Sunday, April 29, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Sports and politics can mix something to form a potent brew.

For the Arabs and Muslims athletes boycotting the Olympics and other international sport meets can be a good way to ferment ties amongst themselves and to prove a point.

It may be an act of desperation but it is definitely not a strange one.

On the other hand it can cause untold damage to the countries which are organizing them, as the Olympics and other major international sport meets can only be organized by countries which are fully developed or those which want to think that they are almost there.

This includes boycotting or not supporting the F-1 racing and other international golf meets which only benefit the athletes from those countries.

In the end, it only makes the poorer countries feel that they are suffering from an inferior complex.

Malaysia is one such country, which is serving the cause of the others and enriching the athletes from America and the west by providing them with the facilities and financial support and in return they just want to be proud to be doing just that without it ever being able to create world class sportsmen from amongst their own kind however hard they want to try to.

The only sports they are able to create winners are badminton and squash. But these sports are those that had been rejected by America and the west as uninteresting and sissy sports so much so that the All-England Badminton finals are now better described as the Asian All-England Finals.

And establishing the Muslim World Games at the same time as the Olympics can add to the effectiveness of mixing sports and politics to trust it to a higher level of existence and effectiveness.

The Americans did it, when they launched a boycott of the Moscow Olympics of 1980.

They succeeded in getting other countries in the west including many in the Third World whose leaders ought to know better.

The Americans finally managed to inflict the greatest damage to the Moscow Olympics when it failed.

In the end, it also caused the collapse of the Soviet Union and the freeing of the republics in its Union itself.

So it has been proven that boycotting the Olympics is effective in changing some policies in the world.

And why not also boycott the London Olympics and the others after that, as long as Palestine is not free from Zionist occupation?

Which Arab or Muslim country would be the first to launch such a move?

Can we get Iran to take the lead?

What does it stand to gain or lose by not participating in the Olympics or the other international sport meets such as the Commonwealth Games, Asia Games and so on? Nothing.

On the contrary, it stands to gain much by first encouraging the other Arab and Muslim countries to follow suit.

This can happen.

The organization of the Olympics involves a lot of effort, energy and money. The organizers take a lot of risk by organizing the Olympics in their city.

They have to raise funds and get support from their government and other agencies and hope that the games would be a success so that they can at the very least get their money back, or turn in a tidy profit from the exercise.

However, this cannot happen if there is a boycott of the games by some countries, as even the non-participation of a few countries can affect it in many ways.

The Olympics can be used as a useful tool to move a case just like what the Americans and their allies in the Christian West had proven.

So why can’t the Arabs and Muslims also follow suit and act like the Americans and their Christian allies?

It is barely 100 days to the London Olympics and soon the excitement starts to build as the day of the opening of the games approaches with the coming of Ramadan.

It is also another good excuse or reason why Arab and Muslim countries ought to boycott the London Olympics as the organizers did not show any respect to Muslim sensitivities by organizing the games during the fasting month.

So there will be many Arab and Muslim female and also male athletes who will be wearing skimpily during this month of fasting, purely for the sake of sport.

And so it seems that sports values supersede Islamic values in the quest for them to achieve sporting glory.

This is what some Arab and Muslim athletes have become, that their quest for recognition in sports exceeds that in their quest for religious salvation.

The worst sight one can behold during the London Olympics is that of the athletes from countries which have been demolished by the Zionists and their American supporters and lackeys, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, including those of Iran and the other Arab countries which have all been affected by the Arab Spring of 2011.

How could the athletes from these countries partake in such a sporting festivities when their countries are demolished or are still under threat?

Iran may have managed to get a reprieve from being the target of military or even nuclear attack by the Zionist state, now as the Olympic Games nears.

Any military action against Iran at this time will cause the London Olympics to suffer a great deal causing it to fail miserably altogether.

But one cannot dispute what will happen immediately after the Olympic Games, with regard to Iran, as the coast will be clear for it to be attacked then.

Arab and Muslim leaders must realize tackling the problems in the Middle East with regard to the Palestinian issue using military methods and taking it up with the United Nations (UN) is useless.

Other means must be engaged and used effectively to serve the cause of their religion which could otherwise be done without enraging the Zionists and their lackeys even more; they who want to find any excuse to further their own evil cause.

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