Thursday, October 29, 2009


By Mansor Puteh



They tried to do it in the jungles of Vietnam, but failed; so they knew they could not succeed in the deserts of Afghanistan, too.

And weren’t Osama and gang, the Talibans, Mujahiddin and Al-Qaeda fighting in the defense of democracy and support of America which readily supplied them with arms, and what it stands for, too? So why were they not duly recognized by America for having done a good job?

They were all enlisted by America to fight the Soviet Communists when they were too scared to send their forces and servicemen to go to Afghanistan because they would perish in the harsh deserts of the country. Even the better trained and armed Soviet soldiers could not survive.

How could American and western chickens survive in the deserts? Only the brave men of Afghanistan can.

So didn’t they deserve to be given the Medals of Honor at the White House and taken on ticker-tape parades in all major cities in America with rose petals thrown over them for being the true champions of democracy and who were the freedom fighters all Americans ought to be proud of and to emulate – the men in robes and turbans?

One would have thought so.

That it would be an interesting sight in America and the west, was too scary for American and western leaders to see – if they had been allowed such attention and their hardcore attitudes and biases as well as prejudices that had been formed in many of them, especially with the creation of the Zionist state, had to be reshaped.

But, alas, it was a sight that had not been allowed to happen. They had to be turned into a spectacle and then ways found to chastised them.

How could a group of people who were heroes of America be turned into crooks in so fast a time, whereas they had taken almost a decade to get rid of the Soviet Communists and Communism in Afghanistan?

But, unfortunately, this did not happen. They were not paid for their service to America. No gratituty or pensions given. Whereas families of American servicemen who die in battles are given hundreds of thousands of dollars and buried as national heroes.

America and their media wanted to get rid of them before those men in robes and turbans become acceptable to modernization, democracy and symbols of courage in today’s America and today’s world.
America did not need real-life Rudolf Valentinos of today’s era. The Arabs had to be chastised and they had to be defamed at all costs.

Rudolf Valentino played Arab sheiks in many silent films of Hollywood such as ‘The Sheik’ and ‘Son of Sheik’, who became the romantic hero of Hollywood and America’s favorite sweetheart.

So the Talibans and Osama and gang, should not be allowed to become America’s new group of real-life romantic heroes so films on their heroic acts fighting the Soviet Communists could not be turned into films by Hollywood which has not had enough of films of the persecution by the Nazis during the Second World War.
So, we can never see a Hollywood film entitled, ‘The Diaries of Osama’ in a long time, ‘Osama of the Deserts’ or ‘The Taliban Heroes, and so on.

Hollywood still prefers to stick its head in the Second World War and not in the deserts of Afghanistan this way.

These are some questions America ought to ask itself before he continues to go on a rampage to disparage those who had helped them?

Maybe a Senate inquiry ought to be done to find out what went wrong with this regard so we know how the ensuing debacle involving America and its allies in the same region had been allowed to happen and why. So move over, Watergate… this is a bigger disgrace for America which has caused untold damage to its reputation as the defender of democracy and whose image has now been shredded to tatters.

Nelson Mandela was right when he said he did not forget who his friends were, when America tried to stop him from meeting Muamar Ghadaffy on his trip to Libya, knowing very well how Libya was one of Mandela’s staunch supporters when his country, South Africa was under Apartheid, a regime which America did not do its level best to condemn allowing it to go on for a very long time leaving Mandela incarcerated in prison for 27 years, for nothing.

America is also helping Muslims to create interesting stories for feature films, television mini-serials and for stage plays as well as musicals, all dealing with what is happening in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Iran today. There are already many interesting episodes and stories that can be easily turned into novels and short stories, or even songs.

And for a long time, Vietnam and the Second World War had given Americans inspiration to produce literary works and cinema and television as well as Broadway plays and other shows.

Where were the real democrats when America was waging war with the Communists in Afghanistan? Are they only good at shouting slogans and carrying placards in noisy and senseless demonstrations in New York City, Washington DC and London?

No, they are not real democrats; they are cowards. The real democrats are those who were willing to sacrifice their lives by fighting the Soviet Communist forces in Afghanistan. They are the real heroes of democracy, of America. The other demonstrators in America, England and Europe are cowards.

Even now, how many Americans and Europeans who are willing to fight America’s war? Why send those who are in need of citizenship? Why the colored? Where are the Caucasian and pure blooded democrats?

Why are they scared to be sent to Afghanistan then and Iraq now? Are they afraid that they would be sent home in body bags with their names engraved in the wall of dead American servicemen in Washington DC?

This is an extension of my earlier article, ‘Today’s crooks, tomorrow’s heroes?’ which was posted in this blog earlier.

It was written because the Americans who are responsible for their own problems do not seem to know what they are trying to do.

America and their leadership seem to be going in circle. It has made the Muslim World confused and dizzy having to follow them going around in circles.

America has created heroes, then turned around and turned them into crooks. Who else will be given similar treatment?

Who are their allies now? And who amongst them who will be charged for being crooks in the near future?

America cannot leave them in suspension; it has to be firm and definite. Heroes are heroes, no matter what; and crooks are crooks, no matter what.

One cannot be a hero today and a crook tomorrow, just because America thinks it is very convenient for them to have heroes and crooks for different times and purposes.

And in the process, some iconic towers in America had to be brought down, and inspired from many interesting Hollywood action movies.

Those who had brought down the Twin Towers must have been fascinated with Hollywood action films and had learnt a lot from them, especially the film, ‘Independence Day’ which wanted the White House demolished. But it turned out to be the Twin Towers instead that had to be brought down in real life.

So I thought I could do them a favor by teaching them a bit on what the future lies for them, and how America can lose badly in Afghanistan, Iraq and also Iran like what they did in Vietnam.

Hasn’t America learnt from their defeat in Vietnam? Are they stilling willing to repeat the grave mistakes they had made in the 1960s? And when will America ever learn?

How come with all the smart and brilliant people in America, none has said anything interesting on this matter? Their only problem is that they do not know much of the world. Their world is too small and their perspective limited.

