Sunday, April 29, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Sports and politics can mix something to form a potent brew.

For the Arabs and Muslims athletes boycotting the Olympics and other international sport meets can be a good way to ferment ties amongst themselves and to prove a point.

It may be an act of desperation but it is definitely not a strange one.

On the other hand it can cause untold damage to the countries which are organizing them, as the Olympics and other major international sport meets can only be organized by countries which are fully developed or those which want to think that they are almost there.

This includes boycotting or not supporting the F-1 racing and other international golf meets which only benefit the athletes from those countries.

In the end, it only makes the poorer countries feel that they are suffering from an inferior complex.

Malaysia is one such country, which is serving the cause of the others and enriching the athletes from America and the west by providing them with the facilities and financial support and in return they just want to be proud to be doing just that without it ever being able to create world class sportsmen from amongst their own kind however hard they want to try to.

The only sports they are able to create winners are badminton and squash. But these sports are those that had been rejected by America and the west as uninteresting and sissy sports so much so that the All-England Badminton finals are now better described as the Asian All-England Finals.

And establishing the Muslim World Games at the same time as the Olympics can add to the effectiveness of mixing sports and politics to trust it to a higher level of existence and effectiveness.

The Americans did it, when they launched a boycott of the Moscow Olympics of 1980.

They succeeded in getting other countries in the west including many in the Third World whose leaders ought to know better.

The Americans finally managed to inflict the greatest damage to the Moscow Olympics when it failed.

In the end, it also caused the collapse of the Soviet Union and the freeing of the republics in its Union itself.

So it has been proven that boycotting the Olympics is effective in changing some policies in the world.

And why not also boycott the London Olympics and the others after that, as long as Palestine is not free from Zionist occupation?

Which Arab or Muslim country would be the first to launch such a move?

Can we get Iran to take the lead?

What does it stand to gain or lose by not participating in the Olympics or the other international sport meets such as the Commonwealth Games, Asia Games and so on? Nothing.

On the contrary, it stands to gain much by first encouraging the other Arab and Muslim countries to follow suit.

This can happen.

The organization of the Olympics involves a lot of effort, energy and money. The organizers take a lot of risk by organizing the Olympics in their city.

They have to raise funds and get support from their government and other agencies and hope that the games would be a success so that they can at the very least get their money back, or turn in a tidy profit from the exercise.

However, this cannot happen if there is a boycott of the games by some countries, as even the non-participation of a few countries can affect it in many ways.

The Olympics can be used as a useful tool to move a case just like what the Americans and their allies in the Christian West had proven.

So why can’t the Arabs and Muslims also follow suit and act like the Americans and their Christian allies?

It is barely 100 days to the London Olympics and soon the excitement starts to build as the day of the opening of the games approaches with the coming of Ramadan.

It is also another good excuse or reason why Arab and Muslim countries ought to boycott the London Olympics as the organizers did not show any respect to Muslim sensitivities by organizing the games during the fasting month.

So there will be many Arab and Muslim female and also male athletes who will be wearing skimpily during this month of fasting, purely for the sake of sport.

And so it seems that sports values supersede Islamic values in the quest for them to achieve sporting glory.

This is what some Arab and Muslim athletes have become, that their quest for recognition in sports exceeds that in their quest for religious salvation.

The worst sight one can behold during the London Olympics is that of the athletes from countries which have been demolished by the Zionists and their American supporters and lackeys, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, including those of Iran and the other Arab countries which have all been affected by the Arab Spring of 2011.

How could the athletes from these countries partake in such a sporting festivities when their countries are demolished or are still under threat?

Iran may have managed to get a reprieve from being the target of military or even nuclear attack by the Zionist state, now as the Olympic Games nears.

Any military action against Iran at this time will cause the London Olympics to suffer a great deal causing it to fail miserably altogether.

But one cannot dispute what will happen immediately after the Olympic Games, with regard to Iran, as the coast will be clear for it to be attacked then.

Arab and Muslim leaders must realize tackling the problems in the Middle East with regard to the Palestinian issue using military methods and taking it up with the United Nations (UN) is useless.

Other means must be engaged and used effectively to serve the cause of their religion which could otherwise be done without enraging the Zionists and their lackeys even more; they who want to find any excuse to further their own evil cause.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

It is ironic how they have managed to distract the Chinese and also Indians to look elsewhere while their communities continue to shrink, with the few Melayu ‘liberals’ acting as decoys to further lull them.

