Monday, May 16, 2011



The Middle East problems can never be solved, because the tripartite players comprising of the Palestinian leaders, Zionist leaders and the American leaders are stupid, evil and idiotic.

How could the three parties accept their lot, and backtrack on their past actions by admitting that they are a bunch of stupid, evil and idiotic people?

That’s very hard for them to do since their leaders change with the times, so the new generation of Palestinian, Zionist and American leaders cannot undo what their predecessors had done in the past without them feeling stupid, evil and idiotic themselves.

But at least the Palestinians are finally accepting how stupid they were, so they are now trying to mend their personal rifts, by uniting.

But alas, it is few hundred thousand dead Palestinians and thousands of acres of Palestinian land too late.

But at least the Hamas and Fatah and the other Palestinian groups have accepted the fact that they had been stupid for fighting with each other.

And can we see similar actions by the Zionist leaders, who will admit that they have been evil all along?

One doubts it.

Can we also see the American leaders finally accepting the fact that they have been idiotic all along?

One doubts it.

The American leaders are still willing to trample on their Constitution and ideals just to impress the Zionists whose ideals are not ideal for American democracy at all.

In the eyes of the American leaders, the Zionists are people who are above American and also international law; they can never do any wrong. They are allowed to as evil and ugly as they like.

After all they have equated the lives of one hundred thousand Arabs can never be equal to the toe of a Jew.

This is how kind the Zionists are. And this is also how kind the American are for agreeing with such a principle.

The Palestinian leaders are so stupid; the Zionist leaders are so evil while the American leaders are so idiotic, and they will be so for a very long time, until the time when there is a final solution to the Middle East problem which at one time was described as the Palestinian Problem.

But it is really the Zionist Problem as well as the American Problem.

And it is only when Palestinians are allowed to return to the land of their ancestors, although they are still kind so as to say they could accept the existence of the Zionist state if it returns to the borders before the October War of 1967, which is a fair requirement.

This may not be a good solution to the Zionists since they will be returning back to their Stone Age. They have to dismantle a lot of things including the nuclear facilities they had constructed deep in the Negev Desert, which is something which they could never desert, as it is their lifeline for without which their very existence cannot continue to be.

What is the Zionist state without their nuclear program? They are interdependent.

Their nuclear program threatens the existence of Palestine and the other Arab countries in the region. Worse, t is also their only bargaining power with America.

So the Zionist leaders can never stop from becoming evil as it has proven to be useful to their strategies and policies all of which are based on it and also the lies they create all the time.

So how could anyone trust such an ugly bunch of brainless people to be able to do much?

The Palestinians being the victims had allowed themselves to be branded as the aggressors.

The Zionist aggressors had succeeded in telling the whole world that they are the victims.

While the idiotic American leaders who did not know any better are confused; they agree with the Zionist ‘victims’ and blame the stupid Palestinian ‘aggressors’.

So whatever moves they tried to make in the past more than six decades are the moves of a bunch of stupid, evil and idiotic people.

They can never do much.

But this may be the strategy employed or devised by the evil Zionist leaders so they can in the meantime grab more Palestinian land inch by inch and now started to construct the Zionist Wall around it, so that this can also be seen as another evil strategy to cut off more Palestinian land for them to further grab.

All this is happening with the Idiotic American leaders looking elsewhere.

In the meantime, too, some of those who were involved in the so-called peace process are given the Nobel Peace Prices, yet, there is no peace in the Middle East.

It is strange how the evil Zionist leaders can go on pretending to be the victims, when they are the aggressors?

And how did the stupid Palestinian leaders start to behave like they are the aggressors?

And yet, the Idiotic American leaders can accept only confessions from the Evil Zionist leaders all the time without charging them to be lying through their noses, and while speaking in their third rate English.

Benyamin Netanyahu and the other Zionist leaders think they speak good English; they do not. This is because their grammar is based on lies and deceits and not on the demands of the language.

The English of the Zionist leaders is so bad that they do not know what they say all the time that they are lying.

Yet, how can liars be accepted, by the American leaders? Because the American leaders are idiots. Worse, the American leaders are partisan, they side with the Zionist leaders even when they know the Zionist leaders are lying.

The Zionist leaders are also trampling on the virtues of the American Constitution yet, the idiotic American leaders just did not care, because they are so idiotic.

The American leaders and the American people just don’t care anymore with what is in their own Constitution as it was only supposed to serve an earlier cause; it is not good for the moment, especially in dealing with the Middle East crises.

That Zionism is against the American Constitution and vice-versa. That Zionism is also against Judaism.

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