Sunday, December 28, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Parents send their children to the so-called private and international schools because they thought they were more superior compared to the Sekolah Melayu.

But the truth is that this may not be so.

The only reason why these parents send their children to these schools is because they are exclusive and mostly, because they can afford it.

There are many hidden and unaccepted disadvantages of such schools and these parents do not want to be fully aware of what they are. They want to be aloof from them and continue to assume that these schools can give their children the best education in the country.

There are even some who sent their children to Singapore and also to England.

So far no one has ever tried to study what are the advantages and also mostly the disadvantages of such schools and what they can do to the students when they are studying in them and mostly when they are done with studying there and have to be on their own joining the hoi polloi in the universities in the country and also abroad.

Chances are the students are not able to relate with the simple things and the normal persons they would meet at the universities and in the societies they are in.

And they may grow up feeling detached from the society and country and also the world.

Worse, despite them having studied using English as the medium of instruction, some of them may not be able to speak in the language or write much in it later on in their lives other than to use the language for social communication.

A lot of misconceptions have been created of the private and international schools where the medium of instruction is English.

Some of them were established to cater the needs of students who came to live in the country with their parents from abroad who are here to work in international companies or embassies.

But over the years, some Malaysian parents found it expedient and convenient to send their own children to study there, even when the fees charged by such schools are exorbitant.

The students are said to be getting first class education and when the medium of instruction is English, many assume they speak the best English in the country compared to the students who study in the sekolah kebangsaan or national schools or more exactly the Melayu schools.

And the students are said to be better of academically and they are able to converse in English more fluently and expressively.

And better, they are also said to be very liberal and who often manage to obtain better results in their examinations compared to the students of the Sekolah Melayu.

These are mere misconceptions.

And one can’t blame anyone for harboring such misconceptions. Because they had been misled into thinking that they are so.

The truth will shock many.

The truth is that most of the Malaysians who had studied in such schools are not outstanding. They are not able to get better grades in the national examinations compared to those who studied in the Sekolah Melayu, even if they are from the rural and remote areas.

Most, if not all of the students of the private and international schools have parents who are better off economically and socially so they are able to afford to be sent to such schools.

On top of that they are also able to use the latest electronic gadgets and take tuition to supplement their education.

But this does not mean that they are any better than the students of the Sekolah Melayu in many ways.

The shocking truth is that the top students in any national examination are those who studied in the Sekolah Melayu, with some from those in the rural and remote areas and whose parents are simple kampung folks who operate food stalls or tap rubber and so son.

The children of the wealthy in the urban areas and other exclusive residential areas in Lembah Kelang including the children of the titled, seldom, if ever, managed to get a string of As for their examinations.

And most of those who went on to pursue their education at the master’s and doctoral degree levels are the students from Sekolah Melayu.

In fact, most of the scholars that we have in the country are those students from such schools.

So where are the former students of the private and international schools in education? Nowhere.

Most of them go into the private sector by getting their first degrees and this is when they stopped studying altogether.

They have no need to further their education.

They end up no excelling in their own chosen profession.

None of them are capable of excelling in the arts. None became artistes or are engaged in the creation of literature and art.

Some of them may have taken music lessons, but they also do not excel.

And what can they do with their English that they are said to be fluent and proficient in? Nothing.

They use English for social communication and not to acquire further knowledge; worse they are also not able to impress anyone in England and America and the other countries where English are the main medium of everyday communication.

Some of them do English language theater but not in those countries but in Malaysia for a small crowd.

Many of the former students of such schools seem to have lost touch with reality. They live in a world of their own amongst themselves and cannot relate with the majority.

In fact, most of them speak in pidgin or Funny English amongst themselves. They write better than they speak since they have to abide with grammar and the dictates of the language, which they do not have to do if they are communicating amongst themselves when they discard linguistic propriety.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Times have changed. Hollywood too has to accept the fact that they alone do not dictate how the cinema is appreciated, their cinema that had failed to fully develop because it was hijacked by so few who had narrow views on what it can be used for, not to chastised others but to promote better understanding amongst Americans and the rest of the world.

And how film criticism has changed so much over the years especially with the advent of the internet when almost everybody is a film critic.

But so far film criticism has got its best supporters, in the North Koreans, who was charged without they ever been put to trial for having hacked into Sony Entertainment Pictures and causing their latest Christmas offering ‘The Interview’ to be shelved.

The North Koreans have been described as ruthless and backwards when it was convenient for anyone in America to do so; yet, when hacking is mentioned, they are said to be the best in the world.