I will be surprised if this article is published in Malaysiakini, a portal which has never been a subject of any study, on what they are and mean to some.

There is no need for one to take a closer look at Malaysiakini to realize that it is an internet portal which actively and aggressively tries to promote views and news of a certain kind; and they are not just the off-beat types, but mostly the crass anti-establishment types although this may not be exactly what they want to admit or want the public to perceive.

This can and has caused many Chinese to be displaced and distracted from the everyday problems their community now faces; they who feel triumph at the space they have been offered in the columns and other spaces in the portal especially in the ‘letters’ section which is full of diatribes of the predictable types one could imagine.

Most, if not all of the Chinese and Indians who write are those with vernacular backgrounds; because their brethren who studied in the ‘sekolah kebangsaan’ are mostly those who are in tune with the situation they are in and who do not care for petty sentiments that distract those with vernacular backrounds.

They will regret it when it comes to the point when Chinese businesses in Kuala Lumpur and in the other major cities and towns have been taken over by the Melayu, while they are busy looking elsewhere at the power of their words.

I drove around out of Kuala Lumpur and noticed the encroachment of those areas which were once Chinese-dominated, but which are now not so; they which are now Melayu-dominated.

Even in Kuala Lumpur one can see it happening. Just drive from Zoo Negara to Dataran Merdeka passing through Setapak along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and one can see most of the shop lots along both sides of the roads are Melayu-owned or operated.

The Chow Kit was a Chinese-majority one; but today it is not anymore, with the Chinese being displaced.

The economic growth of the country is such that the Chinese are allowed or forced to congregate to the urban areas leaving the rural areas so that these rural areas could be overtaken by the Melayu again, like what it was before.

This can translate into the lesser number of parliamentary or state assembly areas with Chinese-majority in the near future, so in the end there will be infighting amongst the Chinese on who best to represent them for the few seats that they can share amongst themselves.

There won’t be any area with an Indian majority in a few years’ time.

Even Pulau Pinang is now a Melayu-majority state since 2010. So what moral standing does the Chinese-dominated parties such as DAP and MCA or Gerakan have to rule it?

The future of the Chinese in Pulau Pinang is indeed bleak.

Parti KeAdilan Rakyat (PKR), too, is a ploy to distract the Chinese and also Indians; because they are basically a Melayu party with non-Melayu members. And their Melayu leaders are also good actors as much as those in PAS.

And if the situation becomes worse, the problem could affect the stature of the vernacular Mandarin schools themselves.

Only a strong Chinese hold of the economy with a parallel economic system in the country can determine the continuance of such schools.

But when the situation changed to become Melayu-dominated, than what use is there for anyone to have vernacular Mandarin education?

Even now many Chinese with Mandarin education are finding themselves out of place in Malaysia, especially those who drop out of primary or early secondary schools, so that they are not able to find employment both in the private and public sectors.

They are forced to enter small trading business and to open stalls selling telecommunication equipment and gadgets mostly to the charitable Melayu mixing with the Melayu and depending on the Melayu more through the rest of their lives.

And it is no wonder how most, if not all of the illegal trading and activities in Malaysia are operated by the Chinese who have Mandarin school backgrounds.

Some Indians seem to think that they could get a ride on Malaysiakini and in the process create a semblance of acceptance for themselves in the running of the country – or to be exact, on the running down of the country, which mostly means to run down a Melayu-majority government.

And the fact that most of the Melayu do not care about this portal proves that it caters to a certain type of Malaysians, mostly Chinese and other Melayu who seem to sympathize with them and their plight.

The truth is Melayu-sympathizers may not get much space in Malaysiakini which is only devoting its space to those few Melayu who have a cause to side with the Chinese and Indians, in order to be heard.

These Melayu claim to be moderates, when they are no extremists than the other Melayu whom they charge to be so.

And the Chinese and Indian and other columnists, claim to sound to be victims of the system, when the Chinese especially are the ones who have benefited much more from it than the Melayu, who only have the Rulers and Constitution backing; for without which they would have been economically and politically marginalized even more.

The plight of the Chinese in Malaysia is one of despair, at being away from Mainland China.

