Wednesday, June 27, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

Why are the countries which often used its veto power in the United Nations’ Security Council are said to be friendly to the Arabs, Muslims and Islam?

And why has Russia which had been using its veto power to support Arab, Muslim and Islamic causes not amply rewarded?

It is strange how the Arab and Muslim leaders often like to party with the leaders of the countries which are bent on destroying the Arabs, Muslims and Islam.

They used their veto power to say so. They cannot do it otherwise, in words, which they often use the power of the gab to hoodwink the Arab and Muslim leaders that they protect them and their religion of Islam.

The facts say that they often did the opposite.

It is time for Muslims to regard countries that use its veto power in the UN as enemies of Islam.

And it is time for Muslim countries to move to Russia and provide them with their vast market and allow Russia to become an economic superpower, by also linking with them to develop products including commercial and military jet-planes so in time we can stop using Boeings and Airbuses, which are all produced by countries which are enemies of Islam.

And how come the Russian leaders do not use this leverage to use their veto power to force and coerce Muslim countries to support its economic development so that Russia can benefit from having such a power that they have often used to support Muslim and Islamic causes.

It is time for the Muslims to reshape the world so that linkages to the west mostly to those very countries that had colonized them and pillaged their natural resources, are given the treatment they so deserved.

Russia, on the other hand, deserves to be given a better treatment.

And the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin should be smart by insisting on developing new economic development plans for his country that are intricately linked to those of the countries that had benefited from its vetos in the UN.

If he is not able to do this, chances are the economy of Russia will continue to slide.

So what’s the point for it to use its veto power in the first place, if they cannot benefit from it?

And why must Russia continue to allow America, France and Britain and the other countries that had used their veto power against Muslims be amply rewarded by the Muslims themselves?

Russia should be smart. It should realize that their veto power comes with benefits.

The position Russia is at can be used by them to their own good.

China, which also has veto power in the UN has used it to support Muslim causes, and they are rewarded by its industries expanding to meet with the demands for their goods.

The people who are responsible to cause China to become a new economic powerhouse are the Arabs and Muslims, for without who, the economy of the Chinese today will be low.

And why isn’t Russian leaders take the cue from China and use their diplomatic channels to start and get the Arabs and Muslims to turn and look at them and ask, who have been using their veto power to support your cause?

And why are you not supporting the development of the economy of Russia?

The truth is: Russia has to make the first move. This should be in the form of it having a new economic development plan that they can use to bring in support from the markets that are available in the Muslim countries, so that they can turn around and stop to engage America and the other western countries which are the undeclared enemies of the Arabs, Muslims and Islam.

They are the ones who have been engaging the Muslims and reshaping them to become their new enemies, by displacing them from their countries, on the pretext of creating a peaceful world.

Alas, they had destroyed the Arab World.

They are not able to destroy the Muslim World because it is too vast, and many of the Muslims are also in their own countries.

So in the end they have to create a new term ‘domestic terrorism’, which simply describes the Arabs and Muslims and all those who have Arab and Muslim-sounding names into one simple category of potential terrorists.

Alas, those who charge the others as terrorists are the real terrorists themselves.

How long can American manipulate the minds of the Arab and Muslim leaders into thinking that they are good for them, when facts prove otherwise?

Are the Arab and Muslims leaders so vulnerable to American propaganda that they do not realize their own folly?

Are they blind to the acts of aggression, espionage and propaganda that these leaders have all failed to realize who are their real enemies and who are their friends?

The real enemies of the Arabs, Muslims and Islam are those countries that often used their veto power that caused sufferings for them.

So there is no guessing who are the real enemies of the Arabs, Muslims and Islam are.

And how long will Russia remain aloof to all these? Can’t they initiate new moves to compel the Arab and Muslim leaders to side with them so they all can develop their economic and other potentials together?

Russia has the scientific and technological edge, while the Arab and Muslim Worlds have the market size.

These elements or factors can cause the creation of a new economic order that can be used to reshape the world which favors Russia and the Arab and Muslim countries.

This can cause the displacement of America and its allies, all of whom have bad intentions on the Arabs and Muslims by pretending to be good to them, when in fact, they are the ones which had caused many Arab and Muslim countries to suffer.

For nothing Arabs and Muslims have to be targeted as potential terrorists. And for nothing too, they have to suffer, while their countries continue to provide America and its allies with the much needed OIL that they need to move their industries.

Why can’t Russia get the advantage from the Arab and Muslim countries? After all they are the ones who have been using their veto power to try to protect these countries.

It is time that Russia is rewarded by the Arab and Muslim countries.

It is also time for Russia to play a bigger role in the development of these countries and the world, and benefit from it in all ways.

After all, America and its allies only want OIL from Arab and Muslim countries, and not make friends with them. They are America’s and its allies’ convenient enemies, an act which helps the cause of the Zionists which only aims to displace the Arabs and Muslims wherever they are.

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