking as no one could ever imagine such a nasty thing could happen to a person such as her, who led a public life and who was certainly well protected.

But alas, what had been fated, had to happen.

Recalling this, I could not fail to see the similarities between this accident, and also the arrest of the chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn in a hotel in Manhattan, New York City.

In fact, these are two cities which I am familiar with and which I had grown to like immensely, having been there few times, and living in New York City for a few years.

Diana, Dodi, Dominique and Arnold Schwarzenegger are victims, not of circumstances. They are victims of secularism.

If they had followed the ways of Islam, they would have been saved.

Unfortunately, being involved with Dodi, an Egyptian Muslim had not helped save Diana. On the contrary, it could be a factor that caused her and his own death.

Dominique did not have the advantage of any Islamic upbringing or education and experience.

But it is obvious that they wanted to live in the fast lane and in the Secular World, and now they could see how such a world could unleash its venom on them. Diana and Dodi died. Dominique and Arnold are facing their cases in the court of public opinion as well as in the legal type.

Their unIslamic way of life was the reason why the three had to suffer.

This is where an Islamic way of life could have saved them from their despair and personal tragedy.

This is how secularism rears its ugly head.

Being a Muslim, Dodi did not practice Islam. He went off with a divorcee for an escapade in a hotel in Paris.

This was his crime. He was thinking in the short-term.

If he had thought about his relationship with Diana and wanted it to last, then, taking the course they had taken was wrong. It was proven to be so wrong indeed.

And had Dominique and Arnold also practiced an Islamic way, despite not being a Muslim, he could have saved himself from his present predicament. How?

This is how. Any Muslim man, in Islam, must never ever be in any company of a woman he is not married to.

And he should also have insisted in not allowing the hotel maid to enter his rented room, before he leaves it, or the maid should be with another woman.

It is petty, I know. But being petty about things can result in some pretty results.

That is why Islam has prescribed how humans are to conduct their daily lives, which is to ensure that humans are safe from harm.

In the west, secularism has shown its ugly head, and nothing can be uglier than in the form of the death of Diana and Dodi and the persecution of Dominique and Arnold.

But why must these two men be persecuted, because they are should be recognized as the epitome of secularism, of anything western, in a world where religion does not play a part in the daily life of its citizens, where religious beliefs and values are looked down upon.

Dominique and Arnold should be highly regarded then for upholding such anti-religion principles and hailed as leaders of the decadent western and irreligious society in the west where immorality is the order of the day.

Why now complaint?

I also make sure that I am standing at the door of my hotel room if there is a maid who wants to offer anything, such as newspapers or food. I do not allow her to enter the room and she has to stand in the corridor in full view of the CCTV and the others. It’s the same with male staff of the hotel.

Because no one knows what the staff can say of your conduct, as it is their word against yours.

And in the case of Dominique, even if he could prove that he had not done anything criminal, yet, he has already suffered. The woman who had charged him for anything can still remain anonymous.

In the secular world, it seems any woman or man can make a charge against any person, man or woman and he or she is taken seriously and stiff action and consequently, a charge can be leveled against him.

This is how secularism works.

But not in Islam.

Islam forbids the creation of such disputes and potential harm to individuals and because of that the Holy Koran had verses upon verses on how human beings ought to conduct themselves in their private lives.

The secular world only cares how to persecute, while the Islamic world knows how to avoid them from ever happening.

The only advantage of living in the secular world or non-Muslim world using their man-made laws is that it allows for human beings to live a free live.

Whereas, the restrictions imposed under Islamic or Syariah laws, forbid human beings from living a life freely, as this could lead to many unnecessary things to happen.

Some of the unnecessary things that had happened are the unnecessary death of Diana and Dodi and the persecution of Dominique. All of which could have been avoided.

The secular world is good if there level of morality amongst the believers is the same and similar, so they know not how to persecute the others by virtue of them not fulfilling their unwritten pledge to be immoral.

Unfortunately, this decision to define criminal acts is often at the hands of the women and those who thought they had been wronged.

Even partners in a special relationship can turn sour if one of them spoils the fun, if the relationship fails, by spilling the beans and charge the other for sexual abuse, when in the past; acts of physical and sexual in nature, were performed on a mutual basis.