The Chinese, who mostly suffer from a memory lapse and who have not shown any gratitude for having been saved by the charitable Melayu when their ancestors who first landed on the shore of Tanah Melayu who were given a place to stay and food to eat.

If the Melayu had wanted to be cruel, they would not have patronized their sundry shops and forced them to continue to become night-soil careers, because without the patronage and support from the Melayu majority, the Chinese small businesses and trading could not have grown to such an extent that they are able to dominate the economy of the country.

Even now the Melayu can be rude and crude to the Chinese.

But the Melayu are not about to wait for the Chinese to thank them, so they have started to retaliate by slowly distancing themselves from Chinese establishments so much so that there are now many Chinese stores and other shops which have closed down.

It won’t be long before Low Yat Plaza which has a majority Melayu support for the businesses they have in this premises, will go bankrupt.

And for the Indians, it is the despair at being too far away from Mother India.

The irony is that the more the television stations and print media over-publish stories, news and over-broadcast programs from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, the more they are repelled by it, simply because they are being confronted with issues which they could not grapple with.

It is more ironic how this has been happening right before their very eyes, yet, no Chinese opinion or political leader and educationist had found out the ploy to make the Chinese and also Indians in Malaysia feel bored with China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and also India, by the overplay of those television programs and news from these countries.

So who are Malaysiakini and the Chinese bloggers really serving anyway? Do they know?

Friday, April 20, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Your coverage of the 'usefulness' of the vernacular Mandarin schools is one-sided; therefore it is propaganda with nonsensical ideas and views by some Chinese.

I am forwarding my views on the real usefulness of such schools and hope it can be published.

Rita Sim's column lauding the 'successes' of the vernacular Chinese or Mandarin schools and David TH's agreeing with her needs to be studied intelligently.

Vernacular Mandarin and Tamil schools are only useful for the Chinese and Tamils to be able to learn Mandarin and Tamil; they are not so good for them to allow them to pursue their education at the tertiary levels.

No non-Chinese with Mandarin school background has become prominent in any field.

So where is the claim that such schooling benefits the non-Chinese in Malaysia when they could not even qualify to read the news on television, and none of them had conducted researches on early Melayu-Chinese relations vis-à-vis the Melaka Sultanate Years so they could go to China and study the ancient manuscripts which are in Mandarin?

So few or none of them have been given top posts in Chinese companies in Malaysia that these companies could highlight to the public.

In fact, there is no Mandarin-speaking Melayu who is in the board of a major Chinese company.

The main cause of the failure of the majority of the Chinese in Malaysia is due to their total dependence on the Mandarin schools.

Most of the 'products' of such schools are those who had gone to study in these schools.

The salvation for the Chinese and also Tamils in Malaysia is the national schools.

So no wonder till today there is no Chinese political or educational leader who has demanded from the government to allow their community to allow them to establish a university which offers Mandarin as the medium of instruction.

And the number of students from such school who pursue their education in universities in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong which offer education in Mandarin is almost negligible.

Even Singapore which is a Chinese majority country does not have a university which offers education in Mandarin only.

The effectiveness and usefulness of Mandarin education in Malaysia has never been thoroughly discussed, researched or debated.

If this is done, one can see how such schools have failed the majority of the Chinese as much as the Tamil schools have failed this community, compared to the Indians who are not Tamils who are better off since most of them did not study in Tamil schools, but the 'sekolah kebangsaan'.

What Rita and David allege or claim can be clearly debunked when they have chosen to have 'English' names. They do not seem to be proud of their Chinese identity.

And they also do not realize how many students from the Mandarin and Tamil vernacular schools who drop out early at the end of their primary or early school education.

Most or all of them could not be absorbed into the workforce working in the government or private sectors. Therefore, they have to make do with whatever jobs they could secure, and most of them end up finding employment in illegal businesses.

Many go into small trading in the 'pasar malam' and driving taxis.

How on earth could these taxi-drivers get their driving licenses, if hard to decipher as they are not conversant in Melayu which is used for the written driving tests.

There are also so many young Chinese who operate stalls selling telecommunication equipments and gadgets, and who started to speak in Melayu better since most of their customers are Melayu and non-Chinese.

However, their control of the small trading businesses are slowly being encroached by the Melayu so much so they now have to seek employment elsewhere, mostly in the shady types of activities.