The world, and especially America, too, has a lot to learn from them just as much as the North Koreans have something to learn from the rest of the world and America.

This has come in the wake of the recent announcement by Barack Obama on the thawing of the diplomatic relations between his country and Cuba.

Yet, with the North Koreans, he has upped the ante against them, by issuing threats no one knows if they would ultimately be realized. They could be empty threats.  

When Salman Rushdie wrote ‘Satanic Versus’ which caused the ire of Imam Khomeini who ordered his book banned and he, killed.

Salman went on to be knighted. Rise Sir Salman.

V S Naipaul, the Nobel Prize for Literature winner remarked how the edict passed by Imam Khomeini was the most extreme form of literary criticism.

Maybe it was Salman’s idea of trying to try his luck with the Nobel Prize selection committee. But so far he has failed to do that.

But he should be happy being knighted, despite the protests by some Muslims who were against him being given such an honor for not doing much to develop world literature much less to use literature and the power of the world to bring peoples together.

One thing’s for certain is that if one wishes to be so knighted, he has to defame Islam.

Taslima Nasrim of Bangladesh wrote poems and some novels which are hitherto unrecognized but she was given political exile status by Sweden.

But if one wants to get the ire of the White House, one has to order the banning of a third rate Hollywood film which would otherwise had been shown and taken off from the cinemas without anyone realizing that it was there in the first place.

‘The Interview’ does not look like a funny film, despite it being touted as a comedy. Their producers cannot say or admit that it is a serious film.

There had been some films set in Iran produced by third rate producers from Hollywood; they had all gone unnoticed when Iran refused to give credence to them by totally ignoring them.

What if North Korea had also done the same, would ‘The Interview’ get its audiences all over America during the long Christmas and New Year holidays? One doubts it.

This film could even be passed by the critics in America and spawned by the viewers in the country.

But now with the brouhaha over this film, if it is finally released in whatever media, then surely, there will be some who would otherwise not want to watch it will want to do so, simply to see what it looks like.

But the difference between the Hollywood films set in Iran and ‘The Interview’ is that the later is on North Korean President Kim Jong-Un.

If the films were set in Iran was on Imam Khomeini, then surely, Iran too would not want to sit idle while the viewers in America watch it.

But the truth is that no one knows if North Korea was involved in hacking into Sony. It could be an inside job, as some has alleged.

The prime minister of Singapore’s official website had just been hacked, but a local Melayu person had been arrested, charged and sentenced.

But what about the hacking into the computer system of the Iranian nuclear plant which caused their system to be stunted for a year or two, and leaving some Iranians dead.

Worse, five Iranian scientists were assassinated by people who were on the pay of Mossad.

No film will be made on this episode, even by the Iranians themselves. Unlike the one on the attack on the Zionist athletes in the Munich Olympics in 1972 by none other than Steven Spielberg who had earlier produced films which disparage people of color in his ‘Indiana Jones’ series starting with ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. It is pure Zionist propaganda.  

‘The Day of the Jackal’, a film on how someone using the fake name or pseudonym of ‘the Jackal’ wanted to kill French President Charles de Gaulle which was produced by Hollywood some years ago.

The film went on to be shown in America and elsewhere to muted response and no reaction from the French and their government.

Former American President George W. Bush too had been shown to have died in a feature film produced by Hollywood.

There was some debate on this when someone said that it was the first time a sitting president of their country had been given such a reception in a film.

They had only seen their former presidents being given such treatment, but not when George W. Bush was still alive and their president.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the film went on to the cinemas and was not given any hoot by the viewers in America and elsewhere.

But Kim Jong-Un is not like George W. Bush and Charles de Gaulle. And North Korea is not like America or France.

Even if Fidel Carlos of Cuba had been shown to have been assassinated by a gunman who had sneaked from America, even if it is in a film produced by Hollywood, there would have been severe repercussion by some hardline Castro supporters and diehards.

So no wonder such a film on the assassination of Castro and also Imam Khomeini has not been produced by Hollywood.

Hollywood knew better not to deal with such men and topics.

But they did not know better when Sony decided to spend US$44 million to produce ‘The Interview’ which they now regretted.

The main problem is: most Hollywood producers and directors are people who are not so well educated, including Spielberg whose knowledge of the world does not extend to very far.

No wonder, he and his colleagues look at the other cultures, history and peoples especially their honored political and other leaders through blinkered vision, using them purely for their entertainment.

They call such works, parody or satire and to express their creative urges and also to use creative license, whatever that means.

