Thursday, September 29, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

How I pity Ambiga and also Manoharan. They are two lawyers, who are also Hindus and Indians. I can’t blame them if they move out of step in mainstream Malaysia?

Ambiga won a special recognition from the White House, and wearing sari, and attending the brief function in the House to accept the award.

But what award did she receive? It was for being a woman of distinction.

That is not a good reason for the White House to give her the award as it excludes the authority in Malaysia which had allowed her to be so, like the many Nobel Prize winners for literature who won because of their country.

So the White House had got their ideas wrong; it was not Ambiga which they should give the award to, but to the Melayu who are charitable for allowing her to express herself.

They also allowed her to organize and illegal rally or street protest last month.

Only in Malaysia can she do that, and cause more Melayu to spill into the streets.

The Bersih 2.0 protests as they were called ended up seeing the Melayu coming out in force, from the Left and also the Right.

This is bad new. It was a bad sight as it only means how many Melayu are there in Malaysia today. And how worried the Chinese and Indians whose populations have shrunk over the last two decades or so.

So Ambiga can be lauded for bringing out the Melayu Left and Right, and pushing back the Chinese and Indians, who also attended the protests, but they were all surrounded by Melayu everywhere.

She didn’t realize what she had done, which was to bring out the Melayu who she thought shared her cause, but who in fact are decoys, to push her to her limits.

So it was strange for many to see her, an Indian Hindu woman standing in a yellow Bersih 2.0 shirt, and being surrounded by the many Melayu decoys from PAS and other groups.

They are Melayu decoys who are out there to bring out the worse from an Indian woman who is not scared to be vocal.

They are there to show to the whole country and the world, how there is such an Indian Hindu woman who does not seem to know where she is, and what she can do.

She is serving the cause of the Melayu in Malaysia.

And as for Manoharan, who won a parliament seat of Kota Alam Shah, the win has gone into his head.

He did not realize that most of the voters who had turned him to parliament are Melayu, as it is a Melayu dominated area.

Yet, like his counterpart in Pakatan Rakyat, who also won in the last general election so much so that they were able to form the Perak State government, that they became unusually uncouth and unusually unreasonable.

They wanted to turn everything RED. They repainted the walls of the state assembly of Perak in this color, which is the favorite color of the Chinese.

They also added stylized feng-shui elements or motifs. But it was all bad feng-shui as they were trounced out of the state assembly and state.

Their counterparts also wanted to redesign road signs by adding Mandarin words to them.

Manoharan now wants to do something similar to what his counterpart had done, which did not serve them, hoping to set the tone for the New Tamil Left to marvel at.

On the contrary, it will further inflame the Melayu voters who can now see how a lone Indian Hindu lawyer/politician can do to them.

Many expect Manoharan and his counterparts in Pakatan to be trounced in the next general election.

It’s their fault if this happens as many or most of them have not shown their leadership quality. They have only shown their true colors.

The Melayu majority voters are watching.

They have also watched PAS and their Mat Sabu. They will know what to do with PAS and Mat Sabu in the next general election.

PAS has outdone its usefulness for bringing in the ‘religious’ in Umno which has morphed to accept those elements, too.

So this leaves PAS with no real goal in politics as the successes that they had managed to achieve in the many general elections were not used intelligently.

They prefer to be critics of Umno and not act or talk as leaders. And this is where they have all gone wrong.

Their leaders can only provide some support to the non-Melayu leaders in Pakatan that cause them to do wondrous things.

One of which was the Bersih 2.0 march to nowhere, and to allow Mat Sabu to try and teach everybody an aspect of the history of the country with Manoharan doing something else, which he wants to redesign the national flag.

All these are issues which are petty; which are lame excuses for opposition politicians and pseudo-politicians to get attention from.

This only proves how depraved they are.

And these seem to be the only methods which the Indian Hindu lawyers/politicians can do as the population of the Chinese and Indians continue to shrink even more.

Ambiga and Manoharan represent the two curious cases of Indian Hindu lawyers of Malaysia who do not seem to know the real plot. 

Monday, September 26, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

America indeed has shown the way for many countries to progress, and this is despite the fact that along the way, it had also caused some of the less lucky ones to perish, with their economy in shambles and leaders killed mercilessly.

