Friday, October 16, 2009


By Mansor Puteh

Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR) basically is a group of UMNO and Barisan Nasional rejects. It is a fact. And it is becoming more and more obvious the more we see one by one those former leaders of the Barisan component parties leaving their original parties to join PKR or any of the other parties in their loose coalition known as Pakatan Rakyat.

Someone significant person from the MCA to prove it is so. Who else from this and the other Barisan parties will be next to prove this?

They were never meant to have been created in the first place. It came about at the heights of dissent in Umno which was taken outside of the party, by some individuals who later managed to get like-minded persons like them to form a loose organization which later on still managed to morph into a real political party, which seems to have policies which are the direct opposite of those which Umno and Barisan had for which they were their ardent supporters.

Did they bring out the worse of Umno and Barisan and bring them to their new party?

Or, did they think they had benefited tremendously during their time in Umno and Barisan so much so that they believe that they can use whatever experience to make their new party even better than their own one, which they had rejected, because these party and it coalition had rejected them first?

It is therefore, too bad and sad that everything with Umno and Barisan seem to be bad and wrong with them now like they know what is right and is good for the whole country and perhaps the rest of the world, too.

Have those Umno and Barisan rejects and misfits brought into PKR or Pakatan the best of Umno and Barisan or their worst?

Theirs is nothing more than an act of defiance, a last act, before the curtain falls on their inglorious political life.

They can never bring to their newly adopted party fresh ideas and energy having spent them in their old parties.

How on earth can they think that they are fit to reject the Merdeka Barisan government led by Umno?

Their only ‘good quality’ that qualifies them as new PKR leaders and officials is that they hate Umno and Barisan, for no other reason other than that these party and the coalition had not done much to offer them the statuses that they had demanded.

Don’t these people know real democrats believe in fight their causes in spaces that are valid and available, while the ingrates and grumbling ones who would form another political entity so they can exert their influence, and living off what they had managed to get while on the other side, living off pension and other perks?

Believe me, they will soon show their true colors once they discovered, too late, how they are still not able to achieve or get what they had wanted to get from their old parties, from the new ones.

So it’s mostly about how much they can get from their new parties, and not so much how much they can bring into them.

But for the moment, their jumping ship, and entering into the new realm in opposition politics is indeed welcome, because PKR and Pakatan are nothing but people who preferred to show acts of defiance.

These rejects knew they did not have anything to lose. By jumping ship, they are able to at least grab the limelight for a while still, before they disappear into the dark lights of opposition politics which are harsh to their tender skin, as they would soon discover.

Only Anwar Ibrahim seems to be able to form a new political party, while the others who do not have that many followers have to use this new and convenient platform to continue their personal political struggle by taking it up to another plane, when they know it was already retirement time.

No, they think it is their new era, the era of change that they had badly wanted to infuse into their original parties which they could not. So they decided to jump ship to get into one which is either badly broken and might be sinking, or one that has not yet been completely built, so we do not get to see how it will look like, except for Anwar who may have the original designs which no one has seen yet.

There is no other party in the world like PKR, so the political theories that are applied universally are not useful in dealing with this new party; and we have to take what they do as a guide to tell us what it was formed to do, which may just be to give Umno and Barisan a black eye.

And the mainstream media are the ones who had supported and encouraged the creation of such parties by giving them ample coverage. Unfortunately, none of their editors, who are said to be very qualified and well-experienced were not aware how they were made fools of, when they thought the emergence of the third force or spent force, could still light up Malaysian politics and Malaysian journalism could be counted on when that happens, like it did.

If the mainstream media had chosen to be aloof to the development of the new third or spent force in Malaysian politics, I doubt it if PKR or any other new political party would have been created the way they did.

Because it is very expensive to form a new political party and to create an impact and encourage people to become its members, knowing how they are supposed to be from amongst those who have not yet joined any party, because those who had have been stuck into their respective parties, unless if they had personal scores to settle which may happen as a direct and indirect result of the failed New Economic Policy (NEP) which had caused a lot of consternation to many who may not have benefited from it.

And what’s so ironic is how the PKR leaders who were eager to welcome and embrace anyone from Umno and Barisan into their fold, that they are immediately paraded before the media, and who are offered a new coat to wear, one which has the logo of their new party.
Doesn’t this give greater credence to the expression, TURNCOATS? And this proves that many of those who form PKR and the other splinter groups are nothing but Umno and Barisan ‘turncoats’.


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