Saturday, March 26, 2011


By Mansor Puteh

If leaders of the Muslim countries are smart, they could have already solved the problems of the Middle East long ago. The fact that the Zionists and their lackeys could do whatever they please on the Palestinian issue, proves that the Muslim leaders are stupid.

The Muslim countries can do without all those activities which benefit so few who are mostly the Americans and Europeans who mostly promote unIslamic behavior and activities, so much so that many of the Arab countries and their leaders allow unIslamic activities to be exhibited openly.

Many of their leaders had gone to study in England or the countries which used to colonize their own, so they tended to want to copy what their former colonial masters have got and done.

Yet, there are the other Muslim leaders who did not have similar education background or who had lived abroad when they were young, so they also ended up behaving and acting in like manner, so they want to have the same things that the former European and American colonists have, so that they can feel that they are also at par with them.

They are not. They can never be at par with them. The reason being the west raises the bar higher and higher.

They know how to make the Arabs and other Muslims feel like the modern-day slaves.

This only caused the Arab and Muslim leaders to lower their gaze on their own religions and treat their religious laws as inferior compared even to the sports laws are more supreme than Islamic syariah laws.

They don’t mind allowing their own sports women strip just so that they could win the medals in the Olympic, Commonwealth Games and other international sports meet.

And Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) having the Burj Khalifa is also not necessary. It’s ostentatious indeed. The rulers of the UAE had their priorities wrong.

The tall structure only shows how the other Arab and Muslim countries are backward; when it is their duty too to raise up the levels of living standards so all the Muslims can raise together.

Like the brother of a Sultan who have statues of naked women and who enjoys the fast life in the west; for he can cause his brother who is still sultan to be disposed.

His people are watching and waiting. They have caught the strong and sweet smell of the jasmine.

And when there are enough of his people who had smelled the sweet scent, they will then rise to bring the Jasmine Revolution to their own neighborhoods. 

How the Devils and Iblis had told them that!

And how they are now starting to feel the heat with their own people crowding in front of their palaces and other places to voice their displeasure.

The Arab and Muslim countries do not need the F-1 racing, international gold and tennis tournaments and fashion shows to get by.

They can do a lot better without them.

The Muslim World must have its own cinema called the New Islamic Cinema.

There is a need for the Muslim World to create and establish the New Islamic Cinema for without which the Muslims will continue to live in limbo of not knowing if they are still in the Stone Age and the Age of Ignorance or if they are in the Second Millennium.

The fall of the Arab states one by one in the Jasmine Revolution must cause educated and bright Muslims to come forward with brilliant ideas; they are giving the Muslim Ummah an opportunity to do something to their future, which many have now found out that it was not in the hands of the despots and other dictators, but in their own hands.

Now is for the Ummah to voice out their views as they also have a stake in the development of their respective countries which must be developed in tandem with the others so that the Muslim World can be seen to be a wholesome unit.

It is easy for some despots to climb onto a soapbox and give fiery speeches before a crowd which has got so used to a longstanding regime or a kingdom.

There are many things that the despot could say at length that can entrance the crowd.

Many Arab countries had been reshaped because of the existence of so few of the young and angry men who are much like Gamal Nasser, Muamar Gadaffi and the others.

They had all caused the collapse of kingdoms and regimes which had been in existence for so long.

But not too long later, they started to behave worse than the despots they had deposed and regimes they had caused to collapse.

Now it’s payback time.

One by one the Arab leaders find out that being fiery and be able to get rid of old regimes comes with responsibilities and openness.

None of those who have been deposed in recent times including those personal regimes who are on the verge of extinction had shown such tact; all of them had behaved in similar ways and methods of those whom they had deposed.

The problem is that none of them had real leadership. They only had the gift of the gab.

And this is not enough for them to use, as such talent can only be useful to them for a while.

They knew that. So they made sure their sons and even close relatives and other buddies are installed to replace them.

They did not trust the people who had supported them. They treated the countries like their personal properties.

Worse, for Arabs and Muslims, they exhibit unIslamic behavior by cavorting with the fancy crowd who are definitely not those whom the Prophet would approve as buddies and personal companions.

They are the reasons for the fortunes they are experiencing now.

They had caused the countries they wanted to lead to still be stuck in the rut and in a backward state.

They did not know how to develop the potentials that their countries have.

There is massive unemployment. Jobs are scarce. Their economies did not expand.

They merely depended on the income that their countries could get from oil which they used to export without care that one day soon all their oil wells will become dry.

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