America has also failed to help Mexico to develop, yet it is the only other country which is land-locked with it in the south with Canada being the other in the north.

If America could not do this, to Mexico which is predominantly Catholic, then what chance is there for America to be of any use to Muslim countries which are so far away from it?

The many other countries in the Muslim World and the Third World can now look elsewhere for inspiration.

And they can thank America for having led them to that extent, so these countries can start to chart a future for themselves so they can now live among themselves without being enamored with America and things American anymore, as continuing to do this can only lead to America feeling too important to be good.

We have seen Good America and Smart America. And we have also seen Brainless America.

We can now decide which to look at and which America to trust.

Not all of America is bad. And not all of America is also good.

They have many things which were and are still good. Yet, they also have some other things which are bad.

Unfortunately, it does not take us to realize even one Bad America or One Ugly or One Brainless America to cause our own civilization to suffer.

Enough is enough.

We have the resources to move on our own. There is no need for America to impress us with what they said they had. We also have them, except that we did not make any attempt to talk about them.

For a start, we can also have our Islamic Cinema. If we could have our Halal Industry, Islamic Banking, then having an Islamic Cinema cannot be difficult to create and develop.

And it is also ironic how America and their western allies have also started to accept the Halal Industry and Islamic Banking into their system.

So it won’t be long before they can also accept Islamic Cinema, which can also impress and influence the development of their Hollywood.

America became bad when its leaders allowed themselves to be misled by a wrong cause which was to support the Zionist cause.

Once they had made this decision, they could not stop to pause even for once second to see if what they had created had become a monster that it is now.

America even allowed it to trample on their principles and its Constitution even when scores of thousands of Arabs, Palestinians, Afghans and Iraqis have died, all due to America’s flawed foreign policies.

America doesn’t care if they have been doing this; they will continue to do it as long as it makes the Zionist leaders happy. The others don’t matter.

Even if the Arabs and Muslims are surrounding them and who have been providing them with oil.

They do not have gratitude to the Arabs and Muslims and do not want to engage them other than in the battlefields.

America got carried away with its veto power in the United Nations Security Council which they used to props up the Zionist regime and to cause damage and harm to the Arabs and Muslims.

America has never once used its veto power to promote world peace and the well-being and safety of the world, even when their senseless acts have cause damage to their own reputation, resulting in their own citizens not getting security.

Even when America is fast shrinking, literally and economically, and drowning in the filth that their leaders spout.

America doesn’t care, because they know the Arab leaders are not smart; they can be made to fight each other with the slightest provocation.

They also know their veto power can keep them selves.

They also don’t care that their country is technically bankrupt.

They also don’t care even if they know that the Arabs have finally come to their senses and have started to cause the Zionist diplomats in the few Arab countries to flee in shame and fear.

Friday, September 23, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

It is ironic how the Internal Security Act or ISA, the dreaded and repulsive and draconian Act which had given many Opposition politicians and leftist NGO leaders a lot of opportunities to trust themselves in the limelight is being repealed.

This is bad news to those who had been trying to use it to serve their selfish needs.

With no ISA, what is there for them to shout about?

The most vocal opposition, NGO leaders and other leftists of all shapes and sizes and political persuasions, will not have much recognition.

The ISA which had been in existence in Malaysia since 1960 had been used wrongly by them.

It was meant to stop anyone from pursuing any anti-national act. Unfortunately, the very same ISA had caused or created those who thought they could take advantage of it.

This caused them to attempt to make sure they were arrested under the ISA, so they could use it as a ‘badge of honor’ thus gaining some measure of notoriety nationally and internationally, hoping that they could also get the attention and sympathy of Amnesty International.

The effectiveness of the ISA could be felt during Operation Lallang, where the country and public could suddenly experience peace. The effect was that immediate.

Now that the ISA is being repealed, what other reason do these people have that they can use to trust themselves in the limelight?


If there are those who still want to be in the limelight, they now have to be smarter than they were before.

If they have to speak and write, they have to make sure they do it intelligently, as doing in the traditional way could not give them the advantage that they could get before.

The law is being redesigned to sideline those with such intentions. It is being redesigned to trust those who are capable and intelligent, not those who are brash and silly.