Worse, they do not know why America came into being?The answer is: America was supposed to draw the best from all over the world so that they can become the center of the world, with all its cultures and brilliance so that they can become a beacon of hope for everybody. And despite their small size, they can still become good examples for the rest of the world to follow.To some extent, they were capable to do this. But unfortunately, as the years roll on, they started to become too stuck up; they became too complacent and start to demand everybody follows in its footsteps, which seem to be going everywhere. America has lost its direction. And the world is confused.

The Muslim World for which they also try to lead is also at a loss. Muslims who were happy to be in their caves with nothing modern were forced to leave them. And they are also at a loss. What does America want them to do?

America is now seen as the ungrateful! The whole world had converged onto the country by offering their best even though the way many of them went there is by them and their ancestors having been persecuted by the Nazis during the Second World War.

But alas, America can be charged for being an ingrate. How so?
They had used the Arabs, Afghans and Iraqis to help their country and countrymen to defend democracy in Afghanistan by supporting them to fight the Soviet Communists which had occupied Afghanistan for so long.
And America and its allies had also freely given them all sorts of arms to that they were able to get rid of the Soviet influence in that country.And in the course, Al-Qaeda was created, and amongst them Osama bin Laden was anointed hero of the pack. He was indeed hero of democracy, and of America, when nobody from America and other democratic countries or those that claim to uphold democracy, had dared to come anywhere near Afghanistan or the region, and sacrifice their lives.
The dirty work was done by Osama and his group, who triumphed when they managed to outwit and finally removed Soviet influences in Afghanistan even before they could proceed to influence the other neighboring countries.

Yet, Osama and his group were never recognized as true defenders of democracy. They were not given on parades in the major cities in America, and hailed as heroes of democracy and were feted with a lavish banquet at the White House by the then president George W Bush.

They were indeed heroes of America. They had sacrificed their lives to get rid of communism in Afghanistan, and with it, the whole region became Communist-free.

Scores of the mujahidden died in the decade-long war against the Communists, with scores of the Communist soldiers dead, leaving their country almost bankrupt which then saw the collapse of the Soviet Union, leaving many of its republics free to be on their own.

And what had brought about all these changes, if not for the contribution of Osama and gang?

Now they are being hounded. They are being persecuted. They are being condemned to be America’s worst enemies, when in an earlier time, they were America’s darlings.

No American who claims to be staunch supporters of democracy would dare to go to Afghanistan then or Iraq now. They are only brave to go on marches in New York City, Washington DC and London and some other cities in Europe shouting about how they support democracy.

But none of them had dared to go to Afghanistan then to stop Communism from taking roots in Afghanistan and spreading its tentacles throughout the whole region.
The Afghans, Arabs and Muslims did. Some of them were from Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia.

They did not hold banners in noisy demonstrations in western cities; they just drop everything and rushed to Afghanistan to do whatever they could.

Yet, their sacrifices were all in vain, when America got what it wanted – Afghanistan, free from Communist influences, and they immediately turned around and aimed their guns at those who had spent years in the inhospitable deserts to push the Communists back to their own lands.

America therefore can be charged for being an ingrate because of this. They did not know how to show appreciation and an ounce of human decency by parading the leaders of the Mujahidden and Al-Qaeda and offer them Medals of Honor that they so deserve.

And the same can be done by the leaders of the so-called democratic in the west which had benefited from the sacrifices made by these men and their followers.

And was it not Saddam Hussein who was supplied with arms by America and its allies to fight Iran in their decade-long war? And what happened to Saddam? He did not become America’s hero, but was immediately condemned and had to be extinguished or hanged.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


By Mansor Puteh


The world must be made to realize fast that Malaysia and Malaysians have suffered long enough from the influx of the refugees, especially those from Myanmar.

And through no fault of ours and for which we are made to feel guilty for not extending our hands to them, like it is our responsibility to ease the burdens of the refugees and the UNHCR which in a way, also helps to ease the problem of the Myanmar regime so they are spared from continued dissention by those whom they are persecuting and also become the punching bag for some NGOs in Malaysia.

Malaysia and Malaysians, too, have been ‘persecuted’ by the UNHCR and the NGOs which claim to support the refugees. They have failed to find out who had caused the problem to exist in the first place and why it had been allowed to drag on for so long.

The problem will never end unless if the lands that had been seized away from them are returned and with the establishment of the Arakan state, a prospect which is bleak.

The policy of non-interference adopted by Asean maybe one of the main reasons why such a problem still exists in Malaysia. It can also be seen as an indirect endorsement and support of the actions of the regime in Myanmar.

The other countries in Asean don’t care because they are not directly or indirectly affected; only Malaysia is.

The problem with Malaysia is that it had opened its doors too wide in the past to allow refugees from the neighboring and distant countries to seek refuge when their countries could not take care of them. And over the years, the foreigners had started to take for granted and thought that they could continue to count on Malaysia to solve their problems, while their original countries continue to persecute them.

This has caused Malaysia to be put in a tight spot, and for starting to stamp its feet, it has now become a center of attention of the world and its relevant agencies, particularly the UNHCR and other UN bodies, which now expect Malaysia to do their duties for them, while the other countries in the region continued to look elsewhere and are not even condemned for their ignoring the plight of the refugees who are mostly of the same religious faith as them.
Many of their supporters, too, have taken for granted that it is Malaysia’s sacred duty to protect and provide for them at all costs failing which Malaysia will be charged for human abuse and for being inhuman.

While the other countries in the same region as Malaysia, are free to do whatever they like by stopping the refugees from coming into their countries; thus they are spared from being so charged.

Malaysia should be commended for not acting as hastily as those other countries, and for agreeing to allow the refugees a safe heaven. But this does not happen. And Malaysia continues to be condemned by the international agencies and other so-called human rights organization, including some of their own.

These organizations and Malaysian NGOs should look at what Malaysia had done in the last few decades to see how it has tried its level best to be humane.

