Sunday, September 11, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

Today is the tenth anniversary of 911.

How many Americans had died each time there is a drug bust in Mexico or anywhere in South America? There are no statistics on this.

And who’s serving who? Mexico and the other South American drug smugglers, barons and cartels have not got any respect from the American government.

America should fear the barons more than Al-Qaeda if they are indeed interested to keep Americans safe from harm.

These countries can cause havoc and the destruction of America, if they stop their business.

This analysis on the situation has never been done in this way before; America never thought of the plight of many of its citizens who are drug dependent.

If America is successful in stopping the flow of drugs into their country, this can cause destruction to it.

The question they have to ask themselves is: Can America bear with the deaths of so many of their citizens who are drug dependent and hard core addicts?

Time Magazine recently proudly front-paged a report on the drug-smuggling activities in Mexico. They probably thought what they had written was intelligent.

But what they have written is too one-sided and which clearly shows how wrong they were.

They liked to blame the 'victims' of poor American economic planning and moral building amongst its citizens - the Mexicans who probably thought they were doing millions of Americans a service by providing them with the prized commodity that sustain their lives, before America finally legalize drug consumption and hence drug cultivation and distribution.

They blame the Mexicans for smuggling drugs into America like it was also them who taught the millions of Americans to take drugs on a daily or regular basis.

Time Magazine, like the American government is definitely in self-denial.

They have also neglected to admit the fact that the Americans and their 'brethren' in Mexico and South America are those who are mostly Christians and Catholics who had not adhered to the true teaching of their own religions, an issue which is a non-issue by many in these countries.

So if Time Magazine and the American government want to know how they can solve the problem of drug smuggling, they should read this analysis and see how they can do it at the end of this article.

It is clear that America does not have smart people in its agencies and government who could give them the advice.

If they had some of them, then surely, America would have solved this problem long ago without resorting to punitive and cruel methods of 'caging' the whole country with tall fences along their border with Mexico and having to spend billions.

The other problem is how America has been too busy worrying about what it could do with other countries that they had failed to address this problem when it first happened.

The problem with drug-smuggling by Mexicans and the others in South America started with America itself.

So the American government and especially its anti-drug smuggling agency are bent on stopping the smuggling of drugs into the country from Mexico.

They are also bent on destroying the activities of the drug barons and cartels which were all formed because of the demand that was created for the commodity in America.

If the was no desperate demand for that, then surely, there would not have been any drug smuggling activity in Mexico.

So because of the demand for the commodity by Americans, the supply factor came into the picture.

So also, one can say how the Mexicans who were drawn into the trading because of the opportunity that was given to them compounded by other selfish economic factors, that had allowed them to serve the needs of millions of Americans whose demand for the commodity had allowed the trade to flourish.

Unfortunately, the smart officials in the respective American government agencies had all failed to address this issue intelligently and only looked at the supply facto, and put the blame on the hapless Mexicans for supplying the commodity to America.

The real issue here is one which concerns Americans' penchant for drugs, which was really highlighted in the 1960s with the counter culture proponents who found drug taking a better option to their personal salvation than religion did.

The same was true with some Mexicans who took to supplying drugs to America, as they thought they were doing many Americans a great, big favor.

In a way, the Mexicans were right; they were doing many Americans from all walks of life a great, big favor.

But instead of being thanked by the American government, the Mexican drug barons and cartels are targeted for arrest and even execution.

What if the Mexican and other drug baron and cartels in South America were to suddenly decide to come clean, and stop their activities?

Can America accept this and laud them?

But what will be the costs to life of the many millions of Americans who are drug dependent?

Most of them will die of cold turkey within months, weeks or even days.

American lifestyle is such that there are many who are drug dependent. And one way for them to sustain their lives is for them to continually and habitually get their daily fix of drugs.

So, it's so easy for the American anti-drug smuggling agencies to say they want to stop drug smuggling activities by Mexicans and the others in South America, from ever smuggling the prized commodity to America.

It’s so easy to be heroic and clean, but do they know what risks they are taking if there is no drug smuggling activities?

The truth is that the American authorities have never tried to deal with this issue intelligently.

The problem is that they had all been blaming the hapless Mexicans and the others in South America for smuggling drugs into America, like they were the ones who introduced drug taking by its citizen.

The truth is that because of the demand created by many Americans that had caused drug smuggling activities to happen.

America should stop denying that they are the ones who had caused this activity to flourish.

And if they really want to end the illegal trading of drugs into America, they should look and deal with the demand factor and blame their own citizens for taking them and for demanding them and for not coming up with stiffer legislation to deal with such matters.

Mexicans and the others in South America have not had it good with America. This is despite the fact that a large tract of land which once belonged to Mexico had been seized by America.

Yet, America and its founding fathers had not bothered to include Mexico and extended their charity to this country as well as to the others in South America, which also bears its name, that of the so-called 'founder' of the continent - Amerigo Vespucci.

If America had done this long ago, Mexico and many of the other countries in South America could have become more developed than they are now.

And definitely, their citizens would not have any need to cross into America as economic refugees or as drug smugglers. They could go there as tourists.

The drug barons and cartels that there are today in these countries would not have been created.

But at the same time, America should also blame the lifestyle of many of its citizens who seem to find drug-taking to be a normal daily activity, for without which there would not be any need for anyone to provide the supply of the commodity to them.

American big businesses and organizations had also not played their part to ensure that Mexicans especially do not go into such activities or businesses, if they had the temerity to move their factories, not to China, where labor is cheap, but to Mexico where labor can be equally cheap.

If they had done this long ago, many Mexicans would have found employment in the factories, so that they do not have any need to cross into America illegally to find jobs in factories that most American youth find repulsive to work at.

American leaders, therefore had failed Mexico; and for that they have to face problems with cross-border smuggling and human trafficking of which they find it very costly to try and stop. 

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