It is therefore ironic how the ISA was the reason why those people had become unusually vicious and were unusually brave in spouting venom on anything.

Their real and hidden motive was only to ensure that they get the attention of the police who would recommend that they were given the special attention by being arrested under the ISA, the very law they abhor which they want to be arrested under.

They know how all those who had got this ‘badge of honor’ had continued to pursue pretty much the same causes.

It is quite obvious the ISA which was used against them had not dampened their spirit. On the contrary, it has given them more courage to pursue their actions.

So it was not strange to see how there were still some who wanted to make sure they were also given the ‘honor’ or being arrested under the ISA so they could be given the same ‘badge of honor’ to show to their own NGO and parties and public.

This is how proud they could be if they were arrested under the ISA.

But alas, the ISA is being repealed. So no one will be arrested under this law.

What this means is that those who were bent on being arrested under it will have no other excuse to be brutal; if they want to get into the limelight, they have to resort to using other methods.

They cannot use the ISA to serve their purpose as it I not there to help them anymore.

Yet, if they still insist on being harsh, rude and crude, they will have to satisfy themselves by being charged under less draconian laws, which can only drag them to the courts.

There is no glamour in this.

So getting rid of the ISA, is really bad for the leftists, anti-government and anti-social elements in the country.

They were better off if it is still around, so they can have something to hate the government for; so they can use the ISA for their own selfish ends.

Unfortunately, Singapore which also has the ISA, which said they would repeal it if Malaysia first did it now, says they intend to keep it since their own version of the ISA is different; they do not use it against political opponents.

Nobody knows how the average Singaporeans think of this, if they also support the PAP’s stand on this as it is not something that they would want to discuss openly in public or even in parliament.

We can only find out in the next general election.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Sodomists beware: If you are charged in court in Malaysia, chances of you winning your case are bleak.

If you have the financial means, you can only delay the case from being heard, and when it finally happens drag the case for as long as you can.

All the cases involving this offense had all gone against the accused.

And the truth is that sodomy cases are such simple ones for the court to decide on. There are too many clues that can be used to prove that sodomy had indeed happened.

Once if there is a victim, then surely, finding and convicting the sodomist may not be very difficult to do.

Throughout the case, the person who has been charged for sodomy may be able to hold his head high. He has the support from his defense team, who stands to benefit the most, financially.

But when the verdict is known, the wide smile that the accused, now convicted sodomist, may have tried to keep, will immediately cease.

He will be reduced in stature. And he will start to cry, metaphorically speaking, to seek a lesser sentence.

The only excuse that he can use to get a not guilty verdict is to prove that he had been impotent for years.

Or, he could provide in court some medical reports which say that he was not capable of producing sperm.

But then again, it may be embarrassing for him and his family, but this is perhaps the only excuse or alibi that he has which is very effective.

In fact, even before the case is heard in court, his stature has already become shaky. His face shows it. And his body will start to shrink with the shrinking of his personal stature.

If he is not a known personality, he would hide his face in his own shirt or piece of cloth or newspaper.

Unfortunately, if he is a known person, he could not do this so he can walk to the court house or go anywhere with his face not hidden, as it does not make any sense at all for him to do that since his identity has been established and there are many photos of him available by the media.

This is probably the main reason why such persons can look confident. He has to look confident to give an air of innocence.

Not doing that can show to everybody how guilty he is.

Even when his mouth can still utter words of defiance, his body and mostly his face will show how guilty he is, that he have been trying to hide in his tough demeanor.

His wife and daughter would also stand defiant, but this won’t be for too long.

When the verdict is given, they, too, will crumple like an old piece of rag.

In court, the accused can distract; they can belittle anyone, including the judge and court. 

There was a murderer who was convicted for murdering someone, yet, the body of the dead person was never found.

Here, if there is a case in court concerning sodomy, then surely, DNA or the lack of it in another person's anus may not be proof of sodomy not having taken place of.

So if there is anyone out there who has been charged in court for sodomy, his approach to find a way out of his mess, is definitely not going to be served if he chooses to disprove the presence of DNA of his sperm in the anus of the alleged victim. It is such a minor issue. In fact, it is a non-issue.

In Malaysia, no one has been discharged by the court on sodomy charges.

