Sunday, December 14, 2014


By Mansor Puteh

When Michael Jackson was charged for molesting a young White boy, the White prosecutors were quick to take swift action against him. They even stripped him in a police station and have his genitals photographed.

Bill Cosby is now facing some charges of sexual misconduct by some women who alleged that he had done that to them decades ago.

Yet, the American public was quick to take action against them even before the cases were brought to the court or with the women not yet filing police reports against him.

Bill is now on a tour for a series of comedy shows, and some of them had been canceled.

This is America, where the morals of many of the people there are said to be low compared to those in Malaysia which is an Islamic state.

Yet, when Anwar Ibrahim was charged for sodomy which is not a crime in America, the police could not even force him to give blood samples to check his DNA to compare with those that had been found in the semen in Saiful’s anus, much less to force him to pose for photos to of his genitals, like what their American counterparts had done to Michael.

And worse, Anwar is able to go all over the country and abroad as though he did not fear the outcome of the case, which he had initially won, but lost in the appeal in the Sodomy II trial and is now waiting for the outcome of the appeal in the Federal Court.

He was found guilty by the Appeals Court and sentenced to five years in jail.

But he was never held in remand for Sodomy II, while the lesser mortals are given the treatment.

Jimmy Savile (Sir Jimmy) had died many years ago but his body cannot rest peacefully in his grave which is said to be placed below a very thick concrete slap to discourage anyone from defacing it.

Bill Clinton, had his presidency stained by semen and shame by a mere White House intern, Monica Lewinsky who even said how the authorities had seized her laptop or computer and recovered the emails she had exchanged with Bill that she had deleted.

She must be naïve not to know that this can be done by using a simply data recovery software that is sold online.

In Malaysia, Anwar’s and Saiful’s laptop or computer or even smartphones have not been known to have been seized by the authorities so they can see if there are SMSes and emails that the pair had sent to each other that contain incriminating information to prove that they had had a long relationship leading to sodomy.

Why were the prosecutors not able to get the court order to force Anwar give blood samples to prove that the DNA that was found in the semen in Saiful’s anus does not or does match?

The prosecutors had to find some DNA samples of Anwar from items that he had left in the cell where he was held in remand and also sentenced in the Sodomy I case.

They were lucky because he was not put in a cell with few other convicts but was given ‘special treatment’ and put in a room in the prison clinic so he was alone and the items could be proven to belong to him alone that the prosecutors in Sodomy II are using to prove that the DNA samples in the semen found in Saiful’s anus and those found in the personal items belonging to Anwar indeed matched. 

Many in the Left and also the opposition often like to compare Malaysia with America and the other so-called developed countries in the west on anything.

But strangely, on this matter, they tried their level best to look elsewhere and not even want to compare how Michael Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Jimmy Savile and the others had been treated by the authorities in their respective countries.

They did not demand that Anwar be subjected to DNA tests with or without the approval of his lawyers.

Now Bill Cosby is being persecuted by mere allegations by some women who alleged to have been sexually abused, decades ago, with his shows canceled and tickets sold refunded to those who had bought them.

Yet, none of the women had dared to take the matter further other than to make the charges, since the incidents had happened too long ago when they were in the teens.

And their legal counsel are trying to get Bill Cosby to waive the six-year time limit to allow him to face the women in the court.

Meanwhile, Bill would only utter, ‘No response’ each time he is asked to comment on the allegations.

Bill Cosby could have taken legal action for defamation against the women because only then the cases against him could be properly disposed with in the courts in the country but chances are he would not take this course as he will also expose himself to all the charges.

If this is not done, than the allegations shall remain just that.

In Malaysia no layperson had been acquitted for sodomy. Anwar won an appeal on Sodomy I, as he awaits the outcome of the Federal Court on his appeal on Sodomy II.

As for Bill Clinton, his fate was sealed without any action taken against him.

But why did he have to be subjected to any sort of pressure, if what he had done with Monica was by mutual consent? 

This is America. And their level of morality is generally not very high compared to those of Malaysia and the Arab and Muslim countries.

But when it comes to their political leaders, they expect them to be pure.

Whereas in Malaysia, Anwar has not actually suffered for the two Sodomy cases he was embroiled in, when the whole country must have rejected him long ago when the Sodomy I case came up in 1998. But this did not happen.

Is there any further development on the Jimmy Savile case whose case appeared after he died?

And suddenly, after he died, no other cases of sexual misconduct had been leveled against Michael Jackson.

However, the Sultan of Selangor, however, recently withdrew the Datukship that was given to Anwar by his father.

And Bill Cosby’s Star on the Hollywood of Fame had been defaced while Jimmy Savile’s friend had been found guilty for some charge.  

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