So in the west and in the secular world, the women normally have the upper-hand on such matters.

Dominique now knows how and why that is so.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


by Mansor Puteh. (In conjunction with the photo exhibition - Nakba - Dispossession –Pengusiran.


The United Nations was not even formed then, so there was no common voice and action even from the Muslim World. The Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) was only formed nineteen years later. The first Prime Minster of Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman who also became its first secretary-general initiated it.

It was also at a time when news didn't travel as fast as today and photos of Israeli atrocities on the Palestinians did not reach other Muslims. I his probably resulted in why leaders in Other Muslim countries were not aware that the Israelis were mercilessly killing their brothers and sisters.

So, basically, the Palestinian Problem was left to the Palestinian leaders to handle alone. It have had to keep their miseries to themselves and to bury the dead quietly. I can imagine how they must have thou0ht that their Muslim brethren had all deserted them at such a trying time.

It's not the ease of collective amnesia but one of misplaced priority: that the superpowers and the Muslim countries were too engrossed with their persona} problems. that they had discarded the Palestinian Problem as their least important priority unless something atrocious happens that grabs the attention of the international media. When there will be another round of peace initiatives everywhere, with every leader worth his salt offering his proposals.

Don't tell me that the problem is too insurmountable that it cannot be solved by the brilliance of the world community, especially its leaders? Or may be they are not brilliant after all. that is why the problem still persists after all these years!

It is sad, that even in the present Internet Era we are still seeing people who are actually hurling stones against the others who retaliate by firing mortals and missiles from the American-made F-16 jets and ramming down houses with tanks.

I thought such images belonged in the comic books or sci-fi movies of an earlier generation. So, in many ways, mankind is still stuck with the mentality that caused the First and Second World Wars to break out; with both ending to naught without any real benefit to the victors to anybody or the world.

Ironically, the losers in the Second World War, the Japanese turned out to the real gainers as they quickly realized their folly and aimed to be a nice guy henceforth, Hopefully the same will happen with regard to the Palestinian Problem, where the final victors are the Palestinians and not the Israelis.


But, the Muslim leaders, too, are not totally blameless for putting too much trust in The White House and UN even though they could be described as not being Islam-friendly and biased. All of the UN resolutions against any Muslim country are Implemented with full force of the American military power, whilst those that act against the Israelis are swept under the carpet because they were never meant to be implemented in the first place.

The major players who are involved in this problem, in the West changed with the times and because of that the new set of world leaders are reluctant to embark on a real campaign to end this mess.

And on the part of the Israeli leaders, only those who promise to destroy the Palestinians will ever be elected into office. The stronger their campaign slogans, the better will be their chances of winning in the Israeli general elections.

May be it is because of this, political and military stance changed with the different leadership in America, Israel and the major Muslim countries.

This is how the Israelis are able to do whatever they have been doing with impunity all these years, with the Palestinians stuck in the refugee camps with no possibility of returning to their original land in any foreseeable future.

Just what does Israel stand to gain by doing what they are doing to the Palestinians and themselves? Cart they maintain a desert strip that does not bring in wealth to the state? How long are they going to depend on America for financial and military aid and their Jewish lobby in Washington? Where did they get the idea that the more aggressive they become, the more peaceful Israel and its people will be?


No wonder many believe the only reason why Israel continues to exist is because of their nuclear warheads and their powerful lobby in Washington for without this lobby, one doubts if The White House and UN will care about them. For without these the state of Israel will be as strong as any tin-pot republic in Central Africa that can be tamed easily or eliminated entirely.

Can somebody tell the present Israeli leader, Ariel Sharon that his old-fashion brand of logic is wrong for the present time and generation?

On the contrary, it is only by shifting into the peaceful mode that Israel and its people can experience peace and harmony and be welcome into the arms and comfort of the world family.

It's not too late to retreat to their former line, and get back to on the peace wagon with Yasser Arafat. It is ironic that non-pork eaters are behaving like pigs that they both abhor'


I was fortunate to be in Ramallah in the West Bank, when my films and television dramas were shown over four days at the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center there. At that time, the Palestinians I had managed to meet or bump into were all excited with the prospect of Palestinian Independence that was due the following January 2000.