All of them had been found guilty and they are serving prison time.

Unfortunately, all of them are not high profile cases, so the victims as well as the offender or sodomists are not known and the cases not widely covered by the media.

But the truth is, anyone who was charged for sodomy in Malaysia had all been found guilty by the court.

So the chances of anyone to win his case on a similar charge may be very slim.

Ultimately, in all sodomy cases, the plot will decide if the act of sodomy had indeed taken place.

Distracting the court and judge with the issues surrounding DNA and sperm may not work for the defendant.

Finding alibis to prove that he is not at the place where the alleged offense had taken is also not fool-proof.

If the plot is thick, then there will be ample proof that sodomy had indeed had happened.

After all, the victim would surely know if he had been sodomized or not, once or many times.

I am sure it is not easy for a person who had been sodomized not to know it.

The sodomist surely wants to try and prove to the court that he had not committed the offense.

But how could the judge and court believe in him? Especially in the course of the trial, his defense lawyers had chosen to take the wrong path, and he has also chosen to belittle the judge and court?

How could anyone not want to suspect even from earlier on that the accused may be found guilty as charged?

The public is being misled by the trial which is not going anywhere to disprove the charge.

If in the past some people had tried to go to the court of public opinion on some controversial matters, then why can’t they also do the same on this issue concerning Sodomy II?

The majority of the members of the public in Malaysia have made their decision on the matter. The High Court, however, still needs time to do so; and they can do it soon, unless if the defendant tries to find ways to delay it from happening.

The legal adage: Justice delayed is justice denied is apt in the case of Sodomy II. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

…How stupid for him to have such a secret fantasy which unfortunately is probably shared by the other closeted Chinese chauvinists too, even if they do not dare to admit it.

Those few people who had ‘reviewed’ Namewee’s ‘Nasi Lemak 2.0’ did not see all or much of the film.

I only need to read the synopsis, watch the clip on television and even without seeing the whole of the film, and I could already tell what sort of a film it is.

They say this film is one which debunks racial stereotypes in the country. This is partially true, and partially misleading.

The director says it is a film which upholds and supports the 1-Malaysia Concept.

It does not. It only supports and upholds the 1-Chinese Diaspora Concept. It does not give prominence to Bahasa Melayu, but Mandarin.

It does not seek the Chinese to assimilate with the Melayu Majority, but the other way round.

So why ‘Nasi Lemak 2.0’ and not ‘Bak Kut Teh 2.0’ instead? 

This film is one which is on the weird fantasy of Namewee, who envisions how one day, Malaysia has a Melayu minority with Mandarin the official language and Bahasa Melayu being used sparingly.

The Melayu dance to the tune of the Chinese, and he as the ‘leader’ in the film refuses to speak in Melayu and chooses to communicate in Mandarin or English.

The Melayu in this film, as much as in Namewee’s Malaysia are fat and ugly; they still do not realize that they have become the small minority serving the Chinese Cause of the Diaspora.

Malaysia in Namewee’s film is like Singapore, where the Melayu have been displaced and Bahasa Melayu are still retained for some areas and roads in the country.

This is what ‘Nasi Lemak 2.0’ is all about.

And this is what all the so-called reviewers of this film have failed to see. Because they could not read films; they can only see them.

Yet, they have not seen anything other than to talk about the obvious.

It is obvious that they are not qualified, so they do not see more than the plot at the most superficial level.

But what Namewee is showing is really what not only he wants to fantasize, but, what many other Chinese do. They are mostly the Chinese who are chauvinists who still secretly want to see Malaysia going in the way of Singapore.

Malaysia can never go in the way of Singapore especially with the fast shrinking size of the population of the Melayu.

And especially with the fast expanding economy of the Melayu who are now rising from the bottom too, as much as they are expanding from the top.

The private universities and colleges which were thought to be a Chinese monopoly, has also been overtaken by the Melayu who now have more private colleges and universities than they do, with more Melayu in them too.

The Chinese and Tamil vernacular schools are also facing dire straits, as the languages become more irrelevant even to their own communities.

The future is bleak for the Chinese and Tamil chauvinists in Malaysia.

But it is also good for Namewee to come up with such a film, as it tells a sorry tale, the secret fears of the Chinese Chauvinists, especially.