So no wonder, most of the crimes which are committed in Malaysia are committed by those with vernacular school backgrounds and those who also drop out of the national schools early, especially if they are Melayu.

Vernacular education in Malaysia maybe enshrined in the Constitution but it did not say how it must be in the form of the establishment of the schools. It was meant to allow the non-Melayu students to study their mother tongue languages as a separate subject and not in special schools which their communities were proud to claim to be 'independent'.

Yet, few decades later, this terminology or description was erased as more and more Mandarin and Tamil schools become 'dependent' of the government for their subsistence, without whose support they would fail.

In fact, the Mandarin and Tamil schools would have closed down long ago since there are not many Chinese or Tamils who are interested to teach in them anymore.

The future demography of the country will ultimately determine the usefulness of such vernacular schools, especially when the population of the Melayu becomes 80% and their economy rises even further, with the establishment and introduction of new economic models and systems which could reduce the dependence of the Melayu on the Chinese establishments.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

What can we say of the so-called ‘opposition’ in Malaysia today? Do we have such an entity?

The answer is NO!

What we have are groups which use the political process to vent their frustration, anger and express their confusion on all issues, and in the process think they have created a semblance of what they want everybody else to assume to be ‘the opposition’ of Malaysia, when they are not.

Many of those who are in the ‘opposition’ are Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) rejects and misfits anyway, so the 'oppositioning' is basically one that deals with those who could not fit into the Umno and BN mold anymore; they who are Umno and BN has-beens, who think they are too young to give up, as they do not have other distractions to deal with.

They end up on the extreme side, who do not seem to be grateful for having been given the chance to have what they were given, and who insist they deserve to get more.

It’s all about them not having had enough. And in the process the public and voters are being taken on a long ride, in the parliament and state assemblies and streets and courts.

What can we expect to get from them, other than to bring out some stale issues they had created for themselves when they were in those organizations?

No wonder they have never been known or acknowledged to be ‘His Majesty’s loyal Opposition’.

They are perhaps rightly described as the creatures that the political system and media and internet had created, for without the need to boost the sale of newspapers and magazines, they would not have been so created, just as mush as the smaller NGOs which were all created by the media. 

That they sell papers is a well-known fact.

Can the papers ignore them? No! They need them to boost up sales.

The last general election on 8 March, 2008 was really about UMNO and BN rejects and misfits who had caused the party and coalition some damage.

Barisan politicians are playing dumb while the opposition, playing the dumber.

The next general election or PRU-13 may very well be about how the voters reject those rejects. These rejects have not shown any cause for the voters to believe in their sincerity, and the damage they had done to their own cause which is nothing but to cause discontent and dissatisfaction.

Umno and BN had mechanisms to get rid of those who were not grateful to the party and who do not believe in the cause of the parties.

Some who had had enough of Umno or BN and who did not wish to retire to oblivion in the Malaysian political landscape which is fraud with unwritten promises that they simply have to hang around for another round of political activities and activism, which can be described as their Post-Umno and Post-BN era.

Even Anwar Ibrahim is in that era, as is Khalid Ibrahim.

In fact, most of the senior Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) officers are those who fall in these categories of Umno and BN rejects as is Chua Jui Meng and some others including Wan Azizah who really is serving her husband more than the party or the opposition.

The list may very well include Sheikh Fadzil who has not discounted the possibility of him joining the opposition.

Of course there are some who were fresh from the streets especially Tian Chua, Gui Borne, but not Nurul Izzah who can be said to be a failed Umno and BN member or supporters.

Where and what is Tian Chua now?

Gui Borne is just a failed video cameraman who sits (and continues to sit) in parliament without doing anything. The .one or two questions he asked the Dewan Rakyat were all prepared by someone else as he even had difficulty in reading the text.

PKR therefore cannot claim to be the opposition party in Malaysia; the most that it can do or claim is to be the critics of Umno and BN.

Maybe the DAP too cannot lay claim to be the opposition party of Malaysia.

Malaysia really and truly does not have any opposition; what it has are parties which won seats for their candidates by virtue of the fact that there are some voters in the last election, the PRU-12 had decided not to vote for Umno and BN.

Because who in the right mind would want to vote for Gui Borne or even Nurul Izzah?