I attended a so-called forum organized by a well-known NGO which seems to specialize on how to handle and help the plight of the refugees particularly the Christian ones from Myanmar whom they claim to be persecuted in their own homeland, by none other the Buddhist regime of the country.

I find the discourse to be trite; the speakers from the NGO sounds to be pathetic, blaming Malaysia for no reason other than for not being able to offer the refugees everything they demand, to the detriment of its own citizens and its resources.
So one can say, indirectly, they are the ones who have been ‘encouraging’ them to come to Malaysia, since it is a better country where they easily go to and hide in, and where they can be welcome by the NGOs and other groups.

I suspect the leaders of the NGO have a strong affinity with them because they share the same religion and who also want to see more non-Muslims being accepted into the country so in time they could get permanent residency status and later still, citizenship.

In other words, they are telling the refugees who are already here and those who are not yet making the move to come here, that Malaysia can accommodate them, that Malaysia is better than Siam and Singapura and the other neighboring countries.
These refugees do not want to go to any country; they want to come to Malaysia where they can blame it and their leaders because they are mostly Muslims.

This particular NGO has of late been closely related to the opposition party so much so that one of them had indeed ran in the last general elections and actually won. So can we conclude that this particular NGO is nothing more but a springboard for those who do not dare to go into the opposition camp, but who are waiting in line to learn the ropes, before they go full force into it?

I find the statements, comments and remarks made by their representative at the forum to be too one-sided, like they are blaming Malaysia for the problems and troubles faced by the Chins, Mons and what not who have landed on our shores but are still persecuted by the Malaysian government, which another person had said had refused to sign the UN convention on refugees.
And from what I had digressed from their statements and demands, they want Malaysia to sign the convention fast, so that all the refugees can leave their hiding place and be given homes, jobs, schooling for their children, which means that they are to be treated better than the country’s citizens.

But what these people had neglected to admit or say is how on earth did Malaysia get to be blamed for the problems and troubles of these people?
And haven’t they realized how many of them have Malaysia accommodated since so many decades, when they first started to come into the country in droves.
If they did not like living here, why then did they still chose to come?
Maybe, they were given the impression that being a refugee in Malaysia is better than going to other countries, particularly the non-Muslim ones, such as Siam, Singapura and the other countries near Siam such as Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia which are Buddhist or non-Muslim ones.

The forum paid scant attention to the many other Muslim refugees from Myanmar particularly those from Arakan known as the Rohingyas who have also been displaced and persecuted.
And it is their right to come to Malaysia, a Muslim country; whereas the others who are not Muslim cannot expect Malaysia to be their good hosts, when they cannot depend on the other non-Muslim countries in the same region.

I found what the statements they made to be pathetic. They show the lack in understanding of the true situation. They did not ask who had started it all and why have Malaysia got to do with the plight of the refugees from Myanmar.
The real target is not Malaysia, but Myanmar.

And it is not Malaysia which is at fault. Malaysia is the victim. And those refugees and the NGOs which support them including the UN are the real culprits.

Malaysia has given a safe heaven to many refugees, but none of them has felt compelled to acknowledge this and thank the country.

A lot of social as well as economic problems have been created by them, and many Malaysians are affected by them. Yet, Malaysians, generally do not complain as long as they behave themselves.

It will be horrendous if Malaysia signs the UN convention on refugees, without being guaranteed that the same UN organization that those who had landed on our shores are quickly given resettlement in a third country.

So few countries are willing to accept them. And most of them are non-Muslims. The Chins and Mons who are Christians seem to be favored by the few countries in the west and America. And the Rohingyans are left aside, to rot in Malaysia for decades.
Why did the particular NGO not bring out this matter? Are they blind to the real issues?Didn’t they also know how Malaysia and the Malaysians have been suffering in silence for having accepted the refugees?

These refugees keep on coming and they also bring along their behavior which are sometimes contrary to what is practiced in the country.

The NGOs and other well-meaning community groups do not seem to realize how Malaysia and Malaysians have been suffering in silence for so long and it is time for all Malaysians to come up and tell them to get the right picture.
And it is also time for other groups of Malaysians to come out and charge the UN, this particular NGO and other well-meaning and confused individuals or groups that Malaysia must be protected from them!

That Malaysia must find a way to protect itself from being further abused by the refugees and the NGOs and other groups and individuals.
They have held photo exhibitions to show the deplorable living conditions the refugees are in, with the photographers having gone to their hiding places in the city and in the jungles like these are secrets that the Malaysian authorities are not aware of.

But why can’t other groups also have similar photo exhibitions and show the deplorable conditions these refugees had turned Malaysia into, since they first came into the country and how much the tax-payers have to pay to sustain them, and also how much effort has the police and Rela showed just to contain them before they become totally irresponsible.

The refugees are not here because they like it. But they can decide for themselves if Malaysia is not the right place for them. Yet, they still came.Why can’t the NGOs and UN and other individuals inform the potential refugees from Myanmar in particular not to come to Malaysia, because it is a Muslim country and their being here may not be welcome, unlike the Rohingyas who are Muslims?

All the facilities and money that Malaysia has spent on accommodating the refugees must now come in the scores of millions. All of it should have been used for other purposes that benefit Malaysians who pay income tax, unlike them who only expect charity and accommodation – for free.

My final advise to the NGO and the other groups is that they should start to focus on the country that had expelled the refugees, which is Myanmar and the international agency which has been empowered to look after them, the UN, which has failed in their duties to send all of them for resettlement in third countries, with many of them having to continue living in Malaysia for decades, with many in makeshift huts in the jungles.

Many of them would not have survived if they had remained in Myanmar.

Yet, the NGOs and UNHCR in Malaysia have no thought of asking the Malaysian government to open one or two of the islands in the northern part of the Peninsula Malaysia to place all the refugees like what the country had done with the influx of the Vietnamese refugees who had escaped from their country because of American intervention in it for so long.

They were put in Pulau Bidong off Terengganu, until the situation in their country changed and they were all repatriated. None of them were allowed into the Peninsula where they could have created mischief and social problems.