And I told them that if I returned to Palestine again, I would not have to apply for a visa at the Israeli Embassy in Amman. I had gone there, together with the two officials from the Malaysian Embassy in Jordan, who accompanied me to Ramallah.

Along the way we passed many ancient cities, particularly Jericho and Jerusalem where we stopped to look and pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and under the space that was constructed under the rock in the Dome of the Rock.

However, Palestinian Independence didn't come as expected. The reason was the sudden flare-up in tension because of the visit by Ariel Sharon the new Israel premier at the AI-Aqsa Mosque. lie introduced his brand of Israeli fanaticism into the body politic of Israeli life and spewing more venom with each statement that he makes that seems to thrill the American leaders.

Sharon and the Israelis should know better that any visit by an Israeli premier to this mosque has to be an act of provocation.

What was his real purpose for wanting to go to the mosque`' What did he think he was doing in Al-Aqsa in the first place'? If he had come with good intentions, surely, he would have said so. If this was true, surely, the Palestinians would have welcomed him as a friend.

But, no, he didn't do that. He wanted to visit AI-Aqsa to provoke the Palestinians to take some sort of action. The Israelis should know better, too, that the Intifada had just ended, as the Palestinians were eagerly waiting for their independence.

Sharon just wanted to spoil their party; he's such a party spoiler, a military man of an earlier generation, who prefers to bare his fangs, an act that is already out of fashion these days. It is not just the Palestinians who are thus suffering and living in misery-, but Sharon and all the Israelis, too in more ways than one.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


by Mansor Puteh. (In conjunction with the photo exhibition - Nakba - Dispossession –Pengusiran.


The White House, UN and the OIC and other Muslim leaders are still repeating the same statements again mid again like they were brilliant and pursuing the same agenda.

And what is the most depressing is that Muslim leaders and other small groups are still issuing memoranda, protest letters and ultimatums and holding noisy demonstrations outside of the American Embassies, and bum the American flag as if they matter. Don't they_ all know that such things don't work" especially with regard to the Palestinian Problem?

Perhaps it is good to remind all parties again and again that the Palestinian Problem started in 1948 and this year they will mark their fifty-fifth anniversary or the Al-Nakba' or Dispossession from their land later this year.

Perhaps with this, all the parties concerned, especially The White House. UN and O1C will be able to look at the problem in the proper perspective and hopefully will find other meaningful ways to solve this Palestinian Problem once and for all­

The Israeli hawks must be told that human political experience does not agree with their policies; they simply have to change to suit with the present time. They should not hope for the whole to change to suit their needs and demands.

Historically speaking the Israelis have no real lawful claim to the land in Palestine; they simply cannot carve out a new state that never existed before. There was never a state of Israel before 1948; it just appeared from out of the blue. The Israelis always claim that their ancestors had lived there since biblical times.

It's true, but they were just a small minority that comprised of a mere three- percent of the population or less. And minorities don't normally rule.


Why did the Palestinian Problem happen like the way it did? Surely, after so many years, all leaders of the Muslim World would have realized something and learn something valuable from it.

But, unfortunately, even despite that, none of them have been able to see beyond the real problem itself and ask what possible lessons or ‘ikthibar' that they and all Muslim could learn from them. All of them are still stuck with their national problem of nation building and development that the Palestinian Problem in all Muslim countries has become their way towards attaining international prominence, and the topic to be discussed only in certain forums and seminars that are occasionally held.

Whatever that had happened in Palestinians and to the Palestinians in the past especially since 1948 cannot be changed. The only thing that we can do is to learn from all the mistakes that we have made since then.

But the question is have we all learnt anything from this tragedy? [t is sad that despite that we have not really learnt much from it. The OIC is still dilly-dallying, while the UN is still standing with both arms folded and The White House is selling its weapons of mass destruction while pretending to be the peacemakers and the bastion of democracy.

If there is one lesson that we can learn from all this is how ignorant we all have been, and how frail the so-called Muslim brotherhood really is. Muslim brotherhood and unity to me only hinges on official visits of leaders to each other's countries and the issuing of official communiqué that expounds unity and the need to promote trade.

We must therefore find ways to promote greater unity of the Muslim Ummah so that it becomes a bloc, not just in the military sense, but also in the commercial, cultural and social sense.