And no wonder it is not described as a Malaysian film but a Mandarin one.

Even the distributors cannot claim it is a Malaysian film in the advertisements. They know it is a Mandarin one.

This film, like the other local Mandarin ones, are really on the Chinese Diaspora; the Chinese who live outside of China who are so much alone in their own worlds – the colonies they wanted to create for themselves, and who do not relate with the Melayu, and who did not know where they are.

Psychologically, they are very much in China as everything about them is China, China and China. Sometimes it is Taiwan, Taiwan and Hong Kong and Hong Kong.

There is nothing Malaysian about them as what they show in their films including in ‘Nasi Lemak 2.0’.

It is sad how a young boy with a film can tell so much about the secret and unfounded fears of the Chinese as a whole, and some Tamils, who do not seem to know where they are still; who do not care to find out where they are still.

They also do not know that they are still living in Chinese colonies in Malaysia.

And no wonder so few Chinese and Indians who were at Dataran Merdeka to watch the Merdeka/Malaysia Day parade yesterday, 16 September when it was held there for the first time.

The Chinese and Indians who were there are those who have no choice but to attend it, being in the cabinet and other government agencies.

As for the Chinese who live in the city itself, they are nowhere to be seen. Where are they during the parade?

They were so many of them before, but why are they not there now?

Do they feel left out? The reason is that they wanted to be left out, because they believe they belong in a colony of their own, and fantasizing how they are still part of China or Hong Kong.

This is what Namewee should also address in words and acts, but he can’t. He would if he could.

Nobody knows how his film fares at the box office, if it has made a killing. But from the advertisement in the newspapers, I could see how it is fast dying off, with so few screenings in a day, which indicates how it will be pulled out of the cinemas soon.

It opened on 8 September and today it is 16 September, eight days on the cinema circuit, and it is almost half-dead.

It will be out in DVD soon and sold in the ‘pasar malam’ for more people to watch it.

Can we get him to come up with ‘Mee Goreng 2.0’ or ‘Capati 2.0’ next?

Most likely, he is better off if he comes up with ‘Bak Kut Teh 2.0’.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

I don't think there should be any issue concerning Merdeka Day of 31 August, as being the Independence Day for Malaysia. It is a petty issue.

This is despite the fact that Malaysia was said to have not existed then and only from 16 September, 1963.

They say Malaysia does not have an independence day as the country was not yet formed on 31 August, 1957. Only Malaya or Persekutuan Tanah Melayu received its independence on this day.

Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, only one English language newspaper in Malaysia which harping on this issue and ‘encouraging’ some of its readers who are all non-Melayu to add to this unnecessary debate.

In some ways, they are seen by the Melayu to be an agent which aims to cause unnecessary disability and confusion between those in East Malaysia and the Peninsula or more between the Melayu and non-Melayu as those who are not happy with 31 August as being recognized as Merdeka Day are mostly the non-Melayu.

If there are some who question the logic as to why Malaysia cannot be said to be independent on 31 August, 1957 because of this, then Malaysia that we know of now, cannot be described to be independent from any colonial country, as it was only Malaya or Persekutan Tanh Melayu which could use the date for its independence from Britain.

If we were to look at the United States of America, which gained independence from Britain on 4 July, 1776, one can see some similarities with our experience.

At that time, not all of the 50 states of the American Federation formed the country; there were still many states which were not formally in it, which they joined the country much later.

Yet, those states never questioned the date when America became independent and jointly celebrated it till today.

Using this as an example, then surely, one can say Malaysia's Independence Day is 31 August, 1957.

Changing the name of any country does not change the day of its independence, even when there are new states entering its federation, such as Sabah and Sarawak as in our case.

There are many countries which changed their names, for some reasons or the other, yet, they still used the original day of their countries' independence as the only day for it.

It's like a person's birthday which still remains the same even when one changes one's name for some reasons or the other including when a non-Muslim converts to Islam.

In fact, Bangladesh, too, now has a different and new date for their independence day, instead of the day when India got their independence from Britain (yes, the same scourge!) on 23 January, 1947.

At that time both these Muslim countries were part of India, formerly known as East and West Pakistan.