Those who had voted for Wan Azizah and later Anwar Ibrahim in the Permatang Pauh seat in Pulau Pinang were all Umno supporters, but who changed sides to vote for Anwar. They did not vote for the opposition, just for him.

It is sad how people like Tian Chua could think he could become an intelligent member of parliament sitting in Dewan Rakyat by offering himself as targets for police action in early demonstrations and protests.

He did not think it would be much better if he had completed his studies and then go on to work on his masters in international politics before entering politics in Malaysia.

Barack Hussein Obama did not sit in front of any police trucks and was showered by acid water. He went to study at an Ivy League university majoring in international politics. He then went to another Ivy League university for his master’s degree.

He did not say a word of discontent of the then American government, presumably the Republican government while still a student, but much later while campaigning, which he also did with decorum and civility.

Running down a government is one; running for an election is another.

Which is why Tian Chua and the others who are in the Dewan Rakyat representing the opposition parties can never excel. The reason being they do not know what they are doing in the august hall.

Many of them think they are still protesting in the streets.

Not many of them were really educated in the political education of the country and much less of the world to allow them learn basic manners.

Many of them do not know standing orders or what to debate on and how.

Malaysians who had given them the chance in 2008 may very well turn around against them this time.

I don’t think most of the PKR, DAP and PAS members of parliament and state assemblies will be turned in the next election.

They do not deserve to win the seats they are keeping now.

The reason being they just do not care to uphold the principles of fairplay and to make the voters trust them to lead the opposition anymore. in fact, they have also not shown any temerity to lead their own parties.

Malaysia does not have real opposition members of parliament and state assemblies; what we have are Umno and BN rejects who are ungrateful and who have become street performers and media clowns.

Many believe most of them will lose in the PRU-13 simply because they do not deserve to get their votes, because they have not done anything to serve the cause of the opposition; they mostly serve their own personal causes which is to be elected to parliament and the state assemblies, and doing nothing.    

Saturday, April 14, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America can only be said to have been rehabilitated and come back to its senses, if a new Rudolf Valentino and the remakes of his films, ‘The Sheikh’, ‘The Son of Sheikh’ and the others of like nature are not done.

Hollywood, America and the Americans are still deep in coma. They had gotten themselves out of the jungles of Vietnam but they are not going out of the deserts of the Middle East anytime soon, as long as the policies of meddling in the private affairs of other countries are not stopped.

They had been meddling in the Middle East for too long. They had caused untold damage to the whole region and are also bent on expanding it beyond it. And they had also caused democracy to be trampled upon.   

As long as America and the Americans have not bothered to remember Rudolf Valentino and the type of films he had acted in during the Silent Era, America will not wake up from its long slumber and nightmare it has been having.  

Sometimes I wonder, despite the sheer size of its intelligentsia, and having some of the finest universities in the world, if America is still back and stuck at the Stone Age. Maybe intelligence is bad for America and the Americans.

Their leaders had tried to pain Islam and Muslims as being stuck in the Stone Age, yet, they are the ones who are, with their policies and military adventures which had caused untold damage to the lives of many whom they claim to want to free from their shackles of poverty and indecency – meaning away from their Islamic teachings.

Oh, yes, they also get some measure of support from a few of them in Europe, who are now starting to say the same.

But all these people have already forgotten the religions of their ancestors and had already trampled on their holy books and their icons long ago to feel they are superior beings because of that, so they think those who profess the Islamic faith are not as superior as they are.

They may have the finest universities and advanced industries in the world, but is America a developed civilization? Or are they just here on earth which do not have any important role to play other than to see how other countries do not progress.

This is despite the fact that they always like to claim to be the champion of democracy.

Yet, the way they behave proves that they are not so.

Therefore, America can be described as the failed democracy. They are also a failed dictatorship wannabe.

They try to impose their will too much, without care for the well-being of those whom they are persecuting, when they target leaders of countries which they had deemed to be dictators, yet, they have no compunction to persecute those around him and especially the scores and perhaps thousands and also millions of ordinary citizens.

Afghans and Iraqis have suffered tremendously because of American military aggression. Notwithstanding, the Middle East problem, which has been dragging on for so many decades, but which can never be settled because America had decided to take sides and to ignore the vanquished.

From what many can see, which is obvious, America treats its own citizens including those in the animal kingdom, with civility while persecuting those in foreign countries and abroad worse than the communists ever did, even to their own kinds, in the former Soviet Union and China.

