Thursday, September 29, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

How I pity Ambiga and also Manoharan. They are two lawyers, who are also Hindus and Indians. I can’t blame them if they move out of step in mainstream Malaysia?

Ambiga won a special recognition from the White House, and wearing sari, and attending the brief function in the House to accept the award.

But what award did she receive? It was for being a woman of distinction.

That is not a good reason for the White House to give her the award as it excludes the authority in Malaysia which had allowed her to be so, like the many Nobel Prize winners for literature who won because of their country.

So the White House had got their ideas wrong; it was not Ambiga which they should give the award to, but to the Melayu who are charitable for allowing her to express herself.

They also allowed her to organize and illegal rally or street protest last month.

Only in Malaysia can she do that, and cause more Melayu to spill into the streets.

The Bersih 2.0 protests as they were called ended up seeing the Melayu coming out in force, from the Left and also the Right.

This is bad new. It was a bad sight as it only means how many Melayu are there in Malaysia today. And how worried the Chinese and Indians whose populations have shrunk over the last two decades or so.

So Ambiga can be lauded for bringing out the Melayu Left and Right, and pushing back the Chinese and Indians, who also attended the protests, but they were all surrounded by Melayu everywhere.

She didn’t realize what she had done, which was to bring out the Melayu who she thought shared her cause, but who in fact are decoys, to push her to her limits.

So it was strange for many to see her, an Indian Hindu woman standing in a yellow Bersih 2.0 shirt, and being surrounded by the many Melayu decoys from PAS and other groups.

They are Melayu decoys who are out there to bring out the worse from an Indian woman who is not scared to be vocal.

They are there to show to the whole country and the world, how there is such an Indian Hindu woman who does not seem to know where she is, and what she can do.

She is serving the cause of the Melayu in Malaysia.

And as for Manoharan, who won a parliament seat of Kota Alam Shah, the win has gone into his head.

He did not realize that most of the voters who had turned him to parliament are Melayu, as it is a Melayu dominated area.

Yet, like his counterpart in Pakatan Rakyat, who also won in the last general election so much so that they were able to form the Perak State government, that they became unusually uncouth and unusually unreasonable.

They wanted to turn everything RED. They repainted the walls of the state assembly of Perak in this color, which is the favorite color of the Chinese.

They also added stylized feng-shui elements or motifs. But it was all bad feng-shui as they were trounced out of the state assembly and state.

Their counterparts also wanted to redesign road signs by adding Mandarin words to them.

Manoharan now wants to do something similar to what his counterpart had done, which did not serve them, hoping to set the tone for the New Tamil Left to marvel at.

On the contrary, it will further inflame the Melayu voters who can now see how a lone Indian Hindu lawyer/politician can do to them.

Many expect Manoharan and his counterparts in Pakatan to be trounced in the next general election.

It’s their fault if this happens as many or most of them have not shown their leadership quality. They have only shown their true colors.

The Melayu majority voters are watching.

They have also watched PAS and their Mat Sabu. They will know what to do with PAS and Mat Sabu in the next general election.

PAS has outdone its usefulness for bringing in the ‘religious’ in Umno which has morphed to accept those elements, too.

So this leaves PAS with no real goal in politics as the successes that they had managed to achieve in the many general elections were not used intelligently.

They prefer to be critics of Umno and not act or talk as leaders. And this is where they have all gone wrong.

Their leaders can only provide some support to the non-Melayu leaders in Pakatan that cause them to do wondrous things.

One of which was the Bersih 2.0 march to nowhere, and to allow Mat Sabu to try and teach everybody an aspect of the history of the country with Manoharan doing something else, which he wants to redesign the national flag.

All these are issues which are petty; which are lame excuses for opposition politicians and pseudo-politicians to get attention from.

This only proves how depraved they are.

And these seem to be the only methods which the Indian Hindu lawyers/politicians can do as the population of the Chinese and Indians continue to shrink even more.

Ambiga and Manoharan represent the two curious cases of Indian Hindu lawyers of Malaysia who do not seem to know the real plot. 

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