In this way, the refugees from Myanmar, especially can remain intact and be with their own kind and safe, until the time when they are allowed to return to their original countries.
And in this way, too, the others who are still in Myanmar won’t be too compelled to leave their country to seek refuge in Malaysia, if they know they are going to be kept in the island.

UNHCR can also have their office in the island. And the NGOs, too, can be located there where they can serve the refugees.

The other proposal which none of the NGOs and UNHCR have not been known to propose it not to allow Malaysian companies and factories to bring in workers and laborers from Myanmar, so that they can give employment to the refugees instead, since Myanmar should not be rewarded by having their excess manpower sent to Malaysia to seek employment and lessen the burden that should be on the shoulders of their government. Myanmar should not be so rewarded for causing so many of their own kind to flee from the country.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


By Mansor Puteh

So, what it all means is that the enemies of Islam are the propagators of Islam! And by demonizing Islam, they are also demonizing their own religion even more, for allowing them to do that!

This is not reverse psychology, but the truth, the way Islam spreads throughout the world and beyond.

Because the real propagators of Islam comprising those who are Muslims had failed in performing their duty to explain the religion to the others, the duty is nowtaken over by the enemies of the religion, in ways that cannot be imagined by anyone, especially by the hardcore enemies of Islam.

So, hatred of Islam is really about the hating of their own religions, which they had left, or not bothered to practice. Those who love their own religions, whatever they may be, do not have problems dealing with Islam, and who will not find fault with it, accepting it as the religion of those who believe in it, too, as much as they do theirs.

Remember: The leader of the pack that went to destroy the Babri Masjid in India thinking that the masjid sat on the former site of an ancient Hindu temple, reverted to Islam when he went to work in Dubai.

And closer to home, there was this Hindu man in Cheras, Malaysia, who tried to stop the City Hall officers from demolishing his ‘home-made’ temple later took the initiative to destroy it, after he decided to revert to Islam, taking with him his entire family and close friends. Now he heads a masjid with a madrassah (religious school) for other reverts to Islam, who were former people of his earlier faith.

A Catholic former classmate of mine reverted to Islam causing his parents and brothers and sisters to take up arms to go against him. They later joined him to become Muslims.

Numbers really do count most of the time. That there are more people in the world who profess the Islamic faith than the others.

Sometimes they also get lost in the calculation which is clouded by emotions and perceptions, and whose existence is questioned by mere mortals who use common sense and logic as their only weapon.

The fact that Islam has the largest number of believers compared to the other religions including the two other Abrahamic ones, in practically all the countries in the world and there are more people who are reverting to the religion every day, compared to the other religions, should be a matter of great concern.

It is also telling how Islam is not one of the most ancient of all religions; but the last of the Abrahamic faiths, and much younger than the others, having been around only since the last 1,430 years.

Most of the ancient religions had become extinct or faded away, including those that allowed hedonism and all sorts of freedoms. Yet, they all allowed their believers to leave these religions.

So can 1.5 billion Muslims and the many others who are reverting to Islam every day, be wrong? How so?

Just because they had chosen the ‘wrong’ religion? So how many people can be wrong every day? Something is not right if this is the case?

Can one person or a small group of persons who question Islam be given attention than the fact that the religion is believed unquestioningly by the others? Is it therefore, not the fault of the few?

Unless, if numbers do not count for much, and that they do not add up to much.

Are Muslim women repressed and suppressed? Why are Muslims made to feel subjugated and subordinated to a ‘being’ which is not seen or heard, compared to those that have forms and shapes and are objects? And they also read an ancient book which cannot be rewritten or defaced?

If there are about 40% women in the Muslim fraternity, then we can estimate that there are 600 million women in the world who are Muslims.

They are too many to be repressed and suppressed by their religion, before they take action. But they are not. Chances are they are not going to do that.

If there are women who are repressed and suppressed, it is because of the trends that had emerged which forced them to be so.
The reason being, they do not think or feel that they are being repressed or suppressed.

Only those who feel so are mostly those who do not care for her religion. They are so few of them, who want to be free of any encumbrances, and be ‘liberated’. But how can they be so, when they are mostly bonded to their husbands, by taking his surname and rejecting her own?

Most Muslim women are not bonded to their husbands this way; they get to keep their original names, intact, unlike in the West, where they have to give up their maiden names, most of the time.

Some smart women use both their maiden names as well as their husbands’ surnames, which may be fanciful but ridiculous. Because look like they are lost; they are not sure who they are – their own person, or part of someone else. They are not human beings, but human-beings, the hyphenated persons.

The truth of the matter is that the attacks on Islam is but one of the way used by the others to criticize the religion.

But the real truth is that it is also another device that is being used to PROMOTE ISLAM, so the more Islam is attacked or criticized, the more the others also talk about it, and the more they also learn about Islam this way.

Worse, the more they attack Muslim countries, the more their own countries and their citizens are exposed to their own cruelty.

And worst, the more Muslims they kill, slaughter, maim and torture, the more they believe that their actions are wrong.

The enemies of Islam do not know what’s eating them. All they need to do it for them to stop the torture, bombings and killing of Muslims and look around them to see the many masjids sprouting in their neighborhoods, some which were formerly temples houses of worships of their own religions which they had left long ago.

And many Muslims who used to cling loosely to their religion before, especially when they were very young and vulnerable, are now the ones who are steadfastedly clinging onto it even more.

This is all due to everything that they read in the media and see around them, seeing the many fellow Muslims in other regions in the world who had to die in defense of their religion and were persecuted by major forces using the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction their top scientists could create.

The dead Muslims had not left empty-handed; they had made the Muslims who are still alive and have not been harmed in any way or the other, to feel even better with themselves and their religion.

So if any Muslim man or woman is stopped by the security officers at any airport in America or the West, he can feel relieved that he is being tested for his faith. That the security officers are asking him to stress his religious belief even more.

That he has been singled out to receive this wonderful treatment.