In many ways, and by loose generalizations, America can be described as a communist state because of the types and kinds of actions that they have taken so far, using military might most of the time.

It is an instance when we can charge countries that have a large stockpile of nuclear arsenal which are using it to not only torment the other countries into submission, but also to persecute them for the slightest excuse, mostly on the pretext of wanting to police the world so those countries toe the line, while they continue to trample on it with impunity.

America is not giving democracy a good name. It has taken it to autocracy and communism, so the faint, thin line that divides the different political, economic and military ideologies are not only blurred but totally removed altogether.

It is sad, for the founding fathers of the country – America – for not anticipating how democracy which they had tried to promote amongst themselves and which their subsequent leaders had wanted to export to the rest of the world, often by force, has failed.

How on earth can democracy be exported by force and by using military might? Only the communists could do this, yet, they still failed.

Democracy must be exported in the kindest manner, or else it is not democracy, but American democracy.

From what they have been doing in recent times, using Muslims to bring out the worst from them, we can now decide if America really and truly subscribe to the concepts of Democracy that we know of. And that it is no more a Dictatorship Wannabe.

America has failed in both attempts, to be a true democracy and a lousy dictatorship.

Where are their thinkers? Where are their senior intelligence officers?

Haven’t they all realized that the world has changed pretty much since the Vietnam War?

Don’t they want to know that the European’s Journey of Hope had ended which caused the near collapse of their civilization?

And why is America trying to take the Journey of Hope as their own philosophy and strategy to rule the world?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

The American intelligence, the CIA has failed America.

It needs to be reshaped to suit the times. The world is now not like it was before, during the Cold War; it has new enemies. And the worse enemies America can ever face are those from within its own psyche, their flawed psyche and artificial dreams.

Just as the Soviet intelligence, KGB had failed Soviet Union and Communism. And just as the Savak had failed the former Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi was dethroned in 1981 because of their ruthlessness. Isn’t the Mossad also failing the Zionist regime, too?

Most of the national intelligence units of some major countries in the world do not know the ground too well; they mostly operate clandestinely trying to pass for the locals as well as diplomats in their respective missions.

And they mostly move around in very small and tight circles so they are not able to gather whatever information that is useful to them to make intelligent intelligence judgment to pass on to their higher-ups and later still, their presidents and prime ministers, etc.

It is sad, considering how money is no object; yet their intelligence methods are often bad for themselves.

And no wonder, most of the intelligence officers could not manage to get the right intelligence and information and ended up making outrageous conjectures.

How many small countries that have been destroyed, physically and economically as well as socially and culturally and even religiously by these callous men in the intelligence units of their respective countries?

It is seldom they were sent on their missions or stints abroad to find way to promote goodwill and greater understanding between their own countries and the others so that in the end, problems which could happen are avoided.

These intelligence officers seem bent on creating mischief more than goodwill. So no wonder there is a lot of mischievous acts that had been committed by some major powers which were due simply to poor intelligence gathering methods and the horrendous information they thought they had gathered and used to influence the foreign policies of their countries.

If they had done a good job, most of the political, military and economic problems faced by the world today could have been thus avoided.

Maybe, they did not want to avoid conflicts; they were meant to be sent on their foreign missions to spy and to sow hatred more than goodwill.

The Central Intelligence Agency of America (CIA) was created to look at the Communists and how to contain them.

They were never meant to spy on Muslim countries and individuals, because the real and most dreadful and mortal enemies of America for a long time were the Soviet Communists.

So when there were cracks formed between America and the other countries, their intelligence did not use their brains too much to try and mend them, before they become wider, until obvious faults occur which often result in outright war or attacks by America on foreign countries.

This is a shame, since they should know by now that wars and military attacks by America or any other major power in the world on other smaller countries can only bring disaster to themselves, too, more than to those countries that are being attacked. 

But now the same methods that they had devised are being used on the others. So no wonder, they have failed to understand what they had done to get everything wrong for their country.

To almost everybody in the world, America cannot exist without an enemy. To be heroic, they have to have an enemy, failing which they have to find one, or worse, create one.

For so long, they were the Soviet Communists. Now they must be the Muslims because their religion can be a treat to what America and the west stands for. 

Their every move puts them in a new spot where they don’t belong. Their every action now takes them to another lower level in human existence.