We must also resolve to engage all the qualified people in all fields, and not just politics to play their part, and use all means possible to ensure that the unity of the Muslim Ummah is tenable.

It is only when we have achieved real unity of the Muslim Ummah that we can tone down any aggressive tendencies that The White House and the Israelis have. This is the lesson that we can learn from the Palestinian Problem.


The North Area Treaty Organization (NATO) now considers that an attack on any of its member countries is seen as an attack on all NATO countries. Just where do you think that this attack might come from and who do you think are their potential enemies? Surely, not from South America or Africa, but from the Muslim World.

In other words, NATO and the Western World consider Muslims as a threat to their existence and civilization.

Therefore, I would like to propose that we copy NATO and form a military alliance so that any attack on a Muslim country is seen by us as an attack on all Muslim countries.


We must and can copy everything that the West has been doing to protect their political and economic interests land geopolitical influence. How come none of our leaders are talking about establishing a Muslim geopolitical influence like establishing the Muslim United Nations Organizations so that we do not need to be part of the UN anymore since the UN is not serving the interests of Muslim countries but America and Israel?

The Muslim World comprises of fifty-seven countries and the total population stands at 1.6 billion people. This includes the millions of Muslims who live in the West and the six million in America itself Yet despite that our real influence is hardly felt anywhere even in some Muslim countries where non-Muslim influences have seeped into the system right before our very eyes.

I am sure all the other Third World countries will also follow suit and leave the UN if all Muslim countries take the initiative to leave it.

And if possible all Muslim countries must disengage themselves from the UN and leave the organization since it is of no use to the Muslim World. This idea may sound preposterous now, but it is not as absurd as the suggestion that the former Soviet Union could collapse or that the Berlin Wall could collapse.


What else that we can do to promote greater Muslim unity? One is to create the Muslim cinema. I presented a paper entitled, 'Muslim Cinema as an antithesis to Hollywood' in at the First Muslim Filmmakers Conference in Tehran, Iran in February 1994 during the Fajr International Film Festival where my film was also shown.

I proposed the setting up of a Muslim cinema. and laid out the plans that we can use to achieve this. In this way we can create more interesting films, documentaries and television programs and introduce new Muslim faces in the entertainment world who can be better role models for the young and highlight our different cultural and social facets and redefine the concept of hero and artistic and creative achievement.

We have the talent, the stories, technicians, cinema-halls and audiences, but unfortunately, we have surrendered them to the West as if we do not know that Hollywood films and entertainment only aim to bring back the Ummah to back to the Age of Jahiliyah or Ignorance. We can start to produce films that cost from ten to forty million and distribute them throughout the Muslim World and Third World.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


by Mansor Puteh. (In conjunction with the photo exhibition - Nakba - Dispossession –Pengusiran.


I also proposal that all countries which were once colonized by the British to leave the Commonwealth organization. Many of them are Muslim countries. The Commonwealth countries have all failed to persuade Britain to show fairness, so there's no need to stick with this organization and form another Muslim World and Third World alliance instead.

There is no point in sticking with this organization because it is not proper for us to be described as former colonies of Britain. It is bad for the psychology of the younger generation. And for that we must stop celebrating our Independence Day, and celebrate the formation of Malaysia instead, as it would create a better impact as a proud nation.

For as long as we are in the Commonwealth, we will have this `slave mentality', and will make the British and other Westerners look bigger than we do.

As an alternative, Muslim countries must activate the OIC and change its ways and become an organization that works on the day to day basis to promote greater Muslim unity and social and cultural interaction. I propose the new OIC Headquarters be situated in Brunei.


This is certainly not the right time to bring in 'Fame. It is about a group of American kid's excitement in studying at a drama school. What Istana Budaya should be doing is to produce a play on the story or plight of the Palestinians who are being persecuted by the Jews called ‘Intifada.' It's time for Istana Budaya to stop highlighting American dramas and start to create new ones that highlight our drama instead.

And I am not at all impressed with the old Malay filmmakers and Asas Lima-Puluh group did not bother to write anything to support the Palestinians when they started to be displaced in 1948, and the ensuing wars that took place in 1967 and 1973. So, how can we say that old Malay cinema and literary figures are sensitive?

They were producing films and books that totally ignored what happened in the Middle East like it didn't happen at all. P. Ramlee was distracting the Malay viewers with his silly antics, and our writers were writing about cabaret girls. None of our artistes touched anything on the plight of the Palestinians.