Friday, October 16, 2009


By Mansor Puteh

Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) basically is a group of UMNO and Barisan Nasional rejects. It is a fact. And it is becoming more and more obvious the more we see one by one those former leaders of the Barisan component parties leaving their original parties to join PKR or any of the other parties in their loose coalition known as Pakatan Rakyat.

Someone significant person from the MCA to prove it is so. Who else from this and the other Barisan parties will be next to prove this?

They were never meant to have been created in the first place. It came about at the heights of dissent in Umno which was taken outside of the party, by some individuals who later managed to get like-minded persons like them to form a loose organization which later on still managed to morph into a real political party, which seems to have policies which are the direct opposite of those which Umno and Barisan had for which they were their ardent supporters.

Did they bring out the worse of Umno and Barisan and bring them to their new party?

Or, did they think they had benefited tremendously during their time in Umno and Barisan so much so that they believe that they can use whatever experience to make their new party even better than their own one, which they had rejected, because these party and it coalition had rejected them first?

It is therefore, too bad and sad that everything with Umno and Barisan seem to be bad and wrong with them now like they know what is right and is good for the whole country and perhaps the rest of the world, too.

Have those Umno and Barisan rejects and misfits brought into PKR or Pakatan the best of Umno and Barisan or their worst?

Theirs is nothing more than an act of defiance, a last act, before the curtain falls on their inglorious political life.

They can never bring to their newly adopted party fresh ideas and energy having spent them in their old parties.

How on earth can they think that they are fit to reject the Merdeka Barisan government led by Umno?

Their only ‘good quality’ that qualifies them as new PKR leaders and officials is that they hate Umno and Barisan, for no other reason other than that these party and the coalition had not done much to offer them the statuses that they had demanded.

Don’t these people know real democrats believe in fight their causes in spaces that are valid and available, while the ingrates and grumbling ones who would form another political entity so they can exert their influence, and living off what they had managed to get while on the other side, living off pension and other perks?

Believe me, they will soon show their true colors once they discovered, too late, how they are still not able to achieve or get what they had wanted to get from their old parties, from the new ones.

So it’s mostly about how much they can get from their new parties, and not so much how much they can bring into them.

But for the moment, their jumping ship, and entering into the new realm in opposition politics is indeed welcome, because PKR and Pakatan are nothing but people who preferred to show acts of defiance.

These rejects knew they did not have anything to lose. By jumping ship, they are able to at least grab the limelight for a while still, before they disappear into the dark lights of opposition politics which are harsh to their tender skin, as they would soon discover.

Only Anwar Ibrahim seems to be able to form a new political party, while the others who do not have that many followers have to use this new and convenient platform to continue their personal political struggle by taking it up to another plane, when they know it was already retirement time.

No, they think it is their new era, the era of change that they had badly wanted to infuse into their original parties which they could not. So they decided to jump ship to get into one which is either badly broken and might be sinking, or one that has not yet been completely built, so we do not get to see how it will look like, except for Anwar who may have the original designs which no one has seen yet.

There is no other party in the world like PKR, so the political theories that are applied universally are not useful in dealing with this new party; and we have to take what they do as a guide to tell us what it was formed to do, which may just be to give Umno and Barisan a black eye.

And the mainstream media are the ones who had supported and encouraged the creation of such parties by giving them ample coverage. Unfortunately, none of their editors, who are said to be very qualified and well-experienced were not aware how they were made fools of, when they thought the emergence of the third force or spent force, could still light up Malaysian politics and Malaysian journalism could be counted on when that happens, like it did.

If the mainstream media had chosen to be aloof to the development of the new third or spent force in Malaysian politics, I doubt it if PKR or any other new political party would have been created the way they did.

Because it is very expensive to form a new political party and to create an impact and encourage people to become its members, knowing how they are supposed to be from amongst those who have not yet joined any party, because those who had have been stuck into their respective parties, unless if they had personal scores to settle which may happen as a direct and indirect result of the failed New Economic Policy (NEP) which had caused a lot of consternation to many who may not have benefited from it.

And what’s so ironic is how the PKR leaders who were eager to welcome and embrace anyone from Umno and Barisan into their fold, that they are immediately paraded before the media, and who are offered a new coat to wear, one which has the logo of their new party.
Doesn’t this give greater credence to the expression, TURNCOATS? And this proves that many of those who form PKR and the other splinter groups are nothing but Umno and Barisan ‘turncoats’.

Monday, October 12, 2009


By Mansor Puteh

By all accounts, Selangor is still very much Barisan Nasional territory. This is despite the fact that in the last general elections, Pakatan Rakyat had won the state and they are supposed to be in full control of it and their presence can be seen and felt everywhere.
But the truth of the matter is that they had only so far managed to control the state administration building and the state assembly in Shahalam and their ‘menteri besar’ getting to have an audience with the Sultan of Selangor every week, and leaving the rest of the state to Barisan to be the de facto government of the state.

Can Khalid Ibrahim think he is the ‘menteri besar’ of Selangor in such a circumstance? He does not behave or even look like one, to start with.
There is no Pakatan influence in the daily lives of the people of Selangor. I am writing and living in this state, so I know and I cannot feel it. In fact, I can even say there is no government in this state that we know of!

The only way they know on how to show their faces and influence in the state is to hang banners and posters with their faces everywhere, especially during festive seasons. Theirs are unfamiliar faces. And they do not look like they are politicians. They are ordinary faces with no extraordinary capabilities.

It is ironic how they are copying what many other Barisan leaders of the old generation had done in the past, which they are not doing now. So one cannot see banners with photos of Prime Minister, Najib Razak anywhere in the country. The few that were put up were immediately put down and replaced with other images of the country and its people.

Yet, they are nowhere to be seen. They have not visited their constituencies. They can’t do that because the people do not recognize them for who they are. They had not done anything to their constituency.

In fact, during the campaigning period of the last general elections, they were also nowhere to be seen. So the voters did not actually vote for them; they only voted for anyone who is not from Barisan.

In fact, many of the Pakatan candidates were new faces who did not mind losing even their deposit because they were not known, so they did not have any reputation at all, so if they had lost, they would not be angry with themselves, as they were put up as candidates only to lose.