But when Pakistan ceased to be part of it, they still celebrated their independence day on the same day since they were never part of India.

And only much later when East Pakistan left West Pakistan to become Bangladesh, a new entity, they celebrated their independence day on the day this happened instead of 23 January, 1947.

Bangladesh could do this because they became independent not from Britain but from Pakistan.

Singapore, too, did the same when they celebrate their independence day starting on 16 August, 1966, when they were expelled from Malaysia, so they could not say it was on 31 August, 1957 which they also claimed to have become independent when they were still part of Malaysia then.

But again, Singapore could not claim to be independent from Malaysia because the country did not colonize Singapore.

Singapore was expelled from the Federation of Malaysia. So 16 August, 1966 is not Singapore’s independence day but the day it was expelled.

This is definitely an unusual day for Singapore to celebrate each year with a lot of gusto. And most of their citizens are not aware of that and continue to celebrate their independence day.

Fortunately, they do not call it independence day but their National Day, which is vague and meaningless, as any important day can be so described.

The most appropriate term that they can use is their National Day of being Expelled from Malaysia.

Some in Sabah and Sarawak must cringe when they finally discover that they were not colonized by Malaysia, which accepted them into the Federation by a unanimous vote by its citizens supervised by the United Nations, although it caused the neighboring countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines to get angry with it, because they too have their claims on these states.

Some of then can celebrate Malaysia Day on 16 September each year to mark their agreement to join the Federation of Malaysia as much as the others in the Peninsula as it is a special occasion for all of them too – to mark Malaysia Day.

But it is also to taunt Indonesia and the Philippines to stop harboring their dreams of ever trying to wrest the states in East Malaysia to join their fold, more than anything else.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Today is the tenth anniversary of 911.

How many Americans had died each time there is a drug bust in Mexico or anywhere in South America? There are no statistics on this.

And who’s serving who? Mexico and the other South American drug smugglers, barons and cartels have not got any respect from the American government.

America should fear the barons more than Al-Qaeda if they are indeed interested to keep Americans safe from harm.

These countries can cause havoc and the destruction of America, if they stop their business.

This analysis on the situation has never been done in this way before; America never thought of the plight of many of its citizens who are drug dependent.

If America is successful in stopping the flow of drugs into their country, this can cause destruction to it.

The question they have to ask themselves is: Can America bear with the deaths of so many of their citizens who are drug dependent and hard core addicts?

Time Magazine recently proudly front-paged a report on the drug-smuggling activities in Mexico. They probably thought what they had written was intelligent.

But what they have written is too one-sided and which clearly shows how wrong they were.

They liked to blame the 'victims' of poor American economic planning and moral building amongst its citizens - the Mexicans who probably thought they were doing millions of Americans a service by providing them with the prized commodity that sustain their lives, before America finally legalize drug consumption and hence drug cultivation and distribution.

They blame the Mexicans for smuggling drugs into America like it was also them who taught the millions of Americans to take drugs on a daily or regular basis.

Time Magazine, like the American government is definitely in self-denial.

They have also neglected to admit the fact that the Americans and their 'brethren' in Mexico and South America are those who are mostly Christians and Catholics who had not adhered to the true teaching of their own religions, an issue which is a non-issue by many in these countries.

So if Time Magazine and the American government want to know how they can solve the problem of drug smuggling, they should read this analysis and see how they can do it at the end of this article.

It is clear that America does not have smart people in its agencies and government who could give them the advice.

If they had some of them, then surely, America would have solved this problem long ago without resorting to punitive and cruel methods of 'caging' the whole country with tall fences along their border with Mexico and having to spend billions.

The other problem is how America has been too busy worrying about what it could do with other countries that they had failed to address this problem when it first happened.

The problem with drug-smuggling by Mexicans and the others in South America started with America itself.

So the American government and especially its anti-drug smuggling agency are bent on stopping the smuggling of drugs into the country from Mexico.

They are also bent on destroying the activities of the drug barons and cartels which were all formed because of the demand that was created for the commodity in America.

If the was no desperate demand for that, then surely, there would not have been any drug smuggling activity in Mexico.

So because of the demand for the commodity by Americans, the supply factor came into the picture.