Muslim leaders are talking in vague language. All of them wish to see how the Muslim Ummah are united. But, sadly, none of them are offering any concrete suggestion on how to go about achieving this. ‘They should start talking in specifics for a change, like what I have suggested above. Firstly, we must introduce Duniyah-kola and, secondly, to create the Muslim Cinema of Jihad for a start to bring Muslims together, so that they can drink the same cola and see films that deal with cross-cultural experiences which they can relate to that highlight their strength and colorful history.


It is not wrong to say that Muslim leaders are their own worse enemies. The Ummah cannot lodge a war with other Muslims. And all wars between Muslim countries and within the societies are self-inflicted. As long at all Muslim leaders are unable to pacify themselves, there is no way that they can uphold the sanctity of Islam in the eves of the world. And because of that, the West and Jews are able to bully them.


It cannot be denied that the powerful Jewish lobby is controlling American politics. Imagine just six million Jews in America are able to control the media, Capitol Hill and The White House. How can this happen? We must investigate who they are, whether the so-called Jewish lobby ever existed as a legitimate or illegal organization, and who are their leaders.

Because it seems to me like America and American leaders are being led or misled by this powerful Jewish lobby which is acting more like the Italian Mafia that dominated American life and politics. Fortunately, the Americans had managed to evict the Mafia so that life in America could return to normal.

But, unfortunately, the Jewish lobby that should rightly be described as the Jewish Mafia is acting worse than their Italian counterparts so much so that the American lawmakers, leaders and media are subservient to them.

We must study how this Jewish lobby came to exist and how we can perhaps call their bluff The American public must be off from their influence so that true democracy can return to America. Americans must be told that their lives do not hinge on their undivided support for the Israeli State and the Jewish lobby is not doing any good to them and their country.

The majority of the Americans and its leaders must learn fast that this lobby is dangerous to America’s future, and they must do something to control the Jewish lobby so that their leaders are not abused or controlled. America must be represented by the rule of democracy with the majority interests taking precedent over the minority's interests.

And as such, American leaders and media must free themselves from being controlled and dominated by the Jewish lobby.

If this cannot be done, then the American president, Capitol Hill and media cannot claim to be the holder of democratic principles. The Jewish lobby has wreck havoc in American daily life and turn American foreign policy upside down. There is no peace in the soul of all Americans if the Jewish lobby is allowed to influence American lawmakers and leaders.

It is time for all Americans to take stock of this and start to control their lives and the way American leaders conduct themselves. American leaders cannot dance to the tune of the Jewish lobby exclusively without taking into account the interests of the majority of the Americans who are not Jews.

There are more than 250 million other Americans who are not Jews, they, too, have to be taken care of Muslims are not enemies of America and vice versa. If the six million Jews who are in America are against Muslims and Islam, let them be the only ones who are involved in this crisis of identity, while freeing the other Americans who do not have negative feelings towards Muslims. The Jewish lobby should not be allowed to engage other Americans to side with them.


Muslim leaders must be able to know that the American and Israeli leaders are engaged in jive talk. The do not talk straight talk like the Muslim leaders. It's time for Muslim leaders to start talking jive talk so that they will be able to expose American and Israeli hypocrisies.


Muslim leaders have stolen the limelight. It's time for Muslim leaders to engage all qualified Muslims in all fields so that they can be part of the process to modernize Islam and turn it into a bloc. They include the filmmakers, artists, intellectuals and writers, entrepreneurs, etc., etc. If this cannot be done, some will go astray and proceed with their own personal agenda and form cliques, and if necessary cells like what we have seen in recent times.

Worse of all, we must not sideline any qualified Muslim and instead use his talent, resources and intelligence to the fullest. The Muslim World is full of qualified and talented individuals who can contribute towards the betterment of the Ummah, and not just the politicians and leaders.

There is no need to stress too much on the acquisition of knowledge; it is as if the Muslims are too backward in education. The truth is that the knowledge that the Muslim World has acquired till now is sufficient for us to produce and create world-class artistic works and other achievements. Just that our knowledge and financial as well natural resources are being for our adversaries.