It is sad for the people to have such elected leaders as their members of parliament of ADUN or state assembly persons, most of whom are not so well-educated and whose command of the Malay and English languages are not very good. Not many of them had been known to be the champion of causes that we know of.

Take a good look at the Member of Parliament for Kelana Jaya. He is such a novice, that he had to read his question in Malay in parliament and asking the then foreign minister, Syed Hamid a question which sounded very stupid.
The people of Kelana Jaya should be ashamed of themselves for having such a person to represent them. He could not even represent himself, if he has a case in court.
Yet, none of the novice parliamentarians and state assembly persons has become important personalities or ‘leaders’ who can lead the pack. They have not become the ‘right honorable’ because they do not deserve to be so regarded.
Don’t they feel ashamed for putting up their banners with their photos on street lamps by showing their faces which look blank and uneducated?

I see the end of these people if they dare to contest again in the next general elections which are expected to happen in 2012. They are a disgrace to Pakatan. They were non-existence before the last general elections, yet, they are still no-one now, even after being turned into office. What have they done? What have they written or said that we can remember and admire them for?
Even the ‘menteri besar’ of Selangor is not impressive. He has not dared to make the rounds even in his own state. The reason is simply that he does not feel like he is the ‘menteri besar’ of the state of Selangor, but someone who is in control of only the state administration office in Shahalam and the state assembly, and nowhere else.He and his state exco members are very much like the Portuguese who ruled in Melaka. But what they could do was only to be trapped inside the Fort of Melaka they had constructed, which was to ensure that they were not harmed or attacked by the people of Melaka.

So now we have the Fort of Selangor in Shahalam where the ‘menteri besar’ and his exco members are trapped in.

Most of the garbage that are stuck in drains and the petty problems left by Barisan before they were elected out of the state by its voters are still there. And it still takes many weeks before the local authorities can fix problems with fused bulbs in the streets.
Where is Pakatan in Selangor? And what are the Pakatanians doing here, where I live? It’s Barisan everywhere.
The elected representatives and leaders of Pakatan do not seem to know that their duty is to ensure that their presence is felt, or else, the voters in Selangor will think that they are not around.

Their leaders seem to be locked in their offices in Shahalam. And they also control the state assembly, but they do not seem to know what to do with the state.

If the Pakatan leaders are smart, they will take this opportunity to rule Selangor so that their presence is felt, and so that the voters can think that they are agents of change.

But this has not happened despite Pakatan being turned in by the voters in the 8 March, 2008 general elections which is one and a half years now. And they are almost midway in their control of the state.

They should realize fast how their win over Selangor was nothing but a fluke; that the voters were too anxious to get rid of the former Barisan state government and its ‘menteri besar’ Khir Toyo, without realizing how they had indirectly given the state to Pakatan instead.

Many of the voters in Selangor, especially the Malay ones felt a remorse for having done that, so they are now eagerly and anxiously waiting for the next general elections which are expect to happen sometime in 2012, when they can trounce Pakatan out of the state for good.

This is the only chance for Pakatan to take control of Selangor and so far they have done a useless job at it.

That the Pakatan leaders who were voted into the state assembly and with some becoming executive committee (exco) members have not shown the mettle. They also lack the persona to be leaders. They only like to fuss over petty issues.
They have not really done anything to claim the whole state and entrench their position in it, so that their presence can be felt by the people in Selangor, so that they can be returned in the next general elections.

Worst of all is that Pakatan has not shown that they are worthy successors to Barisan in Selangor. That they had won the state because the voters were displeased with the former Barisan state government, and not because they thought that Pakatan was better. They are not.

In fact, Pakatan’s track record so far has been dismal. They have failed to make the state theirs. They have not claimed it.

I don’t want to propose to them what they should do in order to achieve this, since I do not want to be seen to be doing them too much favor, other than to tell them what I am writing in this essay.

They should know what else they can do to claim the state and to trounce Barisan from it, so that they can continue to rule Selangor in the next general elections.

PAS is able to rule Kelantan for many terms despite not being able to do much to develop the state with so many younger Kelantanese leaving the state to work in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

PAS is seen as a Kelantan-based political party and its spiritual leader, Nik Aziz has managed to show his image of a pious person who likes to live simply. And they know how to keep the state but not know how to develop it.

But the people of Kelantan do not want to live simply; they want progress and development so they had to venture outside of the state to get some whiff of that.
So if Barisan wants to take over the state from PAS in the next general elections, they must convince the Kelantan voters that they, too, are Kelantanese and can keep the state, and develop it at the same time.
They can tell the young Kelantan voters who live outside of the state to work that the PAS government is the reason why they are not in Kelantan but elsewhere because they cannot find work in the state.

It looks to me like those in Pakatan who have become state assembly persons and exco are just happy to be elected and they do not know what else is there for them to do besides, which is sad, since there is a lot that they can do to win the support of the voters in Selangor. But they are not doing it, because they do not know how to do it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


By Mansor Puteh

‘Musuh dalam selimut!’ (Enemies in the mosquito net!) This is what the mainstream media had become.

The editors of the mainstream media were made to feel sorry and guilty for having their own political agenda by the opposition and other not-so-well-meaning NGO officials, who charged them for not supporting the freedom of the press, and who fell into their trap to allow the opposition to reap benefits in the elections.
The last general elections seemed too surreal to be true. Many age-old political theories crumbled with them with the new ones seem to sit on shaky grounds.

So you and the other political analysts know what happened in the last 12th General Elections. No, you don’t. Your guesses are all wrong – dead wrong. They are purely based on what they want to happen, which did not happen and will never happen.

Many have given their comments; but most, if not all were wrong in their assessment of things. One of them said he cried upon hearing the fall of some of the Barisan states to Pakatan. He cried for the wrong reasons. He will soon cry even louder if he reads this.

The only good part is how the old goats in Barisan had been trounced by the voters who simply had had enough of them. Yet, they do not seem unfazed by it, and insist that their party still wants them.

