Sunday, May 22, 2011


by Mansor Puteh. (In conjunction with the photo exhibition - Nakba - Dispossession –Pengusiran.


I also proposal that all countries which were once colonized by the British to leave the Commonwealth organization. Many of them are Muslim countries. The Commonwealth countries have all failed to persuade Britain to show fairness, so there's no need to stick with this organization and form another Muslim World and Third World alliance instead.

There is no point in sticking with this organization because it is not proper for us to be described as former colonies of Britain. It is bad for the psychology of the younger generation. And for that we must stop celebrating our Independence Day, and celebrate the formation of Malaysia instead, as it would create a better impact as a proud nation.

For as long as we are in the Commonwealth, we will have this `slave mentality', and will make the British and other Westerners look bigger than we do.

As an alternative, Muslim countries must activate the OIC and change its ways and become an organization that works on the day to day basis to promote greater Muslim unity and social and cultural interaction. I propose the new OIC Headquarters be situated in Brunei.


This is certainly not the right time to bring in 'Fame. It is about a group of American kid's excitement in studying at a drama school. What Istana Budaya should be doing is to produce a play on the story or plight of the Palestinians who are being persecuted by the Jews called ‘Intifada.' It's time for Istana Budaya to stop highlighting American dramas and start to create new ones that highlight our drama instead.

And I am not at all impressed with the old Malay filmmakers and Asas Lima-Puluh group did not bother to write anything to support the Palestinians when they started to be displaced in 1948, and the ensuing wars that took place in 1967 and 1973. So, how can we say that old Malay cinema and literary figures are sensitive?

They were producing films and books that totally ignored what happened in the Middle East like it didn't happen at all. P. Ramlee was distracting the Malay viewers with his silly antics, and our writers were writing about cabaret girls. None of our artistes touched anything on the plight of the Palestinians.


Muslim leaders are talking in vague language. All of them wish to see how the Muslim Ummah are united. But, sadly, none of them are offering any concrete suggestion on how to go about achieving this. ‘They should start talking in specifics for a change, like what I have suggested above. Firstly, we must introduce Duniyah-kola and, secondly, to create the Muslim Cinema of Jihad for a start to bring Muslims together, so that they can drink the same cola and see films that deal with cross-cultural experiences which they can relate to that highlight their strength and colorful history.


It is not wrong to say that Muslim leaders are their own worse enemies. The Ummah cannot lodge a war with other Muslims. And all wars between Muslim countries and within the societies are self-inflicted. As long at all Muslim leaders are unable to pacify themselves, there is no way that they can uphold the sanctity of Islam in the eves of the world. And because of that, the West and Jews are able to bully them.


It cannot be denied that the powerful Jewish lobby is controlling American politics. Imagine just six million Jews in America are able to control the media, Capitol Hill and The White House. How can this happen? We must investigate who they are, whether the so-called Jewish lobby ever existed as a legitimate or illegal organization, and who are their leaders.

Because it seems to me like America and American leaders are being led or misled by this powerful Jewish lobby which is acting more like the Italian Mafia that dominated American life and politics. Fortunately, the Americans had managed to evict the Mafia so that life in America could return to normal.

But, unfortunately, the Jewish lobby that should rightly be described as the Jewish Mafia is acting worse than their Italian counterparts so much so that the American lawmakers, leaders and media are subservient to them.

We must study how this Jewish lobby came to exist and how we can perhaps call their bluff The American public must be off from their influence so that true democracy can return to America. Americans must be told that their lives do not hinge on their undivided support for the Israeli State and the Jewish lobby is not doing any good to them and their country.

The majority of the Americans and its leaders must learn fast that this lobby is dangerous to America’s future, and they must do something to control the Jewish lobby so that their leaders are not abused or controlled. America must be represented by the rule of democracy with the majority interests taking precedent over the minority's interests.

And as such, American leaders and media must free themselves from being controlled and dominated by the Jewish lobby.

If this cannot be done, then the American president, Capitol Hill and media cannot claim to be the holder of democratic principles. The Jewish lobby has wreck havoc in American daily life and turn American foreign policy upside down. There is no peace in the soul of all Americans if the Jewish lobby is allowed to influence American lawmakers and leaders.

It is time for all Americans to take stock of this and start to control their lives and the way American leaders conduct themselves. American leaders cannot dance to the tune of the Jewish lobby exclusively without taking into account the interests of the majority of the Americans who are not Jews.

There are more than 250 million other Americans who are not Jews, they, too, have to be taken care of Muslims are not enemies of America and vice versa. If the six million Jews who are in America are against Muslims and Islam, let them be the only ones who are involved in this crisis of identity, while freeing the other Americans who do not have negative feelings towards Muslims. The Jewish lobby should not be allowed to engage other Americans to side with them.


Muslim leaders must be able to know that the American and Israeli leaders are engaged in jive talk. The do not talk straight talk like the Muslim leaders. It's time for Muslim leaders to start talking jive talk so that they will be able to expose American and Israeli hypocrisies.


Muslim leaders have stolen the limelight. It's time for Muslim leaders to engage all qualified Muslims in all fields so that they can be part of the process to modernize Islam and turn it into a bloc. They include the filmmakers, artists, intellectuals and writers, entrepreneurs, etc., etc. If this cannot be done, some will go astray and proceed with their own personal agenda and form cliques, and if necessary cells like what we have seen in recent times.

Worse of all, we must not sideline any qualified Muslim and instead use his talent, resources and intelligence to the fullest. The Muslim World is full of qualified and talented individuals who can contribute towards the betterment of the Ummah, and not just the politicians and leaders.

There is no need to stress too much on the acquisition of knowledge; it is as if the Muslims are too backward in education. The truth is that the knowledge that the Muslim World has acquired till now is sufficient for us to produce and create world-class artistic works and other achievements. Just that our knowledge and financial as well natural resources are being for our adversaries.

How does one explain that there are Malays and other Muslims who are willing to spend hundreds of million ringgit to set up television stations, just to turn them into centers for the promotion of Western cultural and artistic influences and with it un-Islamic ideas and values? Therefore, there is a need to address the issue of human resource management so that the Muslim World can fully utilize whatever human and natural resources it has.

We have more universities, scholars and intellectuals in the Muslim World, all of which must be given the task of uplifting the lot of the Muslims. We must create a new education system by first of all incorporating all the universities in the Muslim World into a system. The same must be done with all our museums, art galleries and theaters so that we can form a cultural bloc, and where mutually benefit works can be created.


Lastly, Muslim leaders must start to use unorthodox methods and ways to solve the problems faced by the Muslim Ummah. They can consider seriously some of my proposals and views for a change.


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