So also, one can say how the Mexicans who were drawn into the trading because of the opportunity that was given to them compounded by other selfish economic factors, that had allowed them to serve the needs of millions of Americans whose demand for the commodity had allowed the trade to flourish.

Unfortunately, the smart officials in the respective American government agencies had all failed to address this issue intelligently and only looked at the supply facto, and put the blame on the hapless Mexicans for supplying the commodity to America.

The real issue here is one which concerns Americans' penchant for drugs, which was really highlighted in the 1960s with the counter culture proponents who found drug taking a better option to their personal salvation than religion did.

The same was true with some Mexicans who took to supplying drugs to America, as they thought they were doing many Americans a great, big favor.

In a way, the Mexicans were right; they were doing many Americans from all walks of life a great, big favor.

But instead of being thanked by the American government, the Mexican drug barons and cartels are targeted for arrest and even execution.

What if the Mexican and other drug baron and cartels in South America were to suddenly decide to come clean, and stop their activities?

Can America accept this and laud them?

But what will be the costs to life of the many millions of Americans who are drug dependent?

Most of them will die of cold turkey within months, weeks or even days.

American lifestyle is such that there are many who are drug dependent. And one way for them to sustain their lives is for them to continually and habitually get their daily fix of drugs.

So, it's so easy for the American anti-drug smuggling agencies to say they want to stop drug smuggling activities by Mexicans and the others in South America, from ever smuggling the prized commodity to America.

It’s so easy to be heroic and clean, but do they know what risks they are taking if there is no drug smuggling activities?

The truth is that the American authorities have never tried to deal with this issue intelligently.

The problem is that they had all been blaming the hapless Mexicans and the others in South America for smuggling drugs into America, like they were the ones who introduced drug taking by its citizen.

The truth is that because of the demand created by many Americans that had caused drug smuggling activities to happen.

America should stop denying that they are the ones who had caused this activity to flourish.

And if they really want to end the illegal trading of drugs into America, they should look and deal with the demand factor and blame their own citizens for taking them and for demanding them and for not coming up with stiffer legislation to deal with such matters.

Mexicans and the others in South America have not had it good with America. This is despite the fact that a large tract of land which once belonged to Mexico had been seized by America.

Yet, America and its founding fathers had not bothered to include Mexico and extended their charity to this country as well as to the others in South America, which also bears its name, that of the so-called 'founder' of the continent - Amerigo Vespucci.

If America had done this long ago, Mexico and many of the other countries in South America could have become more developed than they are now.

And definitely, their citizens would not have any need to cross into America as economic refugees or as drug smugglers. They could go there as tourists.

The drug barons and cartels that there are today in these countries would not have been created.

But at the same time, America should also blame the lifestyle of many of its citizens who seem to find drug-taking to be a normal daily activity, for without which there would not be any need for anyone to provide the supply of the commodity to them.

American big businesses and organizations had also not played their part to ensure that Mexicans especially do not go into such activities or businesses, if they had the temerity to move their factories, not to China, where labor is cheap, but to Mexico where labor can be equally cheap.

If they had done this long ago, many Mexicans would have found employment in the factories, so that they do not have any need to cross into America illegally to find jobs in factories that most American youth find repulsive to work at.

American leaders, therefore had failed Mexico; and for that they have to face problems with cross-border smuggling and human trafficking of which they find it very costly to try and stop. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

And what sort of idols if not giant clocks, tall buildings, wide highways and self-adulation by their own countrymen and women.

They do all this while many Muslims in their own countries and all over the world are still being prosecuted due to neglect by them, so their countries do not develop and they suffer as a result of the gross negligence of their leaders.

They are blind to the true teachings of Islam. They had not obeyed Allah’s call to serve the religion and its believers first, and not just for themselves alone.

They were given the Holy Kaabah and OIL, but what are they doing with them to serve Islam?

It’s okay and good if their own countries are developed; but it is also okay if the other Muslim countries are still backward?

The backwardness of these countries especially those that are so close to Saudi Arabia is proof that the Saudis just didn’t care for their well-being.

They looked elsewhere and at themselves too much not to realize that the backwardness of these and the other Arab and Muslim countries is also their own backwardness.

Islam has not benefited them fully; and they have also not fully benefited Islam.