But the old goats in Pakatan seem to be there still trying to graze the same old political grounds which they had already cleaned.

The party members are not the ones who vote. The non-party members who are not Indians and Chinese, too, vote. And they have shown their displeasure at some of them by not voting for them. Now they have become political has-beens.

Some cynics charge that it spelt the end of the Malay Right and Might; they are too self-serving and too manipulative. Most likely, their judgment of the matter is wrong.

While the others say, it was a test of the non-Malay Mettle, an assessment which is truer to reality.

Actually, it’s how the Malays want to find out if ‘we can trust them or not?’ Now many of the Malays believe that ‘they simply cannot trust them anymore’ after looking at what they had done with the majority win in some states.

The signs were not right with them when the first things they did was to place road signs in Mandarin at some strategic places, which did not go down well with the majority Malays who thought they were giving the wrong signals.

Some of them were arrested under the ISA and similar actions ceased. So the putting up of the additional road signs was not correct, otherwise, they would have gone on to do the same elsewhere.

It had to take the ISA to teach them some lessons in politics.

And the Malays who had given them their votes blindly are now made more aware of what they had done, by voting anyone who is not in Barisan, so as to teach the Barisan higher-ups a lesson. Now the Malay voters are the ones who have learnt something from the unfortunate debacle.

Fortunately, one of the Pakatan states is back in the fold while the others they control do not seem to be in their hands, but at the tip of their fingers.

What the temporary DAP state government of Perak had done was downright rude. They only had a slim majority in the state; yet, they started to behave abnormally like they were bent on change the very face of the state.

This reflects what their true intentions were which many Malays who had voted for them by mistake started to feel angry with them.

What if DAP takes over the federal government in consort with their Pakatan allies? Can we expect to see similar or worse things from them? Selangor may have gone to Pakatan, but in all respects, the state is very much under Barisan dominance. Barisan is everywhere while Pakatan simply controls the state administration office and state assembly.

The photos of the ‘menteri besar’ and some other senior Pakatan officials that they have managed to hang everywhere, do not make it look like they are indeed controlling Selangor.

Whatever it is, there is no reason for anyone to cry so soon because the real change to the political scenario in the country is still ongoing. The 8 March general election results are not the final ones; they are just a reflection of what’s to come in the 13th General Elections.

This is the worse of what could have happened. And it did happen in such a dramatic way.

Unless, if the mainstream media still insist on behaving like Leftists and allow the March to the past be allowed to continue.

But the truth is, the mainstream media have been left in the cold with some of their prominent personalities having been replaced by a new group which are basically a reconditioned one.

The truth of the matter is that Barisan lost because the mainstream media turned Left. They crumbled when being tricked by the Leftists and other opposition opportunists, who charged them for not observing the freedom of the press.
And under such intense pressure, the mainstream crumbled and they immediately made a detour and turned Left.

And no wonder, the few months prior and especially during the campaign period, the mainstream media including the television stations became too supportive of the opposition without realizing that they had fallen for their tricks.

One by one, the small and unknown Pakatan leaders became important figures with national prominence. And no wonder many of them who had no prior experience in national politics became the unlikely members of parliament and the state assemblies, where they exhibit their amateurism by not saying much.

One of them happens to be a part-time and amateurish video cameraman working only with his cellphone. And he can’t even speak in Malay properly. And now he is supposed to be looking after a large constituency which has a Malay majority.

I would be offended if such a person is a Member of Parliament or state assemblyman for my area.

Unfortunately, in my area, two of them were relatively unknown persons. They had not bothered to visit this area to campaign so we do not know how stupid they are. And they have also not been known to be the champion of any social or political issue before. And till now they have not said anything intelligent.

But their photos are now at more places than ever before. This is their way of saying they are here. But unfortunately, only their images are but not their own selves.

The mainstream media had become crazy because they felt they had not been fair. And they covered all the events of Pakatan and highlighted their leaders and candidates.

Whereas the Pakatan media had not bothered to embrace the freedom of the press and continued to publish materials which are only on them, without feeling unabashed about it.

Pakatan will lose big in the next general elections. It is contrary to what many of their officials have said, about the last general elections as being the one that showed how they have been accepted by the masses. They haven’t because they have not shown that they deserved to be so.

What had happened in Pulau Pinang is another case for not trusting Pakatan and its component party, the DAP. The reason being they did not trust the local people from the state to become its new chief minister, and chose instead someone who has been described as an ‘exile from Melaka’, with his senior staff comprising of those from Selangor. DAP also made a blunder in this regard.

Why should the people of Pulau Pinang trust this party which has not bothered to appoint one of their own kind to be their new chief minister? Having someone from Melaka tells a lot about how much they care for the sentiments of the people of Pulau Pinang.

There is no other state in the country where their ‘menteri besar’ or ‘ketua menteri’ is from another state.

Barisan is always mindful of this fact and has appointed those from the states to be the ‘menteri besar’ and ‘ketua menteri’ of the states they control. But not the DAP and Pakatan who seem to be oblivious to this fact.

The people of Pulau Pinang have taken this note, and will share their feelings in the next general elections and send the DAP ‘chief minister’ back to Melaka where he belongs and where he can never win any seat for himself.

He has so far moved his official residence away from the official residence to a rented bungalow, because the ‘fung shui’ expert he had consulted told him the official residence which was once occupied by his predecessor had bad ‘fung shui’.

But what the chief minister of Pulau Pinang is not aware of is that ‘fung shui’ is what’s driving him not just to the rented bungalow, but to Melaka later where he had been shooed away from.

Friday, October 2, 2009


By Mansor Puteh

Who would dare to argue with me on this?

In fact, most of the bloggers in Malaysia are also poorly-trained. They only know how to grouse and write in English and Malay, but without sense or self-respect. The type of stories they have posted prove how shallow their thinking and education are.

They are just proud bloggers who prowl in Cyberspace and pouncing on tired issues – the ISA, questioning Malay Rights, etc. while having fun at somebody else’s expense and hiding behind pseudonyms.