But to Sony, it means US$44 million down the drain…and to those in Old Hollywood, a slap in their faces.

North Korea won; Hollywood lost. And the White House is not trying to up their ante to try and make sure Sony and Hollywood are protected by executive order.

What a shame! Because this is purely a creative and intellectual activity. Sony and Hollywood must be brave enough to handle the matter without call ‘Papa! White House stay out of this!’

Thursday, December 18, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Many Blacks only learn their errors when they are sentenced to jail, where they learn about Islam. Prislam!

And being Christians do not mean anything to the Black Christians as the White Christians still do not give them respect and accord them brethren status.

They were goods to be traded.

What is the psychological profile of the police officers in Ferguson and New York City who were involved with the two high-profile cases? You know which cases!

Someone must insist that a study on their psychology be done to determine if they had done what they did deliberately.

Better, to supplement the results of the findings or research, the two officers too must be subjected to a lie detector test so there is some facts that can be put down in black-and-white for everybody to see which can erase all the many white-lies that had been formed to allow the two to go away scot-free.

Who knows if the two might have some psychological urges to want to do ‘a service’ to their White community for doing what they had done.

And this is not an emotional matter; but a psychological one.  

Many Blacks in America blame the police force in America for having some White officers who did not know how to relate with the Blacks in the country, with some of them who had actually been killed or attacked by some White officers.

The White officers were blamed for not being sensitive to the Blacks. But the Blacks too should accept part of the blame themselves.

But unfortunately for Brown and Garner, it would be too late now for them, because they had been killed or died.

The other Blacks especially those who live in the fringes of society ought to take better care of themselves so that they do not attract the wrong attention from the police officers especially the White ones.

America is still in a state of Black-and-White.

One has not heard of similar incidents involving the Orientals and Arabs who had been given similar treatment as Brown and Garner.

Maybe the Orientals knew how to behave themselves, and the Arabs often look like the Whites and they also do not behave or misbehave themselves in the same fashion as some of the Blacks.

So in this way, the Orientals and Arabs and other people of color do not get themselves embroiled with the police in America ending in the same way as some of the unlucky and hapless Blacks do, getting killed.

The Oriental and Arab kids do not carry toy guns anywhere. In fact, from my own guess, most of the people in America who own guns are the Whites.

The Blacks have them not to protect themselves but to use them as weapons for their criminal activities.

The Orientals and Arabs and the other people of color do not generally own guns for leisure or for personal protection.

This is my general observation of the situation in America. And I may be wrong. 

An eleven-year-old Black guy called Brown was shot in a park by a White guy in Ferguson, America, who is a policeman who ought to know better not to fire his pistol at him, for carrying a toy rifle.

Brown should not have also carried a toy rifle in public especially if he is in America at this time.

And the White policeman too ought to know better not to be trigger-happy and used better judgment in dealing with young men who are careless.

But the problem is not with the toy rifle or real rifle. It may be just a matter of skin or skin color.

The main problem is that Michael Brown is Black. If Brown is White, the settler-cum-policeman would definitely used his better judgment and not fire his pistol at him, killing him.

The White Settler was thus spared any action for his indiscretion.

Brown is like the many Palestinian kids who had been shot at and killed by the Zionist settlers-cum IDF soldiers.

Now, even a minister in the Palestinian authority cabinet had been killed, over a fracas with the Israel Defense Force (IDF) soldiers who are too trigger-happy. Their motto seems to be: Kill now and find any excuses later.

One can also compare what had happened to Brown and Garner with the many Blacks in South Africa when the country was under Apartheid rule for many decades.

And also how many Whites in America had died in the hands of the Blacks who rob them?

This should also explain why there are more Blacks in the prisons in America than the Whites despite the allegation by some Black leaders on how Blacks who are arrested would most likely be charged and given long jail terms compared to the Whites.

Where are the White leaders? Why are they also not listing down all the types of crimes the Blacks do on them and why.

And where are the Black leaders on this matter?

But what I want to ask is: Just how many of the Blacks who have been killed or who were involved in crimes are Muslim ones.

My take is that there are so few of them.

And ironically, the many Blacks who have been sentenced to jail, many or some eventually will revert to Islam so much so that they are called Prislam.

Religion does not matter in America; the history of the country has ample proof that despite the early Blacks converting to Christianity to be just like their slave-masters, they were not given same treatment and were still their slaves.

Even today being a Christian does not mean anything; the country is still very much divided by the Whites and Blacks.