It’s just too bad and too sad how the Saudi leaders could feel aloof to the problems that surround their own lives and their own countries, as they continue to embark on more grandiose plans to expand the Masjidil Haram and to construct better and wider highways and taller buildings.

This, they claim to be in the name of Islam. The more their country is developed, the more they think Islam will be held in high regard especially by those who are not Muslims like them.

But they do not care for the backwardness of the many other Arab and Muslim countries around them which are in the Arabian Peninsula, Gulf Region, Africa and elsewhere in Central Asia and Asia Proper.

Many smaller Muslim communities in China as well as in South America are in dire straits; they need to be given the boost to better themselves.

But support for their cause is not forthcoming, as the Saudi Arabian leaders look elsewhere.

The leaders of the better developed Arab and Muslim countries also don’t seem to care.

In the end, they trample on the teachings of Islam which stress on charity for others. Yet, these people are not ‘the others’ but fellow Arabs and Muslims.

Somalia and Yemen are two of the poorest countries in the world; yet, they are just at the doorsteps of Saudi Arabia.

So how could the Saudi Arabian leaders ignore their plight? How could they look elsewhere and did not make any attempt to help them?

The situation in Somalia is now so bad. Hundreds of thousands of Somalis are being threatened by starvation.

Yet, only Malaysian Muslims are the ones who are keen to do something to help them, even if the efforts may not be significant.

Yet, the other Arab and Muslim countries around it and elsewhere are still unaware of what is going on in Somalia.

The situation in Somalia should not have been allowed to be like what it is today if only Saudi Arabian and other Arab and Muslim leaders had plans to contain their problems and had made attempts to bring the whole country into their sphere of development.

There is no point for some Arab and Muslim countries to tell the whole world how developed they are, if there are still Muslim countries such as Somalia and Yemen which are in such a backward stage.

Some others also suffer in the hands of ruthless western and pseudo-western regimes whose real reason for existence is to ensure Muslims suffer because of their religion and because of the natural resources that their lands have in abundance.

Yet, their own leaders are totally aloof to their sufferings, even until disaster struck threatening the extinction of many of them due to starvation and physical harm.

Even when ancient masjid are being demolished they still remain aloof.

No wonder, many other Arab and Muslim countries had remained stagnant and which did not get any benefit from having acquired the language of the Arabs and the religion their forefathers had exported out of Saudi Arabia.

This is what has happened to Somalia and Yemen, two of the poorest Arab and Muslim countries which are closest to Saudi Arabia than the others.

One therefore asks what have the Saudi Arabian leaders been doing all this while that has allowed these two countries to regress to almost back to the Stone Age.

Some Somalis have become sea pirates. Hundreds and possible millions other Somalis have become food starved with death looming.

What sort of influence Saudi Arabia has on these countries; never mind those which are much further away from them?

The Saudis have failed miserably to show how charitable and Islamic they are.

They have failed to cause those and the other Arab and Muslim countries to prosper and develop.

It seems that the Saudi Arabian leaders only care for themselves alone; they develop their own country without linking it to the development of the other countries in the Muslim World.

Saudi Arabia may be the epicenter of Islam, with the Holy Kaabah located in the country where all Muslims pray towards it as the main focus of all Muslims.

Other than that, Saudi Arabia is a poor leader of the Islamic faith and for all Muslims.

So in many ways, many Arab and Muslim countries are economically backward.

They can be said to be in the Second Age of Jahiliyah or Ignorance.

Even those few Arab and Muslim countries which are said to be better off, although they cannot be said to be fully developed, are not interested or keen to support the other Arab and Muslim countries to get out of their quagmire.

They are all too busy telling the whole world how unIslamic they have become and how they aspire to become modern - meaning too westernized or too American.

The only Islamic features that they are found by their own admittance and not by their behavior and attitude.

Yet, there were some Arab leaders who wanted to fashion themselves as the modern-day Salahuddin al-Ayubi (or Saladin, as those in the west describe him.)

Alas, they were only so in name and not in deed. They have slogans which are empty and devoid of substance.

No wonder, they have been annihilated, with one being hanged and the other expelled from his palace and is now in hiding.

Will this other 'Saladin' be ferreted out from a fox hole somewhere in the Libyan Desert soon?