Tuesday, May 3, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

In fact, America and its allies have already failed. How?

NOTE: This is not a tribute to one Osama bin Laden. It is more a study on how countries fail to learn from their evil past, when their ancestors were Savage Catholic and Christian Crusaders, and who are bent on repeating their mistake.

And what Osama and the Zionist state have in common?

They are all creations of America’s flawed foreign policies, devised by their earlier inferior political leaders and presidents, which are still being followed till today.

I stood on the rooftop observatory of the World Trade Center’s South Tower or Two World Trade Center as it was called then, for the first and last time in August, 1981, where I could see a wide view of the City of New York spread before me. It was stunning.

Twenty years later the same building and its twin where I had visited crashed. I was stunned.

I have not returned to the city since April, 1999. I hope to be able to do so soon, and also to visit my alma mater, Columbia University.

Has America learnt from what happened in the city and country on 11 September, 2001?

There are some lessons that they could learn from, but do the Americans know what sort of lessons that they could learn and benefit from?

Maybe not. America never learns from its past mistakes; it only repeats them by blaming others for retaliating what they had earlier done to the others.

The others simply cannot retaliate. If they do so, they are branded terrorists and militants. So we have Muslim militants.

The historians and even political scientists and psychologists of America are all in denial.

But I can help all of them to refresh themselves. I hope they are broad-minded enough to be able to accept some lessons from someone who had benefited immensely from having studied at one of their more prestigious universities, so they cannot say he is dumb.

He is not. And America and its allies can indeed learn from him. It is not too late for them to do so.

This is an academic essay and I am non-partisan in this. I only care for the future relations America and its allies want and can have with the rest of the world.

Of course, Osama bin Laden could teach America and its allies, the former European Savage Catholic and Christian colonists and plunderers a bit, but his methods are far too violent. It was still not effective.

While I only want to get them to go into a discourse on the matter.

Sooner or later, America and its allies will know how badly they have failed, even if they do not know how they have already failed.

Osama bin Laden, wanted to get rid of the Infidels from the Land of Muhammad (his own words) from Afghanistan, Iraq and all Muslim countries.

This is a fair demand, considering how the infidels had caused chaos and confusion as well as destruction in the Muslim countries.

So if one were to look at what has happened in the Muslim World of late, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Taliban and al-Qaeda do not have to do much, yet, they can succeed, simply because the people of those countries will on their own insist that the American and their allied forces leave.

Time is on their side anyway.

The attacks can be from the intelligence section of the allied forces who masquerade as Arabs, wearing the robes and headdress.

No investigation has ever been conducted to determine who were behind all those attacks. There are just assumptions.

The ultimate triumph for Osama and the Afghans and Iraqis is when the foreign or infidel forces finally leave their countries.

Osama may be condemned as a terrorist, but he is a hero to many Afghans and other Muslims who do not dare to admit it. Only some do so openly. But the majority does not.

And 911 did not happen out of the blue. It was Osama’s way of showing to the Americans and other countries in the west – the infidel countries – how they had tried to destroy Muslim lands – the Land of Muhammad, as what Osama described them as.

The history of the world in the Thirteenth to the Fifteenth Century had seen how the Savage and Ruthless and Cruel Catholic and Christian forces from Spain, Portugal, France, England, as well as Italy had destroyed many Muslim countries including Tanah Melayu, where I am from.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims had been killed and many were forced to renounce Islam to embrace their religion, the religion of aggressors, especially those in the Philippines, Portugal and Spain which were once Muslim domains.

Americans and the Europeans who are so dumb that they do not know this part of their savage history, must be told of it, less they would not be able to connect what happened on 11 September, 2001 to what their forefathers in their useless Fourteenth-Fifteenth Century Crusades had tried to do.

They only know how heroic their adventurers were for embarking on trips abroad and away from Europe to destroy lands and murder the locals, which they have never been accounted for, where they had tried to plant the Cross on lands which they did not belong.

They had succeeded to some extend in doing so, but to what expense? Their own countries had started to reject the religions of their ancestors, so now we have old churches being left vacant and Sunday mass is not attended.

On the contrary, Islam, which the early Crusaders had tried to destroy, continued to expand and be accepted by non-Muslims in ways that their ancestors could never imagine.

The next decade and the next, will see a major and dramatic change in the political map of the world with more Muslims exerting themselves so that the descendants of the Crusaders of Biblical times and of recent times could be shocked to realize how they have been surrounded by them.

Osama did not say this could happen, but this was what he had wanted to see happen. And this is what America and its allies should fear the most, not him.

Even if he is dead and gone, but he had sown the spirit, the way for the others to follow. And they are everywhere. They may not take up arms, but they infect everyone whom they come across.

This is what America and its allies should fear the most.

And they should start to do a soul search and ask what their ancestors had done to cause 911 to happen.

They had fashioned themselves on the earlier Crusades on the Arab counties in the Middle East, where they were trounced by Salahuddin al-Ayyubi, for which they could not bear to relate to their descendants who also did not dare to understand and appreciate why that had to happen.

In the end the younger generation of Catholics and Christians from the few countries in Europe wanted to embark on their own useless Crusade.

In the past, there was Salahuddin al-Ayyubi who had caused the Crusaders to stop their trek of destruction.

In recent times, we had Osama.

What can America and its allies learn from Osama that they had not learnt from when he was alive?

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