There is no such a thing as a Christian brethren status amongst the White and Black Christians in America or anywhere in the world.

Unlike Muslims, they can do away with color.

But sectarian strife was introduced by the west in order to cause Muslims or Arabs to be at arms with each other as what is happening in the many Arab countries today.

The reason is expediency; for the enemies of the Arabs and Islam to have it easy. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

When Michael Jackson was charged for molesting a young White boy, the White prosecutors were quick to take swift action against him. They even stripped him in a police station and have his genitals photographed.

Bill Cosby is now facing some charges of sexual misconduct by some women who alleged that he had done that to them decades ago.

Yet, the American public was quick to take action against them even before the cases were brought to the court or with the women not yet filing police reports against him.

Bill is now on a tour for a series of comedy shows, and some of them had been canceled.

This is America, where the morals of many of the people there are said to be low compared to those in Malaysia which is an Islamic state.

Yet, when Anwar Ibrahim was charged for sodomy which is not a crime in America, the police could not even force him to give blood samples to check his DNA to compare with those that had been found in the semen in Saiful’s anus, much less to force him to pose for photos to of his genitals, like what their American counterparts had done to Michael.

And worse, Anwar is able to go all over the country and abroad as though he did not fear the outcome of the case, which he had initially won, but lost in the appeal in the Sodomy II trial and is now waiting for the outcome of the appeal in the Federal Court.

He was found guilty by the Appeals Court and sentenced to five years in jail.

But he was never held in remand for Sodomy II, while the lesser mortals are given the treatment.

Jimmy Savile (Sir Jimmy) had died many years ago but his body cannot rest peacefully in his grave which is said to be placed below a very thick concrete slap to discourage anyone from defacing it.

Bill Clinton, had his presidency stained by semen and shame by a mere White House intern, Monica Lewinsky who even said how the authorities had seized her laptop or computer and recovered the emails she had exchanged with Bill that she had deleted.

She must be naïve not to know that this can be done by using a simply data recovery software that is sold online.

In Malaysia, Anwar’s and Saiful’s laptop or computer or even smartphones have not been known to have been seized by the authorities so they can see if there are SMSes and emails that the pair had sent to each other that contain incriminating information to prove that they had had a long relationship leading to sodomy.

Why were the prosecutors not able to get the court order to force Anwar give blood samples to prove that the DNA that was found in the semen in Saiful’s anus does not or does match?

The prosecutors had to find some DNA samples of Anwar from items that he had left in the cell where he was held in remand and also sentenced in the Sodomy I case.

They were lucky because he was not put in a cell with few other convicts but was given ‘special treatment’ and put in a room in the prison clinic so he was alone and the items could be proven to belong to him alone that the prosecutors in Sodomy II are using to prove that the DNA samples in the semen found in Saiful’s anus and those found in the personal items belonging to Anwar indeed matched. 

Many in the Left and also the opposition often like to compare Malaysia with America and the other so-called developed countries in the west on anything.

But strangely, on this matter, they tried their level best to look elsewhere and not even want to compare how Michael Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Jimmy Savile and the others had been treated by the authorities in their respective countries.

They did not demand that Anwar be subjected to DNA tests with or without the approval of his lawyers.

Now Bill Cosby is being persecuted by mere allegations by some women who alleged to have been sexually abused, decades ago, with his shows canceled and tickets sold refunded to those who had bought them.

Yet, none of the women had dared to take the matter further other than to make the charges, since the incidents had happened too long ago when they were in the teens.

And their legal counsel are trying to get Bill Cosby to waive the six-year time limit to allow him to face the women in the court.

Meanwhile, Bill would only utter, ‘No response’ each time he is asked to comment on the allegations.

Bill Cosby could have taken legal action for defamation against the women because only then the cases against him could be properly disposed with in the courts in the country but chances are he would not take this course as he will also expose himself to all the charges.

If this is not done, than the allegations shall remain just that.

In Malaysia no layperson had been acquitted for sodomy. Anwar won an appeal on Sodomy I, as he awaits the outcome of the Federal Court on his appeal on Sodomy II.

As for Bill Clinton, his fate was sealed without any action taken against him.

But why did he have to be subjected to any sort of pressure, if what he had done with Monica was by mutual consent? 

This is America. And their level of morality is generally not very high compared to those of Malaysia and the Arab and Muslim countries.

But when it comes to their political leaders, they expect them to be pure.

Whereas in Malaysia, Anwar has not actually suffered for the two Sodomy cases he was embroiled in, when the whole country must have rejected him long ago when the Sodomy I case came up in 1998. But this did not happen.

