Monday, May 2, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

America must be saved and Americans must realize how their political leaders have taken their country to Communism. It proves how Democracy if it is not handled properly could lead to New Communism in the end.

The real democracy is not American democracy, but Islam.

Their founding father, George Washington has rolled in his grave too many times now. He has not been allowed to lie still in his grave by his successors, who have all turned America into the New Communist state and him, a New Communist, too, by default.

It is ironic how America had tried to get rid of the scourge of Communism from the Soviets, only to find it creeping into their systems and institutions and thinking, which they expose in their foreign policies and other attitudes.

Ironically, too, it is not the Zionists who can help save America from continuing to be Communist, but the Arabs and Muslims can help save them from sliding back to self-destruction and into oblivion.

The only thing that America has to do is for them to severe their ties with the Zionist state, so that this ruthless and evil state can try to stand on its own feet, if they have any of that, and if they dare to do so.

Chances are the Zionist state cannot exist without Ruthless America and Brainless America supporting it with an annual financial grant and military aid amounting to US$15 billion a year.

Not many people know or realize even now why America was bent on destroying the former Soviet Union and not to allow its own brand of Communism to spread to countries around it and to the other parts of the world.

Now we know. I mean, I know… Unfortunately even Smart America does not know this yet... They have to thank me for informing them of this.

And the only reason why America had wanted to get rid of Communism from the former Soviet Union and Afghanistan was because they had wanted to take it for themselves, as what has happened although they cannot be true Communists themselves but the New Communists.

America has become the New Communists; it has become the New Soviet Union, their CIA the New KGB and Guantanamo Bay, the New Siberia!

The American media is worse than Pravda that sprouts only American propaganda with the assistance or collusion of their Hollywood and television and music industries.

The American media does not even dare to report the more than four thousand young Americans who have been killed in Iraq and the scores of thousands more of the others who had returned from the battle to become zombies…

Americans go to the polls every four years to pick their new president or to extend the tenure of the incumbent present to serve for another last term – or so they say.

But the truth is that America is not controlled or led by their presidents, but by those in Pentagon, CIA and the Zionist Lobby, who were not chosen by the American voters, but who were placed there and who continue to lead the organizations that serve the Zionist state.

So no matter who is elected president there is not much that he can do.

The worst president of America or the best president for the Zionists were George Bush and his son, George W Bush.

Barack Hussein Obama was elected by the majority of the American voters because he could stand for them to confront the Zionists. But there is not much that he could do other than to stave of whatever pressures from the Pentagon, CIA and the Zionist Lobby.

This is good enough for a start to ‘build the nation’ which he had often used in his campaign, a slogan that was first used by an earlier presidential candidate, Abraham Lincoln, who later won.

Unfortunately, Abraham was gunned down while watching a play, while trying to enjoy himself, and also while trying to ‘build the nation’.

But the Arab and Muslim Worlds cannot wait too long for America to change on their own. They have waited long enough.

The Arabs and Muslims have been counting on the Americans, but all they could count was the number of dead bodies that they could create whenever they want.

America uses drones to kill entire families in Pakistan who are out for a wedding feast. Yet, they could still get away with murder.

Yet, the Pakistanis could still trust America. Yet, the Arab and Muslim World could still look elsewhere as more drones are fired onto their Muslim brethren.

America has become the New Communists. This is not an understatement.

This is what they have got themselves into, by copying the Soviet Communists.

Going to America today is like going to the former Soviet Union.

And is this the sort of democracy America claims to want to introduce to the Arab and Muslim countries, when they themselves do not believe in it anymore, and are now a New Communist State, the New Soviet Union.

No wonder, American leaders have been having a hard time trying to peddle their wares to those countries which are already democratic as they were, by following in the teachings of Islam, which is more superior to American-style democracy, which is evil so much so that it condones ruthless regimes and even props up puppets and despots.

Arab and Muslim countries can never accept American-style democracy, which has turned out to be American-style Communism.

Either way one looks at, America is not the good role model for Arab and Muslim countries to follow.

Some have tried, but they gave up after seeing how the Americans continue to bomb their brethren and destroy their countries.

This is American-style Democracy at its worst! This is American-style Communism at its best!

How on earth can the Arabs and Muslims want to believe in this sort of America – who they see as having a split personality?

So no wonder, America has been having such a hard time trying to force their own brand of Democracy on the other Arab and Muslim countries which they see as an insidious attempt to introduce American-style Communism to them.

Worse, they see supporting America is akin to supporting the Zionist state.

The Arab and Muslim countries are better off if the collude with Russia. But Russia is not aware that they can still play an important role in world affairs, post-Soviet Union.

They have the many former Muslim Republics, which are now independent Islamic states that they could count on.

And what Russia needs is to organize a new world body with its headquarters in Moscow, from where everything starts so that in a matter of less than a decade, America and its allies can be displaced.
In fact, English, too, can be displaced as most of the Arabs and Muslims do not favor speaking and communicating in the language and their Arab language can be the new international lingua franca.

Can the Russian political, military and intellectual as well as cultural leaders take up this challenge of spearheading the creation of the New Russia and the New Muslim World?

What choice do the Russians now have? Not much, unless if they want to continue to trek on the road to regression, self-destruction and ultimate annihilation?

The world has believed in the American Dream since after the end of the Second World War. But the dream had turned into a Nightmare, the American Nightmare.

There is no point for the Arabs and Muslims and the others to continue to have faith in America anymore for what it has done to them all these decades since the creation of the Zionist state.

It’s time for the Arabs and Muslims to trek on their own path for their ultimate salvation, by following more closely the teachings of Islam and by their new special relationship with the New Russia.

Old American Democracy and Liberalism are Dead. Down with Communist America!

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