Tuesday, April 17, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

What can we say of the so-called ‘opposition’ in Malaysia today? Do we have such an entity?

The answer is NO!

What we have are groups which use the political process to vent their frustration, anger and express their confusion on all issues, and in the process think they have created a semblance of what they want everybody else to assume to be ‘the opposition’ of Malaysia, when they are not.

Many of those who are in the ‘opposition’ are Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) rejects and misfits anyway, so the 'oppositioning' is basically one that deals with those who could not fit into the Umno and BN mold anymore; they who are Umno and BN has-beens, who think they are too young to give up, as they do not have other distractions to deal with.

They end up on the extreme side, who do not seem to be grateful for having been given the chance to have what they were given, and who insist they deserve to get more.

It’s all about them not having had enough. And in the process the public and voters are being taken on a long ride, in the parliament and state assemblies and streets and courts.

What can we expect to get from them, other than to bring out some stale issues they had created for themselves when they were in those organizations?

No wonder they have never been known or acknowledged to be ‘His Majesty’s loyal Opposition’.

They are perhaps rightly described as the creatures that the political system and media and internet had created, for without the need to boost the sale of newspapers and magazines, they would not have been so created, just as mush as the smaller NGOs which were all created by the media. 

That they sell papers is a well-known fact.

Can the papers ignore them? No! They need them to boost up sales.

The last general election on 8 March, 2008 was really about UMNO and BN rejects and misfits who had caused the party and coalition some damage.

Barisan politicians are playing dumb while the opposition, playing the dumber.

The next general election or PRU-13 may very well be about how the voters reject those rejects. These rejects have not shown any cause for the voters to believe in their sincerity, and the damage they had done to their own cause which is nothing but to cause discontent and dissatisfaction.

Umno and BN had mechanisms to get rid of those who were not grateful to the party and who do not believe in the cause of the parties.

Some who had had enough of Umno or BN and who did not wish to retire to oblivion in the Malaysian political landscape which is fraud with unwritten promises that they simply have to hang around for another round of political activities and activism, which can be described as their Post-Umno and Post-BN era.

Even Anwar Ibrahim is in that era, as is Khalid Ibrahim.

In fact, most of the senior Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) officers are those who fall in these categories of Umno and BN rejects as is Chua Jui Meng and some others including Wan Azizah who really is serving her husband more than the party or the opposition.

The list may very well include Sheikh Fadzil who has not discounted the possibility of him joining the opposition.

Of course there are some who were fresh from the streets especially Tian Chua, Gui Borne, but not Nurul Izzah who can be said to be a failed Umno and BN member or supporters.

Where and what is Tian Chua now?

Gui Borne is just a failed video cameraman who sits (and continues to sit) in parliament without doing anything. The .one or two questions he asked the Dewan Rakyat were all prepared by someone else as he even had difficulty in reading the text.

PKR therefore cannot claim to be the opposition party in Malaysia; the most that it can do or claim is to be the critics of Umno and BN.

Maybe the DAP too cannot lay claim to be the opposition party of Malaysia.

Malaysia really and truly does not have any opposition; what it has are parties which won seats for their candidates by virtue of the fact that there are some voters in the last election, the PRU-12 had decided not to vote for Umno and BN.

Because who in the right mind would want to vote for Gui Borne or even Nurul Izzah?

Those who had voted for Wan Azizah and later Anwar Ibrahim in the Permatang Pauh seat in Pulau Pinang were all Umno supporters, but who changed sides to vote for Anwar. They did not vote for the opposition, just for him.

It is sad how people like Tian Chua could think he could become an intelligent member of parliament sitting in Dewan Rakyat by offering himself as targets for police action in early demonstrations and protests.

He did not think it would be much better if he had completed his studies and then go on to work on his masters in international politics before entering politics in Malaysia.

Barack Hussein Obama did not sit in front of any police trucks and was showered by acid water. He went to study at an Ivy League university majoring in international politics. He then went to another Ivy League university for his master’s degree.

He did not say a word of discontent of the then American government, presumably the Republican government while still a student, but much later while campaigning, which he also did with decorum and civility.

Running down a government is one; running for an election is another.

Which is why Tian Chua and the others who are in the Dewan Rakyat representing the opposition parties can never excel. The reason being they do not know what they are doing in the august hall.

Many of them think they are still protesting in the streets.

Not many of them were really educated in the political education of the country and much less of the world to allow them learn basic manners.

Many of them do not know standing orders or what to debate on and how.

Malaysians who had given them the chance in 2008 may very well turn around against them this time.

I don’t think most of the PKR, DAP and PAS members of parliament and state assemblies will be turned in the next election.

They do not deserve to win the seats they are keeping now.

The reason being they just do not care to uphold the principles of fairplay and to make the voters trust them to lead the opposition anymore. in fact, they have also not shown any temerity to lead their own parties.

Malaysia does not have real opposition members of parliament and state assemblies; what we have are Umno and BN rejects who are ungrateful and who have become street performers and media clowns.

Many believe most of them will lose in the PRU-13 simply because they do not deserve to get their votes, because they have not done anything to serve the cause of the opposition; they mostly serve their own personal causes which is to be elected to parliament and the state assemblies, and doing nothing.    

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