Is there any further development on the Jimmy Savile case whose case appeared after he died?

And suddenly, after he died, no other cases of sexual misconduct had been leveled against Michael Jackson.

However, the Sultan of Selangor, however, recently withdrew the Datukship that was given to Anwar by his father.

And Bill Cosby’s Star on the Hollywood of Fame had been defaced while Jimmy Savile’s friend had been found guilty for some charge.  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

I would not pay a sen to watch any Maria Carey or Jennifer Lopez concert, or even if it is free of charge.

I did not care for American entertainers of such type when I was studying and living in America. I had better things to do other than school to worry about.

Why must I pay so much and spend so much time listening to any of them sing and shake their bodies anyway and be their paymaster? Don’t I have better things to do?

But there are some in Malaysia who wouldn’t mind doing that. They did not know how they had been manipulated by the American entertainment propaganda that likes to make many Malaysians feel inferior if they do not know to appreciate their performers and even films.

And they did not even care a hoot if the performers are real or just ‘fake’ ones.

Even if I did not have a degree in advertising I would not want to spend any sen or minute on them.

In fact, I don’t even listen to their songs. I prefer to listen to those I like which are closer to me than those sung by them.

It seems that many Malaysians are willing to pay a lot and believe they are watching the real Maria Carey and Jennifer Lopez and the other entertainers from America when they came here to perform.

They did not know better who had caused or forced them to misbehave themselves and allow themselves to become the paymasters for the American performers and entertainers as well as Hollywood producers, directors, screenwriters and also actors listening songs and watching films which are all alien to their own culture.

And unbeknownst to them, these are not the real Maria Carey or Jannifer Lopez but ‘fake’ ones; what the Malaysian audiences see may be their imposters or look-alikes, for all they care.

How so?

Because do not give their all, but a faint reflection of their true selves or image. And they could very well get their look-alikes to represent them, since they are so far away on the stage in the large stadium that no one would notice the difference and if they are singing or just miming to a pre-recorded tape which is being played.

Whatever it is, the Maria and Jennifer and the other American performers who had come to Kuala Lumpur to perform, did not give their all. They are not allowed to give their all, or they would be charged for gross indecency for wearing inappropriately and more so for behaving inappropriate gyrating and moving about in vulgar ways or fashion that they are known to do when they perform in America and the other countries that do not care what they show to the audiences.

But Malaysia is not like those countries.

Malaysia can force the American performers to behave themselves and wear appropriately; so they had to bend backwards to accommodate some Islamic values and principles merely for them to get some Malaysians to become their paymasters for a while.

And if one sees the expensive clothes they wear and the expensive houses they live in and expensive cars they are driven in, Malaysians can be proud to say they had helped to contribute to them to get those, too, as much as the others in America and the other countries the American performers had performed at.

The same is true for all the Hollywood producers, directors and actors who live lavishly, who have not been known to remember how they are being supported by many Malaysians who did not care who they had indeed enriched, while they live frugally and not being able to pay their monthly bills on some things, sometimes.    

But to them, they are better than watching them perform on video and or on television which they do sometimes or to read about them in the many gossip columns that are available in all the English language newspapers.

Maria Carey and Jennifer Lopez and the other American performers all have personal principles that they hold dear to their hearts, being Americans as they can ever be.

But when they wanted to perform here in Malaysia, they throw aside some of them, just so that they can perform in the country.

And they can also make the ten to twelve thousand Malaysians who come to see them at their concerts to be their paymasters, too.

So some Malaysian ringgit or MYR can cause them to lose themselves even though they are still not able to loose their minds and make their bodies become loose while performing.

They had to cover themselves up and not move their bodies or even gyrate when performing anywhere in Malaysia.

Yes, there are some Malaysians who are willing to be their paymasters.

And ironically and not surprisingly, most of those who admire them enough to want and be willing to part with some cash they had earned simply because they had not been to America before or had studied there.

Most Malaysians who had studied and also lived anywhere in America are not too keen to do what their countrymen who had done managed or could afford to do so, do not come in droves to see concerts by any American performer. They have better things to do.

American performers and other pop acts are not the America they know about.

But to those Malaysians who have not been to the country, and who only see it in films and television programs, this is America that they want to know.

The editors of the newspapers are to be blamed for continuing to allow themselves to be used as promoters and propagandists for American entertainers and popular arts. They did not realize that their predecessors had been manipulated to do that task which they are now doing themselves.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Why can’t they behave like those parties in the developed countries that do not have open conventions so that the delegates can deliberate and berate each other in private and only what their party has decided and resolved to do is reported? Even then it is reported in their own organ and website and not the media?