How does one explain that there are Malays and other Muslims who are willing to spend hundreds of million ringgit to set up television stations, just to turn them into centers for the promotion of Western cultural and artistic influences and with it un-Islamic ideas and values? Therefore, there is a need to address the issue of human resource management so that the Muslim World can fully utilize whatever human and natural resources it has.

We have more universities, scholars and intellectuals in the Muslim World, all of which must be given the task of uplifting the lot of the Muslims. We must create a new education system by first of all incorporating all the universities in the Muslim World into a system. The same must be done with all our museums, art galleries and theaters so that we can form a cultural bloc, and where mutually benefit works can be created.


Lastly, Muslim leaders must start to use unorthodox methods and ways to solve the problems faced by the Muslim Ummah. They can consider seriously some of my proposals and views for a change.

Friday, May 20, 2011


by Mansor Puteh. (In conjunction with the photo exhibition - Nakba - Dispossession –Pengusiran.

(This paper was written for the exhibition on Al-Nakbah’ held at the Islamic Museum in 2002 – a filmmaker’s view on the matter. The politicians being who they are have failed humanity with the Muslim leaders looking elsewhere at their personal comfort.

Yes, occasionally they show some interests but it is just for show and nothing else.

And there are also some well-meaning politicians and former Muslim and non-Muslim leaders who had tried to do something but they could only come up with more seminars and forums, which did not create any response as more Palestinian land are grabbed and more Palestinians are killed.

No important and interesting film has been made on this problem, either from the point of view of the Palestinians or Zionists.

I am posting it in few parts because of its length and in the original version.)

I was not yet born when the Palestinians first started to be displaced from their homeland in 1948. In fact, even during the month of October in 1967, i.e. during the heights of the October War or the Six-Day War that the Israelis called the Yom Kippur War, I was not even aware of what was going on. Even the local English and Malay newspapers and news bulletin on television and radio were referring to the Palestinians soldiers as 'Palestinian terrorists'. Only much later in the early 1980s did the local media start to change their attitude towards the Palestinians who were later described more aptly as `Palestinian freedom-fighters'.

This goes to show how much we had been influenced by the Western media that we simply could not digest what had indeed happen in the Middle East, vis-à-vis Palestinian Problem and who were the antagonists and protagonists. I can now understand why this was so.


I was born and raised in Malacca, a state which is like no other in Malaysia or elsewhere. The Portuguese came to Malacca and liked the place so much that they decided to stay for one hundred and thirty years from 1511. The Dutch took over from them and stayed for as long. After them came the British who dominated Malacca as well as the whole of Malaya and they stayed for more than one hundred and seventy years. In the end all of them left Malacca and we were back to where we once belonged, while they were branded as former colonialists, a term that means savage people.

Hopefully, the Israelis will learn from the history of Malacca so that they will know that any land that is taken away by force will one day be retuned, even if it had to take more than 400 years as what Malacca had experienced. 'The same with the Muslim republics in the former Soviet Union that finally attained their independence after seventy years under Communist rule.


What baffles me, therefore with regard to the Palestinian Problem is that everybody seems to think that it just started yesterday. Nobody seems to remember that the problem in its present shape and form is actually fifty-four years old' It is really that long! (It is older than most of us here.

I can believe why many leaders in other Muslim countries could not focus on how to find ways to solve this problem when it first happened in 1948, as they were in the midst of their own quest for independence. The leaders of this country, too, had to struggle with the British colonialists and had to shuttle back and forth to London to plead with them to allow it’s to let our independence or `Merdeka'.

The same was true with Indonesia and many other Muslim or Arab countries and those in Africa. In fact all the countries in toe Muslim World and Third World were grappling with their national problems with their former colonial masters that they did not have time for the problems the Palestinians were haring, then.

The Israelis were smart in that they launched their campaign to wrest Palestinian land immediately after the Second World War ended, when facilities, institutions and systems in most countries in the West and Asia had collapsed, and its leadership was in total disarray. All the countries were in the midst of rebuilding their destroyed countries. And cultural, social and political influences came from only two sources, i.e. Hollywood films and their electronic and print media.

Because of that the Israelis decided to quickly wrest control of these media so that they could use them for their own purposes when initially they were independent entities. And in many Hollywood films, the Arabs were seen as romantic heroes such as those acted by Rudolf Valentino who even wore the `khafiyeh'.

