Thursday, May 5, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Ironically, the direct effect on the killing of Osama bin Laden will be the creation of the New Islamic Republic of Indonesia and of Aceh Darussalam, and the rise and rise of Islam in the world and the squeezing out of the Zionist state.

So if the American and their allied leaders had foresight, they would not have tried to find fault with Islam and Muslims.

Their numbers are far too big for them to handle, and their thinking still undisclosed even if it is true how many Muslims want to turn the earth of world into an Islamic Planet.

So all the terrorist and militant acts against America and its interests, are all the creation of America and its allies, descendants of the Crusaders and Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century mass murderers.

And no thanks to their brain-dead leaders in politics, intellectual circles and the media who do not know how to analyze things, even when everything is so evidently clear for everybody to see.

Osama bin Laden could not have been created without the Americans wanting to have someone like him, as did the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban – which were all supposed to be disposable CIA outfits, whose existence was only for the expulsion of Communism in Afghanistan.

But because the Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders were not hailed by Washington DC for a job well-done, they soon found themselves new roles to play for which they had to suffer a great deal from.

The Zionist state, too, could not have been created without America helping out and maintaining it, even by artificial and unusual means.

Now, the direct effect on the killing of Osama is how America and its allies are going to push Indonesia to become a new Islamic Republic.

This happens as more and more Muslim countries become more Muslim than necessary.

The other side effect will be the squeezing out of the Zionist state, especially if all the Arab and Muslim states start to wrest control of the strategic industries, leaving with America and its allies with no industry to dominate, that can also spell doom to their political standing in these countries and the world.

So America, too, would be squeezed out of the world.

This is what America and its allies had all failed to see because they were all blinded by their single-lens view of things, especially on parts of the world where they had not set their feet on, whose names they could not pronounce, yet, they want to subjugate.

American leaders of all types can never pronounce the names of the countries whom they want to deal and relate to, much less the names of their leaders.

Worse, the American academic system is such that these are non-entities, countries that do not exist. So not many Americans know what and where they are.

So few would go there, to find some solution to their personal problems.

But for the majority of Americans and those in the west, the Arab and Muslim Worlds still represent the part in the world they still have to subjugate, and its people belittled.

Their religion being Islam, so they have to be chastised, for no reason other than that their own religions had already become almost extinct, so they are free to do whatever they like as they are not being hounded by negative fears or retribution from some unknown entities their ancestors u used to call their gods.

So all the terrorism that happens in the world today stem from this one useless act of the former American government, for which their future presidents and other leaders had no choice but to continue on.

Osama bin Laden was created by such flaws as did the creation of the Zionist state.

So if America and its allies really and truly want to get rid of terrorism in the world and to ensure their countries are safe, they should first take a long, good look at their own selves – the men in the mirror and ask if they are not the worst terrorists the world have ever known, and if they are who they are today, simply because of the foreign policies their ancestors had devised for which they and the world have to suffer still till today.

The death of Osama does not end anything. In fact, he was already dead long ago. But the spirit that he had sown in many younger Arabs and Muslims cannot be scoffed.

Check the papers in Indonesia and see what sort of theories they have, and what sort of attitudes many Indonesians now have and what ideas they now harbor. They want to hasten the transformation of their country which is now secular into an Islamic Republic.

And they can thank America and their allies for fomenting this change, which they did not consider before. Now they do.

America and its allies are fomenting dissent amongst Muslims in their countries. But at the same time, they are fomenting support for the creation of the Muslim states or republics, where thoughts of such ideas had not been considered before.

Leaders of America and its allies, can now see for themselves how this transformation is happening.

So one cannot discount the possibility of the Islamic parties in Indonesia taking lead roles after their next general elections.

This is what America and its allies had not wanted to happen, but it is happening.

If Indonesia which is such a huge Muslim country could do it, then surely, the smaller ones, can also do the same.

Before the creation of the Zionist state, the world was in relative peace. Osama was a young boy growing up in Saudi Arabia, the country which has been providing America with oil and which continues to do so till today.

Up to the early 1960s, one can actually travel by land from Malaysia where I am at, to go to London in England, hitch-hiking and passing through all the countries which are now inflamed.

A Melayu man from Melaka in Malaysia, did that and wrote a book about his experiences traveling through India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and on to Europe before he crossed the English Channel to arrive in London, his final destination.

I had a copy of the book, which I thought I was kind enough to lend it to a friend in Melaka in the 1970s, but he kept the book without returning it to me.

But since the creation of the Zionist state in 1948 and especially after the October War of 1967, the whole area became inflame, so now all the countries bothering it, have been destroyed.

Therefore, one must wonder, why all these countries are so; they are those which bother or which are near the Zionist state?

Arab countries which are further away from the Zionist state are free.

The stupid strategy is for these countries to be in such a state of destruction, so that the Zionist state can feel like it is more peaceful, when it is not.

And as long as the stupid Arabs and other stupid Muslims are fighting with each other, the Zionist state is safe.

And the Arabs and Muslims will use their resources to fight each other.

And Islam can also be branded as a ruthless religion and Muslims, militants.

While the Zionists are seen to be peace-loving people, who can be allowed to grab land inch by inch, with their supporters, America and the United Nations looking elsewhere to allow them to continue on with their evil acts.

Osama had to be created. Al-Qaeda and the Talibans, too, had to be created for without which they are no real faces of Islam for those Infidels and Savage Catholics and Christians in the West and in America to target.

They are descendants of the failed Catholic and Christian Crusaders and other Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century European explorers and plunderers and mass murders.

They who do not know better how to take stock of their past, and who are bent on continuing their legacy of evil acts committed by their ancestors, and all of that is being done in the name of their holy books.

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