This is what’s wrong with the American intelligence. It is also what’s wrong with the American intelligentsia. And mostly, it is also what is wrong with America.

It is also what’s wrong with American cinema and its literature. 

The only thing that is right with them is that they do not know what’s wrong themselves anymore because they are always thinking and saying the others are always wrong. They are never wrong. The others are.

The CIA Handy books of espionage, spying, counter-spying, torture and cultural, social and religious dissent are all outdated; they are all meant for an earlier time, good to deal with the Communists.

They are not suitable to be used on the Muslims. They were all created and introduced and perfected during the Cold War with the Soviets who are concentrated and not widespread and everywhere like the Muslims who are in many countries and fragmented and assimilated in all the other non-Muslim ones, so they are not easy target for the American intelligence to target.  

So new books have to be written to suit the new enemies that America wants to create.

And the American intelligentsia is no better.

Their entertainers are the ones who are putting America on its feet. But the future of American-style entertainment particularly their films may not be rosy once if everybody else starts to think they are not funny anymore.

We have not seen the new Rudolf Valentino, the Hollywood star of the Silent Era, who liked to play an Arab who is a romantic hero in the lead in many memorable Hollywood films which are conveniently forgotten. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012


by Mansor Puteh

I find your column to be very entertaining; you seem to be oblivious to what is happening in the country and also on the real status of the vernacular Mandarin schools here.

I am surprised that you are able to get a column in the NST which is supposed to be Umno and Melayu-owned.

I don't think the Chinese and Tamil newspapers will ever allow a Melayu to write a column in their papers extolling the virtues of the sekolah kebangsaan.

The truth is the Chinese and Tamils who study in the sekolah kebangsaan are better behaved. They also look pleasant, and who are easy to deal with.

No Chinese and Tamil with the sekolah kebangsaan background is known to be chauvinistic in their attitude.

And no Chinese and Tamil or Indian in America, the United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand or even France would ever want to or be able to send their children to the vernacular Mandarin or Tamil schools, where their communities could demand and expect to get land and financial aid from the respective governments.

Despite having the Pancasila, the Indonesian government will never give an inch of land or a rupiah for the establishment of the Mandarin or Tamil school in Indonesia.

This proves that the Melayu are liberal for allowing your column to be published in the NST.

But the trick here is to allow you to express certain slanted views on the matter concerning vernacular education, until it becomes apparent that it has failed even the Chinese and Tamil communities including the Melayu who studied there.

Sixty thousand Bumiputera students are enrolled in the Mandarin schools. Lie!

Only 12,000 are Melayu, with the others calling themselves Sino-Bumiputera where the students' fathers are Chinese married to Sarawak and Sabah natives.

There is no such thing as Sino-Bumiputera; they are Chinese.

And of the many Melayu who had studied in the Mandarin school, so few had gone on to go to university.

A high-ranking RTM official told me they could not get even one Melayu to read the Mandarin news, because none is good with reading. I told him it would be fun to see a tudung-clad Melayu woman reading Mandarin news as much as the Tamil news.

Maybe RTM did not make an effort to get Melayu women to read Mandarin and Tamil news because that could cause an uproar amongst the Chinese and Tamil communities, like there are no Chinese and Tamil-Muslims in the country.

I am afraid the Mandarin and Tamil schools are the main reasons why many of the Chinese and Tamils are backward, economically.

How could they develop themselves if they stop schooling early?

Wong Chun Wai of the Star wrote about this matter too but he did not go very far in it.

Here are some facts that you should consider.

Most of the Chinese and Tamils who are involved in illegal and criminal activities are those with vernacular background; they who could not find jobs in the government and private sectors, and who had to create new job opportunities for themselves to be involved in.

The same with the late Lim Goh Tong who was not educated, who spoke simple bazaar Melayu and no English; he too had to get involved in the gambling business.

It was a major mistake made by Tunku Abdul Rahman to allow him to operate the casino in Genting Highlands as this one core activity had allowed the Chinese to expand their economy in Malaysia, which is largely based on those activities which Muslims consider to be haram.

Millions of Chinese are also indirectly involved in such businesses, especially illegal money-lending or 'ahlong', bars, massage, prostitution and other entertainment centers, after it became untenable for them to solicit funds from traders and small businessmen by extortion as what the early gang or triads had done in the country right up to the break of the 13 May, 1969 incident, all of which involve a certain degree of corruption to allow these actions to go virtually unnoticed.

