Saturday, April 14, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

America can only be said to have been rehabilitated and come back to its senses, if a new Rudolf Valentino and the remakes of his films, ‘The Sheikh’, ‘The Son of Sheikh’ and the others of like nature are not done.

Hollywood, America and the Americans are still deep in coma. They had gotten themselves out of the jungles of Vietnam but they are not going out of the deserts of the Middle East anytime soon, as long as the policies of meddling in the private affairs of other countries are not stopped.

They had been meddling in the Middle East for too long. They had caused untold damage to the whole region and are also bent on expanding it beyond it. And they had also caused democracy to be trampled upon.   

As long as America and the Americans have not bothered to remember Rudolf Valentino and the type of films he had acted in during the Silent Era, America will not wake up from its long slumber and nightmare it has been having.  

Sometimes I wonder, despite the sheer size of its intelligentsia, and having some of the finest universities in the world, if America is still back and stuck at the Stone Age. Maybe intelligence is bad for America and the Americans.

Their leaders had tried to pain Islam and Muslims as being stuck in the Stone Age, yet, they are the ones who are, with their policies and military adventures which had caused untold damage to the lives of many whom they claim to want to free from their shackles of poverty and indecency – meaning away from their Islamic teachings.

Oh, yes, they also get some measure of support from a few of them in Europe, who are now starting to say the same.

But all these people have already forgotten the religions of their ancestors and had already trampled on their holy books and their icons long ago to feel they are superior beings because of that, so they think those who profess the Islamic faith are not as superior as they are.

They may have the finest universities and advanced industries in the world, but is America a developed civilization? Or are they just here on earth which do not have any important role to play other than to see how other countries do not progress.

This is despite the fact that they always like to claim to be the champion of democracy.

Yet, the way they behave proves that they are not so.

Therefore, America can be described as the failed democracy. They are also a failed dictatorship wannabe.

They try to impose their will too much, without care for the well-being of those whom they are persecuting, when they target leaders of countries which they had deemed to be dictators, yet, they have no compunction to persecute those around him and especially the scores and perhaps thousands and also millions of ordinary citizens.

Afghans and Iraqis have suffered tremendously because of American military aggression. Notwithstanding, the Middle East problem, which has been dragging on for so many decades, but which can never be settled because America had decided to take sides and to ignore the vanquished.

From what many can see, which is obvious, America treats its own citizens including those in the animal kingdom, with civility while persecuting those in foreign countries and abroad worse than the communists ever did, even to their own kinds, in the former Soviet Union and China.

In many ways, and by loose generalizations, America can be described as a communist state because of the types and kinds of actions that they have taken so far, using military might most of the time.

It is an instance when we can charge countries that have a large stockpile of nuclear arsenal which are using it to not only torment the other countries into submission, but also to persecute them for the slightest excuse, mostly on the pretext of wanting to police the world so those countries toe the line, while they continue to trample on it with impunity.

America is not giving democracy a good name. It has taken it to autocracy and communism, so the faint, thin line that divides the different political, economic and military ideologies are not only blurred but totally removed altogether.

It is sad, for the founding fathers of the country – America – for not anticipating how democracy which they had tried to promote amongst themselves and which their subsequent leaders had wanted to export to the rest of the world, often by force, has failed.

How on earth can democracy be exported by force and by using military might? Only the communists could do this, yet, they still failed.

Democracy must be exported in the kindest manner, or else it is not democracy, but American democracy.

From what they have been doing in recent times, using Muslims to bring out the worst from them, we can now decide if America really and truly subscribe to the concepts of Democracy that we know of. And that it is no more a Dictatorship Wannabe.

America has failed in both attempts, to be a true democracy and a lousy dictatorship.

Where are their thinkers? Where are their senior intelligence officers?

Haven’t they all realized that the world has changed pretty much since the Vietnam War?

Don’t they want to know that the European’s Journey of Hope had ended which caused the near collapse of their civilization?

And why is America trying to take the Journey of Hope as their own philosophy and strategy to rule the world?

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