Later, the Arabs became the crooks in many a Hollywood film. This was their first line of attack, i.e. to control the two most important media, cinema and press before they went oil the offensive and seized mote Palestinian territory and displaced its inhabitants.

And because of that the Israelis could introduce their Zionist policies without being opposed. Even as thousands and thousands of Palestinians were evicted by force from their ancestral land and their properties destroyed, nobody batted an eyelid. These Palestinians had to suffer quietly and perish in the hands of the Israelis, until the problem became too big and obvious so much so that ironically it blinded many Muslim leaders. It was also during the heights of the Vietnam War that had distracted America and the rest of the world.

By then the position of the Israel in Palestinian land had become so entrenched that they could now bare their fangs. Soon afterwards, with collusion from America they began to develop their nuclear program that further made their presence in the Middle East safe from any physical harm by the few Arab countries who were bent on developing their nuclear arsenal. Even the nuclear facilities in Iraq could be destroyed in fifteen minutes by Israeli jets without any Arab leader doing anything except to file a complaint that nobody else cared. It looks to me like those countries who had managed to build their nuclear weapons first can get to keep them, while those who are still trying to do so must be eliminated, so future wars that have to be conducted are always one-sided.

They only want Muslim countries to fight them with empty slogans and by issuing useless memoranda and the throwing of stones.

It was ironic in that the Israelis, who were persecuted by the Germans in the Holocaust that resulted in the death of six million of them in the gas chambers, could repeat the atrocities and torture the Palestinians in like fashion and style, if not worse. This must be their way of venting their anger at the Germans. But sadly those who had to suffer in the hands of the Israelis were not Germans but Palestinians who became their easy prey because they were not aggressive in nature and accommodative and whose hands had been tied.


I am now trying to find partners and investors who are interested to collaborate with me to introduce a new brand of cola or that it can marketed in all the Muslim countries, called, 'Duniyah-kola'. I am confident if such a cola is available in the market all Muslims will stop consuming the American colas.

This is a multi-billion dollar market that we have surrendered to the Americans, which we must take back.

And we must also take back the cinema, television and radio that we have surrendered to the Americans so that we will use these media for the propagation of our ideals and values. We have failed to use all the natural and human resources that we have been blessed with by god. Ironically, we have used them as vehicles for the promotion of Western cultural, social, economic and political influences in our own world.

There are many Malays and other Arabs, especially who are willing to spend hundreds of millions of ringgit to set up television and radio stations just to turn them into centers for the promotion of Western cultural influences. No wonder many young Muslims have become American or Jewish worshippers'.


Many Muslim leaders and other individuals have complained that the Western media are biased. What 1 am aghast is why has the Muslim organizations or other well-meaning individuals not done something about it? Surely, if the problem is with the Western media, we can check it by creating a new system of media that favor us. What the Aljazeera has been doing since it’s remarkable, yet it is just one individual and one company who are doing this.

It is therefore, high time that we ignore the Western media and concentrate on the formation of our own media that we can use to the fullest so that the beauty of [slam and heroics of many Muslims can be profiled.

Muslims, especially our leaders must learn how to stop complaining about the excesses of the Western media or Hollywood films, etc. We must learn how to be able to understand why they existed in the first place. And after that w, must take actions to overcome them by introducing new systems, institutions and structures that will work in our favor.

We must realize fast that the war with the West and Israel is not held just in the deserts of Palestine, but on other fronts, commercial, cultural. social. cinema, television and radio and economic too. If we are not able to do so, we can never encounter the West and solve the Palestinian Problem even if we are given fifty more years.

Ultimately, what ever happens in Palestine and Afghanistan for that matter, are simply manifestations of Muslim disunity. It is the disunity of the Muslim Ummah that had resulted in such problems to appear. Therefore our leader; will be wiser if they not only look at these problems purely from the political point-of-view but the others that I have mentioned earlier as well.

Monday, May 16, 2011



The Middle East problems can never be solved, because the tripartite players comprising of the Palestinian leaders, Zionist leaders and the American leaders are stupid, evil and idiotic.

How could the three parties accept their lot, and backtrack on their past actions by admitting that they are a bunch of stupid, evil and idiotic people?

