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By Mansor Puteh

I left Kuala Lumpur on 30 August, 1997, so I could escape the noise and celebration of the Independence Day parades in the city and throughout the country when Malaysia celebrated its fortieth Merdeka Day.

This was my second trip to the city, by flight after the first flight I took from Kuala Lumpur to the old Halim Perdanakusuma Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia in May, 1974.

I had returned to the city the second time in 1995, but did not fly. I took the ferry from Melaka to Dumai and traveled by land to Jakarta and on to the other cities until I got to Bali.

I flew into the Sukarno-Hatta Airport or Bandara Sukarno-Hatta for the first time and immediately took a cab to a small hotel in the center of the city of Jakarta.

The next day, 31 August, 1997, is Malaysia’s Independence or Merdeka Day.

So I could imagine Kuala Lumpur which had been decorated with banners, flags and buntings to be up early in the morning with scores of thousands of schoolchildren and other members of the public converging at Dataran Merdeka or
Merdeka Square
to participate and attend the celebrations with the entire members of the cabinet attending.

Here, in Jakarta in the morning of 31 August, 1977, I took a cab ride to the Jakarta Mall, and to my surprise, I saw images of Princess Diana in all the television monitors of an electronic store, news and announcements from satellite television.

I went forward and caught a bit of what they were saying. It seemed that she had had an accident in Paris. And she was with Dodi al-Fayed. He had already died in the crash, while she was still struggling for her life.

It was quite shocking as no one could ever imagine such a nasty thing could happen to a person such as her, who led a public life and who was certainly well protected.

But alas, what had been fated, had to happen.

Recalling this, I could not fail to see the similarities between this accident, and also the arrest of the chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn in a hotel in Manhattan, New York City.

In fact, these are two cities which I am familiar with and which I had grown to like immensely, having been there few times, and living in New York City for a few years.

Diana, Dodi, Dominique and Arnold Schwarzenegger are victims, not of circumstances. They are victims of secularism.

If they had followed the ways of Islam, they would have been saved.

Unfortunately, being involved with Dodi, an Egyptian Muslim had not helped save Diana. On the contrary, it could be a factor that caused her and his own death.

Dominique did not have the advantage of any Islamic upbringing or education and experience.

But it is obvious that they wanted to live in the fast lane and in the Secular World, and now they could see how such a world could unleash its venom on them. Diana and Dodi died. Dominique and Arnold are facing their cases in the court of public opinion as well as in the legal type.

Their unIslamic way of life was the reason why the three had to suffer.

This is where an Islamic way of life could have saved them from their despair and personal tragedy.

This is how secularism rears its ugly head.

Being a Muslim, Dodi did not practice Islam. He went off with a divorcee for an escapade in a hotel in Paris.

This was his crime. He was thinking in the short-term.

If he had thought about his relationship with Diana and wanted it to last, then, taking the course they had taken was wrong. It was proven to be so wrong indeed.

And had Dominique and Arnold also practiced an Islamic way, despite not being a Muslim, he could have saved himself from his present predicament. How?

This is how. Any Muslim man, in Islam, must never ever be in any company of a woman he is not married to.

And he should also have insisted in not allowing the hotel maid to enter his rented room, before he leaves it, or the maid should be with another woman.

It is petty, I know. But being petty about things can result in some pretty results.

That is why Islam has prescribed how humans are to conduct their daily lives, which is to ensure that humans are safe from harm.

In the west, secularism has shown its ugly head, and nothing can be uglier than in the form of the death of Diana and Dodi and the persecution of Dominique and Arnold.

But why must these two men be persecuted, because they are should be recognized as the epitome of secularism, of anything western, in a world where religion does not play a part in the daily life of its citizens, where religious beliefs and values are looked down upon.

Dominique and Arnold should be highly regarded then for upholding such anti-religion principles and hailed as leaders of the decadent western and irreligious society in the west where immorality is the order of the day.

Why now complaint?

I also make sure that I am standing at the door of my hotel room if there is a maid who wants to offer anything, such as newspapers or food. I do not allow her to enter the room and she has to stand in the corridor in full view of the CCTV and the others. It’s the same with male staff of the hotel.

Because no one knows what the staff can say of your conduct, as it is their word against yours.

And in the case of Dominique, even if he could prove that he had not done anything criminal, yet, he has already suffered. The woman who had charged him for anything can still remain anonymous.

In the secular world, it seems any woman or man can make a charge against any person, man or woman and he or she is taken seriously and stiff action and consequently, a charge can be leveled against him.

This is how secularism works.

But not in Islam.

Islam forbids the creation of such disputes and potential harm to individuals and because of that the Holy Koran had verses upon verses on how human beings ought to conduct themselves in their private lives.

The secular world only cares how to persecute, while the Islamic world knows how to avoid them from ever happening.

The only advantage of living in the secular world or non-Muslim world using their man-made laws is that it allows for human beings to live a free live.

Whereas, the restrictions imposed under Islamic or Syariah laws, forbid human beings from living a life freely, as this could lead to many unnecessary things to happen.

Some of the unnecessary things that had happened are the unnecessary death of Diana and Dodi and the persecution of Dominique. All of which could have been avoided.

The secular world is good if there level of morality amongst the believers is the same and similar, so they know not how to persecute the others by virtue of them not fulfilling their unwritten pledge to be immoral.

Unfortunately, this decision to define criminal acts is often at the hands of the women and those who thought they had been wronged.

Even partners in a special relationship can turn sour if one of them spoils the fun, if the relationship fails, by spilling the beans and charge the other for sexual abuse, when in the past; acts of physical and sexual in nature, were performed on a mutual basis.

So in the west and in the secular world, the women normally have the upper-hand on such matters.

Dominique now knows how and why that is so.

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