Monday, October 15, 2012


By Mansor Puteh

One is a so-called NGO with holy intentions; the other is an internet news portal with an affix which is a Melayu word, and the other which is a protest group.

Of course, the leaders or founders of Dong Zong could never ever consider using a Melayu word or term for their organization as it would run counter to their aspiration, whatever it is.

Dong Zong could never use the name of ‘Suara Cina’ as it would sound odd and strange.

The NGO which aims to do wonderful things one of which is to promote awareness of human right matters amongst Malaysians, while The internet portal which has a slogan ‘Views and news that matter’ also aim to do something marvelous which is to further expand the scope of the freedom of the press in the country.

While the protest group, aimed to do more wonderful things which is to provide the physical attributes of an open society which prefers to take matters to the street, by organizing demonstrations at strategic locations – but only in the heart of the City of Kuala Lumpur where they could ensure of getting the right attention from the relevant authorities and other NGOs.

These organizations which prefer to use Melayu or Melayu-sounding terms or words, are in actual fact controlled or organized or dominated by the non-Melayu, with the NGO which is dominated by the Indians, and The protest group being headed by a Hindu woman, while The internet portal is controlled by the Chinese and Indians, as what the search with the Securities Department exposed.

This is what’s wrong with those people. They would use Melayu words or names for their organizations, agencies and also actions; because they know they cannot trust English or their vernacular languages.

Hindu Action Front or Hindraf was seen by many to be a chauvinist group which has since been banned with many of their supporters reformed after some of their leaders having spent some time in Kamunting and also England.

While The NGO and the protest group and also The internet news portal are seen to be ‘Malaysian’ which means that they encompass the two major minority races and also the Melayu themselves, so in other words, they are seen to be Malaysian, and therefore, they speak on behalf of the majority.

Yes, there are some Melayu who had fallen into the trap laid by their leaders, so there are Melayu elements in these organizations and their activities, especially if PAS are also involved in some of them.

But the truth is that Melayu words have been misused by them for the purpose of misleading the Melayu into believing that they are indeed supporting a just cause to better themselves, when in fact, the cause it no more than to cause the Melayu to be fractured even more.

As it is the Melayu have been fractured on economic grounds for a very long time, thanks to the kind-hearted early Melayu leaders who aimed to support the economic progress of the Chinese especially, while letting the Indians to be holed in the rubber estates, so much so that the national economic problem-solvers did not know the wood for the trees anymore, as more and more rubber estates closed down and the Indians were forced to leave them to go to the cities where they are not welcome and the Chinese who are still made to feel lost in the ‘new country’, after having been holed for so long in the so-called ‘Chinese new villages’.

It is ironic how the joke about how Melayu could leave the ‘kampung’, but the ‘kampung’ could not leave them, could also be described of the Chinese, when one could say how the Chinese could leave the Chinese new villages, but the Chinese new villages could not leave them, and how the Indians could leave the rubber estates, but the rubber estates could not leave the Indians.. 

Not only that, this had created other Melayu to be further fractured on social, cultural, academic and professional grounds.

But this has not brought about the desired effects of further eroding Melayu Might in the country, so they still have to be further fractured, and this time it is on political grounds.

Nah! They are fractured on PSEUDO-POLITICAL grounds by the pseudo-politicians who had all this while tried to hide behind the façade of their ‘holy’ movement to promote human rights awareness and the awareness of the freedom of the press and of assembly and of speech, etc.

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