In fact many of the factories operated by the Chinese in Selangor and in the other states have been known to be illegal despite them having been around for more than a decade.

How could all this go unnoticed if there is no corruption involved by their owners?

But the real problems faced by the Chinese in Malaysia today - the New Malaysian-Chinese Dilemma today is how they are displacing themselves living in ghettos created by the British, which includes the schools which sprouted in those communities called 'kampung baru Cina'.

Also, more and more Chinese are realizing how there were many Chinese who had rejected China, and this is causing some consternation amongst the Chinese political and educational leaders and more so the chauvinists.

The fast shrinking population of the Chinese is another cause of alarm for them so in another decade all the Chinese communities will be 'surrounded' by the Melayu who are encroaching their turf and businesses so much so that young Chinese will start to be happy serving as amah and drivers for the Melayu as what happened in the past.

Even Tunku Abdul Rahman had Chinese cooks and amah and gardeners at The Residency when he was prime minister, and he adopted Chinese babies.

My grant-aunt and few sisters-in-law were all former Chinese who were given to Melayu couples because their parents did not trust the Chinese to be able to look after them.

The new Malaysian-Chinese Dilemma is also mostly about how the Chinese realize that they do not belong in any race as the term Chinese is not a race as such; it is just a description of the people and citizens of China as much as the Indians who are citizens of India.

There are no Chinese or Indian languages.

But the Melayu exists as a race as there is the Melayu language.

And more and more Chinese and Tamils or Indians are starting to realize that they will forever be classified as 'pendatang' or outsider. Pendatang is not immigran.

A pendatang is someone who is outside of the Nusantara or Dunia Melayu.

Indonesians and other Melayu in Southeast Asia are not pendatang in Malaysia; they are perantau or saudara kita. They are not like the Chinese and Indians who are orang lain or orang asing.

Therefore it is good that the NST is kind enough to allow you to have a column. The trick, I believe is to allow your stilted views on Chinese education show their true color as the population of the Chinese in the country shrinks further, as much as the economy of the Chinese is.

So by 2050, there will be 80% Melayu and Muslims in Malaysia and just 15% Chinese and about 5% Indians.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America is Dead! Long live America!

I had so much faith in America. I took the trouble of getting the right grades to ensure that I could get to one of their smartest universities, which I finally did in 1977.

Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties, I could only enroll at the university in New York City the following year.

But America has failed many. I am feeling it so, too, as I see how the country which was once an iconic in the positive sense has regressed and become such a pariah state, all because of the miscalculations of their earlier president, whose policies to support the creation of the Zionist state which went against the grains in their own Constitution, has never been challenged by Smart America today.

So Horrible America and Dumb America continue to dominate the political scene in the country. they have also disabled the thinking side of the brains of many other Americans.

We feel sorry for them for putting their country in such a despicable state.

And no wonder, current president of the country had occasion to reflect on what his predecessor had once said, on the same steps on Capitol Hill in the 1860s.

And it is what Barack Hussein Obama had pledged to do for America, to ‘rebuild the nation’ in his inaugural speech on the steps of Capitol Hill on January, 2009?

But what he did not say so succinctly was how America had been destroyed. So there was an urgent need for it to be rebuilt.

He also did not say how America was destroyed. It was due to its undivided support for the creation of the Zionist state and the amount of money it has spent to prop up such a despicable regime.

Barack also did not say how America had not been good to the Arabs and Muslims for making the country to be what it was.

So there was now a need to ‘rebuild the nation’. Abraham Lincoln, the sixteen president of America had first said that, and now Barack had the occasion to repeat what he had done, since Barack realized that America had been destroyed by their own greed and miscalculation by supporting the Zionist state.

This is the state America is in right now. That it cannot lead the world anymore.

So it is the responsibility of the world to lead it back to normalcy and decency.

America is too small a country to lead the world.

The world had given them ample time to show leadership, but it has failed the world.

Not it is for the rest of the world to show leadership for America to follow so that it can be brought back into the civilized world.

America has been taking the rest of the world for granted; so its time for the rest of the world to take America for granted.

In this way, America can start to take the rest of the world for granted.