Thursday, May 12, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

These are the few countries whose only interests now are to look for enemies and finding some amongst the Arabs and Muslims while protecting the Zionist state.

They can easily find them, after trapping them into a scheme by pretending to side with them and to support them by even offering arms, and then they turn around to chastise them.

Few of the Arab leaders who did not know better had suffered and killed; some more are in the process of annihilation by them.

They all suffered for putting their trust and faith in the leaders of the New Barbaric states of the world.

This is what America and its western allies have gotten themselves into, finding faults with others, particularly the Arabs and Muslims, purely to support the existence of the artificial and temporary Zionist state of Israel, and also to reflect the temporariness of their negative virtues, of being secular states which had long ago rejected their Catholic and Christian upbringing and values.

They are the New Barbaric States in the world today.

The economic and military advancement that they had achieved had gone to their heads and they are using them for wrong uses to achieve world dominance and especially to subjugate those who are not like them.

Even if there are many in Africa, South America and Asia who are supposed to be Catholic and Christians like them, and even secular, yet, this did not matter much to them, as they see themselves to be more superior to the others.

Those who now seem to suffer the worse are the Arabs and Muslims, whom they look down upon, whom they only conduct business with as long as these countries have oil and other resources that they need, especially human beings that they can use as victims for the testing of their depleted and also new military hardware which they want to discard or which they had just created.

This is what these so called economically and militarily advanced state the world has ever known to be at now.

There is no denying how America and its western allies which are supposed to be upholders of Catholic and Christian values, but alas, they had long ago rejected them to praise secularism and practice it like it is more superior to those religions.

Upholding secular principles seem to be utmost in their quest to prove that they are superior beings, but alas, they hang onto those ideals purely because of the sufferings that their ancestors had done to the other countries which they still want to see as being undeveloped.

Most of Africa and South America and many parts of Asia and the Muslim World must be left in the dark, so that America and its western allies can think how they have left darkness and are illuminated by light when they are also in a similar state of backwardness.

The world therefore cannot be accepted or seen to have developed from the prehistoric age, as long as there are many countries that have not been allowed to develop in tandem with the rest, particularly with America and its western allies, whose ancestors were barbarians who had caused untold damage to the countries which are now still in such a bad shape.

The only strategy for America and its western anti-Catholic and anti-Christian allies, like them who now embrace secularism, is to ensure that those countries continue to remain in the dark and their resources replete before they can be fully subjugated.

The Almighty Dollar and the Almighty Nuclear are what those countries pray to and whose power they use to dominate others.

They do not fear retribution from the higher being. They have no concept of the higher being, as there is no one higher then them and nothing more powerful than their nuclear devices that their countries possess which can literarily destroy the whole world with the press of the button.

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