That’s very hard for them to do since their leaders change with the times, so the new generation of Palestinian, Zionist and American leaders cannot undo what their predecessors had done in the past without them feeling stupid, evil and idiotic themselves.

But at least the Palestinians are finally accepting how stupid they were, so they are now trying to mend their personal rifts, by uniting.

But alas, it is few hundred thousand dead Palestinians and thousands of acres of Palestinian land too late.

But at least the Hamas and Fatah and the other Palestinian groups have accepted the fact that they had been stupid for fighting with each other.

And can we see similar actions by the Zionist leaders, who will admit that they have been evil all along?

One doubts it.

Can we also see the American leaders finally accepting the fact that they have been idiotic all along?

One doubts it.

The American leaders are still willing to trample on their Constitution and ideals just to impress the Zionists whose ideals are not ideal for American democracy at all.

In the eyes of the American leaders, the Zionists are people who are above American and also international law; they can never do any wrong. They are allowed to as evil and ugly as they like.

After all they have equated the lives of one hundred thousand Arabs can never be equal to the toe of a Jew.

This is how kind the Zionists are. And this is also how kind the American are for agreeing with such a principle.

The Palestinian leaders are so stupid; the Zionist leaders are so evil while the American leaders are so idiotic, and they will be so for a very long time, until the time when there is a final solution to the Middle East problem which at one time was described as the Palestinian Problem.

But it is really the Zionist Problem as well as the American Problem.

And it is only when Palestinians are allowed to return to the land of their ancestors, although they are still kind so as to say they could accept the existence of the Zionist state if it returns to the borders before the October War of 1967, which is a fair requirement.

This may not be a good solution to the Zionists since they will be returning back to their Stone Age. They have to dismantle a lot of things including the nuclear facilities they had constructed deep in the Negev Desert, which is something which they could never desert, as it is their lifeline for without which their very existence cannot continue to be.

What is the Zionist state without their nuclear program? They are interdependent.

Their nuclear program threatens the existence of Palestine and the other Arab countries in the region. Worse, t is also their only bargaining power with America.

So the Zionist leaders can never stop from becoming evil as it has proven to be useful to their strategies and policies all of which are based on it and also the lies they create all the time.

So how could anyone trust such an ugly bunch of brainless people to be able to do much?

The Palestinians being the victims had allowed themselves to be branded as the aggressors.

The Zionist aggressors had succeeded in telling the whole world that they are the victims.

While the idiotic American leaders who did not know any better are confused; they agree with the Zionist ‘victims’ and blame the stupid Palestinian ‘aggressors’.

So whatever moves they tried to make in the past more than six decades are the moves of a bunch of stupid, evil and idiotic people.

They can never do much.

But this may be the strategy employed or devised by the evil Zionist leaders so they can in the meantime grab more Palestinian land inch by inch and now started to construct the Zionist Wall around it, so that this can also be seen as another evil strategy to cut off more Palestinian land for them to further grab.

All this is happening with the Idiotic American leaders looking elsewhere.

In the meantime, too, some of those who were involved in the so-called peace process are given the Nobel Peace Prices, yet, there is no peace in the Middle East.

It is strange how the evil Zionist leaders can go on pretending to be the victims, when they are the aggressors?

And how did the stupid Palestinian leaders start to behave like they are the aggressors?

And yet, the Idiotic American leaders can accept only confessions from the Evil Zionist leaders all the time without charging them to be lying through their noses, and while speaking in their third rate English.

Benyamin Netanyahu and the other Zionist leaders think they speak good English; they do not. This is because their grammar is based on lies and deceits and not on the demands of the language.

The English of the Zionist leaders is so bad that they do not know what they say all the time that they are lying.

Yet, how can liars be accepted, by the American leaders? Because the American leaders are idiots. Worse, the American leaders are partisan, they side with the Zionist leaders even when they know the Zionist leaders are lying.

The Zionist leaders are also trampling on the virtues of the American Constitution yet, the idiotic American leaders just did not care, because they are so idiotic.

The American leaders and the American people just don’t care anymore with what is in their own Constitution as it was only supposed to serve an earlier cause; it is not good for the moment, especially in dealing with the Middle East crises.

That Zionism is against the American Constitution and vice-versa. That Zionism is also against Judaism.