If they do this they can get many wonderful effects one of which is that those who enjoy making a lot of noise will not find it interesting to do so, especially all that they can do is to make more useless noise.

In the end only those who say original things and offer intelligent views will be mentioned.

In this way the parties can get the best from the lot.

As it is only those who are noisy seems to be intelligent; while those who are intelligent avoid from speaking in such conventions which do not have any place for such persons.

Intelligent people hate to draw attention to themselves or want to attract their attention by the way they express themselves verbally and vocally.

They would rather say their piece in the most quiet and sober way without having to raise their voice to be heard; they want what they say be heard and taken note of and not how they speak and behave in public.

So no wonder most of the speeches that are said in all the conventions by the political parties in Malaysia do not end to anything.

Whatever they say are repetitive and predictable.

No wonder, the Melayu have failed to realize the potential of their own kind and problems the race faced then are still present today, with no real solutions to them.

The delegates also do not seem to have done any research on what they wanted to say; they ended up giving general speeches that cannot be implemented.

They only have views and some jokes thrown in.

I was fortunate to get the opportunity to cover for Utusan Melayu the Umno convention in 1977 which was held at Dewan Seminar of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) and the next year at the Nirwana Ballroom of the then Hilton Hotel.

Umno did not have their headquarters building the Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) then, which they only had years later, so their annual conventions were held at odd places, such as those in 1977 and 1978 when Hussein Onn was its president and prime minister of the country.

I also covered the New Year’s Day celebrations on 31 December, 1978 that was also held at the Nirwana Ballroom, so I observed the prime minister and his wife, Suhaila Noah together with many of his cabinet members doing the countdown and when the New Year appeared, they danced.

This is something that no on in Umno and the government would do. They moved to Dataran Merdeka to make it a more public celebration exercise instead of a small and closed one.

But other than that the Umno conventions have not changed much. They are purely occasions for many from the districts to show their faces and mettle at public speaking with some who would rather indulge themselves in back patting.

Unfortunately, not many of the resolutions were taken action on, or else the proof can be seen today, with issues concerning the Melayu and Islam having been settled long ago. They have not.

Maybe the district representatives who have not been in touch with the national leaders just wanted to impress upon their national leaders appearing in public in Dewan Merdeka by saying pretty much what their predecessors had said every year.

And no wonder, those who rise in the party hierarchy at the state and also national levels are mostly those who had gone and stood before the microphones in the Umno conventions the most or who had managed to hog on the media traffic saying all sorts of things mostly to praise the higherups in their party.

Umno as well as the other political parties have not been known to invite qualified persons to join them except perhaps for the post of minister in the prime minister’s department overseeing Islamic matters.

Because their leaders know not many ulamak are well tuned to join politics. Those with Islamic backgrounds who enter politics do so very early in their lives.

And most of those who had been invited to join Umno and the government are mostly those Islamic preachers who had appeared on television.

But most of the time those who enter Umno politics especially those Umno Clubs abroad are those who are not known to have excelled in their education.

No wonder too they are not able to offer any interesting or intelligent views for the party to consider.

Some of them can’t even speak proper Melayu and English, despite having studied and lived in England or America a while.

They will rise up the Pemuda and Puteri Umno ladder, no doubt or get some perks, if they could not do that.

Sadly, even the opposition political parties too do something like what Umno has been doing which is to appreciate those who criticize the government more and who had shown their aptitude to do more similar things.

And many of them are also those who are not so well-educated and who are not able to choose which area they want to concentrate on, so they end up becoming restless and criticize anything since the opposition coalition called Pakatan Rakyat does not even dare to have their own shadow government to allow the respective persons to represent them.

They prefer to open the field to anyone as long as he or she can criticize the government all the time.   

Of course, Malaysians can give their views and criticize each other intelligently and mostly, quietly. But where are the channels that are available for them to use?

None, other than in the national conventions of their respective political parties, and sometimes in their party publications and portals and blogs.

As for Umno, what can they do to benefit from the catastrophe of success that they had enjoyed all these years? Plenty.

But do they know how?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Umno especially should get experts and specialists in all fields to offer views instead for their delegates to listen most of whom had not been involved in national matters or issues, with them coming to Kuala Lumpur every now and then.

Many of them do not want to enter the world of politics; otherwise, we could see the likes of Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerberg, Muhammad Yunus, and the other scientists and specialists in the other fields joining the fray and kicking away the very discipline that they were taught to abide to.