Some had managed to get themselves elected to parliament and the state assemblies. So now we know why they were prowling in Cyberspace – to get noticed and support.

They will discover how they will be lost in Cyberspace and in politics and public life because of their indiscretion by mixing their interests and hidden goals which didn’t take too long to be exposed.

We need better trained and qualified bloggers who have specific issues to share with everybody, issues which are pertinent to the needs of the people and country; not those which thrive on sentimentalities and pure conjecture alone.

And yes, we do not need another P. Ramlee. One of him is enough. And he would definitely want to admit it if he is still alive. Only those who can’t be better than P. Ramlee will want to use him for self-promotion. It also reflects their limited knowledge in the development of the arts and the cinema.

That there can never be another da Vince, Rembrandt, or Charlie Chaplin. There can also never be another Tunku Abdul Rahman and Mahathir.

Yet, the so-called economists and other experts have not even said anything original. That they do not even know how we have enough intelligence and creativity to create the New Malaysian Cinema, the New Malay Cinema or Sinema Nusantara and the New Islamic Cinema.

These are lucrative business which can involve scores of thousands of intelligent and creative people that we already have in the country; yet, the so-called experts have all neglected to take them into account when they proposed new development plans for the country.Even the political leaders are dumb on this issue that they do not know what new industries that the country can have which can benefit it as much as those who are very much into their activities.

We have had enough of the badly-trained economists and other intellectuals, experts and think-tankers who have not said anything interesting or intelligent by my standards. They are too narrow-minded and conceited to be useful to the real cause.

They mostly know how to analyze the situation but without giving proposals on how to create new industries and jobs for the fast expanding population and to readjust the economic, social and cultural and even political discrepancies. Their ideas are not original but copycat ones.

Can we do away with ISIS and the other think-tanks and experts who are already in their post-retirement age, including Kay Kim and the others?

And no, we do not need more than one Jawhar, Arif Muhammad, Zainal Aznam and Zeti Avter and Ungku Aziz.

There is one prominent economist who claimed to be an expert on rural poverty. But since there is still poverty in the rural areas, then can we say that his presence and thesis are totally useless because they have not managed to solve this problem for which he had spent a considerable time in his life to study?

So, no, we do not have yet, an expert in rural poverty. But we have intellectuals who have poor intellect.

How far and wide, have any of our economists or experts gone to in the country to know what the ground wants? They have gone to abroad to study, by bypassing this interesting experience in their adult life of learning the ropes and getting to know the ground.
They went to America and England and remained aloof to what the people and country really need.

So no wonder, we have not got any real expert in any field of specialization and who can be counted on and looked up at by anyone, other than them behaving like officials who spout predictable comments on the state of the economy of the country and get away with it.

No wonder, too, no Malaysian expert can be recognized for what they think they are abroad. And once they retire from their cushy posts, they are immediately forgotten even by their immediate successors who will repeat the same mistakes their predecessors had made.

Malaysia deserves better. We deserve to have better qualified experts in economics, history and everything, including the cinema.

By right we should have got the best cinema in the Muslim and Third Worlds that creates new works for the new world.

Unfortunately, this has not happened because the cinema is being dominated by the same old Jalan Ampas crowd and their supporters who only want to retain their official posts but without offering new and interesting ideas on how to create the New Malaysian Cinema and New Islamic Cinema, for the country and Malay World and Muslim World, respectively.
Yes, we can trounce Hollywood – I mean, the Old Hollywood because it is already too old to be useful to the New World, Post-911.

Malaysia can never ever capitalize on its talents, because the experts that we have are all poorly trained.

I pity the economists, especially those who have their doctorates from Harvard and Oxford, who seem to be poorly trained. So no wonder none of them has said anything which is original.
I dread it each time I hear Governor of Bank Negara, the national bank of Malaysia says something, because she sounds like a parrot, spouting something all of us had heard countless number of times before. Can’t she say something original for a change?

The other Harvard and Oxford-trained economists are no better.

What’s wrong with our economists? What’s wrong with our historians?

I also dread it each time I hear any comment on the history of the country from Kay Kim, the doyen of history in the country. Or is he just now a folk story-teller? He has not said anything spectacular with reference to the history of the country.

Even for not being able to say much, he has become the unlikely history expert, and for being a Chinese who has not spoken publicly in any Chinese dialect, but only in English and Malay, he has also become an important figure in the country – a much sought after speaker and commentator on a host of things, including sports, which finally led him to be given a high national title.

No wonder our psychologists, too, sound like they are arm-chair experts. They do not deal with real issues, but imaginary ones, mostly those experienced by Americans that they have read of in the international media, and other journals.
So no wonder, they are also interested to talk about the same psychological issues Americans face like they are also the types that Malaysians should face, especially when they talk about ‘anger management’ and ‘stress’ – these are two problems Malaysians hardly suffered from, before they were imported into the country, via the poorly trained psychologists.

And no thanks to them, some Malaysians are now suffering from these psychological ailments.

What they had done, in fact, is to give us the problems while the country finds the patients for them. How cunning.

I also feel sorry for our think-tankers that we have, all of whom do not sound like they are intelligent.

What else can we say about them? They and the other experts in economy were not the ones who introduced low-cost air traveling into the country with the creation of AirAsia, but one Tony Fernandes, who through his vision or simply outrageous dream had created a new Malaysian sensation which had benefited the country even more, by providing many jobs and encouraging many Malaysians to dare to dream.

Tony seemed to have benefited from his studies and stay in England and working in the music industry. So he was in tune with the country and had his feet firmly on the ground, compared to the other economists and experts who were looking elsewhere.
Even the politicians and other leaders did not dare to think that a low-cost airline like AirAsia could someday become such a prominent company in the country, and in a relatively short period of time, become a major contributing factor to its growth.

It won’t be long before AirAsia becomes the unofficial national airline of the country, if they can push aside Malaysia Airlines (MAS), whose gold shine seems to have faded a while ago. But it is slowly coming back.