Tuesday, May 31, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

(NOTE: I wish to say here I am baffled as to how the many comments I received for my earlier articles were not posted in the blog. I was shocked to see how many of them in it, but were not posted automatically, except for just a few, even though I had set to let out all the comments when they were posted by my viewers. I found them to be interesting. I am still trying to find out how to solve this problem.)

Ban Ki-Moon is a joker! He may not be qualified to teach the English language in his native South Korea, because of his poor command of the language; yet, he can be the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN).

He has not been known to have spoken off the cuff on any major international issue, or given interviews on live television.

It’s quite obvious that the UN does not want brilliance and people with minds of their own and who are good for world peace and also bad for America and the rogue states and other state terrorists; it only wants someone who can clown around the world stage.

How many smart people are there in the UN headquarters in New York City?

How many speeches that had been read in the general assemblies which are brilliant that have caused the world to be a better place to live in?

And how many times, the representatives of America and its allies had walked out or who have not attended the general assembly sittings simply because they did not want to hear the truth from the representatives of some Arab and other Muslim countries?

They do not seem to know the adage that says, ‘I do not agree with your views, but I will defend your right to say them.’

America and its allies only want the others to hear what they have to say but not want to hear what the others say on anything, unless if the other countries support their views and say so.

And just how could someone who is not qualified to be an English language teacher, like Ban Ki-Moon, yet, who can be the secretary-general of the United Nations (UN)?

Want to be chosen secretary-general of the UN, and be favored by America?

You have to speak English in an accent so thick, no one knows what you are talking about.

And your diplomacy is worse than your English.

Only then you are seen to be qualified to head the UN, with the full endorsement of America.

Ban Ki-Moon, the current secretary-general of the UN fitted the bill, so he was favored by America because he fitted the bill that he did not have a mind of his own, that he could be made to read from short prepared speeches.

Even after so many years as the secretary-general of the world organization, his English has not improved; his accent no better. His intonation as well as diction worse than Mickey Mouse’s or Donald Duck’s.

His vocabulary is also not wide, since he keeps on repeating the same words for different world situations.

So why does he have to command respect from anyone? Just because he holds the office? Even when he does not sound and look intelligent?

In everyday situations, people like him who looks and sound like him could not be understood if he communicates with the people in the street. He might not even be able to order coffee in any coffee shop in America.

Even the South Korean grocers in Manhattan and the one store they operated in Harlem speak better English because they relate and communicate with the locals more, even when from the beginning they could not speak a word of English when they first came to America.

But Ki-Moon also mixes with a lot of Americans in his course of duty. But how come he still can’t speak English well?

Maybe he should be asked to spend some time in any grocery store operated by the South Koreans in Manhattan, so he can improve his English, and how he can relate with people.

At the UN, he does not seem to be able to relate with many. He only relates to the Americans as he sounds much like them, especially those from the State Department and also the spokesmen for the White House and Pentagon.

So he’d better not say much to comment on the killing of Osama bin Laden, as we will know what it will sound like – a second-hand speech made by the others in Washington DC.

Ki-Moon has so far not managed to do much as secretary-general, other than to speak in public and reading from a prepared text, all of which sounded the same.

Can’t he just remember the few lines in English and repeat them again and again, without even having to change the names of the countries that are involved in any political dispute?

Nobody would know the difference anyway.

If all that he has done is to read prepared text by his speech-writers or secretaries, then why bother to have him be the secretary-general of the UN?

Can’t they just appoint him spokesman for the organization and appoint one of the speech-writers or secretaries to head it?

The best person to be the secretary-general of the UN is definitely someone from the American State Department so he or she is answerable to the Secretary of State.

Maybe the American secretary of state should double as the secretary-general of the UN, too, since they do almost the same job of furthering American interests around the world.

The secretary-general of the UN sounds like the American secretary of state. Most likely they share the same speech-writers or staff, who writes the speeches for them.

In fact, all the other secretary-generals of the UN before Ki-Moon had a thick accent. But Ki-Moon’s accent is worse. His English is no better.

From what I can tell, he seems to know only so few words of English, and not many names of the countries in the world.

He can’t even qualify to be the ambassador of his native country of South Korea.

So where on earth did he come from to attract the attention of the backers of the UN who found him good enough for them to lead it?

Ki-Moon should not speak in English. He should speak in Korean and engage a translator if he has to speak in public.

Or, he should be banned altogether from speaking in English, as he can be charged for demeaning it.

However, by all accounts, Ki-Moon can be described by his supporters in Washington DC for having done a good job, not for the world but for the Americans.

If his term ends, there is a most likelihood that it would be extended to another term.

However, if there is a need for him to be retired, then someone similar to him should take over his place to succeed him so he could just extend what Ki-Moon had done, which is to read prepared text and trying to sound smart or brilliant.

The world does not really care who the secretary-general of the UN is. The world organization has not done much to elevate the pains those who are in dire straits.

It has so far only done a lot to support the interests of the superpowers, especially of America, which is bent on bending rules to accommodate their interests and in trying to extend the livelihood of the Zionist state, even when time has proven that their leaders had lost the plot; they had gone on a rampage too many times.

But Ki-Moon and the UN do not seem to care.


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