Unfortunately, and ironically, those who had entered the international political arena were those people who were not so well educated – Muamar Ghadaffy, Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler and the others, all of who had the gift of the gab who can draw the masses to stand before them.

But they were in the world before the Internet, so they had to present themselves and their views on major issues affecting the masses personally.

Today, a leader can become one not because he can shout, but because he can make sense to many, if not all, that he is good for them.

And he’d better be one who is well-educated and not just any loud-mouth who can say anything without thinking.

But Tunku Abdul Rahman was different; he knew he had to study in English and also in England and not at any place or university in the country, but at Cambridge University, so he could make sense to the British colonists.

If his parents and he had agreed to go to any university in the Arab World, chances are he would be wearing the turban and jubah and charging the British wherever they were in Tanah Melayu or Malaya then.

He did not want to use physical force, but intellectual force, which he did. And Tanah Melayu and the Melayu and the other two major races that we had in the country were better off.

Today, not many Umno delegates have similar attributes; many of them are people who do not possess even a proper tertiary education. They may be entering politics not to benefit Umno but to benefit from Umno.

Just how many of the delegates and other senior and also junior Umno leaders have benefited from Umno and how much has Umno benefited from them?

If they have personal reasons to want to cling onto their posts and also jobs, including becoming CEOs and chairmen of the GLCs, it is for them to benefit even more from Umno without them ever benefiting Umno.

Their reasons may be selfish ones.

Even the small districts their delegates come from and represent are not looked after well when they are supposed to be answerable to the local constituents, which they had all failed to do.

The national Umno leaders must also use their annual conventions especially to check on the track records of those delegates who claim to have all the answers to all the problems faced by Umno, the Melayu in the country when they have not done much to uplift the economic, social and cultural growth in their own small communities.

For instance do they know or care to find out who are the top students, athletes in their own constituencies?

How many in their constituencies are living in abject poverty and needing assistance but not getting it?

Worse of all, are they areas in their constituencies that have been encroached by farmers?

Or do they want to allow all these to be reported by the media before the national leaders take action while the local ones who become delegates in the annual conventions look elsewhere and enjoy their trips to the city shopping?

There was an Umno convention which was not well attended, which the Star newspaper showed a photo of the empty seats in Dewan Merdeka, PWTC.

And this prompted the then Umno President Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, to cry, saying how he would finally resign as president of the party and also as prime minister of the country.

The then minister of communications, Zainuddin Maidin decided the event was of national value and ordered the subsequent proceedings and events at Dewan Merdeka to be shown live, which showed the many Umno leaders pleading with Mahathir not to resign.

Mahathir knew he had to resign. But he did not want to go quietly. He wanted the act to be as dramatic as possible. So he seized on the Star report and also managed to get all the Umno delegates to return to their seats to attend the conventions.

By then most of them had done their shopping in the nearby mall.

So how could the delegates claim to be able to look at the affairs of the whole country and the Melayu race?

Talking about Umno and Melayu and Islam does not necessarily mean to demean the others; the other races do not have to feel slighted if Umno champions their own causes for which their party was established in the first place.

It is unfortunate too that Umno also happens to champion the cause of the nation and to uphold the Constitution in more ways than the other political parties in the country.

In more ways than one Umno is experiencing its own catastrophe of success and it will be very difficult for any other party to replace it.

It has suffered setbacks, but they learn fast.

It is also unfortunate how the early leaders of Umno especially its first president, Tunku Abdul Rahman is still the person who now unites all the Umno members with him being present in their minds all the time.

However, his physical images in the forms of photos and videos have not been properly utilized to create a stronger subliminal effect on the Umno delegates and more so on all the Umno members.

I thought it would be a good idea for Umno to invite Tunku’s children to at least attend the opening of the Umno conventions as well as the Merdeka Day celebrations, as long as they are still healthy and eager to lend their support for the party.

Malaysian political parties are perhaps the only ones in the world who have their annual party conventions that is widely covered by the local media, where whatever the delegates from the districts say in them are reported.

Friday, November 28, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

Americans come from a host of backgrounds – religious, political, social, cultural, economic and artistic and also psychological backgrounds.

Many admire their president and want to treat them like moviestars, others want him to lay-in-state watching a state funeral which will surely help to paralyze their country for a while.

No wonder, the American Secret Service goes all the way to ensure that the intentions of some of their citizens are not realized.

But in the course of the history of the country, a few of their past presidents had met a violent death, and it was not John F. Kennedy who had given them such an opportunity.

They almost succeeded with Ronald Reagan and also Gerald Ford.

America has a large group of brilliant people, and some who are thought they are smarter than most, they who wanted to achieve fame by dubious means.

American presidents have not been assassinated by non-Americans. It’s the Americans themselves who had done this deed upon their own presidents, as what the history of their country has shown.

Whilst the leaders of all the other countries in the world can go about like normal citizens, including the leaders of the countries that also have veto power in the United Nations, American presidents cannot be expected to do so.

Even their close relatives are being watched closely, as do all the Secret Service officers who are some of the closest people around the president at any time.

Even all the corridors in the White House are guarded around the clock and the president has an  official photographer who records his every move, all the time, except when he is in his bedroom.

But this still did not stop Monica Lewinsky to have a special or more than cordial relations when the then President Bill Clinton which caused him his presidency.

How could this happen?

Ronald Reagan was shot outside of a hotel in Washington DC when the eyes of all the Secret Service officers were looking elsewhere. He almost died. His press secretary became paralyzed.

The Secret Service had to find other ways to ensure their president is safe from other Americans in the future.

Some analysts even dared to suggest that if their president would be assassinated, it would be in the hands of one of the Secret Service officers who have arms and who are closest to him than the others even as the controversy surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy which many analysts or conspiracy theorists dared to say was the deed of the Zionist leaders. 

The verdict on this particular case is still pending and that of the assassination of John F Kennedy’s younger brother, Robert F Kennedy, where Sirhan Bishara Sirhan has been jailed till now.

One thing’s for certain is that American presidential assassins all have such long names, including the first person to do it on Abraham Lincoln, called John Wilkes Booths.

So far they have been met with success.

But The Beast once got stuck in the driveway of the American embassy in Dublin, Ireland as the driver was trying to drive the vehicle out of the compound.

And just recently Air Force One developed mechanical problems forcing President Barack Obama to switch to the other plane.

Saddam Hussein too was said to have tried to kill former President George Bush, Senior when he visited Kuwait, and in retaliation American launched a massive attack on Iraq.

This is the only known assassination attempt on a former American president by a leader of a country.

Maybe this is just rumor and a pretext that America could use to attack Iraq as did the other reasons they cited for destroying the country and the others around it.

Barack Obama made his first trip to Malaysia recently, and all the roads from the airport to the National Palace were closed or blocked to allow The Beast and his entourage free access to the road with his schedule not made public so no one came to greet him at the airport.

Muhammad Ali came to Malaysia in 1973 and he was greeted by fifteen thousand people who had waited for hours for his arrival at the same airport where Air Force One carrying Barack Obama landed. 

In any case, the fascination to see any American president dead is mostly an American one, despite him having his fingers in the pie of every country especially the Arab ones, who may have better reasons to do the unthinkable.

But the Arabs have more domestic issues to worry about and they are also hoping that any American president to help them out because they think he has some influence on the Zionist leaders, when in fact he does not have any.

Attempts to assassinate the American president have all been conducted by individuals instead of groups or countries.

There are just a few Americans who wished to hog on the limelight by being the one to finally do it. This is the sort of mentality that they have.

They just want to do it and bear the consequence which often involves being held in prison for life with no chance of parole.

John Wilkes Booths was the first American to have done such a misdeed by killing Abraham Lincoln, for which many books have been written about him and his dubious acts.

And if the real intentions of the historians and authors of those books were to write that nasty episode in the history of their country, unfortunately, the negative effects is how they too might be a good reason for more of their presidents becoming targets by would be assassins from amongst them.

The spirit of John Wilkes Booths is still alive in the minds and hearts of some young Americans, one of whom some conspiracy theorists and security analysts say could even come from one in the presidential security staff.

It is not enough to ensure that what the president and his family eat is good, or that they travel in tight security convoys and in Air Force One jets and The Beast on streets that have been blocked.

There won’t come the time when the American president can go about his daily life living and acting like normal folks, much like the other world leaders who can, they who do not attract attention to the symbols that America had created of the White House and their president.

In Malaysia, for instance, the then Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohammad could be seen eating boiled eggs offered to him by a stranger. He and his wife thought it would be impolite not to eat them.

He did not worry if the eggs were stale or laced with poison. He and his wife just ate the two boiled eggs.

America had created a myth of itself and using their presidency to be god-like and put him on a high pedestal so much so that he becomes and inconvenient target of